morning joe joe scarborough went on a rant apologizing to the world about the debates because last night's debate was feisty and a lot happened in joe i'm gonna put you in the uncomfortable football of wrapping it how did the democrats do last night you know this is one of those moments where i have to figure out whether i'm nice or whether i do what i get paid to do last night was a disaster for the democratic party my only hope is people were not watching and i will tell you why first of all on policy well let let's talk about the goal of which every democrat believes which is we have to beat Donald Trump right so they're lined up in trench warfare ready to get out of the trenches and charge and fight Donald Trump instead they all turn their guns on each other and shoot each other and everybody's yelling each other all night everybody I get if you were watching if you're an American and this is your introduction to these candidates in the Democratic Party and all you see are twelve people yelling at each other trying to interrupt each other insulting each other you're like you know what I thought Donald Trump was a clown show I'm changing the channel let's you said I'm so so sorry the debates were a disaster that's when you know you've been in politics way too long if you think a show was a disaster I don't even think you should call a debate show or any show a disaster we got real disasters Joe like I don't know pretending you're a real journalist SS disaster but it's not a disaster compared to Joe Porto Rico or Haiti or what's going on in in it what's going on in neighborhoods all across this country we're bad water heavy metals those are disasters i criminal justice system that's a disaster Joe but you won't had that type of urgency like you had about something and that is important is real life for death or even freedom access anyway you got it kind of you got to kind of relegate yourself to to deal in try issues well you deal with people like this these these elitist cuz this big deal to them it's all that matters don't have regular problems like this it'd be disaster if you walked out tomorrow your car was gone it'd be disaster if you got laid off today and you'll have another job lined up it'd be a disaster somebody got a medical diagnosis and you know you don't have insurance those are disasters but to Joe is a disaster why because Kamala Harris caught up that's a disaster it's a disaster so they're lined up in trench warfare ready to go out of the trenches in charge and change or charge Donald Trump instead they all turn their guns on each other and shoot each other and everybody's yelling at each other all night they weren't yelling each other all night not all night there was there was personally I don't know it was I said in the earlier video I said you know what Kamala the cop had to play cop you see hey be like get him back in line hey hey hey oh whoa blow a whistle and everything don't make me have to use this so he said if you're an American and this is your introduction to these candidates in the Democratic Party and all you see are 12 people yelling at each other trying to interrupt each other insulting each other you're like you know what I thought Donald Trump was a clown I'm changing the channel see he thinks calling out Jill Biden is you know a clown show in so it's a itself to say hey why you vote that way I wonder if he thought it was an insult to keep asking Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders to explain democratic socialism that what you're talking about what do you talk about Joe Biden get his feelings hurt this should have been a lot more people getting caught out that night some I shoulda clawed out Kamala Harris about her prison prosecutor prosecutorial record that'll be nice I could have rolled with that I'd forget about it maybe thought her out about see minutiae in the bank loans the illegal foreclosures that she decided not to prosecute I would have rolled with that I thought that I preferred that was apt but that didn't happen in fact Jill Biden was only caught out about his scandal that was just in the news a couple of days ago because Carla Harris brought it up and went like the moderators brought it up in fact over the last two days the only scandals that were brought up were one about Tulsi Gabbard that was almost 20 years old about how she thought before she was even in office about the LGBTQ community or marriage equality or whatever before it was even a thing called marriage equality that's how far back they've dug to smear her and then the other ones with Peter Bugis when I asked him about an actual situation going on in this town right now where black man was shot by a cop a white cop who didn't for some reason didn't feel necessary to cut on his body even though disposable by the camps and somehow the cops still employed the source the chief and a couple of people asked Pete hey man I don't make sense why is that why uh why did this find a guy but to Joe Scarborough these regular questions that we should ask politicians who want to be President are over the top well some people called it a low blow it's a low blow to say hey man wait and what the black kid is going through the white schools I think Joe Biden should be able to answer for what Jill Biden says I think it's nothing wrong with questioning him in fact I would think we'll be uncivilized not to question him about his past he brought up the past and a fundraiser he wrote it in a book to my understanding well if you write something in the book of me bring it up repeatedly on the campaign trail or in fund raisers well you know what you can be called to answer for it now I know Joe Scarborough is used to being a Republican as a Republican up until Trump got elected now I will send Heather a conditional conscience I get it some people refer to that as a business opportunity flyer scarborough but keep it real you're doing nothing on this show other than doing what you're paid to do just like you said in the outset you know this is one of those moments where I have to figure out whether I'm nice not whether I do what I get paid to do question candidates is what we should do in fact we should do it more often we should have vet the hell out of these candidates one of the nomination for a party to run for president should be a job that's onerous tenuous and full of potholes and landmines anything else would be uncivilized what would be devastating is to elect or select another Hillary Clinton I'm Tim black follow me real turn black become a member of my Wolf Pack


  1. It's a contest Joe. They're supposed to get their points across. The venom from his spout is disgusting. So is his ugly mug.

