Lisbon – what makes Portugal's capital city so attractive? | DW Documentary

Lisbon – what makes Portugal's capital city so attractive? | DW Documentary

nestling in a bay in the southwestern corner of Europe where the river tasia flows into the Atlantic is the city of Lisbon Lisbon is exciting and young yet at the same time melancholy and endearingly old-fashioned it's trams negotiate breathtakingly tight bends and astonishingly steep inclines in all there are five lines they take josée Cabral anywhere he wants to in the old town josée is a modern day town chronicler he takes photographs and runs a blog anything that catches his eye in the course of his four A's is put on his website which he updates every day there are cities which are famous for their beauty or elegance but not because their inhabitants are likeable here in Lisbon we have a good balance between an inspiring cultural heritage and people who welcome you with open arms this is my Lisbon beautiful and sassy resolute even a touch extrovert a lovely woman with a feel for style a woman who makes an impression that's what Lisbon does do Oh Oh there are countless songs about Lisbon always worshipping the city as a woman as a radiant mistress beautifu there is one commodity that Lisbon has in abundance light it is reflected in our faces in our smiles and in the delight of those who visit us josée Cabral trained as a bank clerk but he packed in his job bought a secondhand camera and decided to try his luck as a freelancer since its said that when we do something we like best we're running a risk that of being happy that's how I still feel today josée is currently taking photos for a promotional campaign commissioned by the city of Lisbon every day he keeps an eye out for interesting faces against the backdrop of urban motifs Josie's job is to find ambassadors for his city people like Sophia temporal who has dedicated herself to preserving centuries old tiles here we see ordinary folk the baskets they're carrying on their heads contain produce they are going to sell at market general schneider position nice to see that like the figures are depicted again scenarios that come not from Lisbon but from further north in the artist simply copied the foreign architecture displayed on other works Scorpio for this campaign poster josée has the tile expert saying lisbon is the reflection of the light in my eyes it's amusing well these are in a really poor state they are beautiful typical 17th century they date back to the first half of the 17th century to assess the damage we need to tap the tiles like a doctor examining a patient this tile sounds quite different from this one which has a dry sound you can hear that this tile is close to falling out so fear is a historian and part of a task force which the city set up to save and document the omnipresent azulejos some 30 scientists are involved in the project here they are examining the tile fresco at the mirador el santa lucia lookout point in just 20 years a quarter of all the Azul Asia's in Lisbon have been lost neglected destroyed or sold off that's scary and in another 20 years time well half of what is left also have gone the art guardians are faced with art thieves searching the streets of Lisbon day and night as Ulla Zeus are in big demand on the black market the tiles reflect light they illuminators and the building's opposite depending on the sunlight and the angle of the Sun the variety of colors emphasizes release or certain lines there's a kind of movement it's an impression architecture could never provide because it's static ours in particular is austere as religious are just the opposite you could say they are like a masquerade a carnival on the facades Sophia seems to be married to her as Malaysia after all I do spend eight hours a day with them Lisbon's geographical position played a major role in Portugal's rise as a maritime power it's a favorable but unprotected location which in 1775 proved calamitous an earthquake followed by a huge tidal wave totally destroyed the center of the city reconstruction of the Lower Town the beitia was planned on the drawing board and organized by the reformer the Marquis of Pombal the Basha is still the heart of Lisbon it's almost impossible to live in Lisbon and not feel inspired by this city and not to want to pass on this feeling normally we don't truly appreciate the things that surround us in our daily lives but we Portuguese I believe are slowly beginning to comprehend the magic this city has you're standing like a bullfighter this young man is like a brand at estimated Portuguese cuisine and it's outstanding quality the schlanger the producer josée a village is one of Portugal's few two-star Michelin chefs Cabral's caption for him reads Lisbon is what comes from my hands but Cabral confesses I've never been to his restaurant the gourmet chef has come to the palacio nacional de Judah the former royal palace to meet artist joanna Vasconcelos she has asked him to create the menu for her exhibition opening as a main course I've chosen fried stock fish garnished with very special olives there will be a choice of two hors d'oeuvre a typical Lisbon soup made from dried broad beans the kind they used to sell in the street I'm also going to make another bean soup with the world-famous artichokes from Venice a touch of bienalle sounds great for dessert a traditional almond cake with raspberry ice cream in Portugal josée a village and Johanna vasconcelos are regarded as the uncrowned king and queen of their professions the song forming the acoustic backdrop to Johanna Vasconcelos his sculpture free red heart is an example of far doe the characteristic music of Lisbon Johanna vasconcelos was born in Paris her Bizarre Creations have previously been on display in the palace and the