Kneeling Is Not Disrespectful, Supporting The Confederacy Is.

Kneeling Is Not Disrespectful, Supporting The Confederacy Is.

“Eight ole miss basketball
players knelt during the national anthem saturday. The group that they
were protesting was a pro-confederate group.” This past weekend a
couple of incidents dealing with
race took place. One was a pro-
confederate rally to, as one spokesperson
for the rally said, ‘represent our ancestors and to preserve
the confederate monuments.’ The other took place during
the Ole Miss vs Georgia basketball game
when, in response to this pro-confederate
gathering on their campus, several players decided to kneel
during the national anthem. Now, let’s look at some
of the responses that circulated in response to these
actions, and we’ll see whether people attacked the pro-slavery
— I mean pro-confederate supporters, or the peaceful kneelers. Ready? let’s go. Behind comment
number 1 we have… ‘I hope they get
this figured out and school wont
allow this.’ Hmm was this tweet about
white supremacists, or those peacefully
protesting the acceptance of white supremacy on
their campus? The answer is…. of course, the peaceful kneelers
as you will see from the rest of
this person’s tweet. ‘…school wont allow this
or teams to start this. No need for politics
in college sports.’ And there you have it, the
old recycled argument. Ok, next up… ‘Please specify ‘Ole Miss.’
The rest of Mississippi Universities
have respect.’ Okay, interesting comment. Now was this aimed
at the confederate supporters who think in
2019 it’s acceptable to wave a flag that represented
the celebration of bondage and the bloodshed to
uphold it, or was it aimed at those players whose
ancestors suffered under slavery? And sought to say this
is unacceptable in 2019 especially on their campus. and… of course,
it’s aimed at the peaceful kneelers
once again. With the follow up tweet
reading…’An absolute disgrace. I never like Ole Miss but I
respected their basketball coach. No more. I would kick
them off the team. I would have had them escorted out
of gym prior to game.’ Ok, so this person
wants players removed from the campus, but is
seemingly fine and dandy with some white
nationalists setting up camp outside the door. Shall we do one more? I think we should, maybe we’ll find
someone who gets it. Maybe… ‘No need for empty
gestures now, you knew who Ole Miss was.’ So kinda cryptic, but
could this be, could it be that
we have someone who gets it and is defending the
players’ first amendment right to stand against racism and
bigotry, or will it be another comment smearing them while
remaining woefully ignorant on the reason why they are taking
such a stance? …And the answer is… of course it’s to smear and
vilify those kneeling. With the full tweet reading
‘@beoliu can you tell those basketball players
to stand up? No need in empty
gestures now, you knew who Ole Miss was when
you signed to play there #nobodycares So this fella’s rationale
is, “You knew about the history of racism in the
south, so just accept that we can throw it in your face
whenever you want.” Alright, horrible game
aside, the point of all of this is to show the woeful
ignorance that continues to pervade
this country. So much so that people
are more outraged over a peaceful gesture, a
respectful gesture, than they are about a group of people
glorifying people who fought against their
fellow countrymen, all to uphold their bigotry. And let me ask you:
do you think it’s just what a coincidence
that this rally happened to take place during
Black History Month? Come on, bro. Surely you’re not
that ignorant, or not by
choice anyway. These people know exactly
what they are trying to ‘preserve’… and in response
these Ole Miss players decided to demonstrate their
objection to such preservation. But yet, to many, a protest to
uphold white supremacy is acceptable in 2019, but
a black person kneeling to say ‘hey it’s not cool’
is disrespectful and should result in
them being removed from the premises. But go ahead, please come tell me
how it’s got nothing to do with race. Over on my instagram
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100 thoughts on “Kneeling Is Not Disrespectful, Supporting The Confederacy Is.

  1. People who get offended by this is anti American bc America is freedom. Freedom to protest. Know your rights before you condemn someone for using theres.

  2. Though I find it disrespectful to knee for the flag I do respect their right to do so. Protests like these and Black Lives Matter are hurting cops, making them rethink and question themselves in possible dangerous situation. Plus more white people are killed by cops in 2018 than Blacks and Hispanics combined. So stop bitching but it. If you want more stats from my source, which is not fox, just reply to this comment.

