Libertarian, Conservative Ideology is Killing Health Care!

Libertarian, Conservative Ideology is Killing Health Care!

interest in our bed over at naked
capitalism dot com by SATA is why veas how the process name why
veas channel does is gone Eve eaves gate Eve Ennio bad by by Hayes is easier this discussion at the BBC gives a
damning picture the performance the supposedly best of
all possible worlds US health care system in dealing with the ball points out that medicins Sans Frontieres
Doctors Without Borders has treated thousands of people in West
Africa with the ball and has seen sixty medical workers contract the disease this hospital in dallas has treated just
one patient and already has two sick healthcare staff not or Supra TK do it pretty poorly and
we’re doing it here in the first world doctors the borders is doing it liberia
so then they look into medicare’s most recent rains as hospital
I was well below state national averages on assessments about some urgency
department for instance it took an average of 52 minutes for an emergency
patient to be seen by a doctor nurse twice the state and national averages and then they talk about who is doing
well with regard to the hospital and this is very interesting this is a the recipe for CEO disease eaves says the leadership of Texas Health Resources
may in fact be very typical love that have large nonprofit hospital systems
thr such a system mister Doug hawthorne is the CEO who
retired in September of this year and he said and and this article about
him said in 1997 Doug hawthorne help reshape the health care industry in
North Texas by leading the creation of Texas Health
Resources an alliance a Presbyterian healthcare resources Harris Methodist
I’ll belt system in Arlington Memorial
Hospital by 2014 with more than 22,000 employees and
fully owned in joint venture operations Texas Health is one of the largest care
providers North Texas for its 2012 fiscal year it had 3.7 billion dollars
in total operating revenue by point three billion dollars in total
assets and then the eaves goes on to say for
leading the system mister author made a lot of money 2012 his base salary was a million boxes
bonuses 1.1 million it’s a mind-boggling amount of money for
guys just run the hospital and he’s not a doctor he has no direct
patient care experience no public health experience no biomedical a clinical
science experiences a is a is a bankster is businessman the
current CEO Texas Health Resources mister bark lei Berdan was only been on the job since September
1st to this year was also hailed by the system board of trustees for his unique leaders say ship strengths nobody knows
how much money he makes but presumably as well over a million dollars we have a broken health care system in
this country we need to we need this should be a
wake-up call a huge wake-up call and should also be
you know it should also point out to wealthy people you can’t hide from
diseases franklin roosevelt came from a rich
family and he had polio he was in a wheelchair most of his
life he understood the stuff at the Koch brothers think that you know
they’re gonna be able to a absolutely avoid having a plumber come by our %uh a somebody
who’s gonna mow their lawn early or do the the the flowers on the grounds or
something new who doesn’t bring a disease with them mean maybe maybe they’ve got a company
owned ghost city a tad you know like like pollen add like george pullman had back
in the late 19th century you get a company-owned store for your
employees are company-owned town for your employees company-owned store but I doubt it this is showing the frankly the just buck naked stupidity are libertarian conservative but I ideology
when it comes to our comments particularly our health care comments and why every other developed country in the world they’ve they have dealt with the ball a patient
in Spain they’ve dealt dealt with the ball a patient’s in I believe in France analyst year but
there’s a number of countries that have dealt with the ball patients summer live summer died but nobody has
in fact that hospital staff many said I’m off to some hospital in in right to work for less state taxes
Rick Perry’s Texas in AFP checked surprise

5 thoughts on “Libertarian, Conservative Ideology is Killing Health Care!

  1. US medical care is one of the most highly regulated markets in the world. Massively hyper-regulated. The State regulates and licenses every single person who works in the a hospital. You couldn't find a better example of State sponsored Fascism. 

    I agree with Thom, the State has broken healthcare. 

  2. If single payer is much more efficient and cost effective then why doesn't somebody set up a non-profit health insurance company based on this system like Credit Societies?

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