Looming Face Of Facism | World War II In Colour

Looming Face Of Facism | World War II In Colour

Today it is easy to laugh at Benito Mussolini the fascist dictator of Italy All that posturing seems faintly ridiculous now, but it didn’t seem that way in 1922 Back then Italy had seemed to be on the edge of anarchy. The country was riven by strikes and land seizures. The democratic government, just as in Germany, seemed powerless in the face of such unrest so Benito Mussolini the War veteran and a journalist decided to take a stand He organized a right-wing nationalist party the fascists With a country paralyzed for a general strike in august 1922 Mussolini ordered his followers to March on rome Fearing a civil war italy’s King Victor Emmanuel asked him to form a government Mussolini swiftly stamped out any political opposition and assumed dictatorial rights Like Hitler Mussolini’s first acts made him immensely popular Massive programs of Public works provided employment and transformed Italy’s infrastructure Corruption was routed out and the Mafia more or less eliminated Italy’s armed Forces were built up including an advanced Modern Air force In the Mediterranean Mussolini launched a powerful navy bigger than the combined might of the British and French Mediterranean fleet When the great depression came Italy seen to weather it better than most Mussolini became a source of worldwide inspiration political leaders, not least adolf Hitler in Germany Saw the fascist system as a role Model strong and purposeful in contrast to the weakness of the democracies in Britain and France but Mussolini wanted more than adulation He wanted to recreate the Roman empire And he already had a target in mind for his first imperial land grab.

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  5. Germany, Italy, Russia and Austria are Christian states. The jew created these videos and called them nazis because the jew is zionist communists deceivers

  6. Oh Mussolini… If only you didn't fuck it up with overambition this country might have been great today, instead it's run by mafiosi, corrupted and inepts. I know, it's easy for me to say in retrospect, but shit…

  7. Maybe his posturing has a purpose.
    He's exaggerating every expression, so everyone in the crowd would see him. Just as he had to yell.

    People didn't have tv's back then.

  8. you do have to admit that he was kinda manly and sexy,why are the fascist all ways so sexy? remember that time when vice sent that 4eyed chick to interview richard spencer and the whole time it was just him talking and her pussy was getting wetter and wetter lol i guess there is just something about a strong man telling you what to do that just makes the panties come down with a splat!!!

  9. "It's better to have, as a form of government, a dictatorship that offers work and good life conditions for the Italian people than a pretty much useless democracy, viva il Duce!”

  10. Hitler was not an admirer of fascism. He believed that it was to weak compared to national socialism. In contrast he felt deep administration for the British colonial empire and, despite his hatred for Slavic people and communists, for Stalin's USSR!

  11. The best political leader of the Twentieth Century , hands down . Respected even by his FUTURE enemies FDR and Churchill .He turned a rural country into a modern one ( for those times and for Europe anyways ) , he unified Italy by creating a network of railways and highways like never before ( the first country to electrify railways and introduce the first fastest train going more than 200km/h in the world was Italy ),by imposing the use of Italian whereas most people were still speaking local dialects , he made important changes to people lives like the introduction of the retirement funds administered by the government still in use today ( INPS) , government ‘s kindergartens and summer resorts for kids , and countless more innovations …. Mussolini was the best leader that ever happened to lead Italy and the Italians ; the Fascism in general was good although among the high ranks of the members there were also bad elements . Like EVERYWHERE else in life . Mussolini ‘s fatal mistake was to follow Hitler in his delirious plan of conquest; had he chosen to declare neutrality and stay out of the war , he would have died on his bed at a very old age , like Francisco Franco did .

  12. Laugh at Mussolini? Are you kidding me a lot of people think he's badass today, and the Italian youth loves this guy.

    I have friends that went to Italy and they're surprised to find Mussolini restaurants and the people do Roman salute when they're eating. Mousseline is more popular than ever thanks to the crazy left.

  13. No mention it was the Communist scum who killed him and led to Mussolini and Hitler's being in power in order to eliminate the Communist menace in both countries that would soon spread to all Europe which was Lenin and Stalin's plan.
    No mention Italy conquered 5 countries, was awarded territory in France and defeated the Spanish communist.
    No mention of the immense bravery and heroic acts by Italian troops, more so than the Germans in many cases.
    No mention it was Hitler that dragged an unprepared Italy into world war breaking the Pact of Steel just 4 months after signing.
    No mention Italy was the 3rd best performing European country in the war behind Russia and Germany.

  14. It says that they wanted to recreate Roman empire…but then what happened; Greece almost conquered you; and despite that..Italian soldiers surrender and run back to Italy.. because they loosed from the poor but brave Greek army..that's speaks a lot by itself

  15. He had a lot of jews in his blackshirt units.
    Hitler wouldn't allow jews into the SA.

  16. There is a litter mistake in this video: they plaied the actual italian national athem, but this has been chosen as athem only in 1948, After the repubblic referendum. In Mussolini time the national athem was the realm march.

  17. How can Italy have an amazing navy better than France and britain combine and lose to Africa so bad and to make it worse Africa's weakest counties 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. back then america never knew who they voted for
    here today 2087 after the collapse of 27 states durin the second civil war america had drasticlly changed the aging centuries old constitution fearin another war could break out

  19. When you are a dictator and the first months go flawless but you realize you know nothing about economy and army maintence

  20. Its so lame how they try to make Hitler look white when he is clearly mixed. Why didn't the nazis kill him? Was he not black enough?

  21. Nothing about what Mussollini did would pass as "right wing" in America…his "massive government programs" are a characteristic of the left

  22. Mussolini was a socialist, in-fact he thought it in school as he was a socialist teacher. Fascism is left leaning not right wing conservative. They nationalised the means of production and utility. Get the facts right please “Discovery”

  23. In Italy the Fascism is an incredible taboo, because the left wing are afraid that fascism may come back By popular will. So in Italy it is illegal to re-found a Fascist party, do the Fascist salute, write books on Fascism and be Fascists. In Italy we have a sort of antifascist dictatorship because they are scared by Fascism's popolar power (sorry for my english, sometimes i used translate)

  24. From Benito Mussolini, Dux of Fascism, to Giuseppe Conte, servant of UE.
    Poor my Homeland, from Empire to Colony.

  25. era proprio un pagliaccio ridicolo…. un coglione, ma come cazzo hanno fatto a seguirlo migioni di italiani a sto cazzone: ah si erano degli idioti analfabeti e ignoranti.

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