Liberty Counsel: ‘Homosexualization’ of Military Leading to ‘Marxist’ Persecution

Liberty Counsel: ‘Homosexualization’ of Military Leading to ‘Marxist’ Persecution

the liberty council’s matt barber is
talking about don’t ask don’t tell and matt barber is a fascinating guy
i’ve been reviewing a lot of his i hesitate to really call it material
but against that is what it is either of reviewing a lot of his material and this
is an interesting comment he met nate lately he said that the homosexual is a
shame of the military is leading to a marxist persecution
let’s listen to what matt barber had to say if you have a hate group you have an
extremist group you can associate with a major part of metal you know and this is just absurd what’s
happening at in in under this administration and it comes really from the top because
this administration to put a stop to it they could say this is ridiculous every robbery and it has done this needs
to apologize anita back off the need to disassociate with the southern poverty
law center yeah i it’s frightening it’s it’s a
marxist in in its application uh… they’re they’re simply trying to
it’s politically motivated again trying to marginalize people with with whom
they disagree uh… general boykin of as decried publicly what has happened to
his military in and you know matt wheat we weren’t of this type of activity
uh… leading up to the repeal of of don’t ask don’t tell in the homosexual
is asian of the united states military and and a big part of the issue in this
email was talking about how these groups are anti dat inside a hate groups so the the military has been homosexual lysed which is an interesting
it’s an interesting word incident linguistically there’s a lot to to analyze this i mean if you during
the military’s organic on national whitney but the military has
been homosexual eyes and of course he was against the repeal
don’t ask don’t tell and regardless of what general boykin has said and how he
may be up misinterpreting that nothing happened when don’t ask don’t
tell is repealed uh… maybe that’s the homosexual is a she’s talking about we fought it as much as we could because
we’re bigots and then nothing happened and now it’s been homosexual eyes and
every single study points too nothing negative happening as a result
also i believe now that the majority of uh… of high-ranking military officials are
saying that every remake is making no difference of court and he’s basically
just taking one of the uh… two or three people that are in the contrary
even if we take the fact that we should listen to what generals say the consensus is that nothing negative
as happened and let’s also take a step further the military was not homosexual lives to
continue using this term when don’t ask don’t tell is repealed they were always gays-in-the-military
it’s just that now they can admit to being gay that that that seems to be i think
that’s on the biggest misunderstanding when we hear all of the anti the don’t ask don’t tell repeal
propaganda yeah and i think also what’s behind this is it’s sort of like a
logical consistency with their idea that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice in
the same way for them that you know getting tak user
playing video games or something is uh… choice that if people are around
other people who are like that they’re going to be drawn into doing the same
thing they think that if you have openly gay people in the military they’re gonna
turn other people get yet that said that there’s of long list
of nonsense associated with a lot of these uh… and he can even use the term
theories but ideas

67 thoughts on “Liberty Counsel: ‘Homosexualization’ of Military Leading to ‘Marxist’ Persecution

  1. He's oh so worried about gay-hating bigots being marginalized by the military, but not a single tear shed from his fat face for gay people who had been discriminated against by the military under DADT.

  2. I wonder what comes first, the US people not voting for idiot politicians or the country going bankrupt, Judging by how the US develops the first one is VERY unlikely.

  3. Their understanding of marxism is that 'marxism = bad thing.' It is literally that shallow. It's the worst understanding of political science ever.

  4. …this professional victim tactic will eventually stunt the gay movement.
    At first people feel sorry for you, then they grow to resent you because you accomplished alot, & yet you still bitch about the personal opinions of those who failed to stop your movement.
    We have a right to free speach, & any "victim group" that tries to destroyed someones livelihood because they did the most American thing & exercised their right to free speach, will eventually be discredited in the eyes of the masses.

  5. I like the idiosyncratic sociological lexicon of the right. Where homosexuality is an active process rather than just an orientation that someone is born with. Conservative thought is like a bad acid trip that never ends.

  6. I think it is only a matter of time with gays being allowed to join the military and openly say they are gay because this same thing happened with black people back in the civil war times

  7. Does anyone have any idea what marxism is anymore? For people who are so afraid of redefining the word "marriage", these conservatives sure seem bent on redefining "marxism" to mean anything they don't like.

  8. Not to mention the fact that they're constantly whining about Liberty, but they don't give a rat's ass about Life and the pursuit of Happiness.

  9. oh those poor rich fat white men that are persecuted by gays and blacks and women. If they would just leave these guys alone geez : (

  10. Why do conservatives call everything they don't like "Marxist"? Do they even KNOW what the word actually means? How is being TOLERANT OF GAY PEOPLE "Marxist"??

  11. Conservatives always demonize things they disagree with. We might find this tactic asburd, but historically, it's worked out pretty well for them. Look at how words like "socialist", "feminist", "communist" and "liberal" have been tainted to the point where hardly anyone wants to associate themselves with those terms.

  12. Projection also plays a role in this. This is the oldest conservative trick in the book. "I know you are but what am I!" "Whatever you say about me bounces off of me and sticks to you!" It's childish, but this is exactly what they do. However, this tactic is becoming more redundant and ineffective as time goes on.

