Liz Cheney gives stunning rebuke of her OWN party over impeachment

Liz Cheney gives stunning rebuke of her OWN party over impeachment

Now, I also want to say a word about something
else that’s been going on over the course of several hours and last night, which I think
is also shameful. And that is questioning the patriotism, questioning
the dedication to country of people like Mr. Vindman, Lt. Colonel Vindman, who will be
coming today, and others who have testified. I think that we need to show that we are better
than that as a nation. There patriotism, their love of country, we’re
talking about decorated veterans who have served this nation, who have put their lives
on the line and it is shameful to question their patriotism, their love of this nation,
and we should not be involved in that process. This is Liz Cheney, the number 3 Republican
in the House, responding to the latest GOP strategy of just blanket defaming anyone who
dares criticize Trump. To be clear, Liz Cheney is the epitome of
Republican partisanship in Congress, so for even HER to condemn attacks like these says
a LOT. In this case, Republicans have set out to
attack Army Lieutenant Colonel Alex Vindman, a decorated Iraq War veteran and Purple Heart
recipient, who also serves as the top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council. He was ON the infamous Trump call with Ukrainian
president Zelensky and TWICE registered internal objections. He’s now testifying to investigators in
the House against what he saw as the “partisan play” of making foreign aid conditional
upon political investigations, claiming that it would quote “all undermine US national
security.” And yet that hasn’t stopped Republicans
from leaning on disgraceful defenses to defend Trump from yet another devastating testimony— I wanna go back to the beginning here because
it’s been nagging at me the whole time here. Which is that, when I asked you about Colonel
Vindman, the very first thing you said, was he was Ukrainian. So, yes or no, do you trust Ambassador Bill
Taylor more because he was born in the United States? Where does the location of his birth matter? Mark Meadows, who I think you’ll agree with,
was born in France. Is he pro-French by definition? That’s a pretty stunning comment you made
just there. And it’s remarkable and notable given that
Laura Ingraham last night, in her apparent talking points, brought it up as well. So I read a statement, John, and I’m sure
you did as well. And it seems very clear that he is incredibly
concerned about Ukrainian defense. I don’t know that he’s concerned about
American policy but his main mission was to make sure that the Ukraine got those weapons. I understand that. We all have an affinity to our homeland where
we came from. Like me, I’m sure that Vindman has the same
affinity. Or like Mark Meadows—
I’m sorry, are you suggesting you would put Irish defense over US defense? Is that what you’re saying, Congressman
Duffy? So are we saying that by giving this money
to the Ukraine that absolutely is the money that is going to secure national defense against
Russia? I mean, I don’t believe that. So he’s entitled to his opinion. He has an affinity I think for the Ukraine. He speaks Ukrainian. He came from the country and he wants to make
sure they’re safe and free. I understand that–
That’s an asset for this country. That’s an asset! But the president is the one who gets to set
the policy, and he is the one who looks out for America First and the American taxpayer
and the American citizens– Are you saying—are you saying that Colonel
Vindman, a decorated war veteran, isn’t looking out for America first? Yes or no? I don’t know what he’s—
You can’t say yes, that Colonel Vindman—you can’t say that he’s looking out for America
first? You can’t say that Colonel Vindman, a decorated
war veteran, isn’t looking out for America first? By the way, the guy suggesting that Vindman
has dual loyalties to Ukraine is Sean Duffy, a former Republican congressman turned CNN
commentator. And while Vindman emigrated to the United
States at the age of three as a Jewish refugee, went on to graduate from Cornell, deployed
to South Korea, then Germany, then Iraq where he was wounded by a roadside bomb and was
awarded a Purple Heart, then became an Army foreign area officer specializing in Russia
for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff before ultimately joining the National Security
Council in 2018, Sean Duffy spent HIS post-college career on MTV’s The Real World and THEN
the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. According to Wikipedia, he also started log
rolling at age 5. So yeah, in terms of credentials, these guys
are basically… the same. But it wouldn’t matter what Vindman’s
credentials are, because this isn’t about any facts, it’s about defending Trump at
all costs. So if that means trying to defame Vindman,
an ACTIVE service member who’s dedicated his entire life to our Armed Forces, as somehow
not patriotic, then that’s what the right is going to do. At some point, though, Republicans are going
to have to face the facts that there have been a slew of TRUMP-APPOINTED public servants
and military veterans who have testified under oath that the president used his pubic office
for personal gain. Aside from Vindman, there was Bill Taylor,
the UN Ambassador to Ukraine and a 50-year public servant who was handpicked by Trump’s
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. There was Marie Yovanovitch, the former ambassador
to Ukraine and member of the United States Foreign Service. There was Fiona Hill, who served for more
than 30 years across 6 administrations; Kurt Volker, the former special envoy to Ukraine;
Laura Cooper, the Pentagon official overseeing Ukraine policy. All of these people have testified the truth,
that Trump moved to extort Ukraine into helping him defame Joe Biden. At some point, Republicans need to choose
whether it’s really worth it to pretend that these diplomats and veterans are part
of some deep state cabal to take down the president WHO APPOINTED THEM, or if maybe
– just maybe – Trump committed an impeachable offense and got caught. And, to be sure, while this might be the latest
defense, it’s by no means the last. To date, Republicans said the whistleblower
is a partisan and can’t be trusted, despite the fact that not only do we not KNOW their
identity, but everything in the complaint has been proven 100% true. Republicans said the whistleblower isn’t
allowed to rely on second-hand information even though it’s perfectly acceptable and
legal to do so. Republicans said Adam Schiff personally counseled
the whistleblower, even though it was a staff member of his who CORRECTLY advised the whistleblower
to seek legal counsel and file a complaint with the Intel Community Inspector General. Republicans said the whole impeachment process
is unconstitutional even though it is IN the Constitution. Republicans claimed that Democrats are holding
secret impeachment hearings in the basement of the Capitol to unilaterally reverse the
outcome of the 2016 election and have Trump removed from office even though Democrats
are following rules enacted by REPUBLICANS in 2015. Republicans said there was no quid pro quo,
only to have everyone from Alex Vindman to Bill Taylor to Gordon Sondland to Trump’s
OWN Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney confirm that there was indeed a quid pro quo. And look, while I’m sure we’re still in
for an avalanche of BS justifications, the right should probably realize that bouncing
from one excuse to the next is only destroying what shred of credibility they might have
been clinging on to. So the GOP might stick to its scorched earth
policy, but the fact is that it only serves to make them look even more desperate and
more guilty with every passing day.

