Kevin Shipp – Americans Not Ready for Coming Financial Calamity

Kevin Shipp – Americans Not Ready for Coming Financial Calamity

I'm Greg Connor welcome to us a watchdog calm where there's a return visit from a regular guest of ours he's a former CIA officer he's a bonafide whistleblower a counterintelligence expert computer analyst expert of all kinds of data he wrote this book about the deep state the shadow government from the company of Shadows bestseller on on Amazon gave it away Kevin ship Kevin ship has got a little bit of an internet about problems but we're gonna take you about a frozen shot we just want to get him on he has a lot to say about Muller about the Epstein case about the economy about what's going on globally and I'll just go ahead and put him up right here Kevin ship thank you for joining us today in an audio interview here on us a watchdog calm for the early Sunday release Greg as always it's great to be with you I want to start with Muller he he looks incompetent I'm surprised somebody tuned asked if he had been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's he he did he did terrible he you know I mean he we've been told for more than a year by some of our sources actually Dave Jan and exit cue that Butler was working with the president he's incompetent he could have been working with the president what's your what's your assessment of the whole Muller thing well he obviously was not working for the president so I don't know who those sources are but they may want to think about getting new sources no he was not working for the the president and it's pretty clear here for the first time Mueller has testified before Congress 88 times with poise with almost an arrogant demeanor this is a different Robert Mueller for the I think because the investigator is now being investigated and he's being put on the hot seat and finally realized that he was pushed into a corner essentially to make it clear that he did not write the report it's my view that Andrew Weissman wrote it and is pretty clear a lot of the Mueller report comes right out of the fake Russian dossier and what Wiseman craftily did many the charges come from the dossier and Wiseman appointed attorneys that had read and poured over the dossier but he did something pretty sly in reference to the dossier and the false FISA warrants he stuck those way down in the little footnotes so he could claim it was in there but not have to talk about it in the Mueller hip hearing sadly for him it was pretty clear I think that Robert Mueller this is the way at least I've seen the government work if you want to do a report and make it look credible you find yourself a famous face and you you put that person as being in charge when in Rowan in reality they don't do much of anything I think Muller was a figurehead appointed I think Wiseman did all the work the research and he's a rabbit an anti-trump Pro Hillary fully invested in the fake Russian dossier and so they tried out Mueller as the Boy Scout choirboy honest guy in charge of the investigation and the report which is not true it's clear to me he did not write the report and I'll give you an example when the CIA was caught with iran-contra breaking the law both national and international there was talk about dismantling the CIA I was there I was on the seventh floor in the CIA in one of the agents with William Webster and because the CIA was about to get taken apart by Congress they hired none other but Judge William Webster former FBI director to head up the CIA to put a nice face on what pretty much was a political pig and so and I webster did was just show up for work and literally the organization was run by Robert Gates who did everything while Webster just put his face out in meetings a pure figurehead we all knew it but it did it saved the CIA from being dismantled and it worked enter Robert Mueller Robert Mueller in charge of the Special Counsel investigation but it is clear to me that Andrew Weissman did about 90% if not more of the work and wrote the report himself what about the whole idea that the Hannity was talking about this and also even Senator Lindsey Graham talking about how people wanted me to subpoena and he's not up for the job and it's a sad day that he's mentally depreciated in some way is that an act or do you think he really is mentally depreciated in some way well he didn't look mentally depreciated when he gave his press conference did he I think he was flat-out scared it didn't go the way he wanted although the media made it look like William Barr ordered him to stick to the report that's not true what happened was Muller sent Barr a letter saying I'll only testify if you stick to the report and don't ask any other questions Muller did that so he went in there thinking that well we'll just stick to the report and all just be safe and deny everything that could be could implicate me well that backfired because we had some very astute representatives Jim Jordan for example in Devon Nunez for another that knew that was coming and literally just took him apart and I think he was shocked at that he's never been on the hot seat like that no I don't think he's got Alzheimer's no I don't think he's got Proms oh oh lot of people a lot of people have said that on my when I have my weekly news wrap-up I was thinking that you know that was the the word was that he you know it was too sad that what they did to him was bad that he's in a depreciated state that he Hannity said I even I know he wasn't up for the task Lindsey Graham saying the same thing but you're saying that's covered he's is not depreciated he he's not missing a few rungs that that's what I'm saying just shaken he's just completely shaken he was completely shaken and and really to say well he didn't really know what he was saying he's an old guy he's got Alzheimer's just literally covers up the real story the fake Russian dossier the soft coup against the President of the United States which involved Andrew Weissman and they put Mueller's