27 thoughts on “Kidnapping Social Experiment (Gone Wrong) Pranks 2017

  1. This video was sponsored by the grade, so your dad will show up as soon as you get to that certified person's house! HA! WE TRICKED YOU AGAIN! NO SUCH THING AS DATING!!!!

  2. Kidnapping is a social problem that can not be ignored. Fortunately, This is just a social experiment.

  3. lo what if when they were locked in the back on the second one he like, actually kidnapped her that would be hilarious

  4. Okay, honestly this is just going to make people paranoid and depressed about life because of all the dangers they're exposed to.

  5. I made that mistake. The guy said he was gonna take me to a restaurant. Got in his car, n he locked the doors. Then hopped on the highway and took me to his place n raped me. So i can tell you ladies, do not trust right away. Think things through

  6. That guy is so smart to teach people this lesson everyone should know this and I am so happy that he did this just for are safety because you met a lot of people online and then you go out with them and they are like hey come get in my car and we can go to your favorite place and then you could be killed so we are so happy for him teaching is this and all I want to say to him is thank you so much for doing this for us i am so happy that I am crying and they are happy tears so we are so lucky that we have people in the world that are nice sweet and kind I want to thank everyone for this

  7. You guys are amazing, your always teaching random people stuff they shouldn't do, your actually amazing

  8. Anybody could get kidnapped in any situation.. Why make it seem like online dating is a bad thing?
    Most of my best friendships/relationships started online, does that make me a serial killer?

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