  3. People like this don't see athletes as humans. But simply as animals to perform a task to assume them and keep them entertained. That's why they get upset and tell them to just "shut up and play". Seeing this reminds them that those are actual people, with thier own lives, thoughts, and opinions. And it makes them uncomfortable.

  4. if this chicken shit southerners are real men, they should just start another separatist movement, you guys own half the military anyway, and if you win, you can put all the non-white in your territories back in chain. waving confederate flags, waving nazi flags, all flags of losers

  5. lol, the dumb tyt ginger speaks up again. you'd think that after the smolett failure he'd take some time and reflect on things

  6. I can’t believe that people still honor the enemy Confederate Battle Flag. That flag should not be flown on American soil. The CSA lost. Get over it, losers.

  7. How is it not disrespectful to the military to wave the Confederate flag? The military fight for America, not the ones who lost. I wonder what would happen if you tried to raise your Confederate flag at a military base.

  8. The people that fought the tyrannical federal government are heroes but of course the government wants you to hate them. Tyt and that Francis loser are capitalizing on division.

  9. Everyone has a right to free speech. What they don't have is freedom of responsibility for what they say. You want respect, be respectful. Politics plays either side for fools. Keeps the people from thinking critically and at each others throats. If we all agree there is corruption in government how can we say one side is any better than the other? The shot callers are still in power regardless of who we want as the face of it all. The only way our republic works is if we take responsibility for our actions. The minute you give up your freedom or your rights for a bit of comfort or security, you have given someone control over you. Be the example of what this country is supposed to be.

    Join the Mug Club.

  10. once again , we find our intrepid hero ,francis, beside himself in anguish…….  something or other  happened in Mississippi ……..IT'S 2019, PEOPLE!…….LET THAT SINK IN ….. SMDH!

  11. I think everyone should take a knee in protest of everyone's 1st amendment rights being trampled on… I don't think those white supremacist morons should be allowed on campus with their hateful message at all. If you want those peaceful protesters who refused to stand thrown off campus for exercising their constitutional right PEACEFULLY, then you have to throw the white supremacists out too for being HATEFUL.

  12. The Iraq thing is I don't think these posts are reading off realize that both actions are under the 1st amendment the both protected by the 1st amendment there is one giant and glaring difference 1 of them is in support of treason to the United States slavery lynching and murder and the other group is trying to show people that we have a problem with our Justice system and please in this country and we need to change it. Most people this is what so incredibly sad about this country are going to get mad at the ladder and just say well the former was in the past when the irony in that statement is the latter is saying we still have the problem of the former just because we are in literal chains and we are literal slaves we still are looked down to as a second or 3rd class citizen and are not given the same Justice in our court system

  13. Still praying for all the trolls that they be released from Satan's spell, stop spreading hatred and division and start fighting for civil rights. Sincerely

  14. TYT – condemns people for celebrating the Confederacy but honors the mass murderers who slaughtered 2.5 million Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks by using their name. HYPOCRISY, THY NAME IS THE YOUNG TURKS.

  15. Oh, what a nice trend the SJWs fckks have started, anytime you are unhappy with something say 'Fckk you' to the US flag and America. Nice, regressives, keep on pissing off your fellow Americans.

  16. The confederacy represents southern cultural and regional identity. You will never extinguish our pride in who we are.

  17. I think there are actually people who may be proud of their CSA ancestors but they're not those people in the street.

  18. I do have to agree with you that this country is still racist and still sexist why should a white man have more privilege over a woman and other skin colors

  19. I am with you Francis, apart from your assumption that all the players' ancestors suffered under slavery.
    (I'm guessing you didn't look into each individual player's family tree, and assumptions based on their race is a wee bit, you know…)

  20. I wonder if Germans continued to use the swastika the same way what would be said? ooooooh that's already being done by the Neo Nazis…. America has come far but still have far to go…..Don't worry it will die with the generation that enjoyed THAT type of ignorance. They're only doing what they were taught…NONE OF US WERE BORN RACIST

  21. There is nothing respectful of kneeling.
    If people are so offended of this country’s roots move than. It’s over get over it.

  22. The left hates America, but they love free stuff. We should just give free one way tickets to everyone on the left that hates America to any country they want to go.

