Macy's Fitness Activewear Try On Haul Energie Material Girl, Ideology, Old Navy

Macy's Fitness Activewear Try On Haul Energie Material Girl, Ideology, Old Navy

welcome back to my channel thanks for coming bad I'm going to be doing a Macy's workout bottom pull I recently went to Macy's and purchased some workout bottoms and I got really great deals on all the pieces that I bought so I figured I'd come on YouTube and share that with you just in case you're in the market for some workout pants so here we go the first here I'm going to show you are these this pair is by brand energy so these are also super cute and bright I really like bright workout bottoms because most of what I have already is the basic colors black gray blue whatever so I was like all for the bright colors I tried on the small it fit me but the pattern was so stretched out that the color looks faded so I decided to just get the medium when it comes to workout bottoms I like to have extra room in the crotch so that if I lunge I squat or I stretch I don't put a hole in them and embarrass myself so these are juniors cut so I definitely need it to size up for a more comfortable fit the next pair I got our also from the brand energy I like the patterns I think it's super cute I will say with these that they are a little bit of speak through in the booty when you stretch them and put them on so I'm gonna probably wear black underwear with these when I wear them so that my panties are not showing cuz that's my cute I think it these in a size medium the next pair I got are from Material Girl I don't know if the entire brand or just this style is cut this way but this cut is very forgiving this material girl is supposed to be juniors but I got this in a size small and it still had a lot of room in the waist and in the crotch area I probably could have went with an extra small but I didn't even bother to look for it these are super cute though and I think these are really really great great quality leggings these were nine dollars in 80 83 cents and the other two were nine dollars in 63 cents and the last pair that I got are these these are from ideology I feel like these are actually women's and not juniors these were also on sale there was 12 dollars and 63 cents I got this size this style in the media and I tried on a small it fit but I was just going for mediums that day for whatever reason I'm like listen it's supposed to be winter times if I gain some weight I don't want this stuff to be too small for me in a few months so I just went with a medium and what clothes if it's a little bit too big for you then you can always take the lace pin it's better than something being too small and you're not being able to get it up your leg these are really really great quality they're super thick material very stretchy and forgiving they also have the like pocket for your mp3 player if you're working out with music if you're also in the market of workout clothes hit up Macy's they're having an end-of-season sale they're gonna be getting rid of tons of stuff so you can probably get great deals some of these Styles are still available on the website if by the time I ended this video they're still up I will add links in the description box thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe

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