face on that so no no it wouldn't it be nice to just make it look like Muller was just kind of not mentally able to do the testimony that therefore all the damning things that came out don't really matter because Mueller's not quite there Bologna and the idea that he was working for the president if he wasn't whether he could or whether he wasn't it's clear he wasn't running the show whether in whether he was depreciated or whether he wasn't debris shit he just wasn't running the show he was not working for Donald Trump he was not working for Donald Trump I know or working with working with him that was the idea hell yeah working with him Isaac come on working Northey he doesn't even know what's in the report yeah he was not working with Donald Trump he was working against him in a very dramatic fashion by allowing his by allowing his name to be used as a Republican with all these Democrats on on this witch-hunt that's great exactly he was working a total total misinformation Mueller working with the president you know after he was interviewed for the FBI directors job he was working with the president I don't know who that source is but that source is completely incorrect what about now it looks like we're kicking into high gear on investigating the investigators what's your appraisal of that well I think it's beautiful you're having co-located with FBI and FBI man has been in the counter espionage group the FBI has been getting away with almost gestapo-like tactics for decades this is the first time especially with Mueller that he's been in the hot seat and I think thank God we're actually seeing something constitutional happen in that the the chief investigators of the FBI are now being held accountable finally after decades of misuse so this is a good thing despite the fact Jerrold Nadler has come out again to make himself clearly a liar a bold-faced liar he knows that people who follow what he said knows it he brought this in to hope it would start impeachment it blew back up in his face I'm sure he had to get in the shower and scrub the egg off his mug because it looked so silly not only did it backfire it ruined that particular position so well but he still he's still saying that we're going for the NPP is but you understand that that's that's a pipe dream that's a pipe dream yeah what about the the bringing back the I want to start with this because I brought it up to bring it back to test the death penalty I just think and now we find out there's there are five candidates that William bar has already brought forward after bringing back to death Bentley and they all involved in some way shape or form the murder of a child or in one case the murder of a 16 year old virgin girl a child an underage person yeah mostly children what do you make about the death penalty coming back what's going on with that well it's it's about time for these particular offenders all people have to do is read the horrific things they did to these people even little children and those are cases yes for the death penalty there's no question about that and also now it makes child abusers the stakes really go up for them which is also a good thing so there's no question about it when you read the cases that are up for the death penalty that these people that needs to happen based on the the horrific animals doting to do what these people did so I think it's an absolutely good thing and it's another tool in the box against pedophilia and and pedophilia trafficking but what about our the Jeffrey Epstein thing I mean they found him in his cell some people say trying to kill himself other people say that he got raped in prison and somebody tried to kill him and off him what about the whole Jeffrey Epstein thing is this part and parcel to the deep state freaking out about a guy that could finger a lot of high-ranking people oh my goodness gracious the deep states darn well scared and some of its political top participates are terrified I guarantee you they want Epstein gone there's no doubt about that I don't know why the Bureau of Prisons and they've got some serious problem I don't know why they put Epstein in the jail cell with a cop who killed four people and buried them in his backyard he should have been in solitary confinement under watch so whoever made that decision it was a complete error in judgment if not intentional so that shouldn't happen in the first place uh and there are three theories one he tried to hang himself and commit suicide is leaning in that direction the second was he was faking it to get transferred out of that cell possibility and the third was that his big bulky roommate the murderer he paid him or offered him a million dollars to choke him down so he could try to get out of there those are the three theories and the Bureau of Prisons says that's confidential prison investigations are not revealed to the public so they're not telling us anything what do you think about the Epstein case in general I mean they've got stuff on his Island they've raided the island supposedly they've got a lot of people involved there subpoenaing the pilots of the Express that's what they call it the press folks the Lolita Express they call the island either pedophile Island or orgy Island and yes you know I mean all the people that have been down there for example it's pretty well-known fact that president former President Bill Clinton yes was on the mana for the manifest a couple of dozen times what do you think's going on with this well it's serious because Bill Clinton said he'd only been on the plane four times the logs show that he's been on the plane 26 times and in eight of those cases he told the Secret Service to stay behind that's called a smoking gun he's I understand that Clinton is vacationing in the Dominican Republic which was a big recipient of Clinton Foundation funds right now he's in the Dominican Republic enjoying some time with quote-unquote friends Bill Clinton Bill Clinton is is implicated all through this but what really