Lisbon (Lisboa) – capital city of Portugal

Lisbon (Lisboa) – capital city of Portugal

32 thoughts on “Lisbon (Lisboa) – capital city of Portugal

  1. This video looks like it was shot in the 80's!
    The lighting quality is also pretty bad, which is a real shame, doesn't represent the beautiful and unique lighting qualities of "The Light of Lisbon", a name given to a specific kind of lighting that only shines in this city.
    Also pretty bad shots, this is a very unflattering video.

    Google the term "The Light of Lisbon", and see what i'm talking about.

  2. Não exitem cidade mais linda do que minha cidade maravilhosa que eu amo de paixão meu país 🇧🇷 agora pra vocês !! Assista um vídeo da cidade do rio de janeiro até o fundo musical e mais alegre não e está tristeza não kkkk

  3. Olá amigos, gostaríamos de retransmitir vosso vídeos em nosso canal. Com os créditos ao vosso canal. Se possível entrem em contato 🇧🇷🇵🇹

  4. Lisboa é linda e maravilhosa, a mais bela das cidades europeias. Adoro o fado e tudo que vem dessa terra magnífica e para sempre grandiosa. Um grande abraço aos meus irmãos lusitanos, de brasília, capital do brasil.

  5. I felt let down of Lisboa. Maybe is a city to visit like tourist, with very interesting and beautiful places, but to live I don't recommend do it there.
    I lived around 4 months, and It's a city with low salaries and very high leasing to rent some room and impossible ask for rent an apartment. It`s a city with so many agressive africans in everywhere, including the subway; so many homeless people, overall beside of the supermarkets, asking for money, and of course, outside of the touristic zones. The portuguese people are kind and educated, but mirthless. Sad all time. Drug dealers everywhere, and in sight of the police, who does nothing.
    The bairro alto, the only important place for parties and drinks in the city, is small, dirty and ugly compared to other major capitals, and public transport is bad, especially if you live outside the center and you have to go back at night. Sorry, but I had a good experience with the city.

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