  23. It’s amazing white people are quick to say go back to Africa or get over it when your history is full of hate, lies, and the destruction of anyone or anything you come in contact with. You can’t call anything your own because you have stolen, raped, and deceived masses to get it. We built ameriKKKa as slaves and free men and of course you devils take credit!! GTFOH all u racists assholes!!!!!

  24. The same people who cry "Freeze Peach!!" when someone hateful right winger is booted from Twitter
    claim players kneeling is un-effing-acceptable because a flag is more important than the bill of rights.

  25. I used to work for a minor league baseball team as the stadium field emcee. After Trump apologized to Russia, a hostile foreign power, while on mutually foreign soil in Helsinki, Finland; I knelt during the anthem the following day.

    A corporate sponsor for the pullovers we wore was in the stands that game. They and a small handful of fans (red county in NY) complained. I was fired the following week due to my "employment at will" contract by angering a sponsor, team owner, and team GM.

    Trump committed treason. Kneeling is not disrespecting the flag or the country. It's respecting the flag and the country by symbolically standing against those who do disrespect.

  26. As I understand it both kneeling during the anthem and displaying the traitors flag are covered by the first amendment.

  27. The Civil War had nothing to do with slavery….It was about Pimps n' hoes. Most legal apartheid societies have massive inequalities even amongst the white population; which is why very few whites owned plantations whilst the majority of white people in the south in the 1800's couldn't even afford shoes.

    The trick is to get them to believe that they are better than the most fortunate/ successful black man, and whites will let you keep them broke.

    It's a lot like that one South Park episode about Big American Penis. Except it actually happened- Yes, I'm aware that the vice president of the confederacy stated something along the lines of the purpose of black folks as it pertains to his bible ( or his translation of) and his limited mind.

    However getting people to kill themselves and others in the thousands, knowing full well that they'll never own a plantation, nor date or marry a debutant, which in itself is a word meant to tell you, you're not in her class. That, that there takes a Pimp to accomplish.

    Now the broke ass white person might see it differently, or not even think about it at the time or now with his stupid flag that was never officially a civil War battle flag, which is kinda the job of the hoe. Proving ignorance, willingness to tow the line, not thinking about it too much.

    So how are your Income Taxes coming along?

  28. Abraham Lincoln attacked women and children. That is how he won the war. He sent troops just to burn them out of house and home. Killing life stock. Leaving them in the woods to freeze and starve. So maby some Southerners are proud poeple so what.

  29. These are Patriots? Confederate flag? Wow kneeling is more disrespectful to our flag? Confederates are the definition of disrespect to our country.

  30. both sides are free to say what they want, the problem is you media folks give the racist idiots the attention they so crave. just ignore them.

  31. so let me get this straight. to protest a confederate rally they kneeled during the national anthem which is a sign of disrespect towards THE UNIONS flag. these kids need to be in a history class instead of on a basket ball court.

  32. Eh dont feel bad for them kick them off the team and lock them up since they wanna play for racist and make them more money so they can keep doing this smh you wanna play with them so bad then play by their rules buddy or take yo black ass to a community college lol why all your white team mate's and coaches didnt stop the protest or kneel with you hmmm but bet all yah black asses gonna b at practice

  33. I have seen Mexico's flag, and no one said anything. It's time to deport any one that doesn't fly old glory

  34. Rather support rebellion against tyrannical government than support banning guns, abortion, and welfare for illegal immigrants (the DNC platform)

  35. Honestly, do democrats do anything except raise taxes and try to control other people? The only "choice" they believe in is whether or not to murder children.

  36. treasonous cucks should have been hanged. we wouldn't have dipshits today if we culled the herd years ago.

  37. Peaceful kneelers. Black Lives Matter is a racist hate group. By picking a racist fight with non-racist has alienated reasonable people, giving cover for the radicals.
    Maybe it is time for the Democrats to abandon the politics of hate and division.

  38. Disrespecting the national anthem by kneeling is a criminal offense punishable by up to 2 years to 5 years in prison in a some countries. Kneeling is a form of disrespect to the men who service in all branches of the military. Find another method of protesting such as writing on Facebook.

  39. I applaud these young men exercising their First Amendment right that I put my life on the line to defend. What is truly sad people overlooking the Confederate rally. Overlooking what these white supremacist. I feel like the Confederate flag should be banned because it goes against our constitution. Raising and presenting this flag is an act of treason in my eyes. It is the repetition of homegrown terrorism for these people want to hurt and kill American citizens.