concerns me is Epstein's it looks like relatively clear connections to intelligence you remember you have Saturnia Alexander Acosta he's the one that handled this case he actually said that he had been told to back off that Epstein was above his pay grade and quote I was told Epstein belonged to intelligence and leave it alone that is a shocking statement so was Epstein connected to intelligence in my view yes he was now that statement was made to the Trump transition team when he was applying for labor secretary and the Trump transition team accepted that as the reason he let a convicted pedophile go and they appointed him as labor secretary so that's where that statement came from that that is as I mentioned shocking that he said that so it looks pretty clear to me that the deep state shadow government intelligence was involved and it gets worse just Lane Maxwell who was his alleged recruiter for girls was the daughter of John Maxwell who was a known Mossad agent who had built pension funds to cover the losses in his business it is well known that he has connections to the Mossad as I said he was under investigation for war crimes and just after being put under investigation he was found dead naked floating next to his yacht from an alleged heart attack so there are some strange connections here to the deep state and I guaranteed the US attorney Acosta would not have said this if it wasn't true so it is true there are intelligence connections is this a blackmail operation by Mossad we know Epstein has a black book we know Epstein probably has videos of massages by young girls of high high profile people including politicians and and Giuliani just came out and said there's gonna be some high-profile people revealed in this so there's going to be some big names that are going to be connected to Epstein and his his pedophile child trafficking ring no question about it and his close friend and business associate was a hoot Barak former Prime Minister of Israel and Mossad leader so there's another smoking gun in that regard so I think that is behind this I think there's blackmail information that Epstein had and that's how he got off so is easily with because of intelligence connections before because he is indeed an intelligence asset and he was collecting blackmail information it looks like possibly beside the question is did the CIA know about it oh come on this case was so clearly out in the open they had to know about it now I've seen him sometimes be Keystone Cops but in this case if they had any sort of analysis or any any officers on this case he was go bundle II clear that Epstein had tremendous connections with the foreign leaders including Prince Andrew and others who were implicated in this – so it's got a very dark side to it I hope that can be investigated and come out but I know how the shadow government does things that makes things classified and seal them so nobody can see them so let's just hope that that President Trump pushes this pushes the investigation about his connections to intelligence hey Barack is an enemy of Netanyahu correct yeah big-time could could this be rogue elements of the Mossad just like there are rogue elements in the CIA I mean you're a CIA whistleblower so you you know people that are trying to do the patriotic thing in the CIA good this could this be the same thing where it's not the entire Mossad and it's it's a rogue element or a subset of the Mossad I'm not trying to make an excuse for them but it just seems like wow you got a who Barack a friend of Jeffrey Epstein who's a who hates Bibi Netanyahu could could this be could this be a subset of their intelligence agency or do you think they're all in I don't know yes I think it certainly could because an operation of this magnitude in this sensitivity would be kept as the CIA does junk just on the upper floor with the senior Mossad officers and the lower-level agents wouldn't know a thing about it so I think that's certainly possible how many people could go down I mean how big could this get I mean could this destabilize the global economy good Donald Trump in his you know human trafficking and corruption executive order we can block the assets yeah actually yeah could they seize a ton of assets over this they certainly could if it comes out that these people high-level people and people several of them I think are in our own government including Congress but if it involves members political figures and foreign governments you better believe it that's exactly what that can do so that not only can he jail them but he could just take all their stuff well you can yes that's that's the beauty of that executive order that gives them the power to shut these people down financially which is where you need to hit and I saw a story on on Infowars that they were saying that the media is complicit and covering up and I think they are because you know they didn't cover the nexium trial you know when they talk about Jeff CFT and he's just you know one dude who likes a lot of young ladies which it's sickening but it's more than that you just described the you know that's a a blackmail of schemer could be a blackmail scheme where they got video and all kinds of things mamede ian you think the media might be involved in the whole sex trafficking deal or at least in some way covering it up by not covering it I absolutely do and I think media elites were involved in Epson and using the services of Jeff Jeffrey Epstein is mad why after he was released from his first so-called prison sentence which it wasn't he was he was allowed to go out flying his plane work 12 hours in his office after he was released from prison as a charge convicted human trafficker and pedophile he had a big dinner and major media members attended that dinner Katie Couric for example was there just after he'd been convicted everybody knew it there were media elites at this dinner celebrating his release I would call that supporting him certainly and what about how bad could gives it how bad could