Kris Kobach’s Gubernatorial Campaign Hires White Nationalists

Kris Kobach’s Gubernatorial Campaign Hires White Nationalists

MARC STEINER: Welcome to The Real News Network,
I’m Marc Steiner. Great to have you with us. There’s a surge happening in this country
that could have frightening consequences. One of the key political figures who represents
that surge is Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, who is the Republican candidate running
to become the next governor of Kansas with Donald Trump’s backing and blessings. All across our country right now, right wing
media people and significant conservative figures are using isolated instances of violence
by a few immigrants to marshal forces for anti immigrant surges around this country
reminiscent of the worst parts of our history. It was like the know-nothings siezing power
once again in the United States. Kris Kobach has been foaming at the mouth
about immigrants when Donald Trump was still a Democrat. Now he has white nationalists who work for
him and write for the most vile, racist and anti-Semitic organizations in this country. To discuss all this with us, we have Cristina
Lopez. Cristina Lopez is the Deputy Director for
Extremism at Media Matters, where she’s worked since 2014. And welcome, Cristina, good to have you with
us. CRISTINA LOPEZ: Pleasure to be here, Marc. MARC STEINER: So let’s start with this. We talked before we went on the air together
here. I was mentioning I thought that we are in
the midst, in this country right now, of this wave of anti-immigrant fervor being pushed
by right wing bloggers, by a lot of conservative political figures and thinkers and others
in this country that are taking a few isolated instances of immigrants doing harm to another
human being in our country as a way to to protect, defend ICE, but really go after immigrants. So what do you think is happening right now? CRISTINA LOPEZ: So, this is the issue, like
you very well framed it. What right wing media is doing right now is
trying to find a couple data points so that they can build this narrative and kind of
back up this narrative of criminalizing an entire population of immigrants. And they’re doing this so that they can provide
to their audiences a way of kind of framing the issue of immigration as a national security
issue instead of as a human issue. And so, when you do that you kind of forget
that immigrants- you kind of dehumanize immigrants and present them as a threat. And this is something that in the past couple
of years you’ve seen increasingly right wing media devote a lot of attention to this sort
of framing. If there is a crime story that can be framed
as an immigrant story instead, that’s exactly what what happens. And it’s definitely misinforming their audiences
because in reality, if you actually checked statistics you wouldn’t find that the immigrant
population commits crimes at a rate that is different than other populations to compare
them with. And in fact, it’s not what data shows. But that’s not what you would get from watching
right wing media. And that’s where the misinformation comes
from. MARC STEINER: So, let’s examine one of the
key figures here in the news right now and that’s Kris Kobach, who hopes to be the next
governor of Kansas. And many people hope he’s not going to be
the next governor of Kansas. As a matter of fact, many Republicans were
just completely shocked that he won in Kansas because Kansas is one of those states where
many of the Republicans are moderate thinking Republicans, conservative moderate thinking
Republicans, and this was like a shock to the entire system when he won the primary. But he’s been- the investigative stuff about
his staff is really revealing about who he is, where he wants to take Kansas, where he
might want to take this country of ours in terms of the white nationals working on his
campaign staff. What do we know about that? CRISTINA LOPEZ: So, this is the issue. Besides being a political figure, Kris Kobach
is also a right wing media figure, and an extreme right wing media figure at that, because
he he is a paid columnist for one of the most virulently anti immigrant outlets in the country,which
is Breitbart News. And as you know, as a Breitbart columnist,
we at Media Matters have reported previously that in his columns he has copy-pasted legitimate-
copy-pasted statistics that are made up that can actually be traced back to a white nationalist. And one of these statistics, actually, this
made up, anti immigrant statistic, he also took it, not just published it in his Breitbart
column, but also took it and it appears in his campaign website. It’s right there in his campaign website. So, if you want any indication of the kind
of campaign that this person is running, all you need to do is to check his media record
because he very transparently has sourced some of his columns from talking points that
come legitimately from white nationalists like Peter Gemma. MARC STEINER: And I was going to bring his
name up next, this Peter Gemma- Gemma, however you pronounce his name- who has really written,
as I said earlier, some of the most vile, racist pieces for many organizations and is
like a protege of this fellow, Sam Francis, who is this godfather to a lot of racist thinking
in our country that many people don’t know about unless you’re in that world. So, but the fact that he took his lies and
made them as fact, I mean this is the beginning of how- I hate over-using the word fascism,