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  1. I wonder if he was most concerned about ukranian defense when he was taking those shrapnel frags.. The republicans have become so friggin disgusting.

  2. Please call and email your Republican Senators and demand that they uphold their duty to protect our Constitution, and not bow to some misguided attempt to put Party over our Republic! The sooner we all start barraging the Republicans with our demands that truth and justice must prevail the better the chance that these two noble ideals will do so!!! Call and email early and often!!! Let's not let autocracy and belligerent indifference to our Democracy continue! We're smarter that Trump and we're better than Trump, now let's get busy and be louder than Trump! Help me Make America Greater than Autocracy!!!

  3. Duffy, Nunes and Jordan, are a disgrace to the Republican party and the whole of America, by attempting to blacken the name of a dedicated Military man who has served his country with distinction. All for their seedy Political interests. Disgusting all of them.

  4. OKAY Iam confused is it that if you see something wrong and stand against that then you are scum you are disloyal you are no good you must defend the president even if he is wrong he did the same thing to the mexicon Judge he does this to everyone because he is a racist and he knows he lies everyday because he wants america white again so he judges according to what he does according to his condition, or what he knows he does this is not about truth its about getting away with a crime , Russian and Putten style this is about dividing the country and muddling the water's weather it is true or not !

  5. After William Taylor graduated from West Point in the top 1% of his class in 1969, he served in the infantry for six years, including tours of duty in the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, and 18 months with the 101st Airborne Division during the Vietnam War. Taylor was a rifle company commander in the 506th Infantry Regiment (United States) of the 101st Airborne. He earned a Bronze Star Medal and Air Medal with 'V' for VALOR for heroism.

    William Taylor was nominated by President George W. Bush to be United States ambassador to Ukraine while he was serving as Senior Consultant to the Coordinator of Reconstruction and Stabilization at the Department of State.