gardens at Versailles she has also exhibited in Tokyo Sao Paulo New York Moscow London and at the Biennale in Venice my eye turned a helicopter into a coach then I asked myself how a modern-day Queen would live in the palace of a Judah or in their sight in this way the past meets the present ostrich feathers have become flamingoes it's as small as a Fleming the helicopter reminds me of a bird or an insect it's what you do in your kitchen which experiment and transform Johanna is a great artist she's my inspiration her creative power makes me want to become even better second thing fastens Canada that may save me or look for Sims you police say it's fact likewise we Portuguese often have to- an opinion of ourselves but in our case it's just the opposite located next to the Lisbon Opera House in the fashionable suburb of Chiado is Jose Aviles restaurant the bel canto it is frequented by artists celebrities politicians and gourmets although he's only 33 years old josée already has two Michelin stars to his name he sees his creations as a culinary tribute to Lisbon and the Atlantic coast but as before here we have various types of shellfish the sand consists of algae biscuit with pieces of green apple in between the foam is made from sea water and coconut it snore d'oeuvre like a breaking wave this is my Lisbon the taste of seafood is more than that over here we have grilled sardines with a touch of grilled peppers on cucumber sorbet the aroma of street festivals the silver gray scales and the dark sardine fill its form a beautiful contrast indeed Lisbon is characterized by its contrasts the pont-aven cinco de braille the majestic bridge that has spanned the river tissue since 1966 you need a head for Heights and complete concentration on what you're doing your tools must always be secured otherwise they could fall onto the cars down below that season okay said up until the Carnation Revolution of April 1974 the bridge was named after the dictator Salazar for many portuguese not a name with a nice ring to it we were all happy when it was renamed the 25th of april bridge because we associated the name salazar with repression poor working conditions and lousy wages so the Portuguese made the bridge over the taze you a symbol of their triumph over the dictatorship and the transformation of their country into a democracy the younger but longer bridge spanning the teju estuary is named after Vasco da Gama the maritime explorer who discovered the sea route from Europe to India symbolically it links the time when Portugal was a global power with the high-tech era of today construction of the bridge was completed in time for expo 98 the theme of the World Fair was the oceans a heritage for the future a new suburb was also created for the expo now known as the park adesh Nashua's or park of the nation's but not too far away from the cutting edge architecture you'll still find the old Lisbon Dona Sofia are mad fanboys suburb is beautiful say it again but louder Dona Sofia our suburb is beautiful right now I can hear you Sofia also finds some of her beloved tiles in the pastoral part of Lisbon can you see we're on the shady side of the street but you can still see my shadow that comes from the powerful reflection of light by the as Alicia's up there the light is so strong the reflections even penetrate Lisbon's dark and narrow alleyways a lost day we fight the Helios multiply the light or they focus it they reflect the light the impression is constantly changing depending on whether you're going up or down an alley whether it is straight or winding whether people are in the streets where the washing has been strung from one side to the other as Alicia's and light are two partners in an alliance a festival of light and the smiles on people's faces make everything even brighter so it ain't like centaur miser you must tell me how you get your coffee to taste so good it has a unique flavor oh no please this is your home what an aroma Flor de Selva flower of the jungle is the name of San Giorgio J's coffee shop in Madrigal this is the only roasting house in Lisbon that still fires with wood the coffee contains no additives or preservatives it's the same with bread baking it in a wood-fired oven gives it a characteristic taste our coffee comes from all over the world the blends are my own recipes some of our home recipes are over 60 years old like beasts for Alicia which I drink an old noble blend what if I wanted a flavor that was bitter or sweeter we'd prepare it for you customized coffee Josiah village loves Lisbon's old shops the Montague area Sylva supplies him with products from small businesses all over the country today our gourmet chef wants to sample cheese from the serra de Estrela the highest mountain range in northern portugal at various stages of maturity and accompanied by a fine port Corrado it's just not fully that you're bound to like this one it already has depth it has matured for six months but it could get even better when a cheese reaches this stage of maturity you can even talk to it not just put it on bread and eat it with a fine glass of wine you can shatter it for hours bing bing mobile companies for this next door old send your Silva is preparing stock fish salted and dried Cod known here in Portugal as bacalao there are over 1200 recipes for preparing it tourists also by our bacalao it's very popular as you know the Portuguese called Code of Canada 300 years ago it was a hard life anyone who worked on board for three fishing seasons was even exempt from military service and back then fortune L was fighting wars in its African colonies the city is on the Atlantic coast fresh catches are brought in every day so why is stock fish a speciality it has to do with our culture for a long time the fish was our faithful friend because