Left and Right Libertarians Should Unite

Left and Right Libertarians Should Unite

With respect to question of socialism, how
I think if I understood the question correctly, “how could we effectively make a socialist
program viable; which is a greater obstacle to it white supremacy or the democratic party?” I thought that was kind of a cool way of putting
it, but I want to level a challenge back, a thought experiment for all those who have
some sort of sympathy with the ideals expressed by socialists. I want you to think for a moment what would
happen if they simply faced no opposition of any kind, and were capable of instituting
the policies that they favor: do you think it would work? [audience stirs] Now, of course it would work. Well, I have to say I’m ever less convinced
that it would. Now, I also think that if we did the experiment
on the other side of the spectrum, if we handed power over to economic libertarians and we
allowed them to deregulate everything: do you think it would work? Absolutely not. So, my point is actually this one, if you’re
familiar, I wanna be cautious about the political compass test itself, this is an online test
that allows you to diagnose yourself in a four quadrant model. I don’t know how good the questions are at
actually placing people on it, but I do think that the diagram that has two axes, a left-right
axis on the X and authoritarian versus libertarian on the Y-axis, is actually a very useful way
of looking at things and my point would be that the two libertarian quadrants, libertarian
left where I am, libertarian right where the economic libertarians are, those two quadrants. Once they recognize that nobody in those quadrants
actually knows the description of the system that we should be building have tremendous
reason to unite because actually we are agreed about values. We are agreed about the fundamental importance
of liberty and now what we need to do is have a discussion about how practical interventions
might be and what those interventions we might propose would be, in light of what we now know that those who
architected the ideas behind socialism didn’t know, so I would say not to make it too black
and white, but the the enemy of those who hold liberty as a great value are the authoritarians, and the two authoritarian quadrants are actually not united. They don’t like each other and for good reason,
so there is great advantage in putting our differences aside in those two libertarian
quadrants and recognizing that the differences we have are about policy and that none of
us have the right answers on that front.

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  1. Common Law economic system similar to the intent of the Founders. A government limited to protecting you from force and fraud uses civil and criminal courts operating under the Common Law to do so. Any dispute on voluntary contracts, property rights, intellectual property, etc, could be handled under our courts by allowing each party to present evidence in their favor. When the same disputes are handled in Congress, under the Executive Branch, or by federal bureaucrats, conflicts of interest, special interest, political seniority, and family relations prevail over what is right for the country.

  2. I am a left-libertarian and seeing people in the comment section denying my existence is fine with me, as long as they don't force their views on me and don't enact law to affect my life then I m fine with it, this is libertarianism, leave everybody alone even if I disagree with them.

  3. I need more information on how he defines liberty. In America most people endorse liberty, it's one of our founding ideals, but few of those people who are in favor of liberty identify as libertarians.

  4. Left libertarianism=social liberalism which basically means having a mixed economy with democratic values as well as being socially liberal.

  5. All that needs to happen to make libertarian socialism or a social libertarianism with markets much like mutialism is fior the working class to want to share the ownership of their own work places collectively with the other workers who work their and thus collectively share the fruits of tbat labor. And no where does a state apparatus get involved. If we increase a higher standard of living for everyone im convinced that even the lives of the capitalist now who share their private property ownership (not person property theres a big difference) will be improved bcus of the over all raise in standard of ever aspect of society. Im a socialist open to a new synthesis of socialism that will make the entire american working class happy. Gadskin libertarians agree on a lot with us socialist but they have to eventually acknowledge captial/wealth inequality & and the state cannot exist without eachother. Look up mutialism. Very interesting.

  6. Ok now that's good argument the thing is there are things that we need to address first that concern personal liberty than we can deal with economic issues.

  7. How can you be a left or right Libertarian if your libertarian aren't you simple against any forced coercion, isn't it pointless to even talk about because those are just views on how you run your own personal life.

