Leaked Discord Audio From The “American Fascist” Group Patriot Front

Leaked Discord Audio From The “American Fascist” Group Patriot Front

“I don’t use the term ‘white nationalist’,
because I prefer ‘American’ as our unique national identity. Also, I mean, you can
throw out the term ‘American fascists’ if you want.” “Next weekend, we have the Michigan
State University Richard Spencer event and the FMI conference in Detroit, so
we’ll be meeting up with the Michigan goys once again, probably get together
with about fourteen or fifteen Patriot Front guys, and then beyond that, we might
have an event planned for St. Patrick’s Day, that’s Saturday the 17th, we might we might
be doing something downtown, probably some high key location. ” “Just, you know…I
was at a meeting for the frat so I was able to scope out this around nighttime, but I
did see that they’re starting, they put up these flyers for like a ‘Diary of Anne
Frank’ kind of thing, so I want to, like, put some of those ‘No Communists, No Jews’
with the America poster.” “Yeah, no, that’s fun to do with lefty stuff, you we put
our stickers on it and it makes them have to take down their own stuff.” “We
talked about, you know, lotta plans that he’s been thinking up, and that I think
are great, we want to do a protests in front of City Hall, um, very soon, especially in
light of the murder of a police commander just two days ago, white police
commander, by some, you know, some nigger, killed him and I just…” “A feral nigger.”
“Yeah, he’s disgusting, you know..’ “Whatever the, there’s a local communist
group in my immediate area, and I tore down their posters but they put some back up in the
local area, I’m gonna take our flyers and tape over theirs, kind of send a
message that, you know, we’re out here, and we’re aware of you.”
“So I decided since I kind of have a unique background, being involved in punk
rock and leftism, I’m gonna exploit that, I’m gonna start getting back in touch
with local groups, even, shit, even local punk shows, and start, kind of, like,
popping up at these places and gather information, taking pictures, writing down
names and shit, and figure out, you know, when they might, what they’re planning,
what they might be doing. For example the Refuse Fascism event was very,
very informational, because they were asked some questions, they were talking
about how they are trying to give actual pamphlets out, to help, um, illegals, what
to do if people knock on your door, basically. That stuff’s important to know,
that these guys, it’s not just about, oh, we’re protesting, these guys are actually
telling criminals to evade the law, you know, or just at least slow down, maybe not stop the
law, but, like, slow down the law enough, where, like, you know, they’re evading capture, you know,
so that’s kind of important to do that kind of stuff.” “Gotchya. Definitely.” “But there is in California,
it’s gonna be in Huntington Beach, it’s going to be a big, like, I guess, a fash
bash, like a big beach bash and it’s gonna be like the 25th, I think, some
Sunday, not this coming weekend or next weekend, but the weekend after, so I’m
really looking forward to that, meeting up with a bunch of guys and kinda networking.” “[Inaudible [Beach Goys?”
“Yeah it’s gonna be Beach Goys, IE,
Patriot Front, just everybody, you know, if you’re one of us, you know, it’s, you’re,
you’re welcome.” “Sounds like a great opportunity for
networking and making friends.” “I also been talking with [inaudible] South Jersey, he’s, um, he was an admin in a ‘Right Wing Death Squads Facebook group.” “Okay.” “So, I’ve been
talking to him and hope to get him to put in the application
or something.” “I’m gonna make it a pretty much a ground-rule, pretty much first
thing we’re gonna tell guys, and, and Terry, Oberon, unmute your mics, tell me if
you concur, all new members that we bring in, we’re, a first thing we’re gonna tell
them to do is acquire a set of boxing gloves. I, honestly, bad gloves will work because we’re only going half-speed, I’m not
paying anybody’s dental bill, and, and a mouth guard.” “Yeah, definitely be careful
about hitting guys in the head too hard, you don’t wanna, you don’t wanna give a dude a
concussion and then he forgets the demonstration he just did totally never
happened in Texas.” “I actually have been
checking out a martial arts class in my area I’m thinking about signing up for, and also today, I actually, uh, I filled out a application to get my LTC in my state, I’m gonna be doing a class for that, an eight hour class in the next two weeks so that should be
fun.” “I have a 40 Cal Glock, a 9-millimeter
Glock, and then three AR-15s, and all these are 80 percents.” “I recently lost a
Polish AKM, and a Chinese mach 90.” “Oh, that sucks.”
“God those Polish guns are bitching, I have a Polish under folder parts kit sitting on top of my shelves and I have a ten ton shop press, folded under my bed, and all I need is any barrel, I’m sorry?” “Do you have an old shovel head?” “I actually have the flat that I bent, all I need to do now is, um, I need to get a set of rivets, I need to get the barrel, I need to figure out head spacing, all that shit, I need…” “Yeah, get a go
