Macron Condemns Nationalism As World Leaders Gather For WWI Anniversary | NBC Nightly News

Macron Condemns Nationalism As World Leaders Gather For WWI Anniversary | NBC Nightly News

a century after a hard-fought piece dozens of leaders gathered in Paris to show that the world remembers the Great War President Trump who had missed a visit to an American Cemetery Saturday when poor weather grounded his helicopter teased about the inclement weather today when he visited another American Memorial you look so comfortable up there under shelter as we're getting drenched you're very smart people 1565 Americans from both world wars rest here the president stood alone to pay his respects and praised the historic partnership with France we fought well together you could not fight better than we fought together but for all the expressions of unity the host French president Emmanuel macron delivered a pointed message about the lessons of World War one an admonition that appeared aimed at President Trump who calls himself a nationalist goodness in any smile nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying aren't rest' who cares about the others President Trump and Vladimir Putin exchanged greetings at the ceremony and had the opportunity for conversation at a luncheon the Russian President did an interview here and said he and President Trump agreed to the French request that leaders not hold separate meetings that could detract from the remembrances we have just said hello to each other although their time together in Paris was brief President Trump and Vladimir Putin will be together again soon both going to Argentina for the g20 summit in about three weeks they do have a meeting scheduled and among the issues they'll be talking about our new tensions between the US and Russia over the intermediate-range nuclear missile treaty the president is now back in Washington after a trip home from Paris and a weekend that went very fast I'm Kelly O'Donnell traveling with the president in Paris hey NBC news fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

45 thoughts on “Macron Condemns Nationalism As World Leaders Gather For WWI Anniversary | NBC Nightly News

  1. And looks at France now. Maybe you should have put the French people first, Macron.
    Nothing wrong with nationalism. Nothing wrong with populism. By design, governments are SUPPOSED to put the best interests of their people first.

  2. Well with the current riots in France, maybe he should have payed more attention to the interests of the people within the nation… maybe he thought that would be a betrayal of patriotism?

  3. I predict France becoming a populist nationalistic state soon. I am French in heritage on my grandmother side, and although I'm American, there is a rage deep inside of me over the downfall of France… and although separated by generations, the French in me bleeds at my people being rubbed out of existence. Viva LePen!!!

  4. Macron is the French mouthpiece puppet of the Leftist Global Multinationals headquartered in Brussels. These ‘Puppet Masters’ wrote the speech for him. It backfired…down with Progressivism! CONSERVATIVES OF THE WORLD UNITE!!

  5. We all know what that means for France if they give up nationalism. France is barely recognizable now. Imagine in 15 years from now. It will look like the Middle East.

  6. Mr. Macron, your rewriting of the English dictionary to suit your political agenda was not "common decency." Webster: Nationalism = "Devotion to the interests or culture of one's nation." Being a globalist, and therefore NOT devoted to the interests of your nation, you would not have an understanding of this word. MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN!

  7. Macron is wrong. WWI were in part a result of imperial overstretch, like the EU is today. He doesn't know his history.

  8. Globalist Macron needs to be reminded that if it weren't for America pulling France's bacon out of the fire TWICE ! his country would be a German speaking colony.

  9. Nationalism is not the same as Patriotism. Don’t mix the two up.

    One is wrong and the other is right.
    One who is selfish and the other, selfless.
    One is afraid to criticize the status quo. And the other knows we could do better.
    One is about love for their kind and country.
    The other is love for country and countrymen.

  10. Exactly two present world leaders do not understand nationalism is evil. This wasn't about the French president's life. It was about one simple truth.

  11. I mean, nationalism was one of the driving factors that caused WW1 so yeah… definetly a good time to denounce it

  12. Duh! I think the "bone spurs" were an indication of whether or not Trump "could stand the weather" SRV. Peace

  13. Nationalism and Patriotism are the same, but Macron cannot be a Nationalist for France as this would betray his Patriotism to Israel and his Zionist masters.
    Awaken, and throw off those Zionist chains that you have bound so tightly with. Your brain is suffering from a lack of oxygen! Globalism is dead! Long live each of the wonderful sovereign nations of the Earth! Let us celebrate our uniqueness and our individual cultures and ethnic groups!

    How many layers of government does one need? Local, county, state, and federal governments are bleeding us dry already. Yet you wish to add a global government on top of it all? This is insanity! No more debt to the (((International bankers))) all currencies backed the assets of each nation. Which is why the banksters FORCED all 192 Nationalist governments on Earth to incorporate, as well as every county, city, and state.  So that they could take on endless debt and rob you of your identity. THEY ARE THE EPITOME OF IDENTIY THEFT. THEY ARE DESTROYING YOU WHILE THEY BUILD THEIR RACIALLY RELIGIOUS EMPIRE IN TEL AVIV.

  14. Nationalism and Patriotism is the future.

    The end of globalism is at range and I have a big smile on my face.

  15. It is as if Macron is saying being fat is the opposite of being overweight What morons will accept this word play?

  16. Patriotism happened in the US 200+ years ago, which unites the states in the land of north america. How's Brexit? Haha

  17. Exactly the reason France is burning and has no identity. This small country is in more debt than the US.

  18. Too bad nationalism was a result of the war, and not a cause of it.
    The dependence on foreign alliances – globalism – was, more directly, a result of the war's beginnings.
    Europe's middle countries were the most jingoistic, nationalist places on the planet in the early 1900s.

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