  8. Just think of it, i could finally embrace Mollyneaux.Jokes aside,while i see it appealing to my romantic impulses,it really feels like having a really bad sunburn and being forced to sprint naked through a cactus farm while high as a kite.That said,who can possibly put up with any more of the current malignant dead end.I`ll think about it for a week or 2.

  9. As someone who’s a former libertarian socialist and a former libertarian capitalist, I can safely say that both are real, both have valid concerns to address, and both can possibly get along well enough to form an alliance. You just need to try. You both agree way more than you realize.

  10. I'm a right libertarian. My beliefs are direct democracy and free market. In my opinion they reinforce each other. I could not unite with left libertarians, I just feel like it would destroy my idealization

  11. Impossible unfortunately. When push comes to shove right leaning libertarians will always ally with their authoritarian counterparts over leftists for the simple reason that right wing authoritarianism is compatible with capitalism. We've already basically seen this happen; the libertarian movement is essentially a gateway to the alt right at this point. Not that it matters, the libertarian presence on the right will always be tiny due to the nature of the ideology. You'll never gain any sort of mainstream political power by telling people you're going to defund public schools and get rid of food safety regulations.

  12. Libertarians ara cancerous cucks who masturbate to Ayn Rand. Imerivm is what we need. Total victory for the right. No more softness and marketplace of ideas. Libertarians are enemies of the western civilization.

    I am glad they are showing their soviet socialist colors.

  13. I'd be curious to hear an explanation as to why people don't believe left libertarians exist or why these ideals are somehow contradictory, as this is where I would place myself (probably center-left libertarian but still).. Just because the mainstream of Libertarianism falls on the right in America doesn't mean it's the only form of it that exists. Look up Noam Chomsky. It's possible to believe in individual liberties, freedom of speech and the free market while also valuing equality and social liberal values, universal healthcare, and restrictions on the formation of monopolies. Governments are essential, but they shouldn't exist to be imposing, but rather to protect civil liberties and place restrictions on corporate corruption.

  14. Bret Weinstein spent a Rogan podcast baiting Jordan Peterson into talking shit about the Laissez Faire capitalism that doesn't exist anywhere in the real world. Why should I bother listening to a thing this thinly disguised socialist "intellectual" has to say about libertarianism?

  15. left libertarianism sounds like something marxist progressive boomers came up with to muck up the waters that were nice and clear. I'd call that Marxist pretend libertarians.
    Why complicate something that inherently is supposed to reduce government not increase it which is inherently what the left is.

  16. I took that political spectrum quiz. I ended up just about right in the very middle of the two axis, ever so slightly falling in the “libertarian right” quadrant. Our species is highly evolved in many ways, and in equally many ways, very clearly evident in being only two chromosomes away from chimpanzee.
    The United States was founded as a Republic and not a democracy. It’s like no one understands this at all anymore in our country.

  17. There’s no such thing as a “left wing libertarian”, those are conflictual ideas! Economic intervention weakens civil liberties… You should read The Road to Serfdom by Hayek

  18. "Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself."

    Left-wing Libertarians aren't really libertarian

  19. The usage in the spectrum just means personal freedoms, letting people do whatever they feel as long as it doesn't hurt others. The opposite of authoritarian. Is it that hard to understand. It's what liberal used to mean before it was demonized.

  20. Internet is full of facts that is easy to find, so when you just state "Left Libertarian" doesn't exist, you should really look in too your views on politics. Left Libertarian would be for example: Marxist, Social Democrat (not Democratic Socialist), Libertarian Socialist (close to Syndicalist) and different versions of Anarchy with class being the thing to abolish, but also removing the state.

  21. And here I was thinking the values of conservative libertarians aren't centered on liberty, but on capital gain and lack of accountability.

  22. Liberalism is not a religion, not a world view, not a special interests party. Liberalism is simply the lesson of the peaceful development of people in a free society. (Roland Baader)

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  23. BW doesn't get libertarianism. If you accept initiating violence against the peaceful, you aren't libertarian. Regulation, welfare, min wage, compulsory ed. all based on using violence and anti-libertarian.

