La Raza Supremacy Declared By Reies Tijerina, 1969

La Raza Supremacy Declared By Reies Tijerina, 1969

Ladies and Gentlemen The problem of the Southwest is
the problem of the bronze continent. The hope of the the hemisphere, the western
hemisphere, is the hope of the Southwest. The Southwest is the only piece
of land in this continent Where there is a People that speaks English
and a People that speaks Spanish. The Southwest is the place on the frontier
where Spain and England clash. Their cultures clash and their hate also,
which has accumulated for 300 years. For 300 years, Spain dominated in this
continent and left a new People. Spain, our father, was kicked out,
but his legacy remained. The new People remain here, the Indo-Hispanic people,
the People who carry in their veins Spanish blood and indigenous blood,
not just to mention the Apaches and Navajos, but all of the tribes that exist
on this continent. That is, I want to say that the Southwest has a special People,
a special Race, [La Raza]. When the brave students that come
breaking the frontier and discovering a new way for our People and that
they accept The Plan of Aztlan, the spiritual Plan of Aztlan, then it gives
me much pleasure and fills my heart with joy and I am inspired. And they say that Aztlan
was the name of the Southwest many years and centuries ago. That is, in the past and in the future, I
want to say the Southwest is composed of a People with better culture and more
force with more spirit with more plans with more vision, with a destiny
that includes the entire continent. Because, as should be
explained,going forward, I believe that in a few years, the white man
as well as the Negro will realize the role that will redeem our bronze People.
And they will realize that no other people has the balance of power or will cause
the tilt of the balance of power more than the Indio-Hispanic,
Mexican, Chicano, Hispanic people. The press has wanted
to kill the progress, the march of our People
towards destiny and the day when, as stated, said
Plan de Aztlan, which will not have capricious political
frontiers with different names like, Chile, Peru, Mexico,
etcetera, etcetera. But only one spirit, one color, one language,
one love, one pride, one zeal. However, that zeal is not for our
petty needs and our personal glory But it should be a consuming
zeal for our People. Jose Vasconcelos years ago wrote a book
that was called “La Raza Cosmica.” It is not possible for us to find this book.
They don’t want your children to read it, because it says that the bronze Race
(Raza) will dominate this continent, not with bullets, neither with canons
nor mustard gas bombs or what is the name of the bomb
that is dropped over there? Napalm? No, but indeed we will dominate,
brothers, with culture, with our numbers, with peace, by example,
by influence, with justice. We are going to DOMINATE!!

4 thoughts on “La Raza Supremacy Declared By Reies Tijerina, 1969

  1. What a shame!!!!! “La Raza” was not able to build at least one country and create an economy to give dignity to their citizens. They achieved nothing other than poverty!

  2. I am the son of Mexican migrant workers and the direct descendant of the 5th Presidente de la Republica Mexicana General Melchor Muzquiz but none of that matters for I am not Mexican, I'm an American and my President is Trump. The United States didn't steal half of Mexico, they gave them a little less than what was Mexico back to the Mexicans. Because when a foreign power lands on your shores marches on your capitol destroys all opposition, lowers your flag and raises theirs, it's not your country anymore! And that is how a reconquista is supposed to look like! Not by sending women and children to squatter! If your plan of a reconquista does not include an army to march north and take back what you think is yours by force, then you don't have a reconquista and your not a reconquistador! Your just a coward and a fool and the only thing this does is make it very easy for my fellow Americans to deport millions of my father's people's.

  3. You know, growing up in Salinas California, as a WHITE as Snow, white boy, I saw first hand, how illegal immigration, completely destroyed My hometown., Within 2 generations, HERION became easier to purchase than beer, MURDER AND RAPE, replaced football and basketball as sports, at the HIGH SCHOOLS, and Monterey county had to DOUBLE the size of its Jail.
    If all this, is someone's idea of a SUPERIOR RACE, then someone is demonstrating a very low level i.q.
    I.E. extremely inferior intelligence seems to be the one common denominator, regarding all Hispanics.
    Lmao, LA RAZA INDEED, LMAO😆😂🤣😄😅.,
    It won't stay that way for long.
    We are prepping, and we mean it.

  4. Yeah sure 🤔🤔humm and how many times & people & centuries has that been tried??? It didn't work 300 yrs ago and their attitude of in our face is going to make it (NOT) work again. People just don't get it i guess. Americans LET people push, demand, take, and gloat but then one day this MASSIVE SILENT MAJORITY—–STANDS UP! Were no different now than we were then you figure it out. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

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