Limbaugh Blames ALL Problems On Liberals

Limbaugh Blames ALL Problems On Liberals

they will engage indian that foreign policy they do not believe d_n_a_ victoria’s
united states people leave this country was on justly did not just oklahoma but believe this
country was in moderately found they believe this country is inherently
racism sexism bigoted it isn’t just about thinks that it’s all about this is liberalism everybody’s here the i_r_s_ scandal is liberalism how to
control bend ozzy is liberalism out of control the white house tapping into the a_p_
formalized is liberalism out of control moroccan economy is liberalism under
control thousand national debt the annual budget
deficits liberalism out of control foreign wages shrinking private-sector as usual ranking it
kindly rising standard or there more and more college graduate with
worthless betrays an education is liberalism this is what we’d get with liberalism this display detested this is why i hostesses white
hope it phase and culture structure character all stipulate liberal for was
that perpetuating the global warming box and suggest that the other and just al gore that’s all liberalism control virtually everything that’s happening in
this country is cool cabbage traced to liberalism there is all aid to break down there and the strap them unless notebook at so first of all notice at the beginning if he sets up it’s a logical fallacy
known as a false dichotomy where he makes it all or nothing so he says it lateral thinking country
sexism racism horrible way second rush nobody believes that this country has
never done anything wrong i mean look at the history books yes
there was uh… uh… slavery yes women weren’t allowed to to vote at a certain point yes we needed
a civil rights movement in order to sir really get equality nobody organised perfectly sensible as
if to suggest well the let’s take the country and we
won because he is just that simple but obviously is not that simple but he’s not pitching his message to all
that brighton audience of the this stuff up then the of course he does it classic
rush limbaugh all religious goes into complete and utter factual errors re
says all the deficits in the dow did solve that democrats in the private
sector shrinking here are some basic facts number one uh… on all the president’s going back
to reagan so yeah reagan hdmi bush w_ bush uh… clinton and bush the only once a ever leave a surplus for the budget was bill
clinton democrat reagan had a record deficits h w bush
had record deficits w_ bush had record deficits if you actually tally up the numbers the
democrats are better in terms of the deficit when it comes up private-sector connelly
exact same thing how you can say the economy the private
sector shrinking we’ve created head over six million private-sector
jobs and a lot of initiation hello i got my problems with the six
million jobs so for example a lot of them are low
wage jobs we’ve talked about that at least before but it doesn’t mean you sweep it under
the rug and brutality connie trading when it’s simply not shrinking uh… and then there’s one twenty in working in the
midst he’s not objective he goes welcome all oppose a liberal no
matter what when a second might take me for example right now
uh… classified as a progressive in the united states of america and that’s fine
i didn’t terms of international politics a more
of a centrist in a moderate right yeah only since a their claim
conservatives i think a reasonable uh… a million european conservatives
i’d probably vote for over european socialist there’s uh… plenty
libertarians uh… weatherby ron paul or somebody
like him that i’d would probably vote for over certain
democrats and liberals by saying i will never ever even
consider a liberal you’re saying that i don’t care about the facts extras just somebody gazans on the label
means that you can ignore all of the details and the policy proposals in favor of the might agree with you on
a lot of things he in meaning he’s not objective and
then uh… it gets great when you look at it from when you take a step
back in you really look at the totality of what he’s saying there one of the things he does repeatedly it’s called the fallacy of begging the
question works better known as circular reasoning where what he does is he defines
liberalism as that which is that then of course you can easily say well that which is bad it you defined it if you say state it as a matter of
principle always a true by definition is an axiom liberalism is defined as that which is
bad wallet obviously you can talk endlessly about liberalism is bat acting
the same thing with conservatism ideas don’t because i’m not a moron anybody who’s taken a logic one oh one
course can make simple deduction but rush limbaugh can do it and then the last point here is that despite all of my criticism that
i have a million of them that is accidentally brilliant the
things he did solo i mean by that i don’t think he’s doing is up
purposefully because i don’t think he’s smart enough to tell figure this out there’s of smart psychological trick at
play there where when he keeps repeating over and over uh… liberalism is evil liberalism is
banned liberalism is the root cause of all the problems we have the audio
video or myrtle remover on venturi you hammered into people’s heads now you
might say will kyle that so absurd the people just simply will dismiss it but only people who really follow what’s
going on will dismiss it as we know the facts and we know it’s ridiculous but somebody who might be an independent
or consider themselves a moderate her slightly right leaning they tune in to
rush limbaugh’s show one day again the interesting psychological reaction they
have is he’s sold adamant about it that even if he’s only twenty percent
writer thirty percent right god liberalism asak the best thing to take away from this is
that uh… the progressives who by in large have much smarter ideas should marry the smarter ideas which are
typically particularly attitude that goes along
with more ideas is self question and and outright biggest you try to
figure things out here always revisiting going back to the drawing
board instead of having that leveled out take that this more progressive ideas and pull them off buckingham read more like nobody’s
business make public opinion agree with you by repeating it over eight over over and
all over that’s the one thing the rush limbaugh’s
figured out right everything else bells is laughable e