  24. There's no such thing as 'left' or 'right' libertarian just libertarian. You either believe in the NAP or you aren't libertarian. If you don't believe in the NAP you believe in violence. BW is pro-violence.

  25. I couldn't agree less with this. Many of the libertarian lefts that I've met are literally communists. Despite calling themselves "anarchists" they are for extreme market regulations to enforce their socialist ideals. And they believe that wage labor and private property are morally reprehensible. That's not libertarianism at all. What they would inevitably construct in pursuit of their radical socialist utopia is another Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany, and I don't want anything to do with that.

  26. Haha, if you’re not for economic freedom then you’re not a libertarian. Sorry, that how it works you need to support the free market.

  27. I think social policies like Universal Healthcare should be options for the citizens not forced upon them. If you want a private healthcare that is your choice, and that choice shouldn't be taken away. I think trying these ideas out on a state level would be good to start off.

  28. Leftist libertarians are socially liberal, with an economy that favors progressive taxation to support social programs. Right wing libertarians are also socially liberal, but are fiscally conservative. Although their economics differ, they could work together with social issues; such as the legalization of marijuana and prostitution, while weakening the oil lobby.

  29. right wing libertarians believe in a negative freedom based on property rights. libertarian socialists believe in a positive freedom based on human rights. right wingers hate authoritarianism by the state, but love corporate authoritarianism. should we all own guns in case the government gets too tyrannical. perhaps. should we all own guillotines in case the private sector becomes too tyrannical? absolutely. lastly, anarcho- socialists believe in making the economic dimension of our lives more democratic. if right wing libertarians think their free, they should try to fire their boss.

  30. I can understand why so many conservatives are convinced that all liberals are insane when so many of you seem to think that left libertarianism doesn't exist. I'm on the right but that doesn't mean I think differing viewpoints are radical, Bret Weinstein is a clear example of someone I disagree with and yet find to be pro-liberty and perfectly logical.

  31. There's no such thing as "right" and "left" libertarians. There are people who respect others private property and people who don't.

  32. The reason why most people don't believe left wing libertarian exist is because a huge majority are authoritarians disguising themselves as libertarians. Some people who openly support communism call themselves left wing libertarians. What part of this is libertarian at all? The only libertarian position they hold is legalizing marijuana and opposing NSA. Other than that they just love having big government.

  33. Property alienates the working class from the means of production. Capitalism is not a libertarian system, it is a plutocratic system. Distributing capital and economic resources is a material inevitability. Right wing libertarianism relies on faulty, utopian idealism to justify capitalism. Capitalism is in and of itself authoritarian. Even from a actually individualist standpoint, capitalism does not respect the individual. The individual under capitalism is beholden to social materialism, and abstract notions of property. Read Stirner.

    This fetishization of libertarianism and individualism is, to be rather frank, utopian nonsense. I say this as a libertarian marxist. Socialism is not redistributionism, and every large scale economic system requires violence to be implemented. Are you honestly going to tell me that liberals during the French revolution weren't violent when they overthrew the aristocracy? Or that the abolishment of slavery in, for example, America didn't involve the deaths of millions during the civil war? Libertarianism is incompatible with property as it stands today. Property leads to the creation of illegitimate societal classes that exert their influence over lower classes. Society will never be libertarian so long as a capitalist class exists.

  34. I don't know how uniting would work since the systems they promote would benefit different classes: workers vs owners. I don't even own where I live (renting a apartment), so I think in a right libertarian system I would have even fewer rights.

  35. I think a certain amount should be taken out for the social services safety net which benefits us all, when we need it, and within reason. But, I would imagine that the government could be cut down to a size that did not require hardly any taxes. maybe none! I mean why can't the government make some kind of widget or something, something everyone uses around the world, and sell the damn thing to get enough money to operate? Or mine our gold on our public lands, and invest it, draw off the interest, or some of it, and use that for government. we could make CBD oil and sell it to fund the government or something. Can't they come up with innovative ideas without always needing our money? bunch of idiots is what they are. bunch of grifters and idiots.

