LAST TO LEAVE OCEAN Wins $10,000! (Worst GMI 24 Hour Challenge in Hawaii) | Rebecca Zamolo

LAST TO LEAVE OCEAN Wins $10,000! (Worst GMI 24 Hour Challenge in Hawaii) | Rebecca Zamolo

I told you all right Sam Sam said we’re
at room 10:43 and we are on a time limit or running out of time and you guys said
that third key we found in the escape room with the question mark at 10:43 on
it so I hope this works smash the thumbs up button if you think this is going to
work mister other guys ready three but a time limit for blood not opening up but
you didn’t lose your briefcase maybe wouldn’t even be in the situation you
guys we need to figure this out okay the card it said something right it said the
room number you got here and then it has okay here we go you ready Congrats on
making it this far but you’ve only just begun
inside the room there is a black box they need what is inside the black box
it’s 24 hours to open it in your channel so the first clue is it’s time fuller
lastly if the ocean wins $10,000 shell what that was agent that chaise longue
in the white room yes these are the face reveal the one that made a sign the
contract he works for the GM I is going on okay it said blows where’s the
lockbox here’s right there it’s right there that’s here is the black box you
guys how did you open it’s locked it looks like we need a key okay where’s
the key I don’t know it should float on the video okay it must be something shy
yeah the ocean or the pool we all need to get change let’s meet down in the
lobby in three minutes okay because we’re running out of time and it sets my
channel back our channel or channel me I don’t know zamp um do you guys think
that it means that we’ll have our channel deleted if we don’t complete
this challenge we need to figure out what’s inside this black box okay you
guys get change all right I made it down to the lobby area um I
don’t know where Matt and Rebecca are I don’t even see rocking but we gotta
hurry like 24-hour challenge is probably already started I don’t know what this
means oh here they’re here they’re super dress great and except floats so I think
we need to head to the ocean to the right over there rocky rocky rocky sad you were coming and near boats that
way guys okay okay okay Thank You Vicki am I Juicy’s alarm as we know it’s like
I don’t know there’s a bunch of boats looking like a boat Oh gonna be great
this is this is our cool it will float and we have to find a key
does that mean we’re going all the way out into the ocean I think so we’re not
just floating here I guess Zamfam comment below if you think you know what
challenge we are about to do because we have no idea okay let’s get this
vacation started he’s not taking this seriously at all
hey we’re on vacation I even invited my wife in Hawaii but we actually really
need to find a key oh great now we’re all work we’re on the team so no problem
you’re on you know I’m not under contract now I’m on vacation I’m trying
but I am here to help you out so what boat are we going to they said that’s
your boat okay I don’t know what this challenge is
gonna whoa Carter sure did lastest team wins maybe
it’s the last to sink I hope not Lucas and Marcus device to leave the
ocean yeah Oh Gordon said that too in the ocean oh oh ocean okay okay maybe
that’s it yeah looked at like a peer but it’s not
complete or broken hey fam do you remember the last time we went to Hawaii
there was a pier that was being worked on and it was sunken in it it kind of
looks like that one but you’re on a different Island so that doesn’t make
sense oh you saw our deeds win there yeah where’s she going okay so it looks like
we’re here at the ocean are we supposed to float for 24 hours in the water and
what do you think we have to be in the water the whole time I mean we have to
find a key I don’t know where the keys maybe it’s on this boat maybe it’s on
the pier wife the chima is on that boat right there and they’re watching us it
does look like a GMI boat look it’s black and white kind of they’re six
it’s a GMI boat hey maybe look black and white what do you think rocky Knight
could be could be what if she has the key and she’s dropping it me up yeah
this is crazy right now we are in the middle of the ocean in Hawaii and I
don’t know what the GMI wants us to do here but we have to find a key I’m not
sure if it’s on the lower in the ocean all we know is that we have to float
somehow and we’re on a countdown to get the key or that black box because we
need to figure out what is inside what do we do and look at this it’s from the
GMI you guys it says you cannot get back on the boat until you find the key what
he must be in the ocean block wait so we have this black box it is the key down
in the ocean they all they have to look for it okay you guys so it looks like we
are about to go into the ocean we need to get our scuba gear on and we need to
find a key right let’s have fun rocky you gotta fight in you gotta help out a
little bit yeah sure oh I’m here for vacation moral
support okay you need to help us we’ll find it I’ll
flow it around and look out for you guys it’s not taking this serious at all Oh
Kelly do you think you could film for us no problem I think we all need to be in
the water so we can find that key as fast as possible let’s do it hang
okay Matt so you’re gonna go in first we’re gonna meet you okay Wow guys are
suet stuffed on that really yes there’s so much bull
how are we gonna find a small key oh no don’t get up this ocean so big okay
they said head that way people here stop what there’s three
people do you think they’re with the GMI what if they find the key before we do
