38 thoughts on “Lauren Southern on Violent Protests and Nationalism (Pt. 3)

  1. Immigrants taking their money? Let's not forget that these countries wealth is from other countries resources. Mostly they are the reason why these countries are all fked up. After draining each African and middle-eastern country do you actually think they would feel bad for taking your tax money etc? Gotta see it both ways. Karma is truly a bitch.

  2. If you really want to help black people in inner cities tell them that this is America and they can do whatever the fuck they want regardless of their skin color or gender. Stop holding them back with this myth of white privilege, stop telling them that they can't succeed because they're black. Tell them that they can do anything and be anyone they want. Thats the mentality that built this country and its the victim mentality thats destroying it.

  3. Nickolas scrck ear grow back? wake the fuck up people same video bob hope did with brother and sister seem both in a better place or grown since than..look up video with Bob hope and Satans lavey ….Peter Gabriel sword still Sharp if we need it
    lol that a joke

  4. you were at Nelson ledges big Charlie never served any time in jail at all I heard him that Court system a joke.

  5. Lauren Southern is by every correct definition a racist. She does not care about culture, islam or anything like that, all she cares about are blacks "replacing" whites. She mixes ideology and race all the time as if they are the same thing. Her comment sections are full of people complaining about black, not muslim immigration. This is the problem with The Rubin Report and his group of friends, and this "movement" as a whole. Libertarians are being mixed with racists and the racists are being promoted. When real libertarians speak out against her racism they are being labeled sjw.

  6. The Rubin Report always has alot of angry comments about how people are allowed to present their views without a fight. Is listening to another view that strange or that much of a threat?
    So wierd people are actually surprised to see someone listen!
    If your views are so shaky you can't even handle someone talking…
    The anger of the left makes sense now…it's a response to fear. Fear of what they don't yet understand.

  7. Er…. No Lauren, Trump is not building that wall. More than a year on and it's not happening. And he just caved to the Dems on the omnibus bill.

  8. Sounds like the Right needs to take a big ol' group of patriots into Milwaukee, armed to the teeth and ready to kill.

  9. I'm pretty liberal by my country's standards and even centre leaning Western conservatives and libertarians could be called leftists.
    Radical/regrssive leftists are just like medieval-era conservatives who definitely didn't want any changes to happen to their thinking.

  10. How is homeboy not questioning his sexuality sitting across from that. Jesus tapdancing christ. . .

  11. 5:18 – Is he serious in saying everyone likes Steve Harvey? Harvey is a nut and a cheater on his wife.

  12. I use to think that she was 90% enthusiasm but now I see she does have some pretty solid view points.

  13. i had no idea that dave rubin had a husband. I've watched a bunch of his videos and only ever heard him say that once , very refreshing that is not how i saw him at all. just another guy. that how it should be

  14. Agree! We need a very strong Culture of Freedom and we need to defend that culture and make sure people coming into the country assimilate into that culture

  15. Can women and men really trust a women feminist president? It has destroyed all companies and all nations that have 'tried' it.

  16. free speech is good but its lost in people who only see there version of reality,maybe black lives matter or extreem muslims wil see the light but untill they do these things are lost on them because nomatter what you say to them in free speech they wont realy listen annyway there blinded by there own anger.

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