Labour Split, Jihadi Bride and More – Weekly Woolfe Roundup.

Labour Split, Jihadi Bride and More – Weekly Woolfe Roundup.

INTRODUCTORY MUSIC Hi everybody and welcome again to
another Weekly Woolfe Report Here I’m going live from Brussels this time.
Last week Strasbourg, London before and even on the road when we saw that those
people trying to sneak into the backs of lorries and the traffic jams in Calais Well I’m here again and not a week goes by does it without some kind of strange
excitement in the world of politics Now one of the worst kept secrets that we’ve had in the Westminster bubble is what just happened in the last couple of
hours and that is the defection of seven Labour MPs from the Labour Party to their own Independent Party Well look I’m not going to complain about anybody becoming Independent I mean after all. I love Independence. but what I find
ironic about these seven individuals being independent is the fact that they want to become independent yet they want to campaign to prevent people who voted
for Britain to be Independent Call me old-fashioned, but
isn’t that a bit like ironic? Isn’t that a bit hypocritical? “Let me go from the
Labour Party “Free me today to entrap people into the European Union tomorrow” More than that they also campaign that they should have another “people’s vote” Why? Because people can change their minds and if people can change their minds guess what says the seven people of Chukka Umanna
and his team you should be able to vote again! Well now people have changed their
minds about Chukka Umanna and many of those in their constituencies were thinking of deselecting them! Rather than allowing those people to be deselected.
What have they done? they’ve formed a new party And rather than allowing those
people who’ve changed their minds to have another vote they’re staying in
Parliament So if again they weren’t hypocritical they should be now having
seven by-elections to allow the people, who have changed
their mind, when they’ve changed their mind to vote for them to stay in as a
new independent party But the worst thing I found about today listening to their speeches and I’m sure you’re going to get it in all the headlines today is that casual language that they’ve used as the main reason for forming their new
political party, the Independence Party. Not my form of Independence But their independence and that casual statement is that the Labour Party is
institutionally racist Yes there you go again ladies and gentlemen xenophobic, racist, anti-semitic I’ve no doubt that within the Labour Party there are those people who share anti-semitic views who don’t believe that Israel should be a
nation-state, allowed to be free and controlling its own country I for one have campaigned heavily and will continue it’s a campaign heavily that
Israel as a right to have its own lives run by Israeli people and the way it deals
with Palestine should be to have a second state, but not to marginalize and
and ensure that Israel is punished in the way that they’re doing But the use of use of language by Chukka Umanna and his team is simply another example that
we faced in UKIP That is racism being used to attack people who don’t share their
“elitist consensus”! Now ironically, as you’ll see on my YouTube channel. My
interview last week on Newsnight in which, on the announcement of the new
Brexit Party by Nigel Farage Owen Jones gets up on the platform, of a
TV channel and immediately casts aspersions on that party by saying
that the new Brexit Party will be racist xenophobic and in the hands of the
elites Suddenly the shoes on the other foot.
Isn’t it? Owen Jones and his party now of which he’s a fervent member. Are now being called institutionally racists What Owen Jones and all of those
who’ve been attacking UKIP, the new Brexit Party, people like myself for
wanting manage migrations are now finding that the Central Elite, the
Establishment are using their own language on them to attack them and
undermine the whole of the Labour Party Every councillor, Every voter, Every
candidate. It is not only disgraceful, and I’m not gonna stand here and be an apologist
for Corbyn and the Labour Party but there is no way can you actually say
that the whole of the Labour Party is “institutionally racist” that is why they
must fail not only because they’re anti independent not only because they’re
basically Liberal Democrats in disguise who went to university, realized they
couldn’t get elected as Liberal Democrats so either chose the
Conservative Party and Labour Party to infiltrate what I call yellow
conservative or yellow labour but they also are now swinging around that
dangerous, disgraceful phrase and they should apologize immediately on the language of
racism being institutionalized because they are the problem not those in the Labour Party and not those in other parties Basically they are the
“Gang that are crying wolf” Sorry just couldn’t help but resist that
one Now the other thing that’s gone on over the weekend I’m just stunned you’ve
got to be stunned by this a jihadi bride sneaks off out of Britain, Shamima Begum goes over to ISIL. Fights with ISIL. Finds an ISIL lover, has an ISIL baby watches ISIL beheading people and on television this morning said, you know it’s okay it didn’t really matter it’s all part of Muslim and Islamic teaching anyway When asked whether she saw anything bad BUT she didn’t commit anything bad. She didn’t aid and abet the murdering of innocent people She didn’t aid and abet
the beheading of people who opposed ISIL She didn’t aid and abet the theology and
ideology of ISIL which wants to destroy the very country she now wants to come