but it’s how these things begin. Because people buy into the lies. CRISTINA LOPEZ: And this lie is actually connected
to your first question, to the way that that immigrant population is constantly criminalized
and framed in dehumanizing ways. And so, this statistic that Kobach literally
lifted from Peter Gemma who is connected, as we know, to the virulent, extreme white
supremacist crowd with their Holocaust denials. And he was connected to a group, the Council
of Conservative Citizens, who in their mission statement had that they opposed any sort of
mixing of the races of humankind. So, it doesn’t it doesn’t get more white supremacist
than that. But this statistic specifically is related
to the number of immigrants who are criminals. And it says, according to- and it’s cited
on Kodaks website and it has appeared in his paid Breitbart column, which says a lot about
their fact-checking systems. And the statistic is that seventy percent
of those on the most wanted lists in LA, Phoenix and Albuquerque are undocumented immigrants. And if you start digging in, you see that
there’s actually no official sourcing that can support that claim. None of the police departments of these cities
have any data that can actually support that claim at all. And it’s being used to fearmonger about immigrants. MARC STEINER: So, let’s talk a moment about
what this might mean if we have a candidate here, a major candidate in this country running
for governor of a state, Kansas, and he has white, racist and nationalist avowed, racist
and nationalist writers, thinkers and leaders in his campaign. And they’ve identified at least three or four
people who fit that description. Plus, his own words that he’s used over the
years. And he’s very typical, I think- well, we’ll
come back to the very typical point in a moment. When people like Kris Kobach become governors
and senators, what do you think of the political consequences for our country? CRISTINA LOPEZ: Well, this is the thing, we’ve
seen lately a lot of- it’s not that we didn’t have an extremist faction in this country,
it’s not that white supremacy is a new thing. What we’re seeing right now is a mainstreaming
and a normalization of white supremacy and a false narrative of white grievance that
wasn’t as emboldened before. And we’re seeing it because there are a lot
of media, powerful networks that are mainstreaming these talking points. And you saw it a couple nights ago with Tucker
Carlson in which in one of the most viewed shows of primetime, he aired a segment that
was motivated by a years old white supremacist talking point, which is the supposed white
persecution going on in South Africa. There are actually no statistical evidence
that can actually support the claim that there is white oppression going on in South Africa,
specifically when you consider the historical context of an apartheid going on and only
recently, a few decades ago, still held in place. This segment is something that aired on national
cable news. And this is a segment that the president watched
and tweeted out without any support, without any evidence. And we’re talking about the person who controls
one of the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world and yet is a person who’s also
relying on Fox News and right wing media to make policy decisions and to kind of decide
where the priorities of international relations should go. And it’s just no question why someone like
Kris Kobach would be less inclined to hide these sort of ties to white supremacy which
in the past would have been frowned upon. Now, there’s sort of an emboldening and a
mainstreaming because they’re starting to realize that because of the cover that right
wing media is providing, in which right-wing media is constantly telling the audiences
that this is actually not extreme, that this is actually not wrong, that there is an actual
persecution happening against white people in this country. This covered that they are being provided
with is being very useful in taking away those consequences that would have otherwise been
attached to getting alliances with the most extreme factions in the country. And you’re seeing it too with people who are
actually elected officials. You have Representative Steve King in Iowa
who very often will retweet people who are actual neonazis with no consequence coming
from either media or his party. And this is the sort of kind of things that
have paved the way for people like Kris Kobach to be unabashedly and unapologetically tied
it to the most extreme factions. MARC STEINER: And we’ve seen, that you just
mentioned a moment ago, we’ve seen Donald Trump in his re-Tweeting of the South African
lie that was told, as well as what he said in West Virginia about the beautiful woman
who was kill, how terrible our immigration laws are. He foments this kind of feeling in our country
with people like Kobach, fuel it. CRISTINA LOPEZ: Right. MARC STEINER: And then, you had this coming
from the highest point in American government. So, go ahead, I’m sorry. CRISTINA LOPEZ: It’s definitely thanks to
the cover that’s provided by right wing media. If you turn on Fox News every night, if you
watch The Laura Ingraham Show, if that is the sort of bubble where you get your news,
that is what you’re hearing every day. That there is an immigrant taking your job
or that there’s an immigrant was just waiting for you to jog by and become a threat to your
security and your life. And so, in a way, all these all these narratives