or no go gauge, and get somebody who’s skilled with machinery to
help you.” “I have a dozen guns the last I counted, but I do not have an AR, that’s like the one thing I’m missing.” “You live in Massachussets, so rip.” “You know, I, when they were, it sounded like that riot, like, that demonstration todaym was about to turn
into a chimpout, they were getting pretty loud and agitated and unruly, I
was, I was, like, oh god, please chimp out. Please chimp out… [It was] a demonstration at
Tallahassee Florida.” “Because there’s nothing better than, they, they started
their anti-violence whatever thing, and they’re the ones that bring violence to the table. That’s the perfect narrative.” “Whatever rifle you have, if you don’t have at least a
thousand rounds for it, get the fuck out.” “I probably have like five hundred rounds of 9-mil, probably like 250 of 40-cal, and then probably about a, just over a thousand of…” “Hey, can you, can you, can you tell us your exact numbers a little close to your mic, the ATF would
love to hear about it.” “Well for one, you got a network with
people who are, you are interchangeable with. Two, you’ve got to, two, you’ve got to stock up.”
“How much do you have stocked up out of curiosity?” “Hmm you mean how much did I have stocked up?… I’m in the thousands, I’ll just say
that, and not to mention, not to mention, m-43 cartridges are super freakin heavy.
I mean, you, you, I mean, that can be a problem, I mean, I mean, they’re, I mean, that’s the down, that is the downside about AK, it
ain’t for pussies, like, you are gonna have a heavier load. They are antifa’s
preferred weapon. I do have, I do have a few couple boxes of sten at mags, just in
case.” “Put the magazine in the semi-automatic
rifle, and then push up off the ground using you know, the rifle.” “That ain’t for,
that ain’t for pussy-ass capitalist guns, that won’t work on pussy-ass capitalist
guns, you’ll jam the mag all up into your bolt assembly. I know because a
couple guys tried it in my old unit.” “So what you’re saying is you’re not a real man if you
don’t have Sherman tank in your back yard.” “Dude, I have a Messerschmitt in my
backyard, what are you talking about?” (laughter) “You guys are fucking amateurs. I have a
Minutemen three just sitting out there, you know, looking all pretty, looking all
pretty.” “God I hate it when white people show up with these Black Lives Matter signs
and chant “Black Lives Matter.” Fucking stupid! Their lives are not going to
matter in a black ethnostate. Like, trust me, it’s not gonna happen.” “Yeah but bro, have you seen Black Panther?” “Yo did you read that Facebook article written by Arshad Hasan at, like, 11:00?” “Fuckin dude, that’s, the sense of entitlement this guy’s got. He concludes with ‘Nazis on our streets in 2018!’ Dude, your fuckin name is Arshad
Hassan, these are not your streets, you piece of brown shit.” “What to do when your trans boyfriend is on his period.” “Oh fuckin hell. I’m trying to watch a video dude, come on.” “You know that, like, all this shit could
have been avoided if just, like, women never had, like, the right to vote and
stuff?” “Probably.” “Definitely.” “Dude, women are
retarded, like, I was in the same logic as you, and then I realized that one, I was
like, fuck, they can’t fucking like, do this, like, maybe there’s, like, a
small percentage of them may be irrational but like..” “We got to fix it, we
can’t count on them to fix it because that is that they don’t fucking fix anything.”
“Well exactly, that’s why you beat them.” “We, we have, fucking, you know, you know,
fucking rape gangs, I mean, what the fuck? Like, ethnostate rape gang.” “Yeah, but isn’t raping bad, like…?” “No i mean, as long as you’re raping, like, people in your own race, that’s fine, but like…” “What if it’s like, some just, like, good girl, like, she’s a,
she’s like a innocent Stacy?” “Well she should be fucking, she shouldn’t
be fucking wearing, she shouldn’t look like a fucking hooker, like that’s the whole..”
“What if she wasn’t though? What if Stacy is walking to a fucking Bible study?” “And she’s a fucking,
her, her tits are fucking hanging out and he ass is hanging out?” “No, I said what if they weren’t, what if she’s trad Stacy but she’s not married, is she fair game at that point?
Like where do you draw the line?” “Well how old is she?” “What’s a thot? What is a traditional
girl? What is a thot?” “How old is she?” “She’s 12.” “No, that’s too young, fucking, she’s got to be, like, you know, what’s the, what’s the legal age of consent in Michigan? Sixteen? Yeah, sixteen, yeah, sixteen, and then fucking, at eighteen, she’s having kids and that’s
the way it fucking should be. “Nothing wrong with being fourteen.” “I know kids that lost it when they were eleven.” “..look at how perfectly well-adjusted I am.” “Yeah, I mean, but, you know about it’s not a…” “Like, White Sharia is really not that bad.” “Well, yeah, if you take, if you take it, like, in a non fuckin religious form, yeah white Sharia is
definitely dank.” “When I say that, I mean like, if you think about it, if you jumped
back to like, the 19th century, like, that wasn’t white Sharia, but, like, people just
