26 thoughts on “Macron rebukes nationalism in Armistice speech calling it "a betrayal of patriotism"

  1. France was not generous with Africa.
    France was not generous to Checkoslovakia
    France was not generous to Poland
    France was not generous to the Allies in WW2
    France was not generous to Germany and Austria in WW1
    France was never generous in any ways

    It has always been a burden and the only betrayal i see is letting France force other countries to submission with their European Army.

    That is indeed a Coward Nation.

  2. He does this while beneath the earth lie the french soldiers who gave their lives not only for France but also Belgium. And he dares to say nationalism is "selfish"

  3. That prick really thinks he can trick people by talking sideways. The French are on to this devious fool.

  4. Did Macron clear this speech with the people he was elected to represent??? Based on the last three weeks, I don’t think they agree with this arrogant gas bag.

  5. You can see his vision come true in the Brexit negotiations. Notice how France only wants the best deal for the UK? Right, what a hypocrite.

  6. Youtube vid: "All Presidents are Related By Blood – Including Most World Leaders!" (by Billy Carson 4biddenknowledge

  7. To all crazies in this comment section, please look past WW1 to 1776. If France never helped us, we would not be a nation. France and Britain were enemies at the time and could have started all out war between the two superpowers. In both instances (American Revolution and WW1) the nations that bailed the other out thought globally as Patriots and not Nationalists.

  8. What a fool. France is a Nationalist State. libtards never get facts correct. The media coversup their BS so they can lie all they want. Should have left them for the NAZIs.

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