  6. Ah Support of our Military…Yet another thing that the GOP claimed to be in support off … They throw down the drain in order to defend Dear Leader… The list keeps growing…🤦🤦🤦🤦

  7. I don’t think it’s about defending trump, I think it’s about party and power. This is what the right wing is known for.

  8. I find it unfathomable that considering trump and his recorded Russian ties, how his quid pro quo is not more egregious and a damning implication of his obvious collusion with the Russian govt considering Ukraine is up against Russian aggression.

  9. Trashy PEDO Racist Trump made all the RepubTurds sign loyalty oaths, using their lips, and his orange shit as the ink!

  10. Yeah. It says a lot. It says Liz Cheney can see the writing on the wall and is in damage control mode. The GOP is getting hammered over their insistence on excusing the dubious activities of the current administration, and Liz knows if someone doesn't start making some sort of course correction, the GOP is going down in flames. I think attributing any kind of moral constitution to people like Cheney is wishful thinking at best. Their only interest is in saving their own asses.

  11. This proves trump needs locking up for a long time and his crime family. Trump is a fascist…do not support a money obsessed fascist..if you do.then you cronies should be thrown in jail also.

  12. When you finally have an army officer, who actually takes his oath serious, then republicans of course must jump on him, trying to question his loyalties.
    The president gets to set the policies but this pathetic senator seems to forget that even the president is bound by the law and that Trump took the same oath as this war veteran. Trump just does not take that oath serious.

  13. You're all out of your minds… When 2020 comes, you'd better get to your safe space cause Trumps winning again! Trump 2020!

  14. That bum Donny refused to serve after being drafted 6 times and he was born here! So what does that say about u Don the Con. I’m so happy this is all on camera, so we can keep playing this over and over again!

  15. Sean Duffy should be immediately banned from all MSM stations for his defamation of Lt Colonel Vindman. He can go to Faux News where he'll be very welcome as he's a sycophant who's coming home..Disgusting person and shame on CNN for hiring this POS as a political contributor..

  16. When Trump said “you’re gonna get tired of winning” he was obviously talking to Vladimir Putin and Russia…..and Erdogan and Assad.

  17. I understand that he is a decorated patriot however is there a possibility that this human being could be biased towards the potus for whatever political reasons. As usual I believe the decrepits trying to make it more than it is. As usual. But yes don't trash decorated military for their political beliefs.

  18. Aren't most republicans the one who are attacking Lt. Col. Vindman's reputation? Who is calling the kettle white? Republiklans!!

  19. God forbid an athlete takes a knee against systemic racism. “He’s disrespecting our military!”

    But then a respected career war time veteran dares to speak truth, they can slander his name like crazy.

    This is the most hypocritical bullshit.

  20. Wow, how low can the republican boneheads get??? This is a disgrace to all service members of this great nation, when these corrupt, republican draft dodging, snowflakes get up and demean true American patriots that served our country in the effort to protect a corrupt, spineless, draft dodging, stupid, cheating, unethical, lying, racist, piece of crap ,moronic puke president!!! GOP has really been destroyed. Gross Old Pricks. Our duty is to vote all these republicans out!!!!!!

  21. GOP´s members must be the dumbest people on the planet. Your master never served ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, hes a coward and a traitor. Fuck the Trumptard

  22. Ahh finally the words I wanted someone to say…he was appointed by this administration. So if ya truly had a problem with Vindman's credentials and pro-Ukraine stance, why did you appoint him to NSC?

  23. Those white males behind her want to throw mein kamft at her. How dare she break with the party line again out beloved stable genius

  24. It's pretty pathetic when what Liz Cheney said is called stunning…..and it was hardly a rebuke…more like a general comment and she never said Republican once. If you want to see a rebuke watch Michelle Wallace talk about this on MSNBC (and yes, for once there is something somewhat OK on the liberal version of Fox News).

  25. What trump and many of his followers don’t understand is that all these people testifying against him are putting the counties best interest first, they are patriots, and hero’s !!!

  26. Liz Cheney accompanied Trump (as one of many political guests) to game 5 of the World Series on Sunday night in D.C. where he was welcomed by booing and the chant "lock him up" when introduced. What a difference a day makes.