23 thoughts on “Limbaugh Blames ALL Problems On Liberals

  1. All you need do is change the word liberalism with conservatism and would would agree with most of what Rush said.

  2. Many libs do believe that this country was found immorally, any person that is moral would think so, you dont have to be a liberal for that. Slavery, killing Indians they are all justified for the fat fuck Limbaugh.

    The "Rotten economy" is because of conservatives not libs, the economy is recovering now and always have under a liberal presidency, that is because conservative ideologies are rotten.

  3. thats bullshit all obama did was start paying for the two wars that bush stated and fixing the recession that bush started. deficits are not total debt it is the amount of money spent over the annual budget

  4. The commander has spoken, he has thrown the gauntlet. If you're conservative it is your duty to reign over the liberals and moderates. Those low life scumbags are trying to take your freedoms and your life .We must show them how very wrong they are and bring them back to why this nation was founded.It's our responsibly to show them the righteous path to conservatism. YEA, Go fuck yourself Rush!

  5. i still have no idea how anyone including fuckwits like rush think the founding of this country was "moral". the fact is it wasnt moral it was a bad thing, but what we do now is make the best of it. we can't go back in time and change what happened but we can and should change the future for the better which is something rush has never once wanted to do.

  6. (Comment part 2)
    …The IRS looked up the founders of these organizations personal tax returns information to review; to see who they made a contributions to (whether political, churches or other) which would show up on their personal tax returns to be a deduction. The IRS had the personal tax information of founders of these organizations with a click of a button for political discrimination and targeting.

  7. Beginning of the vid was amazing man had me pumping my fist in the air, glad that you let us listen to the truth at the beginning.

  8. near every land on this earth has changed hands at some point, doesn't mean that our constitution is any less important.

  9. uhh okay i already knew this but thanks for telling me again. putting into question the morality of this country's founding =/= importance of the constitution btw.

  10. The founders of our constitution didn't steal anything, they were responsible for freeing us from the tyrannical reign of the British over us. Our Independence happened 20 years after the french Indian war, as you can see the name is self explanatory, France was at war with Indians and the British over land. We crossed the Atlantic to escape tyranny, they followed us over to still try and control us. Take our money, freedom and our land that we possessed in peace a long side the native peoples.

  11. you have a pretty fucked up view of history bro, then again you're a rush limbaugh fan so thats obvious. there was nothing moral about how this government removed native americans in its pursuit of expanding the country to where it is today. stop trying to pretend there was anything moral about that. i dont care about what france did that is their own problem i care about what the US did. This country is founded in blood and Rush is yet another historical revisionist with his head up his ass.

  12. A lot of what Rush said is true…liberals do think a lot of those things…and they're also correct….i was going to say that they are right, but that would be a confusing double negative….as in the left is right

  13. who are you arguing with? no seriously you brought up liberals while the argument i was having with strmtrprofdth was over the way this country was founded in blood. nice attempt to derail the conversation idk nor do i care about who founded those racist pricks but they identify now with southern "conservative" bible thumping republicans. if you honestly think otherwise why would it be the republicans having problems reaching out to other groups than whites? kkk and dems aren't the same party

  14. but really keep eating up what rush feeds you. retards like you deserve to be suckered in by con men like Rush Limbaugh.

  15. Liberalism made the milk in my refrigerator go bad! Liberalism forgot to feed my fish and left the toilet seat up! DAMN YOU LIBERALISM!!

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