back to No! She did that all out of the generosity warmth and kindness of her heart because she is generally a”freedom fighter” Freedom fighter like Nelson Mandela! Yes —– a freedom fighter like those like Paul Revere who wanted to bring in democracy in the United States a freedom fighter
like the Levellers and the Diggers and the Chartists, who brought independence to our country freedom and the Rule of Law Yes that kind of freedom fighter! But instead of automatically saying sorry love you made your own bed
you lie in it you’re not coming back What is the establishment doing today? The whole commentariat are saying poor lady. she’s got a baby. She could be
rehabilitated. She could be reformed by bringing her back. Don’t let her stay out
there to face the punishment of being an idiot, who decided that she did not like
the country that she was born into wanted to serve all people who brought
terrorists into my hometown of Manchester and killed children at a pop
concert I’m sorry love. You decided to support the murderers across this world You decided to bring terror to this country by making love or sex or having
children to the ISIL terrorists out there If you decided to do that we have
a decision – you’re not coming home and none of us should support it sorry for
getting a little bit emotional about that but every time I think of the
terrorists that blow up innocent children in our country it does kind of
get to you a little bit and I’m sorry I have no quarter with her whatsoever
staying out there But on a more lighter note I’ve got to admit there has been a
bit of fun hasn’t there from European politicians I mean first we had Tusk talking
about Teresa May not being able to have the cherry on her cake. We’ve
obviously had the kind of slightly, weak on his feet Junker, never knowing whether
it’s just his bad back or a bad case of whatever’s been in his right or left
hand that has been disabling him in his speech and then we had last week, and
you’ll see again on my YouTube video, talking about a “Special place in Hell”
for people like me as Brexiteer and yourself for wanting independence but we’ve now just seen a lovely video from Mr Verhofstadt, no no booing and hissing in the audience back there Yes Verhofstadt has come out with an ALDE video in lovely greens and pinks and blues the colours of the youth the colours of the future Saying that it’s all right to be an EU
nationalist that you can have a variety of different cultures and beliefs you can be a Londoner. You can be someone from Essex You could be someone from
England and Britain and a European you just can’t be a nationalist of your own
country because nationalism is bad! well I find that kind of weird we’re going
back to the Labour Party here and Chukka Umanna team aren,t we? we’re
going back to those who believed in the European Union once again aren’t we? what
we’ve got is “Rootless Cosmopolitan” speakers and proponents like Verhofstadt, like Tony Blair, like those who support a new country with European Union nationalism – the United States of Europe who define their nationalism as good but if you love my country as I do because I’m English first British second and I believe in the world third if you love your country and believe that France is an important nation all those in Italy is an important nation and your history and culture is something to be protected, nurtured and loved and that the European Union’s idea of a European Union nation-state is not appreciated to you
or even acceptable. Sure we can work with our neighbors we’ve been doing that for hundreds of years Sure you can have disagreements with
your neighbors we’ve been doing that for hundreds of years but we do not need a
political organization that tells us that we are unacceptable for loving our
nation. That were not patriotic and if you’re a nationalist you’re bad. Now
nationalism to me means something that’s for fundamentally important It means loving your country, loving your history loving your people and its surroundings It is not saying that other people are bad or evil because they live in a different country Nationalism to me means something about respecting individuals and understanding that you have a history that’s equally as important as others It doesn’t mean that your culture should be subsumed by
somebody else or something else it doesn’t mean that because you like to
wear and wave your white and red flag of St. George that you are evil and a racist. Those who say that, to me, are evil and racist. It means that I can support
my football clubs and my nation’s clubs. It means that I can support my family
and my areas it is something that is beautiful and important Because at the
end of the day, sticking together, working together with a sense of common values, common ideas, common history and common support has made sure that this country
has been relatively safe has been prosperous as we work together. It’s only when those “Rootless Cosmopolitan Types” like Verhofstadt try to form a
new country, the European Union The United States of Europe When it’s those
in America and Australia who are trying to destroy their own countries in the
Democratic Party or the left in Australia that don’t want to see nation
states They’re the ones who want to have mass open-door borders with no control They’re the ones who want to see a subordination of people into one They’re the ones who don’t respect the differences in this world They’re the ones, who are dangerous and that we should be monitoring and challenging at all times Well Ladies and Gentlemen that’s another Woolfe’s Weekly Report for
you I’m sure looking at the way politics is going at the moment, there could be
room for one tomorrow or the day after I’ll just have to see what else is
exciting out there and keep you updated on that But in the meantime. Stay Free – Stay Independent and Believe in BREXIT THANK YOU

