Leftists Lure Migrants Back To Calais | Migrant Crime | No Borders | France

Leftists Lure Migrants Back To Calais | Migrant Crime | No Borders | France

Calais has been the frontline of the migrant crisis for a long time now It’s the place where migrants are I’m sorry refugees got to get that right? Congregate before trying to sneak into Britain illegally last year the infamous Jungle Camp which housed all these people was demolished. Thankfully took them bloody long enough, and the migrants will move to other centres across France; most of them ended up living on the streets of Paris which worked out ,as you can see extremely well, but now they’re coming back. Assisted by Left-wing activists, charity workers and whatever else, their numbers are once again starting to grow in Calais. “Thought bulldozing the jungle ended the Calais migrant crisis wrong. They’ve been lured Back by Charity handouts And a still hell-bent on reaching the UK” We could have all seen this coming a mile off. “Last autumn the Calais jungle, a shanty camp built by migrants with Kebab shops halal restaurants and even a brothel church [in] mosque, was bulldozed by the French authorities who dispatched this residence [to] 400 centres all over France where they were offered tickets home or the chance to claim asylum many evaded authorities however and moved up the course to another migrant Camp at nearby Dunkirk this week a fire caused by a turf war between Kurdish and Afghan people smuggling gangs tore through the dunkirk camp which is run by the charity doctors without borders [some] migrants were left with knife wounds and 600 of them are missing well how Wonderful things are fine guys things are absolutely fine here when the jungle was pulled down [Calais] townsfolk sighed with relief We hoped it would be a fresh start for a lovely [city] after years of having migrants here said one high-ranking local politician but they are coming back because England is still the magnet in Calais is the set off point the male has discovered that hundreds of illegals are now living in Calais Every week more arrived with hopes of getting to britain and they sleep rough on Scrub Land just a Stone’s throw away from the former jungle They’re being helped to survive by English and French charity workers who dole out sleeping bags fresh clothes and free food No doubt people like this So left wing charities basically alluring migrants back to Calais to try and help them illegally enter britain That’s what’s going on here when the jungle Camp was at its peak 200 migrants a week [were] managing to reach britain by smoking Themselves through the port of Calais the uk benefit system is one of the most generous in Europe But a flourishing jobs black market allows those arriving legally and refusing to claim asylum to avoid the attention of immigration authorities To earn cash to sent to their families back home It’s a constant lure to migrants the journalists here goes on to recount what he saw in Calais The Hungry Afghans would Emerge from the woodland near the gates of the warehouse [and] after shaking hands with a volunteer left with chicken rice And water which they wolf down as they sell on the pavement chicken and Rice mmM Yes One of them 18 year old often said he was in France Illegally had relatives in Manchester and London and was trying to join them I bet they’re illegal too by the way just a hunch [when] the police drove up stopped in after his papers He just laughed at them saying non non Shaking their heads the officers drove away. Well, it’s good to see [that] policing has been properly enforced in college That’s very comforting isn’t it just let him stay there. He’s there illegally he admits He’s there illegally, but just let him stay that’s fine. You’re doing your jobs. It’s [ok] Jesus Christ [wait] as you can see now going into a queue now. They’re all where are the police Where are people that are supposed to be helping us. There’s nobody What I find even worse are the [so] called activists and charities that are luring these people back to Calais Knowingly breaking [the] law they [know] what they’re doing their intention is to get these people into britain illegally And when the jungle Camp was at its height these charities did a little more than just give out food no [boarders] activists from Britain are provoking migrant riots in Calais French say extremist political Activists from Britain [campaigned] for no border controls are provoking the migrant rights and Calais and causing further violence French authorities said this is from About a year [ago] now when the jungle Camp was at its height But you’d better believe that these no borders people are back there again. No borders are a bunch of scruffy dirty unemployed Activists he campaigned for no borders no nation states, and we’re responsible for this mini riot that [happened] at London, St.. Pancras station about a year ago Look at them just look at these idiots I’m not even kidding guys if I was in charge here I would just say to the police just beat the shut up and just get rid of them. Please just [just] beat them down There’s this this is unacceptable these two women here if I can gender them I hope I’m not misgendering these idiots, but these two girls here God damn it. Just smash their faces, please get them out of my sight People [from] this group also aren’t the smartest bulbs. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear if there’s no border Yeah, yeah, but we don’t have [a] journalist here like the relationship that we have because like can be really like Compromised by like having journalists around the relationship is like Compromised like by having journalists like like just [lists] like this is the indictments are being decided by the group that [like] we Because of our relationships with people are built on trust [and] like a lot of them Like and like a lot of them and like our relationships and like I know but like the point like this isn’t like But the point is like that we I don’t know like but the point is like the point is like that We we like God Jesus christ you get the drift these people aren’t smart We don’t like It’s nothing against like there might be some journalists or like you know really good, but like yeah We we like have our own ways of like conveying our message. Oh, what’s this? Oh look they’ve [got] a no borders North East That’s where I live in the northeast of England. [oh], there’s a local no borders Fantastic let’s read what they have to say no borders is an open group of individuals who don’t believe in borders and nations either Well, that’s a wonderfully written sentence who don’t believe in borders and nations either We believe the world is divided by Borders and boundaries. Well, that’s true you can see that the capital the economy of certain Countries is due to the Exploitation of the rest of the world the boundaries to keep the profits and wealth of consumerist societies If somebody wants to enter, but is not profitable then we say no there is no just or human reason for the division and I’m assuming they put that in [bold] because they think it makes it more prevalent of a point It doesn’t we are all living within these boundaries set by Nation States and un These are not only borders of eu or England, but within society itself The capitalist system is aimed only towards profitable people So if you are interested in other things you have to work hard against the system. What dribbling retard wrote this I’m so I’m seriously considering finding out where these people meet [and] go to a meeting