Lost Society's good mood thrash metal interview at Tuska [OPINION]

Lost Society's good mood thrash metal interview at Tuska [OPINION]

welcome to do Scout 2019 here we have trash metal band a lost society with the me man can I say man man how are you man how are you man how are things dude I can't complain today as being a pretty insane day we just wrapped up or well they actually were wrapped up like a busy festival week we started off on Wednesday in Poland doing missed the mystic festival yesterday we were in Estonia we did the hardrock lager festival and today we did thoughts go open-air which is which is it's usually like the highlight of the summer and I gotta say today was like one of the specific shows I've ever played in my life it was like thousands of people in front of me and everyone is just having an insanely good time so can't complain man you're known being a very intense and kind of a energetic fool off passion when are you're on stage you're not one of those let's stare at our shoes and get away with it but rather life you're going for all full out do you think it's because of your age or is there something magical we need to know there's nothing like magical but I think I think the main reason is because you know I was brought up with bands like Iron Maiden and you know Judas Priest kiss all that kind of stuff so I've kind of always believed that that when you pay for a ticket you know it can be a festival or it can be a club show or whatever but when you pay a ticket the artists kind of has to give you a good show and of course it doesn't mean you know that you have to have 10000 euros worth of pyrotechnics and like that but it just means that when you go watch a band they really have to give all they have and I think a really wise wise thing was once said by Dee Snider from Twisted Sister he said that if after a show you still have the energy to party then you haven't given it your all I think that's a pretty good thing to say but but no I don't think it's obviously like the age thing is well of course it is here and you can see that just in the way that you know we're we're so grateful for everything that's happened to us and when we get the opportunity to play at such big festivals like through Scott mystic festival park in Japan anything like that of course we're just so grateful about it and when the moment we hit the stage we kind of turn into these different personas and we just like you know we just start running around and jumping around and we give it all we got what do you do when show is finished when your gig is done and all that stuff are you one of those small hard ones like okay let's just eat healthy yeah go for a spa our gym oh just relax in the bed oh I like let's party all the night and then see how it goes to next day well you know I mean it's not a lie that obviously during you know the first two records we were it was like a lot of the partying obviously you know there's a lot of evidence on YouTube about it but I mean even that even even during those times you know it wasn't just that we would get drunk because we're like oh this is so cool I mean we just genuinely had a good time and we were living and we still are obviously but we were living you know the dream that we've always wanted and we had we had like a massive crew of all of our best friends so obviously I mean we just we just had so much fun and we still do but obviously the reality is also when you get older and I mean of course well we're fairly young guys but when you get a bit older and you realize that you have a lot of shows in a row it's just impossible and I think it's like it's not a good idea so you know go completely crazy after a show I mean nowadays I've I've being extremely sober obviously because well I mean I think you can see it also on stage and I mean I just you know I I do what feels good but you know if we're at a festival like this after the show and after I do interviews I mean I'm just gonna have a good time I'm gonna see my friends I'm gonna go watch some shows but I don't think you know the partying and stuff like that has to go hand in hand with alcohol always I mean just have a good time what I've talked with some older bands like creator and whatever like bands general 50-plus so to say you know they age and all that stuff they've said that you know you have to really like take better care of your health so if they'd like going for like full vegan diet or having fruit smoothies and whatever you just you know to stay in shape you know to do those tour and whatever but at the same time the question that comes to my mind is like these metal losing it's kind of a danger element when bands are rather thinking about their help rather than just going all mental with their metal are you know calling us i've been calling a spade a spade there is nothing more dangerous than a bad metal band that keeps itself in a good shape and they play a killer show every night and anyone can say that that's true because you know i mean it's like the ultimate thing if you see like creator for example melee i mean he's you know he's taking really good shape I mean taking really good care of himself I think it's great and I can recommend it to anyone obviously I I keep myself in good shape you know I run I go to the gym and stuff like that and I mean anything that suits you I mean you know there's not there's not a norm that you have to go you know you have to follow I mean you can do just whatever feels good to you but obviously if you have a two-week tour and you have a show every day you're gonna notice after a week tops a week you're gonna notice how you're supposed to live your life if you get drunk every night for two weeks you're not gonna be able to play a good show I can I can guarantee that do you think the age of that kind of thing like bands with metal crew and also y'all's born and whatever do you think that age is now all gone no I mean but I mean when you think of Motley Crue and Ozzy Osbourne if if someone still believes that they're like the good examples then they're wrong I mean you know I mean it you know many people are like oh no heavy metals dying it's not dangerous anymore that's it's just doing well and you know I think it's it's it's better for the fans that you keep yourself in good shape and good health so that you can play for many years to come I mean Keith Richards isn't you know getting shit-faced and doing drugs anymore every day not to my knowledge and he's he's immortal okay exactly he's immortal though but not I mean as I said do what pleases you I mean it's you know anyone can do whatever they want but obviously it's maybe in the long run it's a better idea to keep keep yourself in good shape let's talk a little bit about your music you decided to go trash metal and transmittal is basically more or less seeing as a kind of ad stuff it's kind of relic it's dinosaur it was supposed to go