15 thoughts on “Learn to calculate Working Capital Finance in 15 minutes

  1. Sir, your explanation is superb and appreciated. I have to take small clarification from You….When you calculating Operating cycle ( Cash Cycle) you added only the items in assets side of the Balance Sheet ( Eg. RM Turnover Period+ WIP Turnover Period+ Finished Goods Turnover Period+ Debtors Turnover Period). Why didn't you deduct Creditors Turnover Period from It ? Because actual working capital cycle means Stock T/O period+ Debtors T/O Period- Creditors T/O period. Sir please give me an explanation… Thanks…..

  2. Dear Professor TOOR, this is the best Working Capital Calculation vídeo that I ever saw: Congrats. Best regards. João

  3. sir ..it is kindly reqst to u plz provide chapterwise numericals..with explanation of abm i read ur mcqs book but i m upset u did not provide explanation..in that i m totally helpless i m not able to solve any one.plz help sir..ty

  4. Sir, why fixed overheads were not part of working capital requirement?
    Even firm needs the money to compensate the fixed overheads like Rent, Depreciation, Administration, Marketing Expense.
    So why is this not needed for the working capital ?? Please clarify sir

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