okay Matt look they’re looking for something they’re looking for something
okay okay okay you gotta get this pick all right you guys okay this boot is
called Luciana’s 430 look it out before the gmia despite the contract numbers
used to be really important do you think four-30 it’s important yeah I’m so
scared of sharks Am I you don’t surf I don’t do any of
that because I hate so we all need to stay in the ocean until we find the key
so we could go as fast as we can and look for the key okay rocket why are you
guys doing that you’ll be catching some rays enjoying the island hotel back on
the boat without the key there’s already three people now they’re looking for
there you go there you helping this is the worst vacation ever
this is a bad time to tell you oh yeah I forgot what we were doing okay
it’s also my first pop yeah so I’m gonna go down right now and search for the key
smashes up that button hopefully I find it so we can get back on the boom the girl that brought us all get me that
way shall we yeah baby okay you know when you guys find that
let me know I’m gonna go rest on the boat I didn’t sign a contract so I can
get back on the boat I guess he’s right though he’d ever signed yeah let’s go to
war about it I think you went to this shaman Vicki might be there you know
okay I feel bad for you okay so maybe you guys do you think Matt’s over there
maybe he’d find it here I think the peer support right you guys are back in
Hawaii there was a pier don’t you feel like bitches VMI is bringing us to
places it’s almost like they’re playing game with us like the recreating Oh big
master video okay but why why are they doing this to us
why they because I play a game I don’t get it okay well we need to go check by
the pier you guys sang camp there are a lot of people now out here if you see
Matt comment below they haven’t at all don’t know what
we’re gonna do by myself for a while did you find subtype out a key yes no we’re
looking for that’s not gonna be the key for the black box but do you think it’s
look it’s like a hotel it doesn’t tell okay we should keep this maybe this is a
clue I thought I saw him over that way what she was right below you well I’ve been here like an hour and about yeah retired won’t leave the waters I don’t
know how long the last to leave the ocean wind and the key guys come on good
swim max okay we’re back all right man you guys are working super hard
rocky I wish you’d told us about that key a lot sooner we were in the ocean
for so long where’s the key drawn to bright shiny things
there was okay I just have one rule though because I found the key what’s
the rule you guys have to relax and just have a little bit of fun before we open
the box no we got to open the box for its rocky come onboard and we’ll talk
about it okay fun no fun these guys no fun mate can’t believe County key yeah
great Rocky’s got to key them he hasn’t come
on the boat rocky hey you have the key yeah I got the key come on we got open
the box all right all right try to have some fun
I don’t why is he coming up on board mmm okay box all right so give us the key
just one thing one thing what we’re gonna have fun we’re on the boat to the
box no don’t would you agree to have some
fun do we have a choice know it have some fun and then I will give you the
key okay so what does that mean we’re having good fun look I’m having a great
time right now it’s such a great time now can I have the key yeah can you move
it that you’re having a good time Rebecca you have to dive off the boat oh
but the box man should we open up the box
yeah after have some fun relax let’s have a little fun it might be ten
thousand dollars our key yeah well I found the key so if it’s ten thousand
dollars I’m the winner of the $10,000 oh we got me then what what is Daniel have
to do okay Daniel has to do a ninja kick off the boat and matt has to do a giant
cannibal okay he’s am fam comment down below if
you think I should dive off this boat if you think Rocky’s gonna give me the key
if I actually do it okay I’m only doing this so we can get the key for the black
box okay three back to something on you on the book was that a shark wet where’d you see you
guys are you pranking me where there’s something you guys a baby shark I really
an engine though I don’t know how good this is gonna look so that means rocky
the key yeah can we we have fun who wants it Mac you want it Daniel
Oh Rebecca do you want it oh okay no Thomas yeah okay Sam fam so I’m opening
the box what if it has $10,000 wait wait what if
it’s just another note from the GM oh no it’s gotta be something big okay what is
this nice it’s just a card no no it’s a card that’s another team I know why are
you playing all these games when you could be enjoying this trip yeah all you
have to do is get rocky to sign the contract
it doesn’t say that it’s something you want you to sign the contract croaky we
could be having a good time you’re the reason they keep doing this to us I’m
having a good time I’m not signing a contract what Rocky’s gonna haul is
listen come on Rach listen listen I’m not signing the contract
no no no okay shout out to you guys in the Sam Pham that tag mount Instagram
wearing the merch and you guys in the gamemaster net what you guys we have to
get rocky to sign the contract okay okay if you guys want to take today’s quiz
make sure to go to the gamemaster Network comm check out the video right
here where we did the first to escape wins $10,000 and rocky come on just sign
the contract so all this can end no no hey you guys we need to get him to
sign the contract

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