Liberals Try To Answer: “What Has Trump Done That Is Impeachable?”

Liberals Try To Answer: “What Has Trump Done That Is Impeachable?”

– Do you do hugs? – I do do hugs, yes.
– Aw, bro. (electronic thud) – Hey guys, Benny Johnson here inside of the socialist
state of California. We are asking people
for Benny on the Block, a very simple question today. Should Donald Trump be impeached and why? I can’t wait to hear
what they have to say. Let’s go find out. (upbeat music) Darth Canyon from Three Musketeers. – Hi, what’s going on? – Should Donald Trump be impeached? – Yes, yes. – He should be impeached? – Most definitely. – Why do you think that? – He’s just a complete idiot. – But, being an idiot isn’t
an impeachable offense by the Constitution. – No, but the other things that he has done that are impeachable. – [Benny] Like… – Shit, uh… (Jeopardy theme music) Like, um, now I’m blanking. Um… (Jeopardy theme music) Help me out here. – What do you need? His impeachable offenses. – Which one? – Yeah. – I mean… – What do you think he’s
done that’s impeachable? – I feel like somebody
should have taken away that man’s Twitter
account a long time ago. – Donald Trump should be
impeached for his tweets? – Yes. (bird tweets) – Should President Donald
Trump be impeached? – Yes. – Why do you think he should? – I just think he’s doing a bad job and I can’t stand a lot
of the things he says. – And is that impeachable? – Yeah, um, by law, I’m
not sure about that. – Should Donald Trump be impeached? – I think he should be, just because he should be held responsible for his actions, yeah. – Why do you think he should be impeached? – ‘Cause he should be held
responsible for his actions. – What? – Which actions specifically? – I don’t want to go into it, it’s a lot. – It’s a lot. – It’s just too much and I don’t know, I don’t really wanna
get into it right now. – Sure. Should Donald Trump be impeached? – I think he should. – Why? – Because he abuses his power. – In what way though? – In a way that he kinda like, thinks that he can get away with anything. – What did he get away with? – His phone conversation with everything that he talked about and everything that he’s
trying to go through with the Bidens and everything. – His phone conversation and everything? What do you think? – I mean, I don’t think he ever should have been in the office, so, yeah, I agree, he should be impeached. – Because he should have
never been in office, he should be impeached? – I mean, he’s not even a politician, he’s like a what, a failed
business owner or something? – Wrong. – Should Donald Trump be impeached? – I mean, the guy’s just a kook, but he’s our president, so how
everybody’s supposed to be, you gotta stand behind him. I prefer to stand in front of
him and kick him in the nuts. – I was a political science major. – So, do you believe Donald
Trump should be impeached? – Yes. – Why do you think he should be impeached? – Well, he should be impeached based on the premises that he… (crickets chirp) Basically, in layman terms, it’s just… (crickets chirp) Like, no quid pro. – What law was broken? What do you believe is
an impeachable offense? – I mean, he is not legally allowed to ask other countries to
help his own political gain. It technically falls
under a treasonous act, therefore, that is an impeachable offense. – A toast, yeah? To high treason. – Do you think Donald
Trump should be impeached? – Most definitely. The most corrupt, worst president this country could ever
have, as a veteran. He can say and do anything he pleases. He gets all the morons behind him. These are the same people that
believe in the flat Earth. – Trump supporters are
Flat-Earthers? (laughs) – Oh yeah, they’re in the same league. (loud thump) – If we impeach Donald Trump,
remove him from office, that means President Mike Pence. What do you think of that? – He’s also not of sound mind. – Just the whole cabinet
should be done with. – So, impeach the whole cabinet? – Yeah, I mean, Paul Ryan’s not great, but he’s gonna be fine for
a year, I think. (laughs) – Paul Ryan isn’t in government anymore. – Oh, he’s not? – Would you be okay with
President Mike Pence? – I mean, based on everything
that’s going on at the moment, Mike Pence will also be
indicted and removed. – I don’t like him but I
also really do not want his vice president taking over. – President Mike Pence? Would you be okay with that? – Um, I’m not sure. I don’t know a lot about him, so… I don’t think he’s much better than Trump, maybe a little bit better
than Trump, but not much. – That’d be a great slogan for him, I’m a little bit better. – (laughs) Yes, that would be. (laughs) – Would you support President Mike Pence? – No, I think they should impeach him and then Nancy can step up. – So, impeach both of them? – Yes, yes. – All right and then, President Pelosi. – Yes, President Pelosi. – Do you think Pence should be president? – It’s just all bad. – [Benny] That’s a no? – No, no. – So then what’s gonna happen? We impeach him, then Pence is president. – Exactly, that’s why it’s such
a tricky thing to talk about because it’s just all bad and it has to start from the bottom up. Like, we have to build it,
I think, from the bottom up in order for it to be
a better country again. – Started from the bottom, now we’re here? – Yes, exactly. – So, Drake should be president? (siren blares) And that is what the
wonderful people of California had to say about Donald
Trump getting impeached. They all want it to happen
but nobody quite knows why. See ya next time California. Read your Constitution. Later. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Liberals Try To Answer: “What Has Trump Done That Is Impeachable?”

