50 thoughts on “LeBron James responds to Fox News host's comments on political opinions

  1. and laura can take off her clothes and suck d****..you know, the way she started her career…just google her porn career….her pussy all wrinkly and dry now, and now she mad….shouldn't been a hoe

  2. The president brought down enemployment for African Americans and you say he doesn't care for people shut up and drill LeBron add the f behind

  3. LeBron James is as dumb as a rock.  That’s what happens when superstar athletes think they can do it all … including competing with those who make their living using their brains.  He should shut the ‘F’ up and stick to the only thing he’s good at – winning bets for me on the basketball court. When I’m looking to someone for political enlightenment – trust me – it won’t be coming from him or that other Rhodes Scholar Robert De Niro – whom I actually thought died of old age a few years. (lol)

  4. You guys should at least show the background of why she said that, and she said that because LeBron should shut up and dribble because he knows jack shit about politics and was very uneducated on his stance.

  5. Both Laura and LeBron are entitled to their opinions of which none were racial. They have free speech and can say what they want.

  6. And you said LeBron that Obama understood the people in America wow that to me is incredible because during his 8 yrs in office we never hear about black injustice in America and after he was out office kaepernick stared that nonsense but in Chicago 3moth after Obama was in the seat it was a kid kill in one of Chicago School Black School And Obama din't comment or nothing on that tragedy or visited the School and the Kid was kill by other Blacks students and that was I din't like Obama and Le Bron said the Obama understood the American people more LOL America Because Obama was not and America he was a radical Muslim and he was trying to destroy America and his only legacy was signing a law for homosexuals get married that all -thanks you

  7. Lebron wake up you're a Conservative, you just too stupid, for now, to know you are. We are waiting for you to come over Lebron. You are on the wrong side dummy!

  8. She just show her true colors. If you didn't know for sure where she stand and everybody know for where she at when it comes to any one of color. What's in your heart comes out of your mouth. If she was my friend I wouldn't trust her no further than I can throw an elephant.

  9. Can anyone explain to me why she is spending so much time worrying about the opinion of an athlete instead of trying to find her fucking top lip? Maybe thats why so much shit comes out of her mouth!!! LAMES!!! Stupid Ass!!!

  10. And why cant athletes and normal people get into politics? But yet still need our votes to be where they stand.

  11. Shes mad because james had something to say about trump. Typical trump supporter always has to bring in racists comments.

  12. By Laura Ingraham's standard, it's only ok when Trump or his fans use r-rated politics, which I've accepted since this election.

  13. I'm on Lauras team. Fock LeBron that rich cry Baby. He's got a great life but hates America's process. We voted trump its over.

  14. Juicy kisses on his rear and I don't even no why he's at the all-star game he has not had an all star year just ask the Lakers lol

  15. You cant go on Fox or trump thy are just nuts thy put TV S in hospital and restaurants old age homes just for ratings and you can't cage the channel that's a facts.

  16. God Made Black Men and no matter what line of work you do as a black man, WE as Black Men Are not Slaves to No Man or Race and never will be again!!!!

    Psalm 110:1

    The LORD said to my Lord: "Sit at My right hand until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet."

    She should be fired Period and we need over 500, 000 BLACKS to post this on Social media Platform & every Media platform we can get to letting them know no one Runs Blacks.

    We as Blacks Serve God and not any man or woman and no Race!!!

    For all those who are Racist against Blacks you are Racist against God and his world, don't think for one moment God's wrath is falling now on all who refuse to Denounce Racism publicly and be held accountable. 30 Millions Blacks Are Speaking up NOW and every day and will not shut up to any Race on Racist and Racism, you are no God!

    We as Blacks are being lead by God in every many and we fear no one! We know our true history on every level and spreading it 30 Million plus Blacks and God is leading the way through us and anyone against us as Blacks God in his word said I will make your enemy your foot stool

    Black American's don't count sambow's!!!

    SLAVERY IS OVER!!!. One The Nation of Isam MINISTER FARRAKHAN are showing they are not having it! Black Men Are A Priority are not having it. This is new era with new Black Leadership with God leading US with no fear. STEPHEN A. SMITH DOESN'T REPRESENT BLACK PEOPLE AT ALL!!! LET'S GET THAT STRAIGHT!