100 thoughts on “Labour Split, Jihadi Bride and More – Weekly Woolfe Roundup.

  1. Hi Steven, why is being a Brexiteer such a lonely position when we seem to be surrounded by remainers shouting us down? Why are the 'old guard' of Blair, Major, and Brown always in our faces telling us how stupid and ignorant we are?

  2. Please find a more comfortable place to sit next time. This is the first time I’ve found your posts, Iagree with everything you say. But……shuffling on that radiator, or whatever else it is that is causing you so much discomfort is VERY distracting. Maybe an armchair next time.

  3. Nice one Steve. Thanks for your strength and efforts. We will win, because hate is a hungry beast and hate is all they've got. They're eating themselves. Look at Jussie Smollet, he's such a hate addict, he actually sends HIMSELF hate mail and PAYS people thousands of dollars…… to beat him up. (Talk about low self esteem). Just to maintain the illusion of 'victimhood' and an excuse to hate whites, especially heterosexuals.
    I used to get stressed at the Left's constant intrusions into our lives, but the rod they so 'cleverly' made (racism, sexism, blah, blah…… yawn!) to beat us with, they're beating themselves to death with. Now, labour's voting block is going to be split in two, and neither of them will have enough clout to gain power. Corbyn's shat on the white working class and Chuka wouldn't get pissed on if he was on fire if he stepped out of London. Also the way the EU is going, I can't see that lasting much longer either. I was thinking about starting the new Nazi party, because apparently 93 % of the British population are now Nazi to the core. Should be popular! Just watch and laugh!

  4. History doesn't repeat itself but it rimes. The Gang of Four : The Gang of Seven. We seem to have been here before, it's like deja vu all over again!

  5. You're a flamming zionist.

    Good luck in anything you do within politics in

    I can imagine you and Tommy 4names cuddling up to each other!
    Also can you show us your thoughts on the British lads who went to fight for the rebels in Syria?
    Are we and our allies not supporting isis ?
    Don't we have a nice relationship with wahabbists Saudi Arabia?

    Do your lot take Englishman for fools?
    Do you think we see you as an Englislman ?
    loooool you nasty vile little zio snakes.
    Jog on tribal member.

  6. Inspite of common sense the establishment will tell us to sit down, shut up, give her a nice house, possibly a Mercedes and child support whilst pensioners lose there pensions or freeze to death unable to pay their heating bill.