this get I mean how I mean it's not only just Jeffrey Epstein but then we have you throw in the other the other trying to knock out the president with Brennan and clapper and the State Department and Kerry and Clinton and the White House and the National Security Adviser in that the DOJ the CIA the FBI I mean do these stories start over laughing deep state stories I mean you wrote a book about the company of shadows is this all part of the company of shadows crimes I think I think it is as I mentioned to me there's pretty clear connections to both US and Israeli intelligence in this and let me also mention which is bizarre that Jeffrey Epstein was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations which has been largely staffed on its board by CIA directors and he is also a member of the Trilateral Commission this is Jeffrey Epstein a businessman we know that Council on Foreign Relations was instrumental in the creation of the CIA back with the dart director Allen Dulles so so what the heck is he doing on the Council of Foreign Relations when he is an active and pretty well known pedophile and track trafficker of young women and you're saying that the are you saying that the Council on Foreign Relations the trilateral commission members all could be wrapped up in Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking some of them not I don't think all of them but some of them could be sure they'll be devastating to them and there's there's a big members of the mainstream media that are on the Council on Foreign Relations for example a couple of CNN members are on the Council on Foreign Relations so they're tied directly into the mainstream media and what about the more company of shadows with you know the takedown of President Trump I mean you had the CIA director the head of the the DIA Director of National Intelligence CIA you have the view the director of these the adviser to the president for national intelligence you have the United Nations Samantha Power's enter name our unmasking people you have the White House having a dinner party according to Ed Klein on December 16th 2016 to you know uh unmasked people and try to take that come up with a plan to take down Trump you've got all these people how bad are do you think all these people are gonna go to get prosecuted yeah there are indictments I understand that Devin Nunez has sent these indictments over to the FBI he couldn't say exactly the names but it was pretty clear that one of them is James clapper another is john brennan another is James Comey referred to the FBI for indictment every single one of those people was involved in the attempted prevention of Donald Trump being elected and then spying on him after he was a duly elected president and attempting to remove him from office so yes there will be indictments coming and I mean this of these high-level people if they if indictments do not come they have made our Constitution a sham and the justice system is a sham I think it's probably about time in that case that Americans break out in the streets are protesting the deep state in the shadow government however because of I have a lot of confidence in Devin Nunez and at this point William bar so I think these people will be indicted and others Sally Yates and others who did the false FISA warrants I will be indicted now when that happens it's going to shake Washington it's going to open these positions up where they won't be filled and they're gonna have to nominate people to be in them so it's gonna be well it's already a constitutional crisis but that would just amplify that does Donald Trump have to win does does he have to a lot of people say oh he's not really gonna do anything he's part of the deep State I think his family dies or his bankrupted or jailed like the Kennedys what do you think about that am I crazy does he have to win he has to win I think you're absolutely right we this is a so I did let me get in here with you this is a fight to the death yes you're not just us yo you did bad don't go do bad back no no no prison time death penalty jail time you're talking that this is going to be a fight to the death there's no question about it they want Donald Trump gone any way that they can and we know that the shadow government including the CIA and I studied this in detail responsible for the assassination of JFK using the Mafia that's how far they will go you're talking trillions of dollars trillions of dollars they could lose if the president isn't in their pocket with the military-industrial complex a deep State and others they want him gone they want him dead if they can do it he's under serious risk right now and that's why I took a person like Donald Trump to be there because other people would have cowered under all this pressure and all these threats so he has got to push this forward because if he goes back out after what I think is gonna be a second term they're gonna be gunning for him he the system may come down and I think he's trying to stretch it out or though the deep state would like to have the thing crash right here and now I mean he actually says that in his December 21st 2017 executive order where he has to protect against the people that have corruption and human trafficking from crashing the system it's a national emergency yeah tell me about the national emergency about crashing the system what do you think about that and give me your thoughts the national emergency is the human trafficking cabal's that are doing this are huge basically corporations they're making more money from human trafficking than they are from the drug trade this involves billions and billions of dollars and high-level people in high places that are behind the human trafficking for that to come down means the bigwigs are going to come down some organizations are going to come down as they should and I can guarantee you that's one of the well-funded powerful groups that wants to see Donald Trump gone what about this what about the thing could be I mean they're