Liquor Store POS System : Lebanon Wine & Spirits : POS Nation Case Study

Liquor Store POS System : Lebanon Wine & Spirits : POS Nation Case Study

My name is Mike Ryan and I own and
operate the Mount Julia Beer Company, and more recently, Lebanon Wine & Spirits here in Lebanon, Tennessee. When I opened the beer store about eight years ago, I was
looking for a system that was going to be easy to implement, easy to learn, but
robust enough that it would grow as the business grew. After a lot of research, I
came across Cash Register Express. It was a fantastic system. The more we got into
the system, the more we realized what a great investment it had been. When it
came time to look for a new system for this new store, I again explored the POS
options that were out there. This time, I had an idea of what my system could do
so I was able to compare it against other systems. And once again, I just did
not find another system out there that could compete with what we were already
using. The choice of going with POS Nation was an easy one. Talking to them
was was so simple. Their support was all American-based. It’s a 24/7 support. With
POS Nation, they’re not only able to show me the things that the system can do and
walk me through some of the things that I want done, but they’re constantly
coming up with new ideas of ways to use the system and it has just been a
fantastic experience. A couple years ago, there was a sale that we were trying to
implement. We wanted something that was going to be a set and forget — so we could set the sale, it would come on automatically, and it would end at a
predetermined time. I had a pretty good idea that our system could probably do
that — I just wasn’t sure how to do it. So I went online to see if any other users
had experience with this, and one of the first things that popped up was a video
from POS Nation, and it walked me right through it. Three hours later, I was still
watching videos from POS Nation. They were showing me things on my system I hadn’t even imagined this system could do. To be honest, I think that POS Nation
combined with Cash Register Express is the ultimate solution for any small
business that’s looking for a robust system to compete with some of the
larger players.

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  1. I would like to ask – if he was so extremely satisfied with such a robust system, why did he look into other systems when opening a new store?

  2. Please make more videos regarding more of this information.It would be so much help! Please and thank you! Love your videos!

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