Living in a bridge: Homeless in L.A. | The Americas with Simon Reeve – BBC

Living in a bridge: Homeless in L.A. | The Americas with Simon Reeve – BBC

It’s all the way, the whole length. What is? Where they live. Inside the bridge, goes all the way. Inside the structure here? Yeah, right inside. FAINT VOICES This is extraordinary. There are voices coming from inside
it. Hello. So, erm… They’re friends from Great Britain
and they’re doing a video on the way some folks are living
here. Thank you so much. Shall we follow you in? Sure. Hey, Amy. Hi. Thank you for letting us in.
No problem. TRAIN RUMBLES OVERHEAD Well, these guys are. I’m like a
sort of really cheap, shoddy version. Yeah. You just haven’t gotten old yet. I know! I think I think it’s a bit
more than that, but thank you. Are you a big fan of David
Attenborough? I’m a huge fan of David
Attenborough. Do you get to see his documentaries
here? I don’t get to watch a lot
of video here. But power’s a problem. But I do listen to a lot
of podcasts here, so… Do you? Trying to take in the artwork, and I thought
it was a freeway, but actually, it’s the train above. The trains aren’t 24 hours, are
they? They stop for about three hours between midnight and four. TRAIN RUMBLING CONTINUES Are you a light sleeper? No! Ah, right. That’s probably, probably
for the best. Is it you who’s done much
of the painting here? I’ve done all of the paintings. I even call it the mansion. Just this place is giant and it gets
taller as you go back, so… There’s a couple rooms that, you
know, I think of as the ballroom and the room
where the pool will be in. That sort of thing. But, yeah,
that’s my joke with myself. TRAIN RUMBLING OVERHEAD Do you feel safe here? Yeah. You know, there’s really only
one way in. The dog scares people quite quickly. Would you want somewhere
conventional? If someone dropped in my hands the money to pay the
deposit in the first month when I found a place, the rent would still
be so very expensive and it’s not worth it to just work to be able to be alive. What the hell is going on, Amy? There’s tens of thousands of people
in Los Angeles living homelessly. Welfare is really not something
Americans understand any more. It’s a weird thing. There’s so much moral judgment
about people. I think it’s mostly fear, though,
like the closer they get, the more they want to distance
themselves from it. Somehow relating makes them
susceptible to it. Thanks for letting us in, Amy.
It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve seen a lot of stuff
around the world. I would never have thought
in the United States, I would see… ..I would see this.

100 thoughts on “Living in a bridge: Homeless in L.A. | The Americas with Simon Reeve – BBC

  1. Watching this I’m glad I grew up in Michigan where people figured shit out & could afford to live, what kind of world do we live in where people can’t afford to live because they charge too much money? It should be the same no matter what state you live in, not higher in one because the weather is nicer, hell I’d rather live in the colder climates, Californians couldn’t hack it in the Midwest, their skin is too thin😂

  2. So Cali wastes $$ on illegals but turn a blind eye to American Citizens living in theses conditions.
    Bravo, California. Bravo.

  3. Everyone commenting that she’s going to get kicked out by the city now that this is posted doesn’t know the city of LA

  4. Remember people the FED, ECB and BOJ print money for free. They would wish us all to be like her and they would never help you out of it, they want to own the world. #fuckbanks

  5. cmon Donald trump you got the cash start spending on your own people instead of investing billions into smart bombs for your next conflict..Land of the free remember

  6. She is doing what she needs to survive.
    People are more relatable to the homeless than they are to the wealthy.
    To the people who cast judgement on her way of life and cast their judgement unto others like her. You are the real cowards.
    You don’t understand the mental and physical strength needed to survive in that situation.
    Shame on you.
    I was homeless for a few years, I know what it’s like to wonder around through multiple Wisconsin winters in blue jeans and a sweat shirt. Walking for miles just to keep my body warm enough so I could stay alive.
    I know what it’s like to starve for days or for weeks. I know what it’s like to be scared and alone in the dark. To feel like there is no other option. Feeling like the world gave up on you. Listening and feeling the hate that others bestowed upon you because they don’t understand what it takes.
    I understand her situation and I am humble. All I can say to her is; Keep fighting and keep pushing to survive until an opportunity gives way and grants you an opportunity to be back on your feet.
    Remember though the struggle is worth more than the reward.

