Leaving Europe + WHERE IM MOVING!

Leaving Europe + WHERE IM MOVING!

what's up you guys it is my second full day in Vienna and today not the most exciting I have two more papers finished so I'm going to a coffee shop straightaway I found a really cute one on Google Maps and I'm gonna go get this done I finished my last one last night so I was really proud of myself I stayed up kinda late writing so I let myself sleep in today till like 9:30 and now I'm up and Adam and going to do some work and then I actually have a friend from my geneva class who lives here in Vienna so I think we might grab a drink tonight and hang out that's what we're doing I came to this place it's called Phil it is so huge luckily they have an English machine you just got a little W espresso I've been Billy into espresso here and you're all I'm getting started on my global health I say I got a little bit of breakfast too so I'll have something to eat so I'm back in this room again I haven't really been volume of the last couple days here in Vienna just because I've been doing a lot of work I tried to go and see the UN and failed because I think I don't know if the public can like access the area with the flags and the entrance of anything now it is the next morning I've been really productive with my papers I have three of them done and I just have one last paper to write today they're all due tomorrow she'll be Church actually referred me to this girl who does photography in Vienna and we're gonna shoot today at the Schonbrunn Palace I didn't really get to see much of it we kind of walked around it but it was the end of the day and I was honestly exhausted and I had to get back and finish papers so we didn't really like explore much around the palace when we went guys today's my last day in Europe that's so sad it's kind of like rainy and cloudy right now so kind of a sad send-off but it's supposed to clear up later when we're shooting I have a flight at 5:30 a.m. so I've decided that I don't think I'm gonna sleep I'll probably I probably will have some of my paper to finish when I get back from the photo shoot I have to leave here for the airport at like 2:30 in the morning just to give myself enough time and then I can sleep on the plane and then I have a layover in Ukraine which I've never been to Ukraine I mean and this will not even count because it's an airport but yeah don't be fine okay I'm walking through the Stevens Platz I think it's probably but this is st. Stephen's Cathedral and I showed a barely a little clip in my last vlog of the inside but the outside is what is it's so amazing and I didn't plug it at all I realized and it's like one of the coolest parts it's so ancient and like all of the dark part over there I put on my Instagram sorry but it's like old dirt and it just shows how old it is and I has such a cool roof too I wish they didn't have these like posters on it because I feel like it makes it look cheap but whatever so yeah this is like the main square I'm walking through to just go to a it's like the only place with an open grocery store so I'm going to grab a couple things and then this is the outside down there st. Peter's Church which was so much cooler on the inside but it's smaller but yeah this is kind of like the main touristy square area with a lot of stuff going on I thought I'd like my last little bit of Vienna since I'm not doing too much sightseeing today oh okay more a prosperous it's everywhere yes this is a grocery store I wanted to sign this villa so I might try and get like a salad or something to eat so I can mid-afternoon lunch they brought some really fresh like good-looking fruits and vegetables I mean I'm leaving so I'm not going to cook but maybe I'll get some fruit it's only 1 euro for a thing of water though look how nice these salads look for me 7 euros that's like unheard of in Geneva and I got ready I showered all that stuff it's kind of warm in here so I was doing the thing where I was like getting ready straightening my hair or like trying I'll just what I wanted to show you guys my outfit because I think it's pretty cute and I've been wanting to wear it on this trip so far and I have a really this is like almost street-level so little black tie in the front this is Hollister a maxi skirt from the Shoko I wore this already once when we went you and I see anything but I was able to put it in the room when I was showering so I get some of the wrinkles out it's a little better I just find tennis shoes because I don't want over sandals in the like rocky areas I left my hair like semi straight with a little bit of wave to it Chiara said to bring an outfit change and I know I want to just because will probably take a lot of pictures but I'm not sure what I want to bring I actually really need the trim the inside what else is oh my god you guys this one site is so pretty and we're here at Shawn boom I can't say it about nicely but it is so nice and they closed down the inside like a couple hours ago now so it's not been super crowded this is Kiara we just didn't finish it together she's so talented all the car Instagram down below so you guys can go check out her Instagram and her photos but this is what it looks like the gardens the what's the building on the hill called again Lorient and then we went down into some of the would you call those the hedges I guess I don't know there's like a fountain over there the botanic garden not something yeah like the covered Gardens it's a lovely last night in Austria last night in Europe for me currently 210 yeah playing some classical music take me through this writing my last paper I knew I was gonna do this but like the actual pain of it is now hitting me I've got 600 words in the max ones 1500 the grand finale of me like doing grad school is of course and weeding till the last possible second three thirtieth and we're out of here si still knocked up oh just dropped off my bags at the airport had to wait in a bit of wine okay and I just realized that you guys still don't know where I'm going instead of saying it I'll just show up there just made it through security in Ukraine