extinct but suddenly there's like new wave of trash metal and you were already doing your material because before this kind of a new trust new wave of transmittal si si is that kind of a reboot guy so why did you decide to go with that why not doing metalcore why not doing more core dead metal black metal or I don't know it's just traditional heavy metal why trash well you know the thing was that all of us have been listening to like like I said you know bands like Iron Maiden Priest kiss Zeppelin I mean what so be it we've listened to bands like that and that's what brought us together but I think for everyone it kind of you know it started with bands like that but at some point you know everyone's gonna be like mmm is there something even you know even heavier just for you know they're just thinking maybe that could be cool and you know I found a band called Pantera after after I've been listening to Maidan for many years and I was like holy this is so awesome then you know you find Slayer then you find Exodus you find stuff like that and then I was like okay this is pretty cool because it it combines you know the the pure like aggression and speed of punk-rock and then you got metal which is I think it's a really cool combination and you know of course I mean yeah a thrash metal band metal bent I mean I love metal that's the thing and you know I think it's cool that people can have the freedom to test other things also but for me I think that's just it's it's so aggressive I like it I love it have you ever felt the need or urge to do something besides fresh metal like a side project I need to find my your progressive male being and create something else or are you just fine with trash man no no you know the thing is there's four of us in law society and all of us listens obviously we will listen to different kinds of music there's no one in the band who's like no we listen to only you know Megadeth only Metallica only made and it's it can be that way and we write all the songs together so you know forcibly when you write songs together with people who listen to kind of different music styles there's gonna be a mixture of everything in the final product and I can you know if you listen to fast law death you listen to terror hungry brain-dead or the upcoming record obviously you're gonna hear that there's a lot of different kinds of things put together so I think that's a good thing because you know when you live in a world where there's millions of bands and millions of metal bands you have to have something that makes you stand out so I think one of the strongest things or strongest elements we have is the fact that we have four guys who write it writes everything together so we can kind of give you know our own our own little mixture of music what can you tell about the upcoming music I can tell you that we've been working on it for a long time you know that's that's not a lie because we release brain-dead it's almost three and a half years ago you know after that we've been touring a lot we've been doing headlines for support tours stuff like that but we've been writing a lot and for the first time in our career we've you know we've been writing just like as many songs as possible then we give it a bit of time then we listen to them again and we're like it are these really good is this what we want to do so I think you can really hear that in the music that we've taken the time to think about what we want to do with the band what direction we want to take it to and we'll obviously you can hear from the music that we've been playing together more than ever the you know the playing is tighter and the lyrics you know I've matured as a songwriter as a lyricist and everything so I think I mean obviously for any band who is releasing new material they're always gonna say this is the best record we've ever done but that's the way it should be you know you're not gonna go to the studio and write a shitty record but could you imagine like okay let's just do decent recording let's not do our best one this far let's just a little kind of filler yeah that kind of that doesn't sound right man but do you ever feel that okay now this is the best stuff we have done we're not able to get better I mean for example I think Slayers best album is raining blood but yet they kept making more great albums I think metal again made great albums after the best stuff so does that make sense no big I'm yes because of course you know everyone has their own opinions that's just the way it goes but you know you cannot deny that there's millions of fans who have been pleased with that material that has come after the so called best record you know that if a band wants to write music and release music that's their right and they should do that and you know I mean obviously if you you know at the point when you stop you stop like forcing yourself to write the best stuff you can then maybe you could you know take a small breather just you know take a few years and think about what you want to do but for me obviously at this stage when we have three records out obviously we're gonna force ourselves to write better music always what about your lyrics with their people like okay I just found these bad low society weeks about what kind of you can you sum up oh that's hard I mean it's summing up it's just about you know my point of view of the world I mean lost society obviously the name already gives you some some idea of what's happening you know it's just a long dirt who's been looking at the world through his own eyes and telling people why he thinks Middle East so often seen as a kind of a societal lyrics and all that stuff how important it is to you who had these kind of a trash move away well I mean the you know if you're gonna do everything in the exact way that everyone else does it then you're not gonna really have a long career in my opinion you know good but I mean I try to find a known angle in everything I do even if you know we have a song that's about something that someone else has done it about already I'll just try to find a new angle a new way to tell it in my perspective and I think that's the most important thing all right it seems we got a deadline to finish this one so what can we expect from Law Society in 2019 2020 we can expect a lot of things new music lots of touring and just good times man alright thank you for your time and it's great to have you here this is low society with lots of things to come your way keep checking them live they will kick your ass I promise you see yeah

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  1. Great band. Saw them live last autumn in a Children of Bodom gig. Very energetic and overall a good show!

  2. Great interview.Saw Lost Society a couple of years ago at Copenhell Denmark .They Rule๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ

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