had traditional values and traditional roles.” “It was [inaudible] regular life.” “Yeah, yeah like women are property, you know…” “Let’s say like, 1910, 1890s somewhere in there, up until there. Is that fair? “That’s very fair, I think that’s a good,
good cutoff date.” “Like, women wore long dresses and had their hair nice, yeah I would even say dude, like, straight up, like, Nazi Germany, like, look how women were represented there, dude, like mother, literally mothers got like medals from the government, like, highly sought-after, like, rewards, like, honors for birthing large families and taking
care of them.” “They literally loaned you money to have kids.” “They dressed traditionally, they had traditional values. This was in the 30s and 40s.” “Didn’t Qaddafi do something similar to that? Where he was like, giving people, like, cars, and, like, money to have children, and, like, I forgot what he was doing.
Fucking trad. Qaddafi was right.” “Oh yeah, Qaddafi was…” “Qadaffi did nothing wrong.” “We should have never killed him.” “Him standing between, like, fucking ports, like Africa and the Middle East” “Like, just look, just Google fucking
Gaddafi UN speech and it’s fucking, it’s right there.” “Yeah he gave us the warning,
and we’re like, oh, that’s all we have to do?…” “And the kikes were like, watch it! Watch it! “I hate Jews so much.” “Like Sharia, like, just get stoned to death if you’re gay?” “Well, what we should do is, is that’s expensive, right? Like, what
we should do is essentially, what…” “How do you define homosexuality, that’s the
first question.” “Uh, I don’t, like that you asked me that.” “I, what, one, I think that
there’s gonna be some people, if you can control your fuckin homosexuality and
have a child, and like, not like, do anything gay, like listen… like you know what I mean?”
“No i’m talking about traps.” “Like, don’t ever speak about it, you know what I mean?” “Thomas did you see your flag Nathan made for you?” “Yeah, it was a dildo
swastika, yeah, it was very uh…. that was something else, you get A for creativity. But then, the night, all after Charlottesville, the night after, like, the, literally the bodies are still warm, the, Heather’s,
Heather Heyer’s body is still jiggling after the impact, and it happens, I don’t
even know if it’s stuff, yeah, but it was definitely still going,
it’s not a joke, Stephen, he’s selling [inaudible] for $200 or however much. Anyway, um, so, yeah, it was a big podcast, Azzmador’s podcast [inaudible]… Eli [Mosley] who is now losing race and face, Goldie, who lost her job, and uh, and who else, Christopher
Cantwell, who’s now in prison, or he was in jail, oh now he’s free, now he’s free,
my mistake, and, uh, who else was there… There were lots
of folks there, I was there, um, you know, importantly, oh, and also the entire DS [Daily Stormer]
crew was there I think. Good guys. Anyway, so, I was there, and I have, I started having to
deal with, I was getting, having to deal with the issue that, that uh, it was funny,
so, I mean, it’s funny in hindsight, and when I was there, it was actually really
terrifying, um, in the terms of how am I going to deal with it. So I was sitting down
next to Cantwell and other people and it was kind of [inaudible] and then
Eli, Eli Mosley, says but they’re supposed to be quiet,
um, okay, because the podcast is being recorded, and he, like, leans over and shows his phone
to me, and he’s like, have you seen? And I see it’s, uh, it’s James Alex Fields standing in a shield
wall next to a bunch of VA guys with the VA stuff on their, you know, logos on
their shields and hats. And I was like, “oh shit! That’s bad. This is a PR nightmare.” And of
course, I was like, racking my brain, I was, like, do I know this guy? Did I vet this guy? In fact of course I didn’t, it’s been confirmed, but nonetheless,
that’s all they needed and they ran with it. And so I was dealing with that in my head,
and I was like, how am I going to give a coherent podcast interview while I’m
trying to sort this out. So, uh, that was fun. Anyway, server bans stop and start
going around, copypastas of lying statements start going around, servers
getting deleted, people are getting removed, it’s a big mess, it lasts for
about five hours. I’m doing calls to people left and right, trying to reason with them.
Regardless, it all worked out for the better, ’cause I’m here with you guys. It lasted for a month.
A month of this going back and forth, it was a mess, it was disgusting, I was dedicating hours a day to talking to people try to figure out something, anyways, it ended
with me filing a formal resignation from the LLC. I gave Dillon a PDF that said I,
Thomas Ryan Rousseau, am resigning, and I had my signature on it, it was over
and I was done, and I was cleaning my hands of it and I have not spoken a word to
him since. So, that is the whole deal, that is the long short of it, and
the rest is history. And then I founded PF [Patriot Front] like the day after.” “There’s no Matt Heimbach memes on here, its kinda sad. I’m a little disappointed.” “Oh, yeah, dude, honestly, Heimbach, if it came down to a fight,
I’m sure he could take care of himself. He’s a big set, you know he’s a heavy…
that’s the number one rule I learned like, growing up,