yeah my flight boards in 15 minutes so we're doing good we're gonna get coffee because I need to finish my paper I passed out it's like I did not even experience about the last flight we made it we're alive I am in my Airbnb if you need help I this view of the outside I'm here in an Airbnb for the week while I'm searching for apartments to move to New York while me and the crowd and I'm the only one going well I've been planning this for a while I've been doing research I've always wanted to live in New York and there's no time like the present I kind of mentioned it I like talked through when I did a little update video back when I was in Oregon I've been keeping an eye on apartments looking at what I want talking to people getting advice and I have a list of places that I wanted tour I have a list of places that I like but even looking at them from a few days ago that I had pinned online like so I'm already gone so I knew that it would just be much easier once I'm actually here so I've already started I just put it in my American SIM card sat down and put my stuff down and started sending text messages and reaching out to realtor's I want to find a place and move in ASAP if I can I'll talk more about that later but for now I just got 20 Airbnb it's dark in here because I don't know I think this I'm just went behind a cloud it was quite bright but I've just been like trying to decompress and throw my stuff everywhere I sent in my final I say some officially done with grad school like officially officially done slept for maybe a total of four hours on the flight but I'm trying to stay up I actually I'm not like tired right now I had a coffee instructions for the Airbnb I'm just staying in a room in this guy's apartment and he was like okay go to this store around the corner and tell them your name and they'll give you the keys and it was like this is sketchy so I wet the store was like um I'm looking for keys and so they gave it to me in this like brown paper bag and I felt like I was literally like doing a drug deal or something it was funny we're alive I feel like so disgusting and I know I look it and I'm also starving so I think I'm just gonna embrace the mess today not get ready and go and get sweet clean that you guys I am so excited to be back with my familiar food so excited to eat a salad and oh my god the little grocery store that I went in around the core had so many snacks that I love like gluten-free foods they had cotton candy grapes which if you follow me on snapchat you saw I was craving them the other day so I'm gonna go back and buy some of that stuff to have here and stuff to cook because there's a kitchen I can use blonde here so I'm going to take advantage of that and then I'm gonna go to sweet green because I've just been craving their salad come back prepare for upcoming apartment touring stuff I'm gonna be vlogging and documenting the whole process with you guys and talking more about like what I want to be doing in New York and why I'm here but right now I'm just frazzled and hungry so I'm gonna go and do that and I'm so so excited to be here and all that's to come and oh it's gonna be so great I was about to leave sweet great and I look out it is a pouring summer winds you can never predict them but I also did not bring my umbrella so we're gonna wait it out a little and see if it lightens the next day Tuesday morning just a Tuesday yes so he's got a late 7:30 and I'm getting ready so going to the very spooky of class this morning I'm so excited I did have a gym in Geneva and I would go a couple times a week but no one consistently enough it's been a while and I just really really miss like really working out so it's kind of like get back into my health fitness game you know the endorphins working out and the book to class for 9:30 and makes more love in the water because about some ovens at the grocery store today and probably grab a coffee on the way there just because I don't think I don't know if there's a coffee maker here I slept so well I watched Bachelorette last night at 8:00 and then passed out issue the end in a ten dozen want to focus on my living once there was an ugly barnacle he was so ugly that everything was out of focus I'm in Tribeca kind of on the edge of SoCo then I'm going to the Barry's bootcamp in Tribeca the street that Berry's is supposed to be on it's close and I was like but then I just I went around the corner to go around the block and it looks like it's right here now class starts in eight minutes so this is perfect I booked it on class pass I'm so excited oh my god I'm gonna trade oh but this workout I've never done just because it really made me realize like I haven't been this out of shape since I started working out and being consistent about fitness like two years ago even the first time I tried various verses an intense class but I had been working out consistently leading up to my first class so it's like I can keep up decently but this one I struggled there just made me excited to like get back into fitness I know what it feels like to be like you know a lot better shape you know just like look how I look even when my nutrition has been like up and down and I've had a little more fat on me like term I seem to share have always been consistently working out but this is the time that I was like like so like now I'm going to a whole-food let's take up some food hey guys I'm finally sitting down to you just like a little bit of a more coherent update hopefully it's not a full life update like I've kind of got the gist across like what the heck is going on I'm moving to New York no but I've said that out loud like into existence so I want you guys to know that nothing at this point is set in stone and nothing is 100% nothing's guaranteed in this world but death and taxes so something could completely change and fall through moving to New York City has been a dream of mine since I was literally 12 years old probably even before I came here for the first time but when I was 12 I visited New York for the first time with my family we were on a road trip around the states and I was