Lvov | May 9th – Communists vs Nationalists | Eng Subs

Lvov | May 9th – Communists vs Nationalists | Eng Subs

– Kyrie eleison! We praise your, Blessed Virgin… Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and on those in the tombs bestowing life! The right activists didn’t allow communists to use the Soviet symbols… Journalist: Is this day a holiday for you?
Galina Dmitrievna: Yes, of course. Did you know that we kissed ground when Victory was announced? To survive… Do you know what are boming, shooting, mine flight? I was especially afraid of flying mines… They squeal, creak… Lord forbid! Please, this is Victory. Victory’s holiday forever. “That’s our holiday! Not yours!” – “It’s our holiday! You were shut down!” – “No! It’s not so!” – “We came here to celebrate Victory!” – “Putler’s agent! Police! Bring discipline here! Police’s with people!” “Do we ask you to do this?” – “Is this your truth? To use power?” – “I’ll protest against “development” in Ukraine!” “You’ve come with this ribbon knowing that it’s thought provoking!” – Aleksandr Kostornyy: “My father hasn’t been afraid of Nazi’s bullets, & I won’t be afraid of this… I won’t call a pikestaff a pikestaff, as I’m swell. I came to perform my civic duty. I wasn’t let to do this. The people who rule Ukraine now ventured too far” – Olga Vladimirovna, the activist: “I don’t go to Moscow. But if I did, I would obey the local law. But they live here for 70 years & demand their rights. They aren’t people. I don’t know what is this nation!” – Dmitriy Zagariya, The head of Directorate General of Ministry of Interior Affairs of Ukraine in Lvov region: “Today events that took place in Mars Field & in Glory Park, were quiet, wit no provocations, with no breach of peace”

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  1. Real heroes treated like ''Putler's agents''? This is sickening. Stay strong, veterans. I guess the fight against fascism isn't close to being over.

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