that will be amazing I’ll film it and everything we call for the freedom of movement for all and end to the division of who is legal who is Illegal who is a citizen and non citizen who is profitable and non profitable [a] radical movement against the system of control What’s the system of control you haven’t explained that to me yet the end of the border regime for everyone including ourselves? To enable us to live another way without fear racism and nationalism I like how they [just] throw in nationalism with racism and fear. I think yeah, that’s the same thing Supporting a nation-state [a] country is racism and fear. It’s the same thing This is why we support asylum seekers refugees and migrants and people coming from other countries [to] take [a] different life paths Wonderful, but the thing is guys most of these people aren’t refugees as we just read before most of them didn’t even bother claiming asylum They don’t want to they admit that they’re illegal I mean, Jesus you guys presumably don’t believe in laws either, or some shit like that. You don’t believe in legal or illegal amazing Now well we can’t have a laugh at people like this, and they are hilarious don’t get me wrong their antics have real-life Consequences here when the jungle Camp was at its peak Violence was an everyday occurrence for example look at this British Truckers have been threatened by asylum seekers Wielding chainsaws iron bars and Concrete boulders outside of the port which has been described as a war zone Calais Mayor says migrant violence out of control as uk Truckers urge troops on the streets lorry drivers now face being attacked 24 hours of the day by Asylum seekers who want to stop their vehicles and smuggle away on Board we are seeing migrants in broad Daylight Setting fire to trees in the middle of the road using the flames as protection as they throw missiles Rocks Bricks even petrol bombs at innocent drivers drivers who were just trying to do their jobs and like I mentioned earlier The no borders are directly implicated in supplying these migrants with the means to commit violence now. I’ll make the point again That was when the jungle Camp was at its highest But now that people are returning to Calais Expect these problems to come along again [to] [these] idiotic let this charity stick enough stupid [noses] in it’s only a matter of time There’s real consequences here not only for the [trucker’s] but for the residents of Calais Because you know it is a city with people in it Migrants are returning to Calais france and residents aren’t sure how to cope on the edge of town Jean Francois Gabart wan Runs in a question centre alongside the site of the former jungle he points to the Brand-new wooden fences the French Government helped repair in his property after the dismantling of the camp and he looks quite Happy there doesn’t he his fences are back everything was taken down He says he explains that migrants walked across his property every night to pick up any word that could help him cross the deep water ditches separating the Fields They [use] his property as a shortcut to get to the gas stations on the other side where uk bound trucks are parked and Avoid Police checks on the Road I could no longer take customers horseback riding along the paths they said because the crowds would scare the riders And the horses too, and there were many frightening moments for [Gran] and his family like today He was taking his young girls horseback riding a group of about 300 migrants showed up at the stables I’ve got my rifle out and shot in the air to disperse them. He said that got him arrested Even though 300 migrants were trespassing on his private property illegal migrants trespassing on his private property he got arrested He says those two years next the jungle camp were traumatizing for his family you were barely recovering financially unsightly Somehow we are still haunted by all of this. He says this is why it cannot start again He says migrants should be helped, but he’s afraid allowing charities to feed them may lead to Chaos again He doesn’t really think I just saying that for political correctness reasons It seems anti humanitarian to say this he says but if we start doing this again I’m sure we’ll have [10,000] migrants by the summer and then what do we do and He’s absolutely right [if] they’ve been actively lured back to cali all these problems are going to return the violence The fear and this guy is [just] one person out [of] thousands of people in Calais who probably have similar experiences But really these people don’t matter because the refugees need helping don’t they there’s such poor little lambs They need all of our help and all of our money [too] by the way don’t forget about that I went to the camp on Sunday, [and] I have never seen such a thing People there are desperate to tell you their stories They [are] and there are children there there are and the south side of the camp that they want to close down there are over 300 Unaccompanied children can’t we think about the children what we think about the unaccompanied children? You know children like this young boy, and this young boy Remember that little lad that lily allen cried over. I apologize on behalf of my country. I’m sorry Well his father was an islamist fighter. Just bring them all over here man is extended family just do it They need help cry me a river People’s patience for this is wearing very very thin this is just [never-ending] isn’t it The migrants were shooed about the different places that didn’t work clearly they just burnt them down Now they’re coming back because what they really want to do is has come to britain for the benefits for the money They’re not asylum seekers Muslim. Don’t even claim asylum. They’ve admitted that they get involved in the [black-market] of jobs illegal activities It’s a mess what’s going to be done about this the authorities a week the police don’t do anything They just shake their heads and drive off apparently It’s time to get tough all right if people are there illegally you need to arrest [them] you need to port them It’s as simple as that get them out. Why is this so hard they don’t deserve to be here, and I’m sorry no borders I’m going to disagree with you there such a thing as legal and illegal and these people are illegal And I wish you were too, but my god you probably live in my street or something, but that’s fine You’re allowed to be stupid it is your right? I would love to hear from anyone who actually lives in cali who experienced the jungle Camp at its height because I Don’t know what [to] tell you guys it [looks] like those days are going to come back very soon And I’m growing ever more pessimistic. [I] don’t think this problem is ever going to be solved I think it’s going to continue on forever and ever until cali. Just doesn’t exist anymore until it’s just overrun With thousands and thousands of migrants and the security won’t be good enough to stop them hopping over the channel Jesus Christ Do you agree with me round them up and deport them? Let me know down below. What a mess Thank you once again for watching everyone 10,000 subs is getting ever closer. I can’t thank you enough Please follow me on Twitter Facebook all that sort of stuff the links are in the description box below [I] will Also be starting a patreon soon But I didn’t want to do it too early because I wanted to really get some good perks for you I’m still working them out, but look out for that in the near future [alright] cheers

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