  7. STEVE: Get a load of this! Interview with one of the actual Marines involved. Hold on to your seat. Dont skip!

  8. Just one point ,this nonsense of racism drives me mad,there's cannot be any such thing as racism,developed by the left,because there's only one race and it's called the human race,everything else is ideosycratic to human development.ggggggrrrr.but vid though Stephen,keep up the good work.

  9. The ISIS Bride is not the real bride they are claiming to be the Bride..The photos of the isis Bride the photos of the so called Bride they are two different women. I stiched the two faces together. was two different people. Not the Isis Bride. Now I believe the Isis bride will come back they are lying to us saying they have taken her citizenship away from her. She was the one hidden under the face vail they younger girl must have only been about 1. A young kid with a chubby baby face the isis Bride the reporter interviewed lady week. The Isis bride will be back in Britain. They had two different women interviewing . Only one was they Isis bride. You can bet that was her under the vail hiding identity holding the baby. They can’t fool me.

  10. They should not be allowed to keep the benefits of parliament there should be seven bi elections in all those constituencies and if I resided in one of those affected I would be campaigning for them to be recalled.

  11. Nice speach but if u join farage in Brexit party I won't b voting 4you he won't do anything about Islam go back to ukip it's the only way forward

  12. Reminds me of a long ago classroom at school with a 'liberating' teacher delivering a 'pragmatic' sermon of a class. Do keep it up.

    The 'nationalist' bit – the EU crap about being anti-war and peace loving was just that, one way or the other. But when the EU army was announced, it all got to be more than just a little bit silly. Of course, what it really portends is that the EU finally came clean about what 'tools' it wants to sharpen for whatever purpose it could possibly want an actual army for. Can you please tell me what the Dickens the EU are doing with a rollicking army in this frolicking day and age when their rhetoric of war having supposedly been made a thing of the past is undone by the resurrection of the very thing they've hitherto been ranting against? I'll tell you what an 'army' actually signifies from their perspective: intimidation to be directed at whomsoever it may concern as will be the case from time to time. And boy, does that make the bell clang loudly enough to wake up those of whomsoever it may concern.

  13. Message for Steven Woolfe and Nigel Farage. – Substitute Political Parties arn't enough to fix Britain! We need a New, Written British Constitution, supported by a written British Bill of Rights. (Constitution Safety Valves). The current British Constitution has failed our British Nation, because it has allowed High Treason to flourish! e.g Take this present Brexit betrayal? Over two and a half years without any preparations made, equals a betrayal of our UK Legal Mandate. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🗽💒🎠

  14. labour resignations are just another move to reverse brexit ,they hope that some anti brexit tory mps will do the same and then hold the balance of power against parliament and the referendum to overturn the result

  15. Two of the eight "independents" have admitted so far that they campaigned in their constituencies at the '17 GE saying that people could vote labour in the confidence that JC would not be PM. That must be one of the most perverse electoral actions ever, & with very little to do with brexit too.

  16. Racist, Fascist, Xenophobic, Nazi etc have become words chanted as alternatives to LA LA LA while people sit with their fingers in their ears but are trying to sound slightly more intelligent. As regards Shamima Begone, then lets hope she is kept out and that her father isn't allowed to tie up British courts with appeals, in the way that someone caught with someone's head in one hand and a meat cleaver in the other pleads not guilty in order to get the publicity of a trial.

  17. Seems to me the Chuka Imune a (pun intended) only six days ago espoused being a Labour MP ,agreeing with a Former Tory Prime minister, that we need a customs union and a peoples vote.. Well Chuki, doesn't time fly in politics. Are you going to resign your seat ,along with your other defecting colleagues, and stand again in a By-election where you can have another vote because you dont agree (although you did stand at the time on a labour manifesto to leave the EU) with the out come,YET, expect another vote on the EU????? Chuki son, go play with Tony and his cronies.. Resign and stand again in a by-election, the same as any defector from any other party should do.

  18. Wouldn't label Corbyn and McDonnell as back-door liberals, unless Marxism is the new liberalism.You're a powerful speaker, Ukip could do with you.

