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  1. The Left has lost in its attempt to control social discourse. Their efforts to change the definitions of long-established words like racism and populism reveal the desperate measures to which they're willing to resort to control debate. It's sad to watch, and it's even sadder that they believe no one is aware of what they're trying to do. They think we'll believe them automatically when they piss in our faces and tell us it's raining.

  2. It's politicians, commentators, academics, the media, and the left who love the word populism. Populism as a negative. They use populism as a condescending tone of contempt to the Hoi polloi, as if we're clueless. It's been bandied around a lot during the European migration crisis. Citizens who were anti-immigration, or had negative perceptions of Muslims and Islam and voted conservative have been dismissed as populists. Their legitimate concerns have been dismissed as populism.

  3. The Left seem to change the meanings of words to suit their agenda. Truth and facts are there to be bent and misused, lies can even be told, and words can be redefined as long as it serves the Left agenda. All that matters is achieving that end goal, whatever that end goal is.

  4. Switzerland runs on referenda. Do we really want to be as undemocratic, bigotted and poor as Switzerland? By the way, Switzerland probably has the highest rate of gun ownership in Europe with probably the lowest rate of gun-related crime. Funny that!

  5. She's right that populism is being used negatively because events did not go according to the left's wishes. Franklin Roosevelt could be considered a populist president although there is no negative attachment to his presidency because of it while far-right's Mussolini's and Hitler's populism are given pejorative.

  6. Agree. Populism has become code for "You don't deserve democracy".

    Democracy is the only way. It is "The worst system of government except for all the others" If there is a majority of voters who are not qualified for their role then the problem happened much earlier.

    Im a big proponent of free education, long after I can personally qualify for it or need it.

    Free education is not welfare, it is democracy's first defence against stupid people. It defends me, my hard work, my position. If I have done well, but I think it is ok to dismiss the 50% at the bottom as unimportant then they will elect some demagogue who will tear everything down. I wasn't so smart after all, was I?

    The first responsibility of democracy is that the bottom 50% has to be reasonably educated and happy. That is what allows the top 50% to be even better, the top 1% to do incredible things or perhaps just gather incredible wealth. Forget this and sooner or later it will all be torn down around you. Try anything other than democracy and in the end it gets torn down though more direct means.

  7. "we're protecting you from terrorist' bigots yell
    haven't you seen the drone fire hell?
    don't question us or a word that we tell

  8. I've been aware for some time, being an avid follower of events in Europe, of the odd use of 'populism' and 'nationalist', so I looked them up too. And sure enough, both terms have positive connotations, and it couldn't be more clear that all the media hysteria & use of these & countless other words to imply the meaning THEY want to give them is entirely manufactured, in pursuit of the grand agenda. We must learn critical thinking to the utmost.

  9. Not knowing who this was, I was hoping to find a nuanced intelligent treatment, but by the end, knew I better look her up, already figuring what kind of views I was likely to find would put her well into the right-wing. If this video confuses you…read this review of her novel "The Mandible" for a window into her probable views and motivation in this verbal bait and switch (or is it switch and bait?) http://www.vox.com/2016/8/2/12163144/lionel-shriver-mandibles-dystopia-review

  10. Bias about populism exist both in the right and the left.

    When the left wants populism the right calls it communism so both right and left have a very close mind.

  11. Really enjoying viewsnight, I think this topic has many layers such as possible Russian influence so I'd have to think on it.

  12. I agree that populism is misused, but not sure the jab at the Left at the beginning was called for. The Right as been just as vocal in disparaging the likes of Corbyn, Sanders and Podemos on the grounds of populism.

  13. I never saw populist as a detrimental word and assumed it was being used as the oxford dictionary describes it. Have I missed something here? Where's it being used detrimentally?

  14. Really naive and oversimplistic. Just the quickest of glances beyond the OED (let's call it 'research') shows that 'populist' is much more than just an interest in ordinary people – it is something more complicated, more insidious. Really glad the BBC are doing these – I welcome serious, grown up discussion – but we need more Yanis Varoufakis (i.e. more intelligence) and less of this and (especially) ideologues like Liddle Rod.

  15. I'd like to take this opportunity to ask the BBC to allow comments on all their videos, not just the harmless ones. If you are going to engage with 'new media' then you should do so properly. I don't want to read all the typically vile comments either, however; it is simply cowardly to disable comments by default. Talk about a fear of 'populism'.

  16. I think its wrong to speak about 'the right' like they are all bigots and morons.
    I live in the Netherlands and here we barely had any left rulership. Well right now we have a left wing party in the parlament but the parlaments before it? nope. Our MP is a right-winger. he is an idiot though because he is a EU fanatic. for a eu superstate with a eu army. we don't want to see that happen cuz no one trusts the union with that kind of power. but my point being. The left barely wins, so calling the majority 'bigots' might not be a really smart idea. The left will destroy western civilization. but the right will preserve it. protect it. because we;ve got the guts for it. if it all turns out right. Europe will soon have alot of patriotic leaders willing to protect our countries from dangers like islam.

  17. It's what populist parties and propaganda invoke in the population that determines the the nature and impact. Fear and loathing are not likely to make the world better when codified in law. Hence the rise of the right is populist, but once the autocratic rulers get comfortable and their laws and nepotism start biting the hand that feeds them, what is populist will change. The only question is how much damage will they do and how hard will they be to remove.

  18. Pity this was so simplistic. Yes populism is probably an inaccurate word for the specific concerns raised by recent "popular" votes and movements. These serious and legitimate concerns are clear and there are many historical examples which ended badly. A culture in some turmoil generates strong individuals and groups who have a particular (hidden) agenda. They get heard amongst the apparent chaos of bickering voices by simplifying complex and challenging issues into simplistic ideas and identifying scapegoats who are to blame. Many find comfort in this "truth" and believe it. Often this has led to genocide. Life is hard. No one said it would be easy. So let's grow up and really think.

  19. EVERYONE GO TO DAVID ICKE ON YOUTUBE!…..And he will talk about populism and what it means! ……Lionel Shriver your a fool !

  20. I think we have to accept that definitions of words change over time, subject to cultural changes, common usage and contemporary shared understanding. "Populism" is a case in point

  21. Newsnight’s latest videos are evidence of the BBC reflecting and reevaluating itself in a rational, grown-up manor. Thank goodness.

  22. I think in the Donald Trump context, it was not JUST used negatively because he was bigoted, or even because he provided popular policies, but also because he liked to provide popular policies regardless of whether they were ever attainable. His wall won't work and may not even be built, but it got him votes. His immigration bans won't stop terrorism, but it got him votes. He isn't going to bring back American jobs from overseas, but perhaps more than anything, it got him votes. That's the pattern.

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