don’t fuck with fat people. They just, it just, it just looks bad, you see the recent documentary by that bitch, I forgot what company, but, she met him in
a park, it just looked bad on their part because, they’re like, they have nothing
planned out, or she’s supposed to meet with them, it’s late, they end up meeting in
some fucking park, and then they promised that they’re gonna take her in the
morning to do door-to-door, as a, you know, to show community activism, and of course they bail. I mean they don’t really have, like, high agency, high quality guys.” “Dude, if you look at a lot of Heimbach’s shit, it’s fucking super cringe-worthy.” “Yeah, dude, I’m, I’m pretty good on having nothing to do with TWP ever.” “There’s a picture of Enoch’s fat ass doing a Sig Heil in front of an NSM flag. Jesus Christ these people are fucking dumb.” “I mean, to be fair, we were doing the same thing at that fucking picnic, so…” “I did it once, and, uh, I did it once, so it doesn’t count.” “I’m excited to see what kind of big rallies people are gonna plan this summer.” “Like, I think, I think we hit, like, 70-something universities. Basically, what
happens is there’s the uh, the open web, right, so like all the IPs are out there,
right, so you, you have your network, you hit that IP, and then you get sent into
another sub, sub network and so, basically, we were just hitting IPs and sending, and sending the code to it, and if it was, if it was a printer, it would print it
out. So, yeah, it was 20,000 printers, and it was, oh yeah, so basically, you, all
printers are on the port 9100, and so, or most printers are on that port, so
basically just send to that port, and, and it would just, it would just print, I mean
it was just fucking kind of funny. I want to show you the video, just the reaction
that you got from these people, right, like, just, like, oh for instance, this, this
Jewish professor right, like, she, she was one of the first people to see it in her
thing, and she was like crying and shit. It was fucking beautiful. Oh, it was
29,000 college printers, mostly, and it took, it took, it was on the 24th to the
25th..” “So did all, like 77 schools have, like, no security on their printing network, or what?” “Exactly. They are on the open Internet,
their, their, their access, like, you don’t have to log into, like, uh, how do I explain
this, so at work, do you, like, you get a password for your network, right?” “Yeah.”
“Okay, so, basically, at a lot of schools, because, it’s, you know, they’re trying to,
you know, do free printing or whatever, they, uh, they don’t make you log in, and so,
uh, you know, pretty much, uh, pretty much, on the open Internet, man.” “You ever think
about how much paper and ink you wasted at all these schools, like monetarily, like, what that added up to?” “Uhhh…. yes. Um, I think it was like, about, like, it was upwards to like $20,000, probably. Yeah, so, like, we like, UMass,
fucking DePaul, like, like, all the Ivy League fucking schools, you know, and the
funny thing is, is the system admin would email Weev, or like,
email, like, one of us, and he would be like, funny guys,
real funny, but he was like, I can’t believe we had our printers on the open
web, thanks for fucking clearing this up. Like, they were appreciative of it, like,
like, personally, I could get a payload from the dark web and drop a fucking RAT
onto your fucking printer and as soon as your computer connects to that printer, I
could send you that fucking RAT and it could just, you know, it could turn into..” “When you say RAT, what do mean, like I don’t..”
“Random Access Tool. So, um, a keylogger, so, all, everything you type,
every, all your passwords, all your photos, if you got, if you had a cam, it would
take pictures of you, you know, take snapshots of your internet, of your pages.
I mean, then I can write that, and I’m not a good pro-, I mean I’m a good programmer but I’m not a good hacker.” “How the fuck did it get leaked? Is it a, is it a long story that involves, like, a leak within our organization, like somebody somebody
who’s…” “Yes.” “Well, that’s not good.” “One, don’t share
addresses and plans and shit in fucking open chats, which is why, like earlier, like,
it sounded like I was overreacting but I was like, just like Patrick for example, like
don’t, just don’t share specifics in anywhere open. Send it directly to the
people, very simple, but just…” “Well i mean to be fair, I mean, everybody knows everybody there, so, I don’t..” “Well yeah, but to be fair, that, just, it’s better just to not do it,
and just don’t do it.” “I mean, yeah, we can go for max opsec, but
there’s a point where it just doesn’t, there’s, you know, you got to scale the security of the risk, there’s just no point…”
“Yeah, but at the same time there’s literally, it takes no extra effort to just not share that shit in public.” “I mean it does, though, you got a DM each,
I mean, we got the commander’s chat but whatever.” “Oh god, I have to, I have to copy and paste
this into several individual messages instead of sharing it everywhere for
everyone to see. But also they shouldn’t have planned it, like they’re planning
details in the fuckin general thread too, which was just retarded.