  2. The Democrats are full of s*** at this point and I'm glad that it is a party that I moved from and became an independent I encourage all my people especially my black people ADOS to become an independent the fact of all of these Republicans raising their hands when the question was asked do you believe undocumented immigrants should have free healthcare who's supposed to pay for this and why is the Democratic party pandering to undocumented immigrants when these people aren't supposed to be voting in the first place it seems like the agenda of most of these candidates it's either the LGBT or undocumented immigrants and that is it how are you going to win an election against Donald Trump with that and what programs are you going to cut an order for these undocumented immigrants to have free healthcare

  3. The irony when Harris was speaking was too much I busted out laughing when she was talking about separating kids from their parents…. I was the only one laughing

  4. The Rant Heard Round the World…

    (DNC Magic Tricks and the Rant of Kamala Harris);

    Kamala Harris is an establishment candidate and there was allot of DNC aided stagecraft with debate #2 (Yang's mic was cut off as well as I'm certain were others during key moments). The debates were not debates, they were not anything that would have been acceptable in any college debate contest. They were a show, with a hidden director. Kamala didn't say anything we didn't know about Joe Biden, she just said it well. Yet was it too well said? Was it planned by her (I think so), or maybe planned through some manipulative DNC intention for "their candidate and chosen one" to rise from, because they too know that Biden can't last. I'm not saying that's what happened, but what I am saying is that there was too much stagecraft going on for me to trust the DNC. Many small news agencies are pointing to MSNBC and blaming them, yet it was a DNC event which was crafted by the DNC, which leads me to believe that whoever that hidden director was that was in charge of the microphones and cameras was doing so on the direct authorization of the DNC. I like Kamala allot more after that debate, yet then she also walked back her pledge in a very key moment (she and Biden actually), when it was asked who supported government healthcare. The crowd cheered, there was Bernie and Kamala with hands proudly raised with Biden attempting to join in, yet just after the debate, both Biden and Kamala walked their support back to their previously insurance corporation supporting positions. That was the most fancy lie 2 candidates ever told thus far in 2019. It was slick and just as slick as Yang's microphone being turned off. It was pure DNC sponsored stagecraft >:( and I'm not happy about that! Oh… and the Booty… Mayor Pete, the DNC still seems very happy about him as well and he has no positions or answers for anything, as if the Booty is made with a pure Teflon coating. "Kamala didn't go off on Mayor Pete" and Mayor Pete has allot of racial issues which he sided with white cover-ups on black issues back in that not very happy city he comes from, where the Booty was not doing his duty. So when it comes to black issues, Mayor Pete can't compete, and Kamala didn't mention that racial inequality once during her well rehearsed racially charged rant she unloaded on Biden. It's all too much stagecraft for me. It's obvious that progressive issues are under attack and the DNC is attacking through hidden debate DNC director/s and their stagecraft. They will do anything to distract the American public from the real issues which are well publicly supported and that's why we heard more about immigration more than any other issue, as if it were the only issue… yet we all know that that's the republican issue and the distracting issue for everything the corporate doesn't want us to have any media time to see. It's a magic trick, a stage craft through a hidden DNC directors hand.

  5. All I saw was an overcrowded stage of people politely trying to get their main issues forward without stepping on each other's toes too hard while several of them had nothing to add to the conversation and will hopefully be weeded out.

  6. So the same piece of shit people who said 4 years ago that Trump was a complete dumbass with ZERO chance of winning are now telling me that that same fucking UNPOPULAR moron Donald Trump is unbeatable??? Obviously it’s back to their ratings grabbing strategy of the horse race. FUCK THE SHITTY CORPORATE MEDIA.

  7. Lol so wtf did Joe think was gonna happen AT A DEBATE? Was he expecting all the candidates to agree with each other and that's it? Then that's not a debate.
    Jesus Christ what a moron.

  8. WTF Joe?? I don’t enjoy tons of interruptions but the candidates are competing for the nomination, so of course they are going to attack each other. What matters is the how. What a stupid criticism

  9. Did Joe Scarbrough just call a debate a disaster because the people were debating during a debate?

  10. Love watching how the Democrats showed how they truly are retarded. Kamal thinks she’s African, Castro thinks men can have abortions, Bernie with one foot in the grave, Warren out Free Shitting everyone else, Beto pandering to Hispanics (speak English motherfuckers) and the other desperate clowns. Keep it up guys, you are the best thing for Donald Trump. But worry not, Trump will only be your President for 5 more years!