they they want to he has to protect to get things crashing the economy actually says it in his in his executive order right that he Brian protect against them crashing the economy how could they do that how could they crash the economy well they crashed the economy because large amounts of money that are in the system go away it's all it's like a central bank crashing you know and and they're so rich and powerful and they've got these organizations that are engaged in finance in America when those go down all those finances dry up and all the corporations and others that must many of which are not aware what they're doing they go down to people are upset that he's just signed this bill he just put off any kind of budget problems and I think it'll go through the Senate the house he'll sign it of course he will it's already been passed partially so he's already put this off it's a it's a lot of money it's trillions and you know hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars in more spending and more debt you know what do you think he's doing what what do you think is the end game for him he's he just gonna try to keep this going until he gets out of office in 2025 or is is the rubber gonna meet the road in 2021 when he's in his last term and in in early 2021 if he wins he's going to he's going to reorganize the country and reorganize the debt what do you think I don't know what what do you think his plan is well it's just in my opinion he's drawing this out until he gets into his second term and of course the budget deal was not a good one all it did it's going to increase the deficit well above 22 trillion now that's what this new budget deal will do it'll raise the ceiling on the debt again which is driving this country into a national security situation going back started with the creation of the Federal Reserve which began printing monopoly money and has no gold reserves no reserves at all it's not federal and it has no reserves but they've been controlling our banking banking system and the implementation of income tax all started in 1913 which is causing a spiral and the eventual financial catastrophe in the United States with the the deficits that we have right now and other countries unlike the US have been stocking up gold rush of millions China millions as they agree to stop recognizing the US dollar as the reserve currency and go to the wan and the ruble which means they'll stop recognizing the US dollar the dollar will lose its value because of that we have a huge debt by the it is projected that by 2025 our deficit is going to be 30 trillion dollars it is impossible to pay that off as a matter of fact the global deficit is 245 trillion an unimaginable amount of money this thing's got a burst it's gonna burst and people certainly need to know that so because of the Federal Reserve of central banking no gold reserves it is going to have in my view a serious have serious consequences on our economy well what do you think Trump's gonna do after 2021 do you think he's gonna default do you think he's gonna reorganize the debt Wow I mean it's the pretending is ending and I think we got to about 2021 if we don't have a major earthquake or you know you know the USS Kitty Hawk doesn't get sunk in the Persian Gulf er and I don't want that happened but you know I mean if we don't have a ship sunk or some missile strike or some jet gets down just some ship gets sunk or a submissive fire for North Korea or Iran or whatever or or you know the the second largest bank in China is now in trouble and Deutsche Bank has been in perennial trouble and yet its assets are being sucked I mean it just looks like any little pin could prick this bubble of now I agree Deutsche Bank is collapsing and they own 45 trillion in in derivatives which are not money it's digital basically digital figures floating around out there with nothing to back them up the Deutsch defaults there goes 45 trillion of derivatives in our mark market which would be serious not to mention the other derivative markets so that's serious to see that this is happening at the Deutsche Bank very serious and I think a lot of analysts are are saying that so when when Donald Trump gets into office a second term and I'm a supporter of Donald Trump because he's the first president since JFK that's had the Kahuna's to come out against the deep state and against the shadow government in ways I could only dream of as a former CI officer so I'm a trump supporter but what he has got on his hands is a coming catastrophe what's he gonna do about that frankly you cannot stop the collapse caused by the the deficit 22 and eventually 30 trillion you cannot stop that's gonna burst the 245 trillion deficit of the global economy is gonna burst there's nothing that Trump or anyone else can do to stop it I think all he can do and probably will do is try to drag it out so you don't think he'll reorganize it you won't say hey listen we're gonna default we're gonna go back to him a gold standard or we're gonna get rid of the federal audit the Fed a lot of people want that se Goldberg tell C Gavin and other people are you know have always made these squawking noise about auditing the Fed you know Ron Paul yeah now Chelsea gabart is co-sponsoring a bill I don't know if it'll go anywhere about so you don't think that trumps gonna gonna step in in 2021 and either a be forced to do something or he'll force he'll force a what do you call it he'll force a debt default or a reorganization haircuts for everybody things like that you know they keep talking about this reset the IMF Christine Lagarde has talked about it she's going to be the head of the the European Central Bank right we've heard about the reset the reset of debt is what it is so do you think that Donald Trump would just start defaulting on bonds I mean yeah I find it hard to believe he's gonna be able to stretch this out to 2025 I'm getting I'm having finding it hard to believe he's gonna be able to make it to you know after the November election