Latin America’s Orchestrated Ideology Shift

Latin America’s Orchestrated Ideology Shift

welcome to another episode of behind at the deep state I'm Alex Newman your host and today we're going to talk about the deep state and what they've been up to in Latin America so I grew up in Latin America so it's kind of like personal to me if you will and I want to start off you know we could have picked other points but I want to start off with Cuba you know and the enslavement of Cuba under communist totalitarianism in Cuba you know this isn't especially close I showed you because I'm from Miami so I like half the population of my city is from Cuba and well it's nice to have them there you know it's good to have anti communists in the area you never know what the commies will be up to it's very tragic that their homeland was enslaved and that they had to flee from their homeland a lot of them risking their lives on his little you know rubber dinghies and makeshift rafts that they created so let's talk about what happened there the reality is the Council on Foreign Relations the globalist deep state entity based in New York that Hillary Clinton says she takes her orders from and it's agents within the US State Department and the New York Times and other key institutions not only put Castro in power but then later stabbed in the back the brave men and actually boys some of them under the age of 18 who went to Cuba in the Bay of Pigs invasion to liberate their home country now some of the key people involved in this operation and what you'll see is a very common pattern one of the key people was at the New York Times you know the the gray lady so-called name was Herbert Matthews and this guy was a pro Castro radical he went and interviewed Castro and wrote about what a great freedom fighter and how he was gonna liberate Cuba the George Washington of Cuba the the New York Times called Fidel Castro who of course went on to murder tens of thousands of people other key CFR people the chairman of the New York Times Arthur sults burger and the publisher of the New York Times Orville Dreyfuss and you know it's it's not that they can claim ignorance the US ambassador to Cuba originally Arthur Gardner said that quote Fidel Castro talked and acted like a communist and should not be supported by the United States and so CFR members in the State Department forced him out of his position they sent another guy down ambassador Earl Smith same thing happened he warned them that Castro was a communist they wouldn't listen of course everybody knew this right Robert Welch the founder of the John Birch Society was sounding the alarm but the New York Times was saying he was a freedom fighter and he was gonna liberate Cuba so um you had Secretary of State John Foster Dulles a guy who wrote in his book war peace that the UN would be the nucleus of the global government they were building he was actually one of the cofounders of the Council on Foreign Relations he gave an order that barred the Batista government in Cuba from using any supplies they had received from the United States any men who had been trained under a US military program any American planes any American ships that they had received anything right so this was a devastating blow to the Batista government meanwhile Castro was getting American weapons and Soviet weapons and so you know faced with an enemy being armed by the US and by the Soviet Union with a complete lack of support unable to even use his own military to defend his nation he had to step down and of course the Communists took over it was an absolute disaster tens of thousands of people were put up against the wall and shot farms were taken businesses were stolen the youth were put into these government brainwash camps to be brainwashed to love communism and Castro and ambassador Smith who was the US ambassador to Cuba we spoke about him actually came back and wrote a very detailed account of all this it was the fourth floor an account of the Castro communist revolution and he wrote quote Castro could not have seized power in Cuba without the aid of the United States American government agencies in the United States press played a major role in bringing Castro to power he specifically he really should have talked about the Council on Foreign Relations but he went on he said as the United States ambassador to Cuba during the Castro communist revolution of 57-59 I had first-hand knowledge of the facts which brought about the rise of Fidel Castro the State Department constantly intervened positively negatively and by innuendo to bring about the downfall of President Batista thereby making it possible for Fidel Castro to take over the government of Cuba this is actually very similar to what happened in China and maybe we'll save that for another episode later there was a party of anti-communist Cubans who wanted to go back and liberate their homelands many of them had been forced to flee to the United States and they made plans to invade in the Bay of Pigs and again we find members of the Council on Foreign Relations deliberately sabotaging this operation deliberately stabbing these boys in the back and letting them get captured and killed on purpose right actually Co wrote an article about this in the new American magazine with one of the Bay of Pigs invaders his name is Frank live I don't know a great Patriot a great freedom fighter and he was there firsthand he spent over a year in a communist gulag until President Kennedy got him out but some of the people within the Kennedy administration who were responsible for betraying these boys in these men US Secretary of State Dean Rusk member of the Council on Foreign Relations White House director of national security McGeorge Bundy another member of the Council on Foreign Relations and of course US ambassador to the UN Adlai Stevenson another member of the Council on Foreign Relations they urged President Kennedy to cancel the air strikes that were supposed to go along with the Bay of Pigs invasion obviously you can't win this type of battle without air strikes so they literally ensured the defeat of these boys and these men that went to go liberate their homeland on purpose and this allowed Castro to capture and kill those men and those boys and of course Cuba remained enslaved communism was given a massive victory for what because the CFR did it this continues to this day in 2013 we actually wrote an article in the new American exposing a Castro apologist who was running the CFR as Latin American division her name was Julius wig SW EIG she thanked convicted terrorists in her book she was very close to the late tyrant in Havana Fidel Castro and of course she was running the CFR s Latin America Studies program and serving as the Nelson and David Rockefeller senior fellow for Latin American Studies former US military intelligence official who was charged with tracking Cuban spies in the United States describes wig as an agent of influence for the Castro regime so from Cuba Castro then exported this wicked ideology this wicked revolution all across Latin America absolute disaster if you wonder why so much of Latin America has been the victim of totalitarianism wonder no more Castro went on to found the são Paulo forum in Portuguese you would call it the photo Desalle Paulo this was a network of communists and socialists founded by Fidel Castro former Brazilian President and now inmate in prison Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and of course the Sandinistas the mass murdering Marxist gangsters who enslaved Nicaragua and of course the FARC the Marxist narco terrorists in Colombia who loved to ship cocaine to the United States so they can fund revolution and murder and mayhem in Colombia now these communists went on to form these regional integration organizations like the Union of South American states which of course selected socialists to run the place and there's many many more of these right miracle Seward said luck all these different integration schemes to surrender national sovereignty build up these regional governments to enslave the people not just of Latin America but of the world so we need to stop the deep state we need to stop the deep state not just in Latin America but in the United States and at the heart of this agenda is the Council on Foreign Relations so we need to do everything we can to expose them to oppose them and to make sure that more innocent people are not victimized by this evil agenda this is behind the deep State with Alex Newman make sure you like subscribe share go to the new American comm and see you next week

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  1. After retiring as a teacher some 10 years ago, I began researching why the education system in the US is so bad. In the course, of this research through the internet and books I discovered the CFR and much, much more information that shocked me regarding the true history of the US, including how the global elites (specifically the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations) deliberately took over education and has controlled it ever since, dumbing down the American population to the sad place we have arrived at today. I was horrified to learn that these powerful elites deliberately have caused all the wars in the world since at least WWI for the purpose of gaining control over the world's population and all its wealth. These people are truly evil… God help us ….

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