  11. Joe Scarborough is a tool! This was not a real debate thanks to DNC fix but I enjoyed the in-fighting, agree wi you Tim, should have been more of it! First of all, Bernie didn't yell at anyone, nor did Yang, Marianne, kinklehooper? & whomever. . "Not a Food fight" was classic line from Kamala & "bussing whoa!" she castrated Biden lol I was glad to hear Tulsi show some spunk.

  12. How about they don't have a plan for people that look like me or my group. You're an entire fool if you are so-called black and think ANY of the politicians, at that level, care about you/us. They watch while our water, and air are poisoned and how our injustice system is out of control. They more worried about LGBQXYZ than any other group.
    Presidents are SELECTED. Dang, do we understand THAT YET? You essentially vote (choose to be in agreement) for demonic people who have no ear for our issues….(but they got it for every other group).
    I could give a poo about ANYTHING they say because it's all a game.

  13. Joe, Blondie and Co. are just entertainers (bad ones) on the stage. LOL They even have an audience sitting around at Cafe tables. Pathetic. And Kamala…Kamala is already selling T shirts with "that girl was me". Just 30 dollars, thank you. It's all a big show of well trained, well fed Parrots.

  14. Damn Tim you tell like it is, bam. What does Joe Scarborough, or Joe Biden, or Joe Smoe know?

    Apparently, not much. Morning Joe just confirmed what a real jerk and Republican at heart he really is.

  15. I fucking hate this talk of civility. Being nice isnt going to help you win, we already tried that with Clinton. It’s not being divisive to ask hard questions because that’s the fucking point of a primary, to find he best candidate that will win. All this talk about “attacking each other” is stupid like the republicans wouldn’t do their damnedest to find dirt on the democratic nominee. It’s so dumb

  16. You make an excellent point about none of the candidates being called out over recent scandals by the moderators, yet Tulsi Gabbard was gotcha'd over her views from decades ago that she has already answered for about 43926285 times. That shows you how even-handed the MSM are NOT.

  17. If Bernie did what Kamala did he'd be getting lambasted in the media right now for being mean and divisive! Good on Bernie for letting her do the dirty work. I suspect Kamala will cut into Warrens numbers because they attract the same type of base voter's.

  18. If Biden can't survive a few hits on the primary trail Trump will eat him alive. Burnt and with Ketchup.

  19. Biden flamed out, and they want Biden to protect their sweet sweet low taxes and lax regulations. And the Military and Prison industrial complexes.

  20. Kamala complained about food fights and then starts one! SMFH And corp media gave her all the time she wanted to do so!! Glad it was Biden she attacked though….

  21. Just read a post by Greg Palast about Kamala. Here is what he said: "Her father was a Stanford professor and her mother a professor at McGill, Canada’s top university. Kamala went to Westmount High School, one of the most elite public schools in Canada. Good for her, but let’s cut the up-from-streets crap, Kamala."

  22. Lol! Tell Joe Scarborough that we all clearly remember the fiasco that was 2016 Republican Primary and no amount of projecting will erase it! Especially considering the low quality of candidates and the eventual winner! Lmao!

  23. Morning Ho and Mika, daughter of the late psycho Zbigniew Brzezinski. Incompetent right along with the rest of the lame brain media squawking heads.

  24. Beating Trump is not a policy. 🙄 What did Joe expect? That a debate would make all look like friends with the same idea???

  25. If you wanna see people screaming over each other like middle schoolers on a sugar high, check out Trump, Cruz, and Christie last time around for the GOP.

  26. That show Joe sucks everyone needs to not watch that's show.. oh ya look at the Republican debate with Trump and his shouts Joe is an idiot.. he and MIKA sucks. !!!!

  27. 12 people on stage fighting over getting out their 60 second soundbites, it's not really the candidates fault for trying to get enough air time. The structure of the debates is ridiculous and should be changed, but the media profits off of cage fight style debates but pretends it is appalled by it.

  28. That's what a debate IS, Joe, you dipshit. It's a "disaster" to call people out on their records, but the hurtful results of those records are not a disaster. Noooo, that's ok as long as politicians remain "civil" on tv. Hey, outta sight outta mind and the rest of us privileged A-holes can go on our merry way not being made to feel the least bit uncomfortable.

  29. Tim, I'm at five minutes, and I wish you'd been on that stage to call her out. Sure you don't want to run for office?

  30. It takes a little time for Tim to get his point across. He is right as usual about Harris. She should have been called out for keeping innocent people in prison.

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