  36. libertarian left? Wouldn't that be communism ?
    I have a difficult time grasping what a leftist libertarian would look like. Support UBI maybe?

  37. I like this. Essentially the important division is currently Left, Right. But we should be aligning ourselves based on Libertarian, Authoritarian, because Authoritarians are the real problem.

  38. In practice right and left libertarians come from polar opposite sets of values. Right-libertarians hence usually find a lot more synergy with conservatives than socialists. In essence, conservatives want to enforce many of these values while libertarians belive they will sort out naturally. Left-libertarians are absoultely different.

  39. That test called me a "left leaning" libertarian but was close to the center , I guess they would call moderate. I ended up there I think because I think public education which is a government guarantee should be a government responsibility because the free market is not in the business of providing what is promised by the government. AND, we wouldn't want the government regulating private learning. As far as any redistribution of wealth – I don't think it's Libertarian at all.
    Another thing that really bothers me is all the liberals are asking for single payer health insurance from the government. It is a request for the government to compete in business because insurance is a business, not a service in itself. = Very UN Libertarian and would interfere with our rights to self determination AND the real cost of care in the free market, not to mention the size and cost of government bureaucracy AND regulation.
    That being said , HOW do I unite with socialists who want a huge government employing millions of citizens to redistribute the wealth of other citizens = WE LOSE in two ways, because those government jobs should not exist, they are on the taxpayer's payroll and the the taxpayers are getting nothing for their tax dollars. Not only is nothing new produced, but the wealth that has been produced is squandered paying one citizen to pay another. The end result is no economic growth.
    SO, I really don't think there's any such thing as a Libertarian leftist.

  40. I am somewhat a left libertarian. And right libertarians seem like natural allies to me. But t impression I get from them is that they seem intent on opposing me and allying w right authoritarians .

    I actually encounter them praising Trump on libertarian fb groups, and personally, I can't imagine an American politician being any more authoritarian than him.

  41. You're know Hitler was part of the national socialist party of 1930 is German I don't think it worked well Joseph Stalin and was one hell of a socialist it can work out now was another socialist pure socialist then work out a tote authoritarian socialism does not work ever in the history of time it will never work it demands that all privacy is known in void no private ownership of property and the way you want to run your life your business and your home is subject to the government instead of the individual self government that allows you to have full on economic liberty instead we have to commit to an Authoritarian mystic government which never in the history of time has ever worked for the benefit of the people

  42. Here's how they can unite. The socialist one can have their community where they share wealth as long as no one is coerced, and the capitalists can have their community where they have capitalism as long as no one is coerced.

  43. The issue with what he said is, "We need to come together but in order to do this you need to stand over here with me, where I tell you to stand…"

    I believe this guy supports a UBI, a massive horrible idea that you have to go out of your way to ignore the ocean of unintended consequences that it would surely create. It's very hard to call yourself libertarian when you push some of the biggest socialist programs in world history.

    Basically all he's doing is trying to hijack the libertarians who don't really understand economics and fall for the utopia trap.

    Bret, how about you come this way and stand by me, then we'll have more power… What, you want to still do massive welfare programs and force them on everyone???

    No thx brah.

  44. nice try lefty. you're the reason everything is so screwed up in the first place. you can try your own failed system somewhere else!

  45. notice he referred to the right as the "economic libertarians"…. the cognitive dissonance is staggering. there's no hope for lefties, jettison them whenever possible

  46. “Left-libertarians” are still economic authoritarians. They are still statists because their utopia is impossible without enforcement from the state.

  47. Anyone on the left are communists looking to take my right to property as far as I’m concerned.

  48. I'm still yet to understand how deregulation of business is bad. How is it a bad thing that business is able to prosper and we are able to be more competitive on a global scale? Have you ever heard of the depression of 1920? Probably not, because the government did nothing to stop the recession in the market was able to naturally correct. The federal reserve was created in 1915 to relieve the common person of the burden of economic downturn and sell offs. 15 years later we experienced the great depression. The worst economic downturn in American history. How is government intervention helpful in any way? This country was founded by people trying to escape a tyrannic government. That is why our government was set up to be small and its job is to protect the rights of the sovereign individual. It allowed capitalism and the free market to flow naturally and that was the beauty that created the world's superpower. I will only sign on to Policy that empowers the sovereign individual.