it was so cheap tradition and taste memory play a big role here I'm now going to show you something unique in Lisbon you won't believe it buy tickets yet Sophia tempura has taken us to meet three ladies she knows very well they are obviously delighted to see her after the usual pleasantries she asks Donna Olivia how busy she is these days towards the weekend she learns things are a bit quieter Donna Olivia is a washer woman the two other ladies used to beat varnish street fish vendors Lisbon born and bred the genuine article how did you use to sell your fish my fish has four eyes half an hour ago it was still swimming in the sea signora look what a little beauty it is and you don't oppress Yosa how do you sell your lottery tickets give us a demonstration 4629 come on people the drawers tomorrow you've just got to buy a ticket we used to stand by the shore and when the fishing boats came back we'd sing da no Olivia is 90 she's the city's oldest professional washer woman and probably its last but the fado tradition lives on in Lisbon's youth Josie Cabral has a shoot date with the new star on the fado scene Gisela Joelle she's natural extroverted a bit crazy and lovely the captions use a Cabral thought up for her is Lisbon is my stage so to earth I am yours the song is a declaration of love for Lisbon [Applause] Gisella comes from northern Portugal one of eight children in a farmer's family when I was invited to come to Lisbon and sing I jumped at the chance I'd have traveled in an ox cart if I had to I want to get young people interested in far do' including those who have no idea about it I also listen to a lot of electronic experimental music lots of techno and trance that's why I'd love to go to Berlin because Germany is an important Centre for that type of music but it is precisely this young audience that I also want to win over too far don't a love of fado knows no age barriers I really feel that she's eligible now has a large circle of friends in Lisbon she's totally happy here and is keen to champion fado brought up in provincial Portugal she has made it in the capital Gisela is one of the youngest singers on Lisbon's professional fado scene she's also convinced that she can conquer the world with fado Gisella zest for life seems to be contagious sing for me the music's not right come to the fado cafe instead I've got to work but it doesn't start till after midnight are you inviting me [Applause] you'll get fired [Applause] [Applause] I love the acoustics in churches I passed two of them when I go shopping or take a walk sometimes I stick my head round the door and sing into the church I find it fulfilling it's something really intimate the same I hear mama move into the street a bit more they'll get out of the way we're in Lisbon not the tram though it'll flatten me you're becoming more and more of a poser I'll let you have all of them have you got a flash drive a woman who surfs is always appealing very feminine and at the same time Sporty's a great mix Filippo Prudential is doing a doctorate in electromagnetism in the evenings after university she goes surfing to relax a 20-minute drive from Lisbon the coast at ericeira is a surfers paradise he's whooping me Lisbon has what I love most in life the best universities and the loveliest beaches wonderful beaches for surfing that's where I spend most of my time very soon now come to class of those I see to the lease of the spot me gusta here they stood my soul Lisbon is my femininity a caption shows a Cabral could probably apply to many of the city's women for young people Lisbon is one of the most in cities in the world josée and Gisela arranged to meet in the cache to saw Dre this neighborhood once frequented by sailors is now home to a sea of clubs and pubs and in the bars where fado used to be sung people now dance to electronic sounds but the beat doesn't stop Gisela from singing the praises of traditional music here to eat the morning in Lisbon is bathed in an extravaganza of light more and more ocean-going Giants pour streams of tourists into the city every day and money on Tuesdays and Saturdays the Alfama district the farad a la donna the robbers flea market Sophia temporal our tile expert is doing a bit of detective work those individual tiles there they're 45 euros each from the 18th century this one costs 85 euros do you have a guarantee of origin proof that the tiles weren't stolen no but when we buy something we have to provide the police with the name of the vendor it takes 21 days for everything to be checked only then are we allowed to sell so checks are made yes and that's good if only that were the case everywhere the police know that professional art thieves are often commissioned to steal extremely precious antique as religious which are then smuggled out of the country to northern Europe and also to Canada and the United States where did these come from I bought some others I was given you're asking a lot of questions do you also ask where your clothes came from if we allow these valuable works of art to be stolen and sold off we are taking the light out of Lisbon's eyes Levan's Lelouch decided this war Lisbon and the see so close josé's caption for Philippa the surfer in the campaign and in his blog my blog is my baby if you like I came up with the name while I was still working at the bank and had a suit altered at my tailors I called my blog who L Fayette lish poeta the tailor of Lisbon I thought it was a good ideas it gives something modern the name of an ancient profession eighty year old senior Horatio is the godfather of my blog I brought something for you a book about my work nobody go with a dedication you gave me the beautiful name for my crazy but neat idea of writing a blog about our city the name of your profession I like that you you