just like flabbergasted by the whole city it was the biggest city had ever been to it's just so bustling and full of life and just uh I love New York City is so much I've always loved it from the age of 12 when I first came here I was like I'm gonna live there one day if I haven't stayed more than like a week I guess at a time is probably longest I've been in New York completely a different experience than actually living somewhere so to be honest I don't even know if I'm gonna love it because you never know until you've actually try if you never try and never know and then you'll always wonder you know I don't usually like to put things on the internet if it's not a hundred percent because it's just kind of like feels that much worse if it doesn't work out if something fails I don't have a job officially here yet I kind of planted this seed in my head back in March or April when I was thinking about my next steps after moving out of my apartment DC in the summer and after I went to Geneva everything and I was like 95% sure I was gonna stay in DC and look for a job in DC slowly that percentage started to peel back and I kept thinking like what if I go somewhere else in another country or what if I go and like stay in Europe after my study abroad or what if I move to New York City more I thought about it the more I just knew that if I didn't do it I would regret it it was always very hypothetical and then while I was in Geneva I saw a particular position come up and I was like that's it like that is what I want to do that is so perfect I don't want to speak too much about it because it isn't official yet it isn't I have not gotten an offer letter I don't know that I'm going to get this so I don't know I kinda feel like I won't and that's why I'm worried was talked about it but that when I saw that even before I applied even before any of the process started I was like I'm gonna move to New York like I had actually decided at that moment I was like this is it this is the last sign that I needed and even if I don't get this even if it doesn't work I just want to live in New York I applied to this position I'm not going to say where it is what it is because again I don't want to jinx it and I don't want you guys to get your hopes up for me do you want to look for other jobs here and I do want to get a job make that very clear but at the same time I am very lucky to have like a job right now social media that I can do it from anywhere I'm still able to make money for myself like I don't need to get a job tomorrow in order to pay rent kind of thing like I have another source of income so it's not like panic mode you know what I mean it's not the most urgent thing but I don't want to let that make me lazy about looking for a job because I really do want to like work in the field that I've been studying since I started college I know that there are more opportunities in DC and there's definitely more of a chance of me getting something in DC but when I saw this position I just knew that I had to go for it and just go to New York and just see what happens my plan right now I have this Airbnb for a week I'm staying this room I had mentioned it there was like a referral system on Airbnb which I didn't even know I love using Airbnb for when I'm traveling or for things like this or I just need a place to stay it's so much cheaper than a hotel and you get to stay in some really cool places and part of the reason I wanted to get and there being the one here is so I can see what it's like to kind of be in this neighborhood because I picked somewhere that's like around where I think I want to live I think I want to live in Brooklyn which I'll go into in my like apartment hunting flawed obviously you don't have to use my code if you don't want it's just like a mutual beneficial thing where I get credit and you get credit so I wish that I had known this I can signed up with one of my friends links before because then you get $40 off this isn't sponsored literally taking this in case you want to use it what $40 off so I'll put my link down below if you guys want to check it out and sign up for Airbnb through my link and gets off $40 credit and planted here for the next week and I'm hoping that I'll be able to find an apartment and move in around like in August first move-in date that's the goal right now I don't want to necessarily force it but I mean I'm not trying to be like super picky you the next week that's my first priority I'm so kated document this whole journey with you guys I have so much awesome content coming keep you updated with me looking for jobs and everything thank you all so much for coming on this journey with me for supporting me this is pretty motorable because everything is all over the place and nothing is a hundred percent I love you guys so much definitely hit the subscribe button if you're not already to come on this whole journey with me I'm gonna be uploading a lot also another if you were interested another word for all like just a bunch of like shameless plugs in one but I use class pass to go to Barry's and I didn't even know that Barry's on class pass I swear there must be a new thing because in DC it definitely wasn't it's great if you're traveling because then you already have you know cheaper credits and you can just go to workout classes in different places rather than if you don't have a gym or anything you can I think go and use you credits for gym time at gyms too so I might do that or if you just want to try any places and workout classes in your hometown it's just so much it's such a better deal than buying individual classes have my link to class pass in the description also if you want to use it and get I think it's like twenty five dollars off I don't know exactly for sure but check it out in the description I'm obsessed I'm gonna shut up now because I have a lot of footage at this point but thank you so much for watching I love you guys I don't know what to say that would be like a good ending to this there won't be cheesy where's the Big Apple baby New York City here week I mean we're here I'm just gonna give up

