“Live whatever YOUR version of happy looks like..”

“Live whatever YOUR version of happy looks like..”

I’ve always known that the
world was bigger than my own backyard I grew up in a small town Ypsilanti Michigan which is like five/ten minutes away from Ann Arbor so kind of right outside the university of
Michigan My Dad has traveled a lot like in the country mostly in the States mostly mostly in the States mostly via car he doesn’t really like to fly and my Mom went to Paris and South Korea when she was in college I believe but I have now been to 27 countries which is more than my parents
I think could have ever fathomed or even maybe wanted for themselves or known that it was
possible but when I was a kid we always went on like family road trips or we would drive
to Mississippi and Alabama for a family reunion like the quintessential black experience we’d
go to disney world we went on cruises they sent me to Europe when I was 16 and that was kind of when I first knew that wow that I really like this and there’s so much world
to see and I wanna continue to see the world in whatever way possible I went to europe
when I was 16 through the people to people program which was founded by President Eisenhower
and designed to kind of give people a broad hopefully a better perception of Americans
by exposing them to more Americans but also to help Americans better understand the world
outside of America I don’t feel like I’ve ever experienced anything negative due to
my African American identity or blackness abroad I feel like if anything my Americanness
has always spoken more than my blackness and been actually a source of privilege which
was a huge surprise to me coming from the States where you know as a black American
and specifically as a black American woman you’re often at the lowest of the totem pole
regardless of you know how much education or your job or opportunities or whatever else like you’re still black you’re still a niggah like that’s, that’s it I don’t know that I’ve seen
many African Americans when I’m on a trip and it’s always kind of like OMG wait like you
too let’s be friends and like hang out and that happened to me in actually Cape Town
South Africa this summer that happened to me when I studied abroad in England I met
some black Americans in France like wherever you know like we are everywhere but not I think in the numbers in which you know we need to be and then the numbers in which I would hope
for us to be So I think for African Americans a lot of stuff ends up being a series of firsts So you know my grandmother was a teacher in Detroit came from the south from like Mississippi
to Cleveland was a teacher in Detroit raised a family we still have like you know the house
is still in the family my parents with my mom and my dad were some of the firsts in their family to go to college some of the firsts to get professional degrees I’m 23
and I now have two degrees both from Ivy league institutions first in my family to do that first in my family to go to five continents like things are a series of first for us 40/50
years ago like there was Jim Crow segregation in the U.S. like traveling from you know Chicago
to Alabama could get you killed like let’s talk about Emmett Till like that wasn’t that
long ago so it while I would want to see more of us traveling and I think that that’s important
I think like we’re still kind of in the information phase we’re still figuring this shit out Go where you wanna go Do what you wanna do and live whatever your version of happy looks

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  1. This is SUPER Dope like I really agree wholeheartedly with everything she says, and its really a beautiful thing to see other minds who see things similar as to breaking barriers and growing past societies standards set

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