20 thoughts on “LOST SOCIETY – I Am The Antidote (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

  1. it was that RYTMIHAIRIO vocalist tshirt that brougth me here. I heard RYTMIHAIRIO back in the 90s, so i clicked on the left side yt suggestion trying to find some finnish hardcore crust punk vibe… damn it, it has nothing to do with it… but it is a very good surprise… i'm diggin'it, headbangin' and shit, loving it !!! Then i jumped to Hangover Activator song… Shiiit that beat !!! That guitar riff, that's it, it's the RYTMIHAIRIO vibe… FUCKIN A, these dudes just got a new fan !!! GUYS KEEP IT FAST AND HEAVY !!!!! very gooood songs, a great album !!! greetings from Portugal !!!

  2. Type : "slayer angel of death" and skip to 2:10 !!! This is where i am the antidote was ispired from ! Anyway.Great catchy song !

  3. Finally got to meet Samy and Arttu face 2 face today! Was fuckin awesome! The guys are very down to earth and easy going. They deserve every bit of the success coming their way! Keep it coming! m/

  4. You've burned yourselves
    Down to the ground
    With all the bridges burnt down
    You've burned yourselves
    Down to the ground
    Just know that I am the antidote!

  5. 3 years later and not even a million views, but the god awful Arch Enemy gets millions of views with their cookie monster metal.

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