Lori Grenier Calls an Entrepreneur a Chauvinist – Shark Tank

Lori Grenier Calls an Entrepreneur a Chauvinist – Shark Tank

It’s going to make it
that in X amount of years, we will not be able
to fight off bacteria because we won’t have
antibiotics that work, correct? That’s what
they’re projecting. I mean, you’re kind of
looking at me funny like — Do you agree
with what I’m saying or no? No, I absolutely agree.
He’s still thinking
about Mark. -Okay. So —
-No, I absolutely agree. You know, I —
-So, let me tell you, Doctor. I’m very
into natural products. Whenever I started to feel
like I was getting a cold, I would do zinc. Which the product has zinc,
so let’s talk about zinc. Well, wait a minute. Why are you
ignoring what I’m saying? I’m sorry. That’s odd to me. I’m talking to you, and
you’re looking over at Mark. And I’m telling you…
We have a connection. Mark, I’m from Pittsburgh.
…that I’m into
all of this. But, Sarath, listen. Wait a minute.
You know what? I just want to help you
one second.
I’m just gonna finish. I was the customer. I’ve been taking zinc for years.
I’m a believer in this. I’m the one talking about
antibiotic resistance and how important it is. But the fact that
when I’m talking to you, you don’t even look at me? I’m out. I’m sorry to hear that. -Okay, then.
-I don’t know how we got here. Are we ever gonna talk
about your business? Doctor, how is it going
in the Shark Tank for you? I didn’t mean
to offend you, Lori.
I am offended. I feel like you don’t respect me
as a female sitting here. -Hey, hey, focus for a second.
-Not at all. You don’t?
Well, then prove me why. Wait a second.
No. I want to hear. I just want to ask
about the numbers. I don’t care.
Is that too much to ask? I have a lot of respect
for you. I think one of the things
that I really like about you is that you’re so positive. You’re so upbeat, and you’ve
helped so many people. You’re getting that vibe
from her right now? Absolutely. Greiner:
I am all of the above, but I also, as a woman and a woman in this world
and a woman in business, I think it’s very important for
women to speak up for themselves and to stand up for themselves
in a respectful way. I’ve not very often — I don’t think I’ve ever reacted
like this on “Shark Tank.” But I looked right at you. Maybe you were shaken
by what Mark said. Maybe you were.
I don’t know. But I do know
that when you came out here, you were looking at everybody
else, not really me. I just sense some chauvinism
here, and I — -What?!
I’m out again.

23 thoughts on “Lori Grenier Calls an Entrepreneur a Chauvinist – Shark Tank

  1. Mark I’m from Pittsburgh LMAO!! this guy is way to smart for Lori and she knows it that’s why she’s salty. She is trying to explain something to someone that’s been in school for a decade. She has no clue wth she’s talking about and the doc wasnt having it. Nothing to do with being sexist, educated vs uneducated. Especially in HIS field.

  2. To be fair, Lori probably has a good instinct of this. He is trying to impress the male sharks. I don’t think it’s unnatural for people to have preferences of which gender they bond more with. I’m more connected to girls than I am to guys but he should’ve been more respectful

  3. Lol, this is exactly why people hate Feminazis. If you look at a woman too long, you get called a thirsty pig. If you don't look at her enough, you're now a chauvinist. You get berated no matter what you do.

  4. I'm a dude who hates girls who scream misogynist (which is the word I'm pretty sure lori was looking for) for every guy who says an offhand comment about them but this dude was giving huge misogynist vibes; especially when (0:58) Lori said she was out dude said "I'm sorry to hear that" and smirked as if it was his 7 yr old daughter saying it. Hahahah idc either way was good TVs

  5. It did seem like he was ignoring her. I don't know if he being was chauvinistic, but I think he could payed more attention.

  6. Lori,and mark were very rude to the doctor. I used to like Lori not any more,I will not wach shark tank again.shame on you.

  7. Think about it, he would never say "i didnt mean to offend you" to a guy like mark. He's either a sexist or stuck up.

  8. No one cares when Mark withdraws an offer because someone stopped paying attention to his offer. As soon as a female asks for respect it becomes a problem. FOH. Mark withdrew an offer just last week when Myo Storm didn't accept immediately.

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