that are so prevalent in right wing media are allowing and paving the way for candidates
to kind of be able to put in place policies or suggest policies that would have otherwise
been out of place a couple of years ago. And this is why- you probably saw a couple
weeks ago when Laura Ingraham went ahead and blamed the demographic changes in America
for basically changing the country, basically saying that the America that she knew and
loved wasn’t going to exist in a couple of years because of the demographic changes. And it doesn’t get more white supremacy bent
than that. Basically, that talking point, to say that
the changes brought in by multiculturalism or by by demographic change are bad changes
per se, just because they’re going to change the way that America looks. And the way that this is framed is presenting
audiences with an idea of America where the normal is white, where the baseline is white,
where the factory settings is white. MARC STEINER: Right. CRISTINA LOPEZ: And it’s sadly not what is
actually responsive to the demographics of America. If you go out in the streets, that’s not necessarily
what you see. But that’s not what audiences of these shows
are hearing. MARC STEINER: So, two very quick things here
as we conclude. It is interesting to me that many a people
like Kris Kobach and others in the movement, they often find people of color to be their
spokespeople which is supposed to ameliorate their racism. CRISTINA LOPEZ: So, it’s a very useful technique. This is not to say that communities of color
or all immigrant communities necessarily are monolithic and think the same. MARC STEINER: No, absolutely not. Right. CRISTINA LOPEZ: The issue is that it allows
them, it sort of like opens a door and allows them to say awful things if they they are
tokenizing this figure by claiming that because this figure is in their campaign, or this
this person has been given a prominent place, or if they are in a media panel with a person
of color they are somehow allowed to say things they wouldn’t say otherwise. And this is a technique that is often deployed
all over right wing media and that you see consistently happening. Also, in right wing media podcasts and right
wing, extreme right Youtube channels, who are bringing in, somehow like tokenizing an
individual of color or a member of a community, a minority community, is somehow a permission
to state the most awful things against that entire community. And the issue is that it doesn’t show support
or validation for the talking points, it only shows literal tokenization, tokenizing in
the most blatant and awful racist way. MARC STEINER: So, finally to conclude here,
you said something earlier, before we went on the air, that I’d like viewers to hear,
which was Univision- the Spanish speaking journalistic network here in the United States
where a lot of immigrants watch, a lot of people watch, you speak Spanish, did a story
on Kris Kobach a number of years back that deliniated all this stuff even before most
of us knew who he was. CRISTINA LOPEZ: So, that’s the thing. Kris Kobach might have just recently gotten
more attention from national news media because of his links to Donald Trump and his immigration
platform. But the issue is that Kris Kobach has been
around and has been proposing and inspiring a lot of anti-immigrant policies that media
need to make very clear to their audiences where these are coming from. And this is something that Univision a couple
of years back did really well in a segment in which they talked about all these anti
immigrant policies and explained that they were the brainchild of Kris Kobach, that they
could all be traced back to this person who not only had a position of power in the Kansas
Government, but also was a right wing media figure and a paid Breitbart columnist. And policies that you wouldn’t usually connect
necessarily to Kansas, but that he had a hand in, for example, the Mitt Romney self deportation
talking point came from Kris Kobach. That Arizona “Papers, Please” law, I don’t
know if you remember that from a couple years ago. MARC STEINER: Yes. CRISTINA LOPEZ: That came from Kris Kobach. That awful dehumanizing idea of actually paying
for anti immigrant policies by taxing or taking from immigrant remittances. You’ll know that a lot of the economies from
immigrant communities are pretty much held by the money that immigrants here send back
to their countries. A lot of these countries’ economies get significantly
boosted by these contributions that immigrants make. And to tax them for the sake of enforcing
anti immigrant policies is just so dehumanizing. And that was one of the ideas that Kris Kobach
was proposing to then candidate Donald Trump. And Univision did a really good job of of
putting a face, basically, to these policies. Because a lot of people in the immigrant community
wouldn’t necessarily know who this person is or necessarily follow Breitbart News and
understand that this columnist is actually also very embedded in the anti immigrant movement. MARC STEINER: Well, Cristina Lopez, it has
been great talking with you. This has been a fascinating conversation. I appreciate all the work you’ve done in this
area and for sharing it with our viewers. CRISTINA LOPEZ: Thank you, pleasure to be
here, Marc. MARC STEINER: Thank you so much. And I’m Marc Steiner, here for The Real News
Network. Thank you so much for joining us. Take care.

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