in 2020 so I mean he's got it I just tried to hurt believe it and I might arguing with you don't get me wrong I'm not arguing with you but yeah is he just gonna I mean I don't know what do you think the game plan is if you can't stop it then you're going to have people are gonna take haircuts he's gonna he's gonna move to save the country or what well yeah I'll tell you Greg if it was any other president I would say he's not gonna do anything about it but we're talking Donald Trump here who has no qualms about confronting the system so with Donald Trump I think it's certainly possible that he takes some significant action he's a businessman he understands this deficit that we've got and what it's going to do to the economy so Donald Trump I think is an action man he's a businessman he understands money if as if it was any other president I'd say never gonna happen but Donald Trump it's possible he could step in and stop this because it is a it is probably the biggest national security issue I think you could step in and make some changes definitely but the changes are going to have to be I mean it's gonna have to be in reorganization I mean Jim yeah Blair and Bill halter Salus and Donald Trump is a master of bankruptcy and he is going to either see a the bankruptcy and reorganization of America what do you say about that I say that's very possible based on his past track record in business in huge amounts of money he's done this before a couple of times and the way he looks when he brings his business acumen into government it's certainly possible and I think maybe just because it's Donald Trump probable that he's gonna do something to stop this or something to stop the perpetual borrowing of money and I mean we're gonna have to live within our means it's gonna be awful to a lot of people well let me just say this Greg people are their standard of living is going to go down before the bubble bursts the the debt bubble burst their standard of living is going to go down they're not going to be able to afford what they used to and this is all without considering inflation if inflation happens it's even worse and people are not even talking about except for some experts that makes this whole whole thing work so people better fasten their seatbelts and they should prepare I think 20 21 to 20 25 they should prepare to tighten their belt get out of debt would be number one and start realizing that this economy cannot go on further the way that it's been going with this amount of debt if he wants to rebuild does he is is part of rebuilding him you can't you know people like oh you should have honest markets well if you if you got a bunch of dishonest people and they you put them right back in there doesn't you have to remove the dishonest people isn't what the that's what the FDA epstein thing is all about I mean they they basically got him to fly over to Teterboro and give himself up Jeffrey Epstein you know they're going after a multitude of people high up people some say it goes all the way up to the White House in Barack Obama I think so I've done speeches before and Obama as a subversive president and I absolutely think that's true and it does go and the soft coup does go directly to Barack Obama and that's something that we all hope to see that investigation lead to that because as Jerrold Nadler in between meals has said a president can be indicted after he's out of office so Barack Obama can be indicted there's no question about it what politicians have done is they've been stealing more than a hundred million dollars every single hour of every single day from future generations of Americans with with the deficit and Keith they continue to reason raise the debt ceiling that's what they're doing that's what they're doing to Americans that's what they're doing to us it's serious it's unethical it's run by the elite who don't care what happens to Americans they just care about that their power it's a moral crisis and these are not just elected officials they are there in Congress but we've got the technocrats in the deep state what I call the secret intelligence industrial complex which is as huge and functions and billions of dollars behind the scenes like the military industrial complex not just elected as unelected officials in the intelligence agencies and their contractors like Lockheed Martin so we've got these tech Kratts in the deep state there are overlords now that we're seeing in Google in facebook in Twitter which has been messing with me lately both Facebook and Twitter they've been taking down some of my things and that's why we've gone to the website with some of this based on your wonderful advice Craig and you give me a lot of advice advice on I just want to see you succeed Matt I just like I like I bringing the Diamonds out go ahead well you're the real thing that's where I come on with it you're an action investigative journalist and you've got a quite a track record of doing that even for some of the the major media outlets in the past and that's why I like to come on with you because you deal with facts so I appreciate that so the question is who's gonna bail out the central banks because eventually they're going down because of this who's gonna bail them out that's not even on the table with most discussions about this the central bank's all of this is going into the central that central banks are controlling everything the central bank's even foreign banks control the Federal Reserve they control our interest rates they're saying they're going to cut them again I think they're afraid of what's coming also but when the central banks fail who's gonna bail them out there's nobody left I think it's gold it has to be gold you know we the American government has been so foolish in abandoning the gold standard and not buying billions of dollars worth of gold like Russia and shied that's the stupidest thing our government could possibly do because it could lead to the complete collapse of the US economy will they be held