46 thoughts on “Limbaugh talks Mueller investigation, Trump foreign policy

  1. HA! HA! HA! HA! How many losers out there still listening to LimpDick? Millions and millions and millions and millions! That's why they're selling all that Viagra and other limpdick drugs.

  2. Trump isn't going to "save" us, he can't even save his own businesses that all went bankrupt. Lets just get this tumor president out of here and start over with a new guy …

  3. These guys are in lala land. A more inclusive USA is truer to the original premise of the country. And clinging to this conman president just because u want something to believe in…. is destructive.

  4. Trump came from Hell.He is the Devil Look for the 3 sixes He trying to take us all to hell. All he do is Lie

  5. it's time for Republicans with integrity to stand up and say NO to Trump and his gang of criminals

  6. Now they’ve turned the party into leftist socialist justice warriors just bc you don’t think the way you do they call you a fascist radiate sexist you can’t talk to theses sick people it’s gross everyone purchase and learn to use firearms the day is coming

  7. When does Mueller and Rosenstien investigations begin ? Both are bent as the day is long. Both knee deep in this Communist Attempted Coup of Powers.

  8. Two talk show hosts who spent their entire lives lying to dumb people. OMG, who listens to talk show hosts for their news? Only the really, really dumb.

  9. Nixon was just another example of Character Assassination. Nixon himself did nothing wrong at all ever, but he knew with a Democrat House and Senate he resigned rather than be tried. He knew he would lose. Why fight something that you know full well you are going to LOSE. I remember the Nixons and I knew them and it was all the TAIL END of what started in the 1950's with McCarthy. They were going to GET HIM and they finally do. If you simply ask what Nixon did that was WRONG…it is like "McCarthyism" what did he do wrong. Are we now going to get "MULLERSIM" NOT LIKELY…He is a PROGRESSIVE MARXIST going after a Republican. But it is another INVESTIGATION with nothing in mind but CHARACTER ASSASSINATION. That is the total way of the PROGRESSIVE MARXISTS. Yesterday, today and WILL BE TOMORROW.

  10. End the investigations already!! Most Americans want this disgusting president behind bars NOW!!!!!!

  11. I can't sit and listen to the 3 hour Rush shows, but I thrived on the half hour show he had decades ago, and I still tell people about his showing of the uncut Clinton vid at the Foster funeral. MSM showed the last 10 seconds of the 30 second clip, with Clinton wiping away a fake tear. Rush showed him with another guy sharing jokes and laughing it up until Clinton caught the camera out of the corner of his eye and pretended tears. I can never thank Rush enough for opening my eyes to the state the media was in back then. Today's MSM is like a full-time Nat'l Enquirer on acid. Un Effin' Real. Rush, do a short show for us a couple times a week. We want you back.

  12. Wow, this is so true and obvious in 2018 more than it was in 2017. What these two talk about hits the nail directly on the head!

  13. I appreciate that Rush is around and this encourages me. I am a baby boomer and have been discouragesd over the years by the move toward a news system that is no better than a Goebbels and a Russian Pravda news agency. It is so good that people are as knowledgeable as myself and see the corruption of our network news agencies. There are many, more that realize this. God Bless out President. Donald Trump. Russ Limbaugh has proven to me to be a journalist that realizes this. We have to keep faith in Father God to change our nation back to a nation we can be proud of.

  14. Uhg, a year later and we are still talking about Mueller Investigation. Korea's KIm Jong Un already resolved. Let's move forward and allow our POTUS to do what he does best already!

  15. So rush just exposed fox. They can’t expose whatever they want! That’s why they won’t do real stories on 911, and other things.

  16. The Trump dossier kind of points out how we got into the rocky War think about it they fabricated all that crap or intelligence Community they all fabricated it

  17. How do Trump supporters feel when he says "I love the poorly educated" . You know he's referring to you, right? When he says that, do you get excited and say, "did you hear that? He loves us". When will you poor deluded fools realise he's taking advantage of your ignirance? Wake up!

  18. The news stories about Trump which appear in the UK, Canada, Australia and other countries around the world make Trump look as bad or worse than news media within the US. When Trump gave a speech at the UN he not only was laughed at but displayed ignorance which was unbelievable. That was in the news around the world. Limbaugh thinks it's funny when North Korea wants to know more about something from Trump which sounded like a direct threat. Limbaugh is like a broken record in that he always blames Democrats even when that so obviously is not the case.

  19. The main reason that the elites are afraid of Trump is because he's going to arrest, or has already arrested, the elite pedophiles and pedovore Satanist who run the world. These people are being rounded up and put before military tribunals.

  20. I would love to watch a two hour show a week with Rush
    I've never listened to him on radio.
    Hey Fox ! Hint hint

  21. Let's go to the tape: Donald Trump was broke in the 90's and would do anything for money. Russians poured (laundered) money into Trump's business which gave Trump redemption and a second chance. The narcissist in him could never admit he had failed, so he spun the whole event into the Trump "business genius" facade. The Russians saw his weakness and bought themselves a puppet and then leveraged that relationship and money and their crooked InterNet partners (Cambridge Analytica) to make him president.
    Trump supporters – you've been backing a Russian puppet – he is still owned by them. Fact – Butina, the Russian mole who made inroads into the NRA and the GOP is now in jail – she will have to spill the beans on the NRA and the GOP or spend the rest of her life in prison. NRA, GOP, and Trump cabal are losing it. Feel better about that red hat now?

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