20 thoughts on “Lecture on Nationalism at JNU # 1- Gopal Guru

  1. Send all these bastards of JNU to patrol our border for one year and see the transformation in them. There will be noneed for lectures,slogans and discent after they return from border. What is nationalism look at at Isreal,Japan morons.

  2. I have a autistic brother who is 27 years old but behaves like a 5 year old. I feel he is more intelligent and wise than these loonies.
    So, Swacch Bharath is wrong because we are employing people to clean up other people's mess?. I am pretty sure this old man wouldn't have picked up a wrapper if his life depended on it, he would have wanted someone else to do it

  3. Oh, neo liberal regime! Big words. Those lashkars that raped and killed are imaginary? Rohith was too sovereign that he committed suicide, really! So we should become less sovereign?
    Wow, these people are truly loony.. it reminds me of Gotham Asylum

  4. Really! Now these people are against reservation? Who asked Rohit Vemula to avail reservation? It is shameful how these lecturers are such hypocrites. It is under the pressure of these people that we started granting ourselves the reservation based on caste. These people deepened casteism in India. And now they shed crocodile tears for the ill effects of such reservation process. Why did you push Indian government to bring caste based reservation, instead of affirmative action? You did it so that you can continue to get your rozi rotis by keeping India divided, and now you talk about nation without the Mother.. and apparently having Bharata Mata is patriarchal.. you guys are loonies and JNU is a loony bin

  5. Even many teachers of humanity streams of JNU are Maoist .. What an irony … Maoist teacher , Maoist students and Maoist thoughts .. Why not we deport all these Maoists to China for their fundamental rights ?

  6. Why are you not talking about the events of Feb 9th? Applauding to what stupidity? The leftist faculty is to be blamed for misguiding students.The entire tone and tanner of these speakers is nothing but sarcastic, myopic, arrogant and an attempt to divert the attention from the blatantly anti-national events of Feb 9th.

    The JNU leftist faculty is convinced itself that their ideology is only the right ideology and those who question it are peasants and idiots. By trying to talk against the country is somehow OK.

    Ashol chakra is not RADICAL; it signifies DYNAMISM. There is a drastic difference between the two terms. Why compare between 'mother India' and 'chakra'? How idiotic can you be?

  7. You guys at JNU are doing an amazing job! So proud of all you professors for doing this and basically giving out so much of valuable information and ideas for free online! Its late at the night here in the US but I still can't get enough of your speeches :). Finally whatever happens with this latest episode – "keep walking".

  8. Today indian universities are becoming fifth estate of democracy, it is a healthy sign to our country and world.

  9. Shame on JNU students for supporting anti-Nationals, and NOT STOPPING THEM. So what they were Outsiders? So what they were in a frenzy!! Where was your common sense and love for Nation? Why 100s of JNU students stood there and heard those bastards shout slogans against India?? Asshole Kanhaiya himself acknowledged in his speech that there were anti-National slogans.

  10. जिस देश की प्रति व्यक्ति औसत आय ७००० प्रति महीना है. जहां तीस प्रतिसत आबादी की प्रति दिन की आय ५० रु से भी कम है वही इन वामपंथी जे इन यु के न्याय के देवताओं में प्रोफेसरों की औसत आय 2 लाख और छात्रों की औसत स्कालरशिप 30000 रु प्रति माह है. अगर ये सचमुच सामाजिक न्याय के पक्षधर है तो इन्हे चाहिये कि सरकार को खुला पत्र लिखें कि इन्हें ७००० रु प्रतिमाह दिया जावे और शेष बची राशि को देश के गरीबों पर खर्च किया जाये. साथ ही चूँकि देश की गरीब जनता पीडीएफ का अनाज खाती है, इनके हॉस्टल में भी पीडीएफ का अनाज खाने में बनाया जाय. इन वामपंथियों के छात्रावासों के मेसों को बंद कर वह पर दाल भात केंद्र खोला जाय ताकि इन समाजवाद के देवताओं को पता चले की देश की गरीब जनता क्या खाती है. साथ ही देश में योग्य शिक्षकों कि बहुत कमी है. अतः आप सरकार को खुला पत्र लिखें कि सरकार ऐसी व्यवस्था बनाये कि जे येन यु के इन विद्वान प्राध्यापको का स्थानांतरण देश के दूरस्थ क्षेत्रों में किया जा सके ताकि इनके दिव्य ज्ञान का लाभ देश देश की वंचित जनता को मिल सके.
    इसके साथ ही इन वाम पंथी विद्वान छात्रों को सरकार को खुला पत्र लिखना चाहिए की उन्हें भी छात्रावास में कमरे जिया सरायऔर बेर सराय की दर पर दिया जाये ताकि उन्हें इस बात का एहसास हो सके कि इस देश के आम छात्र इन जगहों पर कितने कष्ट में रहतें हैं.
    मेरा इन समाजवाद के देवताओं से आह्वान है की बजाय पूंजीवाद की खाद से उपजे अनाज पर जिन्दा रह कर उसी को गाली देने की, बजाय सिर्फ जुबानी बंदूक चला कर नौजवानों की जिंदगी बर्बाद करने की, आप अपनी विचार धारा के अनुसार वैकल्पिक व्यस्था तैयार कर लोगो को रोजगार और रोटी दिलाएं. आंदोलन का झुनझुना दिखा कर जनता को बेवकूफ न समझें. जनता आप लोगो का पाखंड बहत दिनों से देख रही है.

  11. We need politics of positive thought for dealing any of the issues in the interest of our Nation. J C Yadav

  12. Nations are created on the basis of some IDEA and for progress , development of that nation we need people who are ready to live life for that idea.

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