Lyndon Larouche’s March 8, 2013 Webcast larouchesupport

Lyndon Larouche’s March 8, 2013 Webcast larouchesupport

44 thoughts on “Lyndon Larouche’s March 8, 2013 Webcast larouchesupport

  1. Get a few dilpomats .like a few of us from youtube and not the Gov puppets ..seems we get along with people of the world more so and easier then the Governments do.. We understand reason and mortality. these people need to learn about progression without destruction is very possible is much land not being utilized that can dont destroy what is built because its fun or makes money like war.. they need different mindsets a round table of honest down to earth people..

  2. P.S are many here alone in Youtube that understand Economics, Agriculture, History. our agenda is for all. the Gov puppets agenda is for themselves and their masters..

  3. CIA murdered Kennedy. everything tracks back to their dirty fingers. i'm doing a film today 'address to congress''. speaking as their ghostly president. but i promise not to swear. inviting dear mr larouche to watch it. he can drag a few men from congress into his front room then they can watch it too. not all brits are treacherous mr larouche. some of us are on your side.

  4. Russia [and China] have every right to ask for reassurance. the missile ring around russia [and which can reach China] is threatening to them. the cold war is past but the bloody old Generals want that kind of war and not the COIN kind. If I was able I would order the stand down of half the ring just to show Goodwill. going on about the Queen is important. But so is answering the question. Russia has behaved with impeccable dignity and I for one respect them for that. answer them!!

  5. My question is , just because they said they would not fire on an Americans on American soil, I fear that they will engage us in war over the Gun grab , thus rendering their No to a yes because they will be at war with us..What are your thoughts on that. I do not trust that No..

  6. hang on from what ive researched and aswell as seen in media there was no doubt explossives set off which made the towers pancake with the 911 attacks. silverstien took out an incredible insurance policy just prior to the attacks. and hundreds of Israeli workers in the towers were notified by sms not to go anywhere near the twin towers. Surely that means that people in the U.S government were involved or at least had prior knowledge, aswell as MOSSAD were involved

  7. This is as scrambled with conspiracies just like JFK and unfortunatley I dont think we will ever find out the truth. But if you look at the report that came out for the Project for a New American Century, it clearly states that to implimemnt thier plans they need a event like a "New Pearl Harbour" Now that little tidbit is far too big to be a coincidence surely.

  8. We can all talk until we lose our voices and not one damn thing gets changed!!The truth is there is only ONE who can and will change not only the earth,He renews everything once and for all…Yahusha is the only thing that can work for humanity now.Mankind ran it's course and showed clearly that we/mankind can not rule ourselves.So there is the fix and it will get very ugly real soon,hang on and dig in.Here We Go.

  9. Joseph, the inditement was supposed to be heard on Feb 15th 2013. by the Supreme court, Judge Roberts. It was brought forth from Orly Taitz, atty, and they had it on thetruthsoldier and also announced on Ms Taitz web.
    It was taken down from the website, almost before I could copy it!..Anyway,
    it was so secretive, you could not find anything at all about it. I did find a little information on a teaparty site, and they didnt have alot of faith in orly. Judge Roberts, would not hear it.

  10. This is my last response to you.For one thing grow up and stop calling names like a child!!!Second,did you miss the part where I said"hang on and dig in"?Does that turn in to my saying we SHOULD be wiped out?Grow up.


  12. I think all these people in government are in it way to long.They should do the term limit and then right out the door.These people get in and some are there for 20 plus years,is it any wonder things never change?The Constitution has been torn to shreds.The Bill Of Rights is damn near gone.With hollyweird,sports,and every kind of electronic device you can think of We The People are to busy to care,at least there are not enough that care to change anything.We have to try.Peace

  13. i hope Miss Bernstein euuuuhhhh, is taking speaking lessons and some will tell and teach here to loose the eeeuuuuuuhhh and start to speak from the heart and stops being afraid to make misstakes while here relaxed mind can elquently expres her
    sharp and keen mind. Try to relax more ,,Girl. Loosen up in your Social life will help you to get more in sync with who you realy are. bless and stay on track,, Miss. Bless you and yours..Tony from Amsterdam 🙂

  14. hello jazzlady, it is something that could have saved us…but no one is using it, also they could have removed BO, with ammendments put in the declaration, commendments, but they wont….sorry to say, he will not be removed, this is going forward Only a true miracle could help us now. OBTW, you can google that word, glass steigal act? It has something to do with the banking/bankruptcy.

