Liberals Explode Over Who Trump Is Bringing Back To White House As Chief Of Staff!

Liberals Explode Over Who Trump Is Bringing Back To White House As Chief Of Staff!

Liberals Explode Over Who Trump Is Bringing
Back To White House As Chief Of Staff! Within the Trump administration, nobody is
immune to the antics and conjecture of the press. Especially when it comes to higher profile
staff members. One, in particular, is Hope Hicks. She previously served as the White House Communications
Director as well as the White House Director of Strategic Communications. While in her position she testified before
Congress and served as the longest-serving aide prior to her resignation. Now there are talks and gossip surrounding
the potential of her coming back, but only time will tell. The Daily Caller reported: “Rumors of a possible Hope Hicks return
to the White House didn’t escape the ears of President Trump, who on Friday avoided
a direct answer but complimented his former White House communications director. “Oh really?” Trump coyly responded when a reporter on Air
Force One asked of Hicks could return. “Well, I don’t know. I love Hope. She’s great. I hope that — I’ve been hearing little
things like that.” “I think everybody misses it,” the president
said before getting in a slam at the press for their role in the turnover. “You people exhaust a lot of people. They come in full of life and vim and vigor
and then they’re exhausted, and then they get their breath.” “Frankly, Hope is great and so are many
of the other people and they went out. But many people would like to come back. Look, there is nothing more exciting than
what we’re doing.” Vanity Fair reported on Friday the Hicks is
a “dark-horse” candidate to potentially replace John Kelly as chief of staff. “Two sources say Hicks’s name is being
discussed inside the White House,” wrote Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman. “According to a source close to Hicks, she
has told people she is open to the job if Trump asked, but is not pursuing it. When I reached out, she declined to comment.” While the Hill reported: “Trump’s comments en route to his golf
club in Bedminster, N.J., for the weekend came after Vanity Fair reported Friday that
Hicks was being discussed as a possible replacement for White House chief of staff John Kelly. Hicks, who resigned from her position as White
House communications director in February, is among several names being floated for the
position and she has told people she’d be interested in the job if it was offered to
her, Vanity Fair reported. The outlet, however, noted that Hicks has
said she would not pursue the role. The report follows one from The Wall Street
Journal on Thursday that said that Kelly is expected to leave his role in the Trump administration
by the end of July. Kelly could leave his role as early as this
week or after Trump returns from a scheduled trip to Europe next month, the newspaper reported. The White House denied the report on Thursday. “I spoke to the president who refuted this
article. He said it is absolutely not true and that
it is fake news,” White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters told reporters. Trump on Friday denied that he and Kelly have
had a tense relationship, despite recent reports indicating that the chief of staff has loosened
his grip amid a worsening relationship with the president. “We have a very good relationship. He’s a wonderful man. John Kelly, four-star, wonderful man. Don’t forget, this is a big change for him. This has not been an easy change for him. We have a very, very good relationship,”
Trump told reporters. “That I can’t tell you,” Trump added
when asked how long Kelly would continue to serve in the administration. “But I can say we’ve had a very good relationship,
and we’ve achieved a lot … I like John a lot. I like him and I respect him.” The Journal reported that the top two candidates
to replace Kelly, should he leave, are Office of Management and Budget chief Mick Mulvaney
and Vice President Pence’s chief of staff, Nick Ayers. Hicks was one of Trump’s longest-serving
and closest aides before exiting the White House earlier this year. She previously worked for the Trump Organization
before joining Trump’s campaign when he launched it in 2015. Murmurings of Hicks being floated as a potential
chief of staff comes the same week that former Fox News executive Bill Shine reportedly accepted
a position in the White House communications shop.” Hicks worked in the White House around the
same time that Anthony Scaramucci had his 10-day stint before he left which caused a
lot of controversies. Yet, she remained and continued as the steady
hand in the administration. It is clear that she is well respected by
the president as well as his staff. She would be an asset to anyone, including
the administration. If she were to return, then the press would
no doubt go crazy. However, it would be to the benefit of the
American people.

18 thoughts on “Liberals Explode Over Who Trump Is Bringing Back To White House As Chief Of Staff!

  1. Seems to me, we have had political experienced people in that roll for 50 years. They have all failed! None have left the country better than they came in. Let her do the job, then you can bitch about experience. Hillary had experience, where did that lead.

  2. His current Chief of Staff General John Kelly ran the White House Staff like he would run a Marine Corps Battalion and everything was well organized and running smooth as silk but there seems to a personality clash between Gen. Kelly and President Trump and this is the primary reason Kelly is departing. Trump is making a big mistake replacing an old "War Horse" with someone far less experienced in operating and controlling the daily operations of the White House, I repeat, a big mistake!

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  4. I thought she was a liberal ? I don't care for Paula White being so close to the president either .Those from the New Apostolic Reformation have no place to be influencing this president .


  6. Rafael: You & yours have ZERO POWER, ZERO INFLUENCE, and America now REJECTS the โ€˜wishesโ€™ of the LAWLESS ones who engage in violence against law-abiding Americans, while at the same time falling to the floor SHRIEKING IN FAKE AGONY because someoneโ€™s grass is alleged to be growing too fast!

  7. Hey RAF, are you even an American? And you f you are why would you want a socialist who said and wrote the the leader that had the most influence on her and she considered him a mentor. Who was she speaking about? Chairmen Mao. You know the same guy that murdered and tortured his own people for power. Sounds just like the Clintons to me. If you came here from another country Raf. Then why did you come to this country. Just go live in a piece of shit socialist country. If you really were a man of character and principal . You would denounce your US citizenship and go live in a country that is socialist. If you donโ€™t, you are just another big mouth deceiver that is required to be a part of the left. It would be great it those on the left, upheld their title and left our nation ruled by law not man or mob. Notice also you have nothing but insults at the people on here. Low IQ problem. Canโ€™t put together a factual argument. Come on Raf, I am waiting.

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