    The SPLC monitors hate groups. So, naturally, conservatives call the SPLC a hate group. If you bring up the topic of racism, they call you a racist. It's conservative projection 101.

  13. If America had remained part of the British Empire for another hundred or so years you would abolished slavery years sooner, you would have given women the vote sooner, you would have given minorities the vote sooner, you would have introduced labour reforms sooner and you wouldn't have a 2nd amendment thats killing 10,000s a year. Britain invented most of the industrial technology, from steam engines to light bulbs, Americans just innovated, even then it was mostly immigrants like Tesla or Bell

  14. Steady on boy, the nazis didn't just jump straight to extermination did they? No no, first it was laws preventing jews from marrying non-jews, then they kicked them out of government, then segregated them into ghettos and THEN they executed them. You gotta turn the public around slowly, like how 20 years ago cutting social security was political suicide even for the right-wing, now Democrats claim its bold and decisive. Relentless propaganda eventually yields results.

  15. Do these people never sit back and say "wow, I'm saying the exact same shit the nazis used to say"?. I'd say so, they probably get their pointers from the diaries of Josef Goebbels.

  16. So the SPLC causes Marxist persecution of Christo-fascists' dream force, "Boykin's Army"! WTF? Well there are those radicalized groups of soldiers organized into homosexual workers' councils re-educating the officer corp in the dialectics of sexual political theory. But, that's actually more akin to Maoist theory, the Perpetual Revolution, c'mon Barber, get it right.

  17. USA was 20th of the 21 countries that let gays served openly in NATO – it not like it was something untested or radical

  18. im a marxist olmost my entier nation is most of our right side partis are left side compaired to the world we have it great (the nation is norway) we got a good economy a govermet that helps but are not too bossy and our kids don have guns do that mean republicans and or americans hate us jus because we are a left side nation and have a good working system where imegrant are wanted (needed) (sorry for rny typing errors using my smartphone)

  19. Did you guys take a moment and look at Barber's face in this video and did you at the thumbnail of this video?Matt Barber looks like an evil villain who is out to destroy the LGBT Community any way that he can!

  20. Boykin was such a loose cannon that even Dubdub distanced himself from the guy. Barber should be embarrassed to even use Boykin as a source.

  21. How exactly do openly gay soldiers hurt the hetro ones? Oh wait they don't. If anything is hurting the military it's war hungry political figures and the huge rape problem they have.

  22. I don't even know what they were talking about in the clip. Something about the southern poverty law center being a hate group, Marxist persecution(Whatever that is), homosexualized military. I conclude that they think the southern poverty is a marxist organization that persecutes "true" christians and other bigots.

  23. We should all listen to General Boykin, the evangelist endtimes nut. I wonder which idiot thought it a good idea to promote that tosser to the rank of General.

  24. I’ll call bullshit on this asshole right now. He doesn’t know what a marxist is and he’s a fucking moron. Sorry to be so blunt, but that’s what he is, he’s a fucking moron.

  25. While I agree with you in sentiment, it's a slippery slope to argue that someone who has not had military service should have no say in how the military is run.

  26. Glee is what we would have called gay in the 80s… the word isn't used in the same way. Now the word is maybe 'aweful' or just 'tortuous'… crap either way, like most programming for the age group

  27. "We hold these truths to be self evident , that all men are created equal " take out the "created" and you do actually have pure Marx 😛 not that there is anything wrong with that 🙂

  28. They have a very shallow way of thinking that because Marxism is every so slightly related to the Soviet Union, they instantly think it's bad and use it to make them sound clever.
    Btw I like your profile picture 🙂

  29. I hate how social conservative continue to fight against the LBGT community serving openly in the armed forces. The British Armed Forces, who I greatly admire and respect, have allowed people who are LBGT to serve openly since 2000, without incident. This is the case in many Western armed forces.

  30. Tell me about it 🙁 have you herd of the hysterical Marxist conspiracy to turn the world into an Islamic dictatorship ? That's Marx the atheist who hated dictators ? They seem to confuse Marxism with Stalinism Witch came over half a century later and would have been an anathema to Marx if he was alive to see it . Peace to you , That's my little buddy on a hot day at a festival 🙂 .

  31. You can be a principled bigot bit that is still a bigot. No one should care why you are one your reasons are immaterial to the rest of us.

  32. Double-edged sword, that First Amendment. It helps us to identify the crazies, but it also allows the crazies to be…crazy.

  33. They do not know who the hell Marx is. It's also funny how THEY claim to be marginalized, while doing exactly that towards people who are not as indoctrinated in their religious-CHRISTIAN crypto-fascism as they are…

  34. Marxist? Matt Barber is living in the wrong century. Marxism is just a failed economic theory based on a fuddy-duddy 19th century theorist…. but now just a footnote in history.

  35. What is the PURPOSE of admitting to being "gay" in the freaking military??!!!!???? YOU ARE THE ONE/TWO talking nothing but brain washed nonsense!!!!

  36. That is what the Christ pigs do. They start with the theory, look for any evidence they can use to support the theory, and ignore the rest. THAT IS PROPAGANDA.

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