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  1. ter·ror·ism
    the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

  2. What these people have in common is oppressive agency. They don't want to see that the entitlement they are being denied belongs to everyone and not being denied to them by those that they choose to oppress.

  3. While I think these people are disgusting in every way how exactly did this audio leak? Did somebody infiltrate their organization and record the audio or were the logs hacked?

  4. Yeah, you don't want to hit each other too hard. Don't want to forget that you're racist. Bunch of clowns!

  5. If these are really white nationals and not leftist communists trying to smear white nationals they do NOT represent all White Nationals. Rape is NEVER justified doesn’t matter what race they are!

  6. Trash. Total fabrication. "We're Patriot Front & gonna go meet up with Patriot Front & do stuff". Hope, not Hate needs to school these wankers on cointel better.

  7. If you have a good argument you don’t need to fabricate evidence to support it. This is exactly the same as the damage Jussie Smolette did to victims of legitimate hate crimes by staging a fake one. This kind of fakery is a hate crime as it vilifies a group. There’s voice identification software (just like reverse image software searches) and when the guys that are actually in this group dox you for doing this…well, it was a valiant effort and will be mentioned in your eulogies.

  8. Poor LARP attempt. You idiots didn't even try to include the voice chat join / leave notification sounds…. Way to go, dimwits, anyone who has used ADL owned Discord can see right through you. Nobody with half a brain uses Discord to plan protests…
    … Wait 🤔, I bet antifa does! U low hanging fruit are no threat. Your leashes are long in 2019. Watch how fast your owners pull your poodle asses back to safety when the rabid dogs of war break out of the Dog Pound.

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