Local Politician Caught Threatening Congresswomen

Local Politician Caught Threatening Congresswomen

>> A New Jersey school board member is possibly
facing an ethics investigation after he posted hateful, Islamophobic content on his Facebook
page. Now he also wished death upon members of Congress,
freshman Democrat Rashida Talib being one of them. And it just gives you a sense of the state
this country is in right now. I mean, this is a school board member who
has decided that, yeah, it's okay. I'm gonna go ahead and publicly post these
hateful messages, literally wishing death upon members of Congress. The posts from Toms River Regional school
board member Daniel Leonard included one that states quote, my life would be complete if
she slash they die over a photograph of US representative Rashida Tlaib who's a Michigan
Democrat and is also Muslim. So I'm going to show you a few of his posts,
their screenshots of a few of his posts. First, there's his photo. And he was elected as a school board member
and I think that voters in that region need to be aware of who he is, and you need to
get them out. So let's go to the next picture, please. So this is an example of one of his posts. He has a picture of Rashida Tlaib and notice
that he's linking to a Fox News article that mentions that Rashida Tlaib calls for hunger
strikes to shut down ICE. And apparently, that really upset him and
he says that his life would be complete if she dies. In one other post that targets Ilhan Omar,
the picture as Sharia Barbie comes with hijab, bruises and Quran. I mean this is just gross because, it's gross
regardless of who he is and what position he holds. But he makes decisions that impact the lives
of kids in this school district. One features a photo of representative Ilhan
Omar, who is also a Muslim, with the comment, terrorist 100%. So let's open this open to the panel, and
then I'll give you a little information about his history and his time in the military. >> This really speaks to the tone and tenor
of the environment in which we currently in. With this hate mongering and this fear based,
us versus them mentality and the Southern Poverty Law Center they have found that there's
been a 30% increase in hate groups since Donald Trump took office, or at least since he's
truly come into power. And that's been extremely problematic because
as we see these instances of threats, violence, and hate happen as a result of this fear mongering. And it's not okay. >> So he was going after these two representatives. Obviously, we know where that's stemming from,
we know who's been talking about these congresswomen the most. So one is from Minnesota and one is from Michigan. This guy is from New Jersey, so he has to
ask himself so what is it about them that's affecting my life so much that I'd like to
see them dead? Or one of them just to be fair to him even
though he has no reason to be, to see them dead. What's happening to him outside of him arguing
for different policies in the country because that must be un-American to him? I want to see them dead because what, they're
fighting for minimum wage increases, cuz they're fighting for universal healthcare. That makes you want to see them dead. >> Well think about this, I mean, he is, as
we all are, right, to some extent, part of a filter bubble. So if he's consuming a very specific type
of media over and over again, he's not hearing about Medicare for all. And if he is, he's hearing a very skewed version
or commentary about Medicare for all. Think about the way someone like Donald Trump,
who he by the way, a fierce defender of and supporter of. Think about the way Donald Trump depicts these
women and how he fear-mongers about them on a regular basis. Just today, we covered a story about Donald
Trump's speech at Turning Point USA and how he falsely claimed that these women have said
that they hate Jews. That's what he said. None of them have ever once uttered those
words, but he fear-mongers about them. He makes it appear as though these women are
dangerous. And that fear mongering unfortunately seeps
into the minds of incredibly impressionable people. >> And when you don't have a pointer policy
to dispute against that then you say things like they hate America, why don't they go,
they want you dead. Then you start seeing people like this, and
we talked about and think was Cesar. The would be male bomber follows people like
this and it says you know that's right, they're the enemy, got to kill them. My life, he said my life will be better if
they were dead. What about your life gets better when they
die? >> Isn't it so strange how he sees this as
a direct attack on him just their very existence or their desire to do their job? It's crazy, it is actually just really crazy,
how their minds start to work because of the information that they're taking on, and this
fear mongering mindset that's been created and it's so incredibly dangerous. >> So let me give you some information about
him and what you can do if you're a voter in his area, because there is an action you
can take relatively soon. So according to USA Today, Leonard of Beachwood,
represents that town on the nine-member regional school board. He was actually elected to the board back
in 2016 but he's seeking re-election in November. So vote him out. He needs to go. Now there is a possibility that an ethics
investigation could lead to him being ousted from the school board. But just in case that doesn't work out, and
honestly these days, I don't really rely on people to hold others accountable in these
types of organizations. We need voters to get active and understand
who's making decisions about your children in the school board. So he's had some issues, for instance, according
to reports, he was in the Army. He was a Paratrooper in the Army's 82nd Airborne
Division in Afghanistan, and he's previously told the press that he's struggling with neurological
health issues. And look, that makes me feel bad for him and
he should get the treatment he needs. But if those injuries are leading to possible
dangerous incidence with kids, then he has no business serving on that board. But here's one other thing that you should
consider. He had gone into some sort of altercation
with someone on the road. So he got angry at someone on the road and
started chasing them at high speeds. And when the cops showed up, they described
him as angry, agitated. If this is someone who doesn't have the right
temperament to make decisions about kids or be around kids, he shouldn't be around kids. If he's spreading all this hatred about certain
groups of people, well, there are Muslim kids within that school district. I don't want him responsible for those kids. >> There's one particular in general. >> That's right. >> Who went to one of the meetings and she
said, this is a threat to me. My daughter wears hijabs in school. So when someone like this that goes off. Has he ever met a Has he ever met Ilhan Omar,
so what is it about them that scares him? It's what they look like, it's the only thing
left, and what they say. Okay, what they say, too. So again, you don't have an argument against
their policies, so you're afraid of them, you want them dead. What does that transfer then to kids in the
district where you're on the board of when you have, to get to Fox & Friends panelists,
who said, you know what? They're infiltrating our schools, it's our
public schools that are a problem. So when the school board member looks at someone
in his public school, this kid, and says they're infiltrating with their hijabs in my school,
I need to do something about it. It's not one of those things where we're looking
for punishment just because we don't agree with the guy's hatred, but because he actually
has influence over someone else's that is in his district. That's just the way it works. Also, this is how boisterous he is about his
policies. I'm never going to back down, but I vow to
be more articulate in my approach, that the message I'm trying to convey as a private
citizen is clear and precise, and in no way reflects the position of the board. Too late. >> Yeah. >> Still, the office said he's seeking reelection. And that his intention was not suggesting
he was wishing for the congresswoman's death based on her faith. What was it? >> Yeah, what was it exactly? I mean there was no dissection of policy. >> No. >> There was no debate about what these lawmakers
want to propose or want to accomplish. It was all about, I mean really Hijab Barbie. That was somehow not related to the fact that
they're Muslim? Come on. >> And also, his saying, I'm going to be more
articulate in how I approach things from now on. That means he's going to be speaking in code,
but essentially, he's already told who he is and what he believes, and nothing's gonna
change about that. So no matter how he really frames things moving
forward, he should not be in his position and people in his area need to do something
about it. >> So, remember, send us some comments as
we do these stories. Gabby Morita just sent in a comment and if
you're not a member and you want to participate in the conversation, you can do so by joining. Go to TYT.com/join to become a member. Gabby Wrightson says, this story is exactly
why, as Anna was emphasizing earlier, local elections are just as important as state or
national. People like this should not be in charge of
schools. And I completely agree with you. Get involved in your local community, it is
just as important. Those decisions and those lawmakers within
your community make decisions that impact your life, that impact your kids lives. And if you're not active, if you're not advocating
for yourself, then you're going to have people with this type of temperament and this type
of hatred, making decisions about your kids.

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