responsible no they'll sit up in their secret CEO offices swirling scotch and building their bunkers as some of them are and they're it's it's not going to affect them so they don't care but it is gonna affect Americans and it is it's a moral outrage these elite as we know are not just bilking people to the tune of billions of dollars but several of them are pedophiles and are actually engaged in this traffic like trafficking like their original mint mint or Cecil Rhodes who originated the Rhodes Scholar from program from Cecil Rhodes he was a pedophile he had a group of five young boys that traveled with him everywhere he went and he called him his little angels so and he was a big proponent of the New World Order so these elites many of them volved in disgusting things and they're just in for protecting themselves protecting their and I'm not saying all elites but I'm saying several protecting some of the perverted things that they do Hollywood elites many of many of them are involved in Satanism that's clear as a bell so we've got some dark people at the top of these economic connections and and many of them are in the central bank's so they don't care if the banks fail as long as they're protected so I hate to say it but there's going to be a burst caused by our deficit and as I mentioned that could hit 30 trillion dollars by 2025 do you think that'll trump can I mean these people that are involved in this in this takedown of Donald Trump as the candidate and an addition team and the the president the duly elected president do you think these people corruption certainly that's corruption do you think all these people's assets are up for grabs for corruption not just pedophilia that's the other side the pedophilia in other words you've got a bunch of people involved in corruption a bunch of people involved in in pedophilia did like his plan is just to take the assets of a lot of people and pad of the the crash for Americans yes I do explain well he's there's talk about Jeffrey Epstein's assets going to the government they seized up I think was Oh fifteen million dollars I think it was of assets from El Chapo and they're thinking of using that to build the wall so if these people are indicted they billion it's 15 billion right I don't remember the exact figures it's a lot of well the Supreme Court said that President can use extra money yeah bill he can he can designate money to go build a wall yeah so we're just ruled on that and like Jeffrey Epstein if they're indicted in charge and the government can seize their big mansions their underground bunkers and the other things that they have their bank accounts and everything else the government can seize of those things and take them from the bigwigs the people of power that up until now have been unchallenged and like Jeffrey Epstein they can wind up in a small jail cell so you're saying that that part of the plan of well could be a massive seizure of assets by the elite either for corruption or this pedophilia human trafficking yet a massive seizure of assets talk about it yes I do and I think when Trump signed that executive order for human trafficking not just the actual perpetrators of which he's busted thousands but talking about the the global corporate entities that actually are engaged in this human trafficking are making as I mentioned more than the drug trade that executive order that he signed was focused on their financial interest meaning being seized and shut down so just the fact that he signed that executive order and it's very important in the wording in that he called it a national security emergency what that means is the military can become involved in other parts of the government that wouldn't otherwise be involved could come in there because it's a national security issue and that involves other agencies in the government that's huge so yes they can indict these people and they could seize their assets okay no sorry so are you heartened by what what is happening with Bill Bar and Durham and Horowitz Horowitz as we produced his report yet but they got rid of you know that's just yet another a terrible data point that we got that Oh Hoover's working on the prosecutor who Utah he's working on it he's what not a single indictment on it's not they injured you didn't do anything and do it right do you are you heartened by what you're saying do you think this it could really come to our people ready for this are people ready for for mass arrests of high elite people and mass confiscation of their assets I mean oh that's what you're saying right man arrests in mass confiscation of trillions of dollars in assets yes and answer your question people are not ready most people aren't even following this news and know they're not ready they're not ready at all discuss that well how how what would that look like mass arrests and mass confiscation of assets well confiscation of masses gotta remember those assets are connected to other financial interests of American don't really know what's behind the elites at the top of these organizations and the central banks so you're gonna have huge corporations companies that are involved in corruption specifically in human trafficking based on the executive order by Donald Trump when those come down you're talking about trillions of dollars of revenue coming down investments coming down stocks that they have bought coming down and much of this is connected to the US economy and some of it is connected to the jobs that people have having no idea who is at the top running the show a huge it would be a huge catastrophe and based on what I have seen in my study Americans are not aware of what's coming and that's one of the things of course you and I are trying to do is warn them this is coming start getting ready you may have a couple years left to do it most people don't even know this is going on and therefore none of them are prepared could it also be a huge windfall of assets properties not as bonds money whatever could it also be a huge windfall