  1. I wouldn't expect any less from California. Where needles are everywhere, feces is everywhere, and lawlessness runs the show. They can't INHALE their CRACK with a plastic straw. NEWSOME is GRUESOME.

  2. If they are a sign of what our young people believe. GOODBYE U.S.A. Hello UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF FORMER AMERICA. USSFA. Where Nancy hides from the People behind HER WALL.

  3. People that say because of the phone call to the Ukrainian President.
    Showed them the transcript and said highlight the impeachable offence and show me. Guess what they couldn't show me. All because he offends them. So done with the libs and they're way of thinking.

  4. They are still butthurt over the loss of there election. They will be butt hurt again in 2020. That’s the only reason they are trying to impeach him because they know they cannot beat him.

  5. See how brainwashed these people are, people like this will always vote Democrat because in their minds they are the "good" party. And, no matter what you told them about the Democratic party, wether it be their racist policies towards black people, or leaving US diplomats to die in Libya they will just brush it off as bullshit. They just refuse to listen to any accusations of wrong doing against the Democratic party even when the evidence is clear. On the flip-side when there are accusations against the Republicans, the Democrats will believe every outlandish thing said about them, you just showed the high levels of complete ignorance amongst them. Ignants!

  6. The useful idiots have been reproducing themselves at a alarming rate. All over. Not just California. Ladies and Gentlemen,may I present; The Cast of Idiocracy Part Deux.

  7. No, Turning Point USA this is not hilarious. These people and countless more like them support removing not only a President but Vice President as well simply because they don't like what they say or believe. These are the people that will be the death of this Republic. I've had a number of Presidents I didn't like but never would I want to impeach a President without a reason so clear that a 5 year old could understand.

  8. What a bunch of clowns! Trump hasn’t done anything, and since the liberal morons went all in with this impeachment now they are all going to look like the clowns that they are when all of a sudden they have nothing.

  9. Idiocracy was NOT just a MOVIE,… It's a DOCUMENTARY about these socialist morons here in CALIFORNIA. even the SO CALLED "Intellectuals" Say the SAME THINGS about Tump when Asked. "UH,..HHMMM, WELL,.. Y'KNOW… TOO MANY TO NAME JUST ONE!" lol. NO VALID ANSWERS. it's almost Like they've all been poisoned and just can't THINK Past the Shiny Surface of the Media B.S.. uurghh.. but it is FUNNY AS HELL!

  10. And THESE are the kind of CLOWNS who want to “update” the Constitution to outlaw so-called “hate speech” !
    … long as THEY get to define what “hate speech” is!

  11. Are we better off now than we was 2 1/2 years ago the answer is a big YES, if you say no then you are nothing but a LIAR,which is what all dumbass liberals are.

  12. I want to impeach Trump because…………..he farted? Yep that guy made the whole U.S. fail because his stinky poos are tearing up the O zone……Pence? oh no we had to start all over because hates lemons. Yes lemons!!!! Does anybody have a sour face right now?😂😂😂😂

  13. Close your eyes and picture yourself at a Target. You're walking past the toy section, and you hear a four year old trying to justify to their mommy why they "need" that shiny new toy:
    "You NEED it?"
    "………… because I want it."
    "But WHY?"
    "………. I don't want to get into it right now."