45 thoughts on “Leaving Europe + WHERE IM MOVING!

  1. This gives me hope. I am at a rut with what I want to do with my life. I’m going to have to move home though because I don’t have any money saved up sadly. It’s going to be hard but I need to MOVE out of my state so badly 😩😭😭

  2. Kristee !!! SO happy for you, New York is a sick city and I genuinely think that you'll thrive there 🙂

  3. Hi Kristee, I don't comment a lot but I just wanted to say hi! I've followed you since you were applying to undergrad which is how I found out about Chapman, and I'm now about to start my senior year at Chapman which is crazy. I also switched my major to Poli Sci after freshman year, and I'll be studying abroad in Prague this fall (ya as a senior lol). I started my fitness journey at the same time as you in 2017 after I gained 45 pounds freshman year (thanks albertacos). I've always wanted to live in NYC but I've recently been thinking about starting off work in DC post grad. Anyway, I've always felt like I end up following in your footsteps which is so funny to me so I just thought I'd thank you, and let you know how much I appreciate your videos. Safe travels and good luck in New York! I'm always excited to see what you do next!

  4. Woop!! Definitely give it a go! I was absolutely sure as a child/teen as well that I would end up in NYC. Instead I ended up in London, UK and that was fab as well, but now I feel like it's too late to explore the NYC thing so I'm just going to live vicariously through you haha! So excited for you!

  5. Kristee I don’t know if you’ll see this but I’ve been watching you forever and I just have to say you are such an inspiration!! I love watching your vlogs your humor cracks me up. But it is so awesome watching you travel while doing grad school on top of that!! It’s amazing to me how you just pick up and move while your family is on the other side of the coast. You are so inspiring and congrats on finishing grad school!! Can’t wait to continue watching your journey 🙂

  6. I am so stoked for you girl! I’ve been watching you since you’ve been using your heated lash curler😂 the glow up is astounding homie. Keep killin it dawg! ALSO, where did you get your headband in the first clip? I’m in love & need 12

  7. YAY! Welcome to NYC! It’s the best city ever 🙌 if you need any recommendations or tip, let me know 😊

  8. Bursts out in song Welcome to New York! It’s been waiting for you l! So excited you’re moving here!

  9. aw so excited for you ❣️living in NY is on my wishlist too. now I can enjoy your NY vlogs until then 😉 exciting times ahead!

  10. Hey Kristee, lol girl ima be straight up I love your personality and I would love to meet you and just hang out with you, soooo how the tf can I do that? lol all jokes aside like we can meet up whenever .. be my friend

  11. omg so excited for the New York move! i live in new york and I've been dying to meet you for years so maybe this will be my chance!

  12. wow im super excited for your move to NYC!! Looking forward to following your vlogs and apartment hunt

  13. So excited and happy for you that you're moving to New York!! Can't wait to watch your New York vlogs 🙂

  14. I moved to NYC last month, and only lasted two weeks. I hated living in Brooklyn because it is so far from the city! I plan on moving back next year, but I would definitely recommend looking at different neighborhoods and getting a job that's closer to your apartment!

  15. congrats for that decision and glad you will be there, when i travel to poland i also go thru new york – for living i wouldnt want it as for me it would be too expensive and too many ppl there, and not much nature, but maybe it would be nice as in past i lived in city too. Now i live in suburbs of boston

  16. Sending you nothing but GOOD VIBES you deserve it! Can’t wait for you to show us this journey living wanting to travel part of me through you so thank you lol love ya!

  17. I am SO excited for you! As soon as you started talking about moving to NYC-I hoped you would! I regret not moving when I completed my masters, so I am thrilled you are going to try it out! Best of luck on this new adventure!

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