  15. Diane, I heard exactly what was stated, but rand paul, didnt get the answer we all wanted. What we wanted to hear, We will not use drones here on American soil. Dont kid yourself, and I am being very truthful…you need to prepare your mind, THEY will use them on us, THEY will,this is just crazy, why, on earth, would we? need the use of these War Weapons upon us.What have we done? NOTHING.

  16. and dont forget, the 2700 tanks, and all the ammo that the DHS has gotten, to use against the american people.
    Good information, go to I will write it out, website.thetruthsoldier. Pleasego to it, and inform yourself. We ladies must stick together, and help

  17. the only thing we can do is slow all their plans down, it wont stop em, If they wanted to stop it they would.
    They have the tools, they just wont stop it.

  18. Oh I thinks he speaks the truth, but if he really wanted to help, he does know how to stop all this. They all do.
    Congress knows, Judges know, and senate knows. THEY WILL not do what is right.

  19. The only way to save the United States of America is to go back to the gold standard that we had until then President Nixon had it removed . Basing our economy on goods a services has proven to be the wrong way to go .

  20. I'm only 10 min into this vu, but at this point, I'd like to see Larouche, Ron/Rand Paul in gov't not BO and whoever leans that way OUT. We are practically helpless, only viewing videos writing comments crossing fingers hoping/praying that something will get done. Our privacy is gone along with multiple rights, media is owned/manipulated our voice isn't on the mainstream media. We need help now! BTW to charles woods – Lincoln's greenback was not backed by gold just trust. Larouche????

  21. to Gatekeeper, yes here alone in Youtube with some understanding Econ, Agri & History, I agree gov puppets in it for themselves and their masters. so how we going to put some pressure on these "badwords" and get them working for us or get out?!

  22. At 40 mins in: Yes, I demand relief, government do you hear me? Since you are spying.on all of us. Readers, Do you second my motion?, say "Yes, we demand rellef!" Tyrannists We are NOT the Terrorists!! Tyrannists, QUIT Terrorizing US!!

  23. How about LaRouche get on Charlie Rose, Cobert Report or Jon Stewart if he can't get on the Main Media?

  24. I am inclined to the view that your speaker is past his sell date, Leandra Bernstein"s question. "why have there been so few geniuses " might as well have not been asked, as the speaker is obviously lost in his own little world, and appears to be unable to even remember the question, assuming he heard it in the first place.

  25. paraphrasing, from three years ago…."unless we get a glass steagall bill quick, this country is going to disintegrate….."
    quite a prognosticator

  26. Donald Trump's or Hillary Clinton never talk about Glass Stragill act they probably fear assassination by the British Empire Queen Elizabeth herself controls the United States of America total chaos Queen Elizabeth the Empress Satanic witch

  27. My magnificent larouche you're awesome better than Sir Peter Ustinov explain Albert Einstein Light The British Empire Orchestrate with Saudi Arabia 911 you stated Saudi Arabia are subjects of the British Empire Bush Precott Bush Orchestrate Hitler rise to power incredible information

  28. Dick Gregory himself said Queen Elizabeth worships Satan Zeus himself Red headed Prince Harry is really a Nazi the British Empire is cousins of the Treacherous Dutch The Netherlands is Treacherous everything is legal all Drugs Santa Claus with Black Pete Kiddnapp children in the Netherlands flying Dutchman has a whole new meaning to me now with Dutch oven and the Jewish people

  29. Larouche you're awesome better than Carl Sagan Super Nova heavy duty wisdom antiquated genius Larouche Pure Brilliance you're that historian glory if Glass Streagrill act is not enacted it will be Global nuclear winter and choas

  30. You're teaching what the Jehovah witnesses are teaching the truth Queen Elizabeth destruction of Humanity she wants to genocide 6 Billion human beings the Bible States clearly 2/3 of Humanity with die in this Holocaust 1/3 will survive These Kingdom and build and collapsed from within like a bee Hive when the United States of America collapse another more Treacherous government for a short time will rule than when they say peace and security sudden Destruction even Albert Einstein stated must be a God in heaven the universe is extraordinary light travels in a straight line Space bends

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