Letterkenny | Valentine’s Day

Letterkenny | Valentine’s Day

We gotta go full feathers for Katy-Kat this year. Full feathers bro. February 14th, wake up, be soft. Feb 14, eat, sleep, soft. For Katy-Kat. Ferda Katy-Kat. Pracky, sando, pick her up. Big wheel brime at night playlist in the jeep. Faith Hill, Savage Garden, Hall and Oates. Get her back to the pad, open the door, boom. Rose petals. Black Eyed Peas. James Blunt, Spike Bublé. Tuck the Chel station under the couch, babes hate Chel. Blackstreet, Blink-182, Bon Jovi. Scented candles. I’m thinkin’ Spring scent for open spaces, cupcake, or lemon cake for the bathroom. Bob Seger, Spike Bolton, Bassnectar. Lights off. Don’t use the dimmer, ‘cus my mom told me that actually uses more electricity. Boney M, Boys II Men, Lil’ Bow Wow. Phone ringer on silent. Movie theatre style. Maybe even go airplane mode. Toni Braxton, Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn. Have the door to the bedroom closed, so there’s like, a reveal to the place where you’re about to slam. James Brown, Jackson Browne, no Chris Brown though. Path of rose petals leads to the bedroom, to the bed, on to the bed, into a heart shape. Bryan Adams, Jeff Buckley, Bush X. And then it’s like, you get her on the bed, and it’s just like, Yeah. All night. Maybe you don’t even sleep. A lil bit of his and hers mouthwash in the morning, and then just… Totally. You know maybe we leave the Chel station out bu– Dude, I was thinkin about the Chel station buddy. I mean we could even play, Chel bro. Dude, we should play Chel with her bro. Yeah she’d rip up Chel bro. She’d love Chel bro. Happy Valen-Chels day buddy. Be my Chelentine bro!

100 thoughts on “Letterkenny | Valentine’s Day

  1. can confirm. a heated game of 1v1 couch multiplayer chel is literally female repellent. "I wish you cared this much about actual important things!"

  2. Being canadian, i actually got the chell reference, that's what me and my buddy called it after while, must be a canadian thing LOL

  3. The funniest part to me is that people in the commenst dont understand what theyre saying. If you live around here its not even slang its just second nature this is legit how we talk lmao this show is real life fuck

  4. It's a good thing my ancestors left Canada for the States. I'm already too weird and growing up there would have probably created a black hole of weirdness from which no normal person could escape.

  5. The funny thing about this is that, no matter where they're from, hockey players all tend to sound more Canadian the closer they are to the rink. True story.

  6. To anyone who doesn't play hockey or has never been around hockey players (specifically in Canada) this isn't really an exaggeration lol.

  7. If Wayne heard this, he’d crush their Jeep into a cube with them in it. Or at least tell them to dial it back at least 20%.

  8. Lol Junior B is cool cause you can sawce it up the dream is D-one Cawlledge Hawkey. Chel is what we use instead of watching film cause our GM can’t afford that

  9. this quickly went from very heterosexual to sexual to bisexual and then onto homosexual.
    i'm not sure if i should be proud or impressed.

  10. I thought maybe if I turned the English closed captioning on I’d be able to understand what they were saying. Nope…. even the closed captioning was confused.

  11. All of Letterkenny word play reminds me of books by Don Harron written in his Charlie Farquarson personae…. By the time you catch up to understanding, you're already laughing in tears…

  12. There's no way Reilly and Jonesy aren't at least once looking at each other as Katy is about to take them both down on Valentine's Day or any other day

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