1. Arnel, have you seen the infamous video with a P. Barnes dealing with one of these libertard types? It's one of the best things on youtube.


  2. These are the guys who will drive without a license, and when stopped by the police, they will say that they are not 'driving', but 'traveling', and the Constitution says they can 'travel' without any kind of license. It usually ends with the application of the taser and them screaming about 'not consenting' to being tased.

  3. The only freedom I care about is the freedom to raise a family in a healthy society
    Libertarians do not own the monopoly on freedom and liberty

  4. The Internet noise and his gormless fizzog done me.
    My fkn sides.
    Additional… my 6 yr old daughter has made me play this at least 20 times, she laughs like a maniac. And my wife is looking bemused as her kid is telling her "toast or death from my cold dead hands"..
    Proud pops right hya.

  5. I’d say we were always on track
    but that would be lying a little
    you can’t spell “alien”
    without a lie in the middle
    instead of kicking him out
    we justify his acquittal
    and try to figure him out
    like he’s some kind of a riddle.

    Sometimes I’m too innocent
    kind to a stranger
    must be the achilles heel
    of noble blood and better breed
    you let virtue guide your deeds
    and parasites will smell a feast
    and then demand a set of keys
    invoking your humanity

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