LIFE IN GERMANY 🗳️ German politics, the political system & how it works! | VlogDave

LIFE IN GERMANY 🗳️ German politics, the political system & how it works! | VlogDave

14 thoughts on “LIFE IN GERMANY 🗳️ German politics, the political system & how it works! | VlogDave

  1. Well as a fact – homeschooling is allowed and you are wellcome to do so. The only thing is, that it's not a substitute for public schooling. Kids have definately to go to school.

  2. The Bundespräsident actually can be voted for only two consecutive legislatives.. However he can be voted for a third or fourth run, as long as after his second run there is any other being voted for.

  3. Aloha. I am an American looking to emigrate out as American burns itself to the ground. I'm trying to decide where to go. Simon Vaut has been slightly campaigning to pick up people like myself, but I need to know something about where I'm going before I actually do it. This video seems to be more about the political structure than the environment. As I'm looking to leave for political reasons, I'm interested in knowing what the political climate is on various issues, such as health care, LGBT, religious connections, economic policies, etc. Obviously, I know no country is going to match me 100%, but I just as obviously can't go in blind. The first related video I see is from Stefan Molyneux titled "Is Germany Headed for Civil War? European Migrant Crisis," which doesn't fill me with optimism.

  4. ich finds so witzig ich lern Politik aber in billinwal deshalb hilft mir das vid da es in English ist 😉 aber das witzige ist das du dass für Leute aus anderen Leute erzählst und da auch Vokabel hinzufügst obwohl ich alles weiß weiß ich das nicht in English:-D also ich lern English von dir 😀

  5. People are allowed to vote for you in the US? I honestly didn't know that. How exactly does that work in states that require an ID?

    I take it that Hürde is related to English hurdle.

    The Schulpflicht sounds horrible! I'm glad I was be able to be homeschooled. I don't think I could have survived another year in public school.

  6. As a retired Richter, I am interested in how your courts are set up…
    Great lesson…

  7. Hi, Dave! Thank you for video, sorry, as for me it is difficult to consume such a format. You and pictures aside as for me is better. Didnt you think to make a series of videos about modern politics? Review of main polititians, difficult points of politics, propaganda, etc. I think it may be interesting for viewers) I dont know english analog, but in Russia we have lots of these type video with good views and ratings. Thank you for your attention!

  8. Greetings Dave – a very good overview of German civics.
    I am unable to resist adding my favorite quote about government. No offense intended.
    der Staat ist der kälteste aller kalten Ungeheuer. alles darüber ist unwahr. er beißt mit gestohlenen Zähnen. – Nietzsche

  9. Nabend, 🙂 kurze fehleraufdeckung: Du sagtest das nach dem 2.wk sofort 16 bundesländer gegründet wurden, dabei waren es doch zuerst 11 Länder bis 1990 die neuen dazukamen. Kannste ja vllt in der Beschreibung korrigieren
    Man sieht (also ich dich xD ) sich 😀

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