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  1. There were some shocking scenes when slaves were sold in Lisbon.
    African families being dragged apart and sold.
    Even the citizens of Lisbon felt sympathy for them …'s didn't stop
    the auction though.

  2. As a portuguese myself I can safely say that lisbon is overrated as hell, porto and coimbra are much more worthy of visiting

  3. I am portuguese and the sad thing is that the english translation do not match the true meaning of our words. There is a magic that you can´t translate. I would like that to be possible

  4. As a "lisboner" I approve this DW documentary. Lisboa is full of mysteries, history, polite people and the most incredible food you will ever taste (very healthy too). I would add that you SHOULD avoid scammers, usually not even portuguese that roam the streets of Alfama, Bairro Alto and Baixa in search of their next foreign prey. Despite the low life scammers scattered around the touristic places much like Rome, the city is very safe.
    In the past years Portugal has relied on tourism (all kinds) to push our economy forward, we portuguese welcome YOU with open arms.

  5. Excelente trabalho! Excellent job! Excellent travail! Großartige Arbeit! ¡Excelente trabajo! 幹得好!

  6. My wife and I visited Lisboa in May. It is so Beautiful. We had a wonderful time and instead of visiting Madrid next year, we are going back to Lisboa. My wife described the City as 'faded grandeur' and that is what makes it so beautiful. Can not wait for our return. Much love to all the locals who made us feel so welcome, thank you from York, England 😀😀


  8. Never did I think that disclosing I was born and raised in my beautiful and very much loved city of Lisbon would cause envy! Writhe away, writhe way until you turn green, then pack your bags and come visit us!

  9. i was just in Lisboa last month.. i guess my mistake was going in high tourist season. there were no local people in the restaurants, usually not even one, and no local people walking in the streets, usually not even one.. very sad.. i was much happier in Evora, Coimbra, Viseu, Guimaraes and Braga, and to some extent in Porto , altho Porto does suffere greatly from over tourism to a large extent.. it is all very sad.

  10. Lisbon is the best city to live in Europe living of costs moderate and the best climate of all 3200 ☀️ hours a year if you like the ocean this is the place to be 😊

  11. Let's hope Lisbon doesn't become overpopulated with blacks and muslims like other European cities. Allow enough of them to live in your city and your city will soon become a slum.

  12. Lisbon is not only "traditions and beautiful old-fashioned architecture", the region known as "Parque das Nações" is modern and beautiful with impressive new buildings.

  13. I spent my first two weeks of 2014 in Lisbon and its an experience I'll never forget. I fell in love with the city. Im going back again in August at last and hope to experience something even greater now that I have matured a bit.

  14. My SECOND favourite city ON the world is LISBON greetings from Madrid ESPAÑOLES Y PORTUGUESES UNIDOS 🇪🇸🇵🇹👑🇪🇺

  15. I would love to retire there but I don‘t wanna take the place of the locals… I hate rich people going to a different place and take the houses of poorer people and I don’t wanna be one of them 🤷🏻‍♂️

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