    JUDAS BETRAYED JESUS FOR 30 PIECES OF SILVER AND JESUS TOLD JUDAS THE NIGHT BEFORE HE WAS GOING TO BETRAY HIM AND JUDAS FLAT OUT LIED AND SAID HE WOULD NEVER DO IT BUT IT DID. There is God and Evil in this world, after 400 years of Slavery Why is that Whites won't apologize publically on TV, PRESS, IN THE LAW AND GIVE REPARATIONS TO BLACK SLAVE DESCENDANTS. God already said many will come in wolves in sheep clothing but I will expose them and any that stand against God and my people shall be suffer the wrath of God. LeBron and any Black Man keep stand up against Racism and Racist and also 10'S of Millions of Blacks Stand UP and Boycott their Business and stop spending our Money and spend Money on Black Businesses and Products and Services. Blacks IT'S time 2019 take $600 Billion of our Dollars and Spend investing in Black Owned Business that have public stocks on wall street, join together in investment groups and buy Real Estate all over American and build our own to explode Black Wealth where over 10 millions blacks can sustain our own

  17. "We will not shut up and dribble. I will continue to give my unwanted uninformed politicial opinion, and you cannot criticize me or your a racist. Thank you all". LeBron let Hillary Clinton parade him around on stage like a show pony 😂 LeBron says Trump is dividing people. Yet LeBron himself is the one encouraging video fans to hate Trump as he does and they don't even know why.

  18. More than an athlete?.. man these guys should keep doing what they are doing stop acting like they know shit about politics. These basketball players are nuts.

  19. Lebron James is actually an intelligent man who capitalized his talent of basketball and profited from it. You don't have to be great at everything to be smart, be great at one thing and pursue it. From there, you can expand. That is what Lebron James is doing.

  20. Lebron said its" Hard on a Black man in America" as he drove his Lamborghini off to his one of many Mansions

  21. Lebron james needs to keep his political views to himself so people can watch the game, and forget about that political garbage.

  22. Shut up and dribble? There is a lot more to basketball than dribbling. There is an in depth thought process involved in the sport of basketball. Basketball does not teach you how to become a journalist. Lebron James can do Mrs. Ingram's job yet she can not do his. Reporters just tell the public stories that are newsworthy? There is a lot more to being a reporter than that !!! I am psychic; meaning predicting her response to the above statement, if any. Lebron James saw a social issue ( regarding education for youth in his hometown) and did something about it. He did not protest to the mayor or governor. He did not stage a protest in front of the department of education demanding action on this matter. I assume she is a journalist with an extensive vocabulary which she demonstrated by insulting a man who just performed a noble and generous act for the city of Akron. I am sure that (with a degree which focuses on English and literature) she could have said something that would show the viewers that she has wisdom to apply the knowledge she has. Her comments demonstrate that she has a lack of understanding regarding character.

  23. Politicians are subject to public scrutiny. Politicians are public servants and have to answer for everything they say and do. They have to give an account for what they say and do. Why? They are elected by the public and will sit down and debate public issues while providing their reasoning behind their actions. Trump was elected by the public. Every decision he makes benefits some, has no effect on some, and directly effects others for better or worse. Laura Ingram expressed her opinion but will not sit down and debate her comments. She does not have to. She is not running for office of any kind. Laura Ingram said what she knew was going to get media attention. Every American has the right to be aware of what is taking place in their country. What every American hopes for is when you see an injustice of any kind that you would bring the matter to the attention of someone that can correct the matter. Is is simple to tell Mr. James to shut up; why is the question. She did not address the issue's and for the record there is a lot more to basketball than dribbling. Mr. trump took the heat for the border agents not deporting illegals that were caught crossing the border. The American public complained about the matters. It could have been solved by the Latinos that function as Mayors, city council members and other Latino elected officials. Mr. Trump asked his staff and those in charge for a solution. I have one. If you have been here illegally for 15 years and get caught. If you have been a law abiding citizen you should be granted citizenship on the merits. That is what the law requires for those who come here legally; they can apply for citizenship after 5 years. All the powers that be have to do is submit a bill to congress to make it a law. Legal immigrants get deported when they break the law; there is no complaint. Why Mrs. Ingram singled out Mr. James is obvious; publicity. They way she did it was insulting.

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