  19. Umunna is a racist,a complete useful idiot under some compromise from his globalist paymasters,time we rid politics of these deranged nuts,get an out.

  20. Honestly I have no problem calling the entirety of the Labour party anti-semitic and racist even if I don't think it's true, because that's what their gang of morons such as Owen Jones do to anyone who voted Brexit, UKIP, or whatever. I don't think you should discourage people from branding Labour racist. THEY DO IT TO US ALL THE TIME EVEN IF IT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL.

  21. 8 Labour and four Tories have broken away… to join the new REMOANER party.. they don't want independence. and the they scream for second referendum but refuse to stand in a by-election for their constituents to have a choice!! hypocrites… the next GE will see them all wiped out. glad that HS Javid has decided to strip Begum of UK citizenship.. about time ALL islamic extremists were so treated and barred from entry into the UK forever.

  22. Did nt they do The same in the 60 S lib Dems Tgey are ALL TRaitors Tgey should be in prison by tge way who gave the councils permission to chop all the Trees down clearing the way for 5 G Need some answers

  23. The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history. George Orwell
    Keep up the good work Steven. England and the UK need you to stand firm.

  24. How can anybody who's listened to Steven Woolfe continue to support the treacherous LibLabCon Party? SURELY they must know and understand the treachery that party represents?

  25. of course we are racist,,we are white/brown/black straight/gay meat eating/vegetarian non eu scum lol,, we are not EU flag flying slaves. Stand strong BREXITEERS,,F the EU

  26. Can one of you channels do the research and explain to the people why western governments are inviting millions of African, Middle Eastern (Muslims) into our communities, gives them full benefits and more, the UNs "special treatment under the law for minorities" a get out of jail card!, murder and rape is hardly a crime if its against white people.
    Changes in our school curriculum, hate speech laws against the host population,
    ANTI-HATE RHETORIC the news item of the media! No other news here folks!!
    Local laws ignored like mass people praying to close the streets. Protests allowed for Muslims but not the host population.

    Why they push these people, many of them not competent to do the job, in high paying powerful jobs in our local and national governments.
    Are they being abused for someone's agenda?
    Where did this hateful, sometimes violent criticism of everything we are originate
    Who is behind it?
    What do they get when the inevitable happens?
    Who loses when civil war happens across the west, who will feel the ire of national armies?
    Them? Us?
    What is the end game? What do they gain?

  27. "But people didn't know what they were voting for!"
    Maybe their constituents believed that they were voting for candidates who would align with the promoted political party's beliefs and direction (not that I am say that this direction was the correct one, you understand). Nope, the voters voted for a self-serving individual who already decided that the voters were idiots. Therefore, now that "new information is available" the voters should be given another chance to vote for their MP. Oh wait, that's not what the MPs want, though, is it?

  28. They want a people's vote yet they won't have by elections talk about having their cake – nice hypocritical anti Democratic foundation for their new party ha ha

  29. It's up to parents to keep their children on the straight and narrow path! One might also ask who allowed the 15 year old to go through border control without her parents? If a child can't vote until they are 18, why are the British government allowing 15 year olds to travel without their parents? Surely at 15 she was underage to leave the country? The Jihadi bride should be registers as deported with her radical Islamic family. The 15 year old that embraced Islamic "beheadings" before she left England, what other woman embraces that? Surely, only Islamic ones!

  30. Well said Mr Woolfe. Now the seven are joined by + 1 labour and +3 conservatives but the real possibility that some of them may have faced deselection by their constituency parties anyway is an issue here. Maybe they jumped before they were pushed


  32. these resignations are all about thwarting brexit by reducing May's majority in the commons nothing else ,ironically those mp's constituents will unwittingly aid them by the fact they are still mps and can still act against their constituents who overwhelmingly voted leave in the referendum vote instead of stepping down and fighting a by-election to warrant their decisions.below is a link to those mps who ignore the referendum result by their constituents

  33. THEY HAVEN'T FORMED A PARTY it's worse than that, they formed a private company, " The Independence Group", I didn't think it was legal that private companies were allowed to have officers sitting in the House of Commons…with voting rights, payments & expenses taken from the public purse… anybody have any idea how this is legal or democratic

  34. Those who have jumped the sinking ships that are Labour and Tories should now resign their seat and stand on their globalist anti democratic pro EU principles and lets see what their constituents feel about them now.

