Let's talk about Cub Scouts taking a knee, nationalism, and patriotism….

Let's talk about Cub Scouts taking a knee, nationalism, and patriotism….

why howdy there I don't know people let's begin so somebody took a need here in a city council meeting during the Pledge of Allegiance and it's funny because nobody knows how to react you know normally we'd hear the standard lines oh he's just some NFL baby crying just some black thug that doesn't like the cops yeah it's hard to say that about a white ten-year-old Cub Scout I'm loving it I'm loving watching people try to try to fit their normal responses into this I'll tell you some of the things I've already seen the first one is that there's a better time for him to exercise his First Amendment rights and they're real polite about it you know can't imagine what the difference is no there's not really a better time to be honest you know you guys have done everything you can there's a segment of this country that's done everything it can to blend racism and nationalism but those two things together to hide your racism and the American flag when you do that you can't be surprised when young people start to associate the American flag with racism which wanted problem is that they reject the racism which means they're going to reject that flag along with it they're going to erupt your nationalist ceremonies to prove their point and it is the perfect time to do it everything I've already seen is well he's only ten he doesn't know any better now he gave an interview and he said that he didn't like discrimination which he defined is being mean to a person of another color it is not the perfect intersectional definition of discrimination that I'm sure we would all like but at ten years old oh I'll take it and yeah now he understands is completely his moral compasses intact it may not be knowing right and wrong that's not something that has to come with age not caring about right wrong is something that comes with age no his age is pretty much irrelevant to this this is only happening because the Cub Scouts have gone soft Cub Scouts are there the scouting in general is there to teach independence self-reliance free thought independent fall being able to do things on your own being prepared for the the difficult decisions you're gonna have to make as you get older it's what it is one kid in that pack one kid took me know the Scouts functioning just fine because that is an independent ball that is self-reliance and that is being prepared for the decisions he's gonna have to make the scouts do it yes fine well the scouting motto says God and country it does it most certainly does it says God and country not God nationalism patriotism is correct in your country when it's wrong it's not blind obedience that's nationalism that kid has it down he's got it he is embodying the scouts and he's embodying patriotism at 10 and then I've already seen people say if you're not a scout you don't have any business talking about this well guess what I was a scout my eldest was a scout I'm sure my youngest boys will be Scouts Liam son you did your good deed for the week it's fantastic I personally want to thank you because you you reassured me of something that I believed there are people in this country they want to hang on to this they want to build this racist mind you met down on the border they can and they can milk it for all it's worth for about the next eight years and then y'all are gonna be in yeah this country can build that monument and these kids are gonna tear it down anyway it's just about live good night

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  1. My son was a scout. I was always uncomfortable with the religious aspect of it. Both my son and I are agnostic. They start the meetings with the pledge and a prayer. I had trouble with both of those. I stood anyway and put my hand over my heart and bowed my head for the prayer, even though I didn't really believe, for the sake of "fitting in". Kudos to this young man for sticking to his guns. That took alot of guts to put principal and belief over "fitting in". What an amazing person. He will go far in life.

  2. i put on my black Colin Kaepernick jersey for Independence Day. As a previous Cub Scout leader (overseas in Germany) i find that NO leader i've ever crossed paths with followed the Scout Oath or the Scout Promise…i am a Brotherhood OA Scout to this day. Kneel with this Cub and know you are doing the right thing.

    this is the first time since i returned from the Gulf War that i've considered becoming a Scout Leader again. The leadership i witnessed with OA during the Mount St Helens eruption was legend…but this 10-year old Cub smothers all of that. i quit being a leader due to my, "hightened situation," after service…but this lad has re-awakened me.

  3. As another (albeit older) white boy who knelt and faced similar backlash, I appreciate this. I don’t consider myself unpatriotic for opposing the misdeeds done in the name of the flag, I agree that a true patriot corrects the evils of their country, instead of praising it blindly. Our country was founded on the principle of “all men are created equal”, and as a patriot that is what I’ll fight for, as that is what our country should be.

  4. I make it a point to not worship such symbols as the flag and anthem. The anthem celebrates war and the flag has come to represent Fascist Imperialism.

  5. I was with my partners friend and we were listening to Sirius on comedy channel. Richard Pryor joked about police encounter. Mind you he's a 70yr old, Caucasian hundred millionaire. He said I never heard that, I said of course not, but why in 70s Richard talking about the same thing we talking about in 2019 but it's all happening consistently. He said I was never aware but that's funny shyt, I said of course not. They take knee for awareness and your loyalty is to the constitution not the flag and freedom for all apparently means nothing to most. Salute young man

  6. calling capernick a traitor for kneeling is like calling someone in a maga hat a racist….both comments are stupid

  7. My kid told me he didn't wanna go back to scouts anymore cause of "the religious stuff" when he was younger. More recently told me he no longer wanted to say the pledge at school. While I was in the process of warning him that it could come with some real costs and he should be sure it's worth it before deciding on it, he asked when I stopped saying the pledge, I said "4th or 5th grade" and before I could explain that Florida isn't NYC and his school is much different from mine and I was an idiot kid he said something like "I'm pretty sure I'll be ok, it's not what I believe. I'm older anyway.", like I wasn't shit 😂

    Part of me is proud of the young man he's becoming (not sure if it's the shitty, selfish part or not), the other part knows where he's heading and how much it could cost him. In a lotta ways he is not me and I did everything I could to make sure he had no clue what it was like to grow up like I did and to not push my positions on him, I always want him to land wherever he does for himself. For more than 15 years I've put my body and freedom on the line for this and given up most every dream I ever had for the chance at improving the world in the future. Planting those seeds and doing the work. Not sure if I'm proud or scared. As much as I like it, ya kinda just want your kid to be successful and happy, not wanting for anything or worried about tomorrow. But it's hard to be honest with him then turn around and say "despite all that, do all those things anyway". Idk.

  8. This young man will someday own an NFL team. If this disgusting social injustice continues, he will insist that his entire team, takes a knee!

  9. Brother, I've never ever considered hanging out with anyone I met on the internet but Buddy, I'd love to drink a beer with you, and I don't even drink. We are absolutely alike, too bad you're not from Huntsville.

  10. Beau, I would like to refer you to one of my favorite phrases: "The kids are alright; it's the adults are the ones who need saving!"

  11. "Patriotism is correcting your country when it's wrong"- Beau of the fifth column. Couldn't have said better myself.

  12. Any protest that does not make some people feel uncomfortable and some people stop and think, is not a protest at all.

  13. Is it just me or does the Democrat Party seem more interested in conserving the Constitution and all of our constitutional rights than the Republican Party?

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