    And before people say is historical is the National Monument. The Confederate flag in America is like the Nazi flag in Germany. Historical embarrassment an act of treason and terrorism

  40. Kneeling is disrespectful because the flag has nothing to do with the reason they are kneeling for. Secondly confederacy has nothing to do with the flag either.

  41. The goal is to house train the American people to submit. This way the 13 Europe Royal Bloodlines can have absolute power in USA corporation.

  42. Complete and utter tom fuckery. Only The Young Turks love black 1A rights not white 1A rights. Go an try to do this in Russia and you will be beaten and put in jail.

  43. Your whining and protesting is pathetic and an obscene embarrassment to brown skin. You've dishonored us all.

  44. Lmao tyt will defend people kneeling for the anthem no matter what, we just can't just stand in peace

  45. I've always wanted folk in the audience to be seen to take a knee as well. Perhaps we are just not there yet. Hopefully only a matter of time.

  46. @R S  The Democrats didn't create the KKK. Neither did the Republicans. Neither party created black lives matter. It was created by people who are aware that there is racism inherent in our law enforcement training.
    I am an independent. I will gladly blame Dems or Republicans if I think they deserve it. This isn't one of those times.
    An unarmed black person is 5 times more likely to be shot by police than an unarmed white person. There is a real problem and kneeling to pray for social justice, equality under the law is a just cause.
    The only people that it upsets are white people who don't want to admit our country still has a problem.
    Are you white? If you are then you don't have a clue what blacks have to put up with. Are you a woman? Same thing.
    Even if it isn't an issue, let them kneel. Doesn't hurt me a bit and I am a white male

  47. Francis……. There is free speech. Everyone is enttitled to free speech. No one has the right to interfere with an event. If they want to kneel. They can kneel on their own time. Both of them have issues. They should be put on the bench. Then why don't all the players start kneeling for whatever bothers them. Why don't Congressman kneel during an Anthem. Why don't these players kneel on their own time. There should be a consequence for their actions. They are not in charge of this event so should not have the right to disrupt the event.

  48. Can someone make a case as to why killing racist people in this country would be a bad thing? This is a genuine question

  49. I believe that it is not disrespectful to kneel. However, I think that the South's infatuation with the Confederate flag is not necessarily racist. Is the Confederate Flag a symbol of racism and hate? Yes. However, many people in the south, particularly some members of my younger generation, do not see it that way. People I know that keep the Confederate Flag as their phone wallpapers just think that it is cool. They see it as a symbol of the South as a region. Should the Confederate Flag be flown over government land? No. Is it offensive to black people and is a symbol of slavery? yes. We should be spending more time trying to educate people that the Confederacy was bad instead of just attacking southerners who like the flag.

  50. I find it sad for all the people who support this flag. They either don't know the basis of the civil war or they know and are admitting they are for slavery. If you wasn't taught this in school..shame on the education system in you area. But no excuse to do your own research.

    A collection of eleven southern states that left the Union in 1860 and 1861 and formed their own country in order to protect the institution of slavery.

  51. Both actions are examples of the 1st Amendment being exercised. Both groups should be allowed to express their views without harrassment or ridicule.

  52. funny how much these types hate the government yet worship the flag and not the constitution. well for blacks anyways.

  53. I'll give the benefit of the doubt to anyone reading this, it's hate watching with a head shake. If not you are a COMPLETE MORON!

  54. Complete idiots no respect for the people who fought and died for our freedom. Hope they realize this before they do this bs again

  55. Kneeling in this case in a symbol of freedom. What in the world do you think our soldiers fought for? We have the freedom to kneel! If we were in a dictatorship or in a fascist government we would not have that freedom and could be imprisoned! I’m unclear what it will take to get that idea across to those dumb heads who seem to lack that understanding or realization.

  56. Your supposed to put your hand over your heart with your hats off like they all taught us in elementary school don’t kneel because you look like a absolute liberal when you do that and also it’s disrespectful to our veterans

  57. Plus you are not supporting the confederacy but supporting southern pride if gay people can fly there flag so can the southern people fly a rebel flag it’s America and we have the freedom and the point of america it’s made for the people to decide on things and if you know southerners want to fly that flag let them as long as they r not harming anyone same as gay people let them fly there flag

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