Leaving My Money In The ATM (Social Experiment)

Leaving My Money In The ATM (Social Experiment)

36 thoughts on “Leaving My Money In The ATM (Social Experiment)

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  2. The last dude, thats the kind of person you dont wanna have as a friend, worthless piece of shit.

  3. Hooded black men vs Mature classy white men! Cmmon man! Didnt see any weed smoking White dude fm the hood in ur video! Hah!

  4. leave the last guy with the $20. don't know what he's up to since he doesn't wants to give back. he could just shoot you. don't trust him if you don't know him.

  5. This guy is saying that black people always steal he is a fucking racist notice the majority is black who stole and his other videos are the same

  6. i was playing this gave and her dollar came out so i gave it back to her.My mom said this after i gave her the dollar back,she said that i have a good heart

  7. Adrian, can I ask you a question….did you not have any white guy that stole at all or is that this video was edited to appear the way it appeared?
    White guy wants to know. Thanks.

  8. Лайк с русскоговорящих кто видеть в 2:10 надписи "сигареты", "напитки", "Беломорканал")))

  9. It would be nice if there were honest people now in days I treat ppl the way I wanna be treated and I don't like to do shit that I don't like to be done to me…

  10. Why did the cameraman bit?h out in the end and not get the last interaction on film? We needed to see the dishonesty and he filmed nothing! Next time, find a cameraman with guts. Clearly, this guy has none. 🤔😡

  11. If he filmed this where there're white homeless people, they'd still do just like those black thief's. Racism still in all medias shame.

  12. I forget my cash back at Walmart walk to my car realized that I forget it went back in and someone took it ask customer service and no one brings it to them shame on them. I would never.

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