  27. Sean Duffy…wasn’t he on the real world?? So the Republicans are made of tv leftovers…I knew it! I wrote my comment before brian said it lol

  28. Sean Duffy and the GOP should be totally ashamed, this is more sickening racism from them. They pathetically attempt to discredit a REAL patriot just to help defend their despicable coward of a President. For Christ sake where do they draw the line? A new all time low for the GOP, and they've been steadily lowering the bar of decency for so long now, how do they sleep at night?

  29. The reason someone who can speak Ukrainian but is American would have been given a role that involves American foreign policy in the Ukraine. Next you will tell me that our top military experts on China actually spent the time to learn Chinese. Oh wait.

    The fact that republicans are attacking someone for having a good basis for their information is disgusting. They even said he was 'from the USSR' to imply he was somehow soviet. He fled the USSR. That's like attacking holocaust survivors by saying 'can we trust this person? They did live in Nazi Germany! They may have affiliations with Nazis'

  30. The republicans should be ashamed of themselves for what they are doing i wish they would get their heads out of trumps ass an lock trump up Donnie’s making deals with our enemies what’s a matter with these morons in my 70 yrs I have never seen anything like what’s happening in America

  31. I'd imagine that if Laura Ingraham had the smallest sliver of a human soul she would throw up each morning that she wakes up and looks at herself in the mirror. Quick purge and then off to the office for another full day of propaganda, lies and racism!

  32. Still the sicafantical anti trumpers who serial spawn hate in social media will never admit there party lied to them thru the entire fake dossier hysteria.  All politicians sat there all these years spewing hatred, racism and bigotry. Same goes to media who played out a psyological experiment on the American public into the ability to bend perception any way they deemed with outlandish hysteria.

    No evidence, no proof, no sources, no due process, no tolerance and only secret dossiers, secret letters, secret whistleblowers.

  33. This is disgusting, if your not a trumper,your not or have American values or our best interests in hand. They really believe Trump is the one above All. This is sad.

  34. Sean Duffy is the definition of despicable. Vindman was injured in WILLING defense of America and American foreign policy and has spent his life in harms way defending America. He is the definition of a PATRIOT, regardless of his country of birth. It's obvious that he has proven where his loyalties lie, and it is legitimately questionable where Trump's do. Duffy doesn't seem like a stupid person, which is what makes his ignorance all that much more willing, and worse. Deliberate avoidance of the truth is a hallmark of the Trumpist and a scourge on political efficacy. I hope this whole experience teaches those who come after it that there is value in credibility and honor in following the law. There is nothing more damaging to freedom than anarchy.

  35. Funny how the Republicans use words like " we as a nation need to show respect for vets like vindaman" . But in reality we do respect them. Those assholes try to use it as a fake defense for a corrupt president/party by defaming them. Lock up trump, fire the rest, bring america up to the country we could and should be

  36. Iraq war veteran and Purple heart recipient against trumps whole life!? No Contest!!DO YOUR JOB CONGRESS AND IMPEACH!!!

  37. It is shameful that diplomats, who have taken the Oath of Office, are being brow beaten, due to their agreeing to give testimony to the House. They have taken an Oath, very similar to Trump, at his Inauguration, and they have upheld their Oath, far more "religiously" than Trump has demonstrated during his past 33 months.

  38. I'm tired of these Repugnants bashing our soldiers while doing absolutely doing nothing. I didn't believe these people could go any lower every time I say that they find a new low.

  39. How many of Trump's administration were subjected to and actually passed background and security checks that have been demanded of every other administration? This man's entire life had been dedicated to this country. It used to be a badge of honor to escape a murderous dictatorship and start a new life in America. This smear campaign of an honorable man taints every American with an immigration story. My mother and her whole family moved to America from England and proudly became American citizens. To assume they are disloyal to America because of that single fact is plain stupidity.
    Also, being able to speak more than one language doesn't make you a traitor, and disagreeing with the President, regardless of party doesn't make you "human scum".

  40. Love your videos but PLEASE stop using the same voice over/talking points in multiple videos. Makes watching all your videos super repetitive. Keep it up on sharing this stuff though. Thank you!

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