LeBron James Is Building a Financial Kingdom | KNEADING DOUGH

LeBron James Is Building a Financial Kingdom | KNEADING DOUGH

47 thoughts on “LeBron James Is Building a Financial Kingdom | KNEADING DOUGH

  1. James is so full of himself. Just a big dumb ass that plays a child’s game. In the grand scheme of things he doesn’t really offer anything important. For example doctors, fireman, police officers, pastors, on and on. He is also a racist and not very bright.

  2. I'm so glad that MAV put it out there that LeBron is from the Northside of Akron. Not Spring Hill on the west side

  3. God bless you lebron
    Such a humble and generous person .
    That kids is a great example of how to behave

  4. One of the few ( black)superstars that AMERICA can't destroy😂😂
    is there a REAL white SUPERSTAR ??

  5. All hail king Lebron James 💪💪💪👑👑 . Pls pls remember ur promise never to leave Cleveland Ohio again? Please stand by ur promise and keep to it billions r looking up to u all over the world as their role model. U r a very nice son and God Almighty will forever make ur enemies to be under ur foot Amen. And continue to ignore those 3 stooges trying to get ur attention & wanting ur relationship bless son of great mother Gloria and husband to my beautiful sister Savannah James

  6. Man. As much as I dislike LeBron in some Respects. It is truly an honor to be able to watch this dude come straight from high school and get to this point in his life. What an amazing success story. Much respect to LeBron.

  7. This is why lebron is the 🐐 besides being one of the most talented players to ever play the game he’s also doing things that are bigger than just the sport

  8. Lebron makes alot of money but he gives back and thats what counts hes just the greatest person ever has a big ❤

  9. LeBron thanks for helping us as a society see and understand the simple things in life, and not just think about ourselves but others. You're a true role model to the World!

  10. Imagine coming from where Lebron did and his biggest
    so called financial blunder is buying real estate!

  11. When people say who's the best player LeBron or Jordan. Me i say both their in their own right. Two great players. You tell them this is my money not yours. LeBron is very humble. I like that. God is blessings him to be a blessing to his family &others. Keep going young Man.

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  13. Funny how times change! At the 5 minutes point Lebron says buying a house in Vegas in 2005 was one of the worst financial decisions he's made. I own several properties that I purchased in Vegas in 2014 – 2016. Best decisions I've ever made. Come back Lebron!! Housing market at its all-time best!!

  14. I’m glad they’re doing these type of interviews on their own platform rather than “Fake News ESPN” and corporate media companies

  15. Lebron a cool dude he a BEAST , yo rihanna wTchin ,dtoppin jewels lebron do. Smart thats wutsup. New haven bound.203

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