  35. Got the perfect name for this break away party
    Combined Union of National Tories & Socialists
    Now if only someone could find a fitting Acronym for them

  36. Hello Steven, just found your channel and thank you for making it, have just subscribed. I have been following you and Nigel for a couple of years now and I hope you do join him in the new party.

  37. I can only hope the electorate in every constituency whose MP resigned from the party they stood for get the boot at the next General Election, kick them into the political wilderness ,and onto the JobCentre Plus.. welcome to the real world , you can all cry on each others shoulders then, boo hoo !! Byee ..

  38. Ms Begum according to a Bangladeshi lawyer on the BBC radio 4 Today show
    this morning said that up until the age of 21 Bangladesh recognizes
    that Ms Begum, the Jihadi bride, does have duel nationality. She can go
    to Bangladesh so is not stateless. She is no doubt a fluent Bengali
    speaker as her parents would speak Bengali as most Bengalis do, at home.
    She would have an extended family network in Bangladesh through her
    parents, so she is not being thrown cold into Bangladesh. She would have
    been in more difficult circumstances in Syria with her Jihadi husband
    and two kids. She is using 'taqiya' (lying) about her situation and
    condition. She is even unrepentant about her own violent Jihad. I agree
    and for what ever motives with Sajid Javid that he refused her UK nationality.

  39. I admire steven generally but surely I didn't hear him claim Israel deserves to have protection from the Palestinians. ahem. they are the most heavily armed state in the rgionn, with hundreds of illegal nuclear weapons, and the last I noticed was how proficient its soldiers were at killing innocent people by sniper fire. really, mr wolf.

  40. But are jews not the biggest funders of the labour party? Are we looking at zionist jews calling "Anti-semite" on the non zionist jewish funders of the party ?

  41. I love my country, no matter what the politicians are trying to do to it. Where I can, I buy British; because it helps my fellow countrymen and because it is kinder to the environment; the liberal left would brand this as Nazism!!

  42. Stephen, hopefully Chris Skidmore in my constituency will be deselected. Please put yourself forward, many will vote for you.

  43. Oh yes Mrs begum , yes just walk right back in , we prepared a nice cosy house for you , I mean England is just a hotel for the third world now , isn't it ? .

  44. Is there an amazing out of the hypocrites and the Liars would you respect campaign against democracy and liberty and the freedom of speech and at the same time make out there speaking for the people of Britain the only people they speak for their selves and because of their position they have no respect for the democracy and Britain and only wish deliver us to the enslavers of the Brussels elites and the globalist and nearly tears and these are meant to be labour people who are meant to stand up for the working class but they are upper class two faced idiots would you respect to him I would call these people unsightly and disgusting people and have no respect for anyone and have an ideology of ignorance when it comes to a democracy

  45. Obviously you havent been paying attention. They are leaving because of the toxic bullying and jewhate in Labour. And really, can the mainstream parties do any WORSE with this Brexit mess? Maybe form your own party rather than blame others.

  46. Well said Steven you really say it how it is. Labour not fit for purpose anymore. They know they are finished no place for these remainers in a brexit Britain.

  47. They are the worst of the worst and why any person should trust these betrayers the traitors that are messed up in the head.
    What happens if we have another people’s vote then can we have another then another then another
    Stop the rot and look upon this party as the most dysfunctional party of all time.

  48. Immigration, mass immigration is the way the left stay in power, by garnering the migrant vote. What the left also do not go into detail about is that all the land contested by so called palestinians was all jewish land before any of the nomadic arabs even thought about settling in Israel……….even before the time of Joseph.

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