  14. Can't wait until a Democrat gets elected and we can initiate a coup d'etat. I don't even know who will be elected but I know that he/she deserves to be impeached because I say so.
    Fair's fair, right?

  15. Man are we really in trouble…really. Start stocking up now. This ain't ending well. I feel as though we are afloat in a sea of fools. Both sides.

  16. These are my conversations daily . There painful, you can enter illegal wars, have an operation fast and furious , spy on your own citizens. But once one of them is called out for corruption Biden. People want to impeach

  17. Trump derangement is a serious condition what will these imbecile do in 2024, when he is out of office who will they hate on then?

  18. Me: what has trump done to get impeached?
    "What hasn't he done!?"
    Me: Well name one thing…
    "No trump, no kkk, no fascist usa!!!"

  19. Keep this video handy so that you can bust it out everytime someone tells you that “the polls say that 50% of Americans want Trump to be impeached.”

  20. Question; Should President Trump be impeached?
    Blank stare, Hmm, so many things they can't think of one.
    Answer is No…
    I think Americans should be required to undergo an aptitude test before voting due to the confirmed FACT that there are more morons and absolutely clueless citizens that don't even know how to walk and talk at the same time.

  21. The follow up question really should have been… "Ok, let's say he is impeached… What happens next?" I'm sure that most, if not all will say… "Then Pence takes over and we impeach him too!". They all think impeachment is removal from office, but it's actually the filing of charges of high crimes and or misdemeanors to then be judged by the Senate, of which we (the Republicans) carry the majority. So unless something so glaring and disgusting is discovered during the Senate trial, the Senate will vote nay on removal and then there you go… 3 years of tax payer dollars wasted and these idiots don't get what they want.

  22. Liberal group think equals…I am a socialist scum and since I am a socialist scum…I UMMMM UMMM UMMMM! IMPEACH UMMMM! sAd!

  23. If this video was flipped around and liberals asked conservatives why Donald Trump should NOT be impeached, all you would hear from conservatives are FACTS ON FACTS ON FACTS ON FACTS on why he shouldn't be impeached and from liberals you get "He should be impeached because ummmmmmm….yea he should just be impeached". ITS HILARIOUS

  24. To take an unbiased view – these interviews were cherry picked – but each of them clearly has no right to judge Trump the way that they do if they have no factual evidence to back it up.

  25. Normal person – "Should D.T. be impeached?"
    Soy zombie 🧟 -"SI!"
    Normal person – "Why?"
    Soy zombie 🧟 – "Orange 🍊 🤵 man bad"
    Normal person – "Why?"
    Soy zombie 🧟 – "I like putting things in my butt"

  26. Idiots like this are not sheeple…
    They are lemmings!
    And always follow their leaders…

  27. "He gets all the morons behind him"
    -literally everyone in this video "ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhh cause ummmm ummmmmm, ahh there's just so many ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  28. Americans you are lucky to have Trump , let him do his job and tell the Demotards to get some policies . Trump is your best Prez since Reagan so show some respect and let the man work . I am Australian and I am 45 years old and have taken an interest in Trump . And he is running rings around the presidency of the hoax Obama and his entourage . Trump is bringing your boys home and he is draining the swamp . You guys need a wall stop fucking around and get it done .

  29. You simpletons are attacking the problem from the wrong angle. The Nazis had it right regarding propaganda, these intelligent people cannot conceive of being lied to by the media, in addition to never being challenged by their parents to seek independent critical thought, so buy into each and every notion presented to them as a monkey "sees as monkey does" – it's a hivemind collectivism. You are confronting them on such a shallow level it is bound to produce idiocy for views, yet never really actually challenges, or tries to change anyone's views. Great job, 'Barry'

  30. Democrats are morons and should be deported and the Democratic Party should be outlawed. Giving imbeciles the right to vote is dangerous.

  31. Was really hoping there’d be atleast one intelligent response. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Embarassed I’m in the same state as these retards

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