  7. In America there are 4 empty homes for every homeless person. The solution is simple but because of capitalist greed these homes will never be distributed to those who need them

  8. She needs Andrew Yang’s freedom dividend. $1,000 a month clear and free. Register Democrat and vote Yang in the Democratic Primaries.

    Yang 2020

  9. humans this is the earth… this land made for all of you… nobody cannot getting you out from your own home… where is the lord? who is the lord? he is or she is? why let them doing this to you… if you have no part of earth what are you doing in? we make the reach people's we made them god this is the worst… we should take them down from our life…

  10. It’s California that’s why the homeless population is so high. California’s government is terrible and completely garbage

  11. People being without a home is sad and all but Americans don’t want to pay for you to live with their hard earned money it’s as simple as that. These people could save up to get a bus/train/plane etc to a place with a lower cost of living but they don’t. Why? Idk. Mental illness or just an unwillingness to work i don’t know I don’t care life is tough you gotta put effort to get what you want this entitled mentality needs to die.

  12. For these four minutes I just experienced one amazing person. She’s well educated. Well educated people shouldn’t live this way

  13. Yesss…
    Concentrate and spend taxpayers money on so-called wars against terrorism.
    Homeless peoples and poverty is increasing in US day by day and government is still concentrating to build more sophisticated stealth bomber to invade poor countries you will get back what you did…

  14. No sympathy. She refuses and is too lazy to work. Homelessness is her choice but she had no right to vandalize the city. She should be jailed.

  15. Rent jumping in December so much the room $800-$950 , People can not afford to rent apartment, USA what is going on , people can not afford to pay for place , salary so fake after tax is nothing left

  16. It's shame. People are looking to inhabit mars and we don't even have our shit here on earth under control. Worst species of animal on earth is humans.

  17. If the rest of the country had its way, that state would not be part of the united states. Its a disgrace to the whole country and the ethics it was founded and created on. If our founding fathers knew this would become of their work, they would have stayed in bed. California is a cesspool of ignorance and entitlement. This woman is not only mentally ill(prob from the toxic air of l.a) but a perfect example of the results of the policies and the influence of democrats

  18. I m sorry for her but I found she is intelligent and healthy.

    So my Question is.. Is it that difficult to find a job for herself and pay for the accommodation.?

    If she was in India and has a will to do any kind of hard work then I m sure she can get job, food and accommodation.

    In India you must have seen beggars on the road, you must have noticed that they are physically and mentally fit for job/work but then also they are begging on the road. You will surprise to know that they do not want to work, by doing nothing they are making money.

    I prefer not to give single rupee to them unless I found someone really needy.

    Please give your valuable comments

  19. Andrew yang's zoning law policy for tiny house projects and shipping container home can resolve homelessness. Vote Andrew yang

  20. High house rental and high house price and low income family are society general problem. Andrew yang's zoning law policy for shipping container home can resolve. Resolve these problems of homelessness and high house rental and high house price and low income family are policy change, not money investment. Money investment can't eradicate high house rental and high house price. Zoning law policy can liberate from high house rental and high house price.

  21. Liberal run city just like up there n San Francisco, we had a bit of this problem in San Diego, we have a republican mayor and he takes good care of the city, you need to get rid of these liberal mayors, that “promise you free goods and services”

  22. I blame 9/11 and the war criminals that pushed it through for the current state of Affairs, The State owns nothing the Feds own nothing, it all belongs to the people. They forgot this, the only way to remind them is for us to drag them out into the streets and kill them. Plain and simple. Picketing gets you no where. Kill them and be free.

  23. That’s bigger than anything I can afford
    Shit if I lived there I would have it looking like a full on house 🏡

  24. She literally could die from someone break in with a gun trying to steal every last bit and pieces she have just because you idiot want to make money

    Please, if you do this kind of documentary please dont show the out side. Atleast just give a big picture or just show the surrounding, something in equivalent of you filming someone house complex not the exact house, not the exact place someone live.

  25. Why doesn't the mayor or governer just ask the billionaires in the world for some help to build shelters…. I'm sure Bill Gates would help…..🤔

  26. Ask the president and the US Government why they have billions of money to builds weapons for war but can’t feed the poor or make homes for the homeless

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