30 thoughts on “Libyan coast guard threatens to shoot NGO ship

    Frédéric Penard – Nick Romaniuk – Mathilde Auvillain – Karline Kleijer – Isabelle Thomas – Jérémie Demange – Rocco Aiello – Francis Vallat – Ricardo Gati – Marco Rotunno – Oscar Camps – Antoine Laurent – Conor Kenny – Andreas Tsigkanas – Erna Rijnierse – Ruby Pratka – James Mahoney – Malcom Brabant – Nick Romaniuk – Nicole Raehle – Paul Camberlain – Keri Jantschgi –
    are arseholes who are people smugglers working on or heavily involved with the Aquarius. People who do betray Europe should be hunted down and take them for a swing at the end of a rope.
    (pls; spread their names over the internet , none should get a paying job ever in their pathetic lives)

  2. Libyan coast guard ??? fuck off CNN there is no Army no Police and defintly no coast guard in libya name things on what they really are CNN you fake news those are libyan militias who are working for libyan warlords criminals who are paid off by EU and Italy those coast guards are nothing but a bunch of lawless peasants with AK's who kill people without giving them a trial

  3. Propaganda! Video: Libyan Navy spokesperson lashes out at Amnesty International and Sea Watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SmQHtXV_UM

  4. "warning shots at a Spanish NGO ship Open Arms as it tries to come to the aid of migrants 30miles off Libya's coast"
    A corrected version:
    "warning shots at a Spanish human trafficing ship Open Arms as it tries to pick up illegal immigrants in Libya's terretorial waters"

  5. No surprise millions of black people persecuted by muslims in africa, Raping, butchering and enslaving of black people continue by muslims, Unless black people form a resistance to muslims, their only choice is living like refugees with shame no honor

  6. we dont need ngo just put anouther strong man in libya and give them armed forces like a navy an army and an airforce the migrants will stop easy hoo yeah shoot the NGOS as soon as you see them

  7. Fuck humanism which is just an excuse to trade humans and smuggling them to Europe. Sink those ships.

  8. The traitorous Maltese government is harbouring these criminals but all the flotsam they pick up are taken to Italy.

  9. Libya should just seize every NGO boat that comes into it's waters on charges of aiding and abetting human trafficking. Put the seized boats into service as extra Libyan coast guard boats.

    Of course the NGO boats don't want to have a couple of Italian cops on board, of course it "compromises their independence", it compromises their independence to coordinate and participate in human trafficking without accountability.

  10. Good. Kill the invaders and arrest and try the leftists for treason and human trafficking . SHUT DOWN CNN ENEMY OF THE WEST.

  11. this is the End of this invasion in Europe !!! Fuck NGO fuck all fake economic's refugees ! Long life to European people !!! FUCK THIS SHIT !!!

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