  49. America did work as a libertarian nation, that’s what we were up until the civil war (give or take)

  50. Our values are completely different I and many others believe you shouldn't have your hard earned cash taken from you which is the left libertarian position completely

  51. Left-libertarians are not libertarian for the most part. Antifa are anarcho-Marxists which means they are "left-libertarians." I think I will take a big government democrat over the psychotic anarcho-Marxists.

  52. I am looking into the Libertarian Party as an alternative to the Political Fraternity which is the problem with having just the 2 Parties and is why I 1st voted for Ben Carson and then Trump, who were neither Politicians and neither Lied during the Debates.
    By reading many of the Comments, I am getting the feeling that many of the Libertarians would NOT vote for the Right Wing Candidates as an option, who are the true Conservatives & Constitutionalist.

    Also, I read that a Libertarians Common Core belied is to use No Force.
    However, when any Conservatives who try to Speak on University Campuses, seem to only be the ones on videos showing them getting yelled down by none other then the Liberals (Far Left, but Liberal none the less). History shows how Mussolini gained power by “Force”, as when anyone disagreed with his points of view, he had his masked Brown Shirts beat those up who didn’t agree. Hitler followed the same Marxist’s mold with the National Socialist Party Black Shirts.
    Antifa works in the same mindset as these 2 Fascists from our Past and are in fact the group who completely misrepresents themselves to fool the “Dumbed Down Americans” under the Clinton Administration. You will not find Videos of Conservatives beating other people up, unless it’s a hoax like the one pulled by Jesse Smollett.
    However, Antifa and the Alt-Right Movement, which are both from the same Fascist & Racists Movements, are all over videos beating people up, bragging about wearing Brass Knuckles under their Gloves and Concrete Milk Shaking People.

    Hmm, in what I am trying to learn about Libertarians, from the .org page itself, is that using Force is a huge No, No, for Libertarians.
    However, I may be wrong, but the majority of commenters from this video makes me believe that the Democrats are the Civil and Tolerant Party, which is the farthest thing from the Truth. An example is in Los Angelos, California, where there are so many homeless tent cities that the Government officials have lost count, yet they are welcoming in Illegal Immigrants and offering then Sanctuary and all kinds of free things, which is opposite from how any Community Starts and maintains itself. You must have Boarders and we must take care of our own 1st.

    Please let me know if I am wrong in my short study of Libertarianism or am I right?

    Thank You for your time.
    *There is nothing farther from the Truth, which Starts with their beliefs in Abortions (Taking Life by Force).
    I’ve always known I was voting for the better of 2 Evil’s, and I have always voted for the “Sanctity of Life” Candidate.
    I’m getting this bad feeling as a Constitutionalist, that Libertarians Support Abortions & I hope I am wrong.

  53. The concept that something is economically libertarian just because it has people who deal with the economy in a less hierarchical way is based on the presumption that only negative rights exist (meaning the only freedoms you have are to be left alone). However, this doesn't allow for people with virtually nothing to be free as they are immediately in debt for simply trying to live, as appose to the pre-industrial world where there were less people and therefor more resources (ie unclaimed land, soil to grow food, etc). However, when left-libertarians have tried to create a less hierarchical workplace environment, they often empathize to quickly with their authoritarian counterparts, ie Che Guevara and Karl Marx. I would prefer that the libertarian left and libertarian right unite with one another in order to find an economic middle ground that doesn't consist of murdering capitalists, but also doesn't make workers docile to them (like it or not that is what we have now).

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  55. Support a fellow Libertarian who's fallen on hard times and is too proud to ask the state for help: 3CrSurYCHf9VQobgrGSoqwWHeVDSS7nHAT
    Any little contribution is highly valued!

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