well be a huge financial windfall in these seas properties and and the bank accounts for the federal government and you know Trump being a financial strategist just seeing how he strategize us financially I could see this as part of his strategy the seizing of assets yes the padding of the US economy the paying off of debt the oh you're saying that this is that the seizure on a grand scale is part of the strategy yes why not use it to bring down the deficit you know it'd be brilliant because it's a national security issue and yes just just knowing Trump and his background the things he's been doing yes I could see him doing that does he have to win when does his family die he has to win for two reasons he has to win because our constitutional form of government is at stake our traditional values on which the Constitution is founded is under serious attack he has to win for that sake and he has to win also because if he goes back into private industry he has a serious threat of assassination not just him but his family now he's smart he's got a huge layer of security around him first private then the Secret Service which is smart but I he'll never be safe again sadly he's got to protect himself so so if he's got to take down as many of these guys as as possible I mean that yeah that is your no-brainer that you have that's that that's gonna happen it has to have has to happen yes wow that's so we're talking about you know you know a few years of a shootout the OK Corral all over the world that's right this is gonna get ugly it's gonna get very ugly so he's got to take these guys to the mat it put him in jail use the death penalty confiscate their assets destroy their businesses oh you bet you bet that all has to happen it has to happen it's the way that you deal with a drug cartel you'd arrest them you'd put him in jail then you'd seize their millions of dollars of asset which becomes assets which becomes the property of the US government to use where it will and I hope that would be reducing the national budget deficit Wow and how big do you how big you think the seizure could end up being how many assets what do you what's your thumbnail idea of what's the amount of cash and prizes that he could seize well that that's difficult to predict but we know that human trafficking alone is up there in the billions and billions of dollars and I think the entire corrupt system there is is in the trillions so now remember that you know it takes time to to investigate these people eventually arrest them when you have enough evidence I don't think this is all going to happen at once I think it's going to be incremental one corrupt company after another so it's gonna stretch out a little bit it's not going to happen all at once and from a national security perspective you know Trump knows how that will cause the stock market to dive it will cause unemployment to rise if it's all done at once so I don't think it's going to be done at once it's going to be done but I think incrementally is this why the debt Kratts are fighting so hard they know they're in I mean there are Republicans involved in this okay yeah there are RINO Republicans involved but you know the Democrats had the power for the last eight years so they're in that probably the deepest is this why Jerry Nadler and is is pushing the stupid impeachment thing and Nancy Pelosi and you know even though it's stupid and they're gone this far left AOC you know Kazu communists they're cut Mario zombies I mean that's what they are yeah there's no that's listen that is not a stretch either no no I mean dick come right out anti-american hate Americans support the Muslim Brotherhood I mean Elon Omar's like the where she is from is the the biggest recruiting area of Muslim terrorists in the country so cultural jihadist Omar is a cultural jihadist their cultural goal is to get in positions of power in the US government with the intent of bringing it down do you think that this is why the Democrats are unhinged they are unhinged I mean the well the the people in Hollywood are unhinged you think they're involved in the pedophilia trade – I absolutely do they're unhinged because they've got a lot to hide and some of them are terrified that they're gonna come under investigation Nadler has lied repeatedly why Schiff has lied repeatedly why Schumer has lied directly lied repeatedly why they're trying to take top Trump to impeach it when there's no evidence and especially after Mueller's testimony why are they so desperate to get rid of this president and the investigations and the expose that he's doing it's because they're complicit wow that's a big statement I want to get back into an email that I I got and I'll just read it to you I was I was looked into this email and it was from Bill Binney former NSA and he's talking about the hammer which you have a brought out in in very detailed fashion that it's a hoax you even have you've even got Mike Zuma on record saying the hammer the the alternative platform supposedly it put together by one guy Dennis to Montgomery total hoax he could have done it he didn't do it well and then know what memory and this has been going on – 2015 here's the email that I got it's bill penny I think he's talking to you in the group it's a we be McInerney janda Fanning Goodman Greg hunter and Sue ship which is like your wife I'm sorry okay so anyway I think we should leave this to the professionals I have referred this to members of the DOJ investigative team and we'll be meeting with them soon therefore I don't think we should be discussing it further I saw this as sit what this is the hoax you've been pushing for four years and you need now an investigation clubbing in what's going on here well if people I went out there and did a agonizing hour a little over an hour YouTube presenting all the real evidence on the hammer dennis montgomery is a fraud bill Binney Kirk Wiebe and Thomas Drake under subpoena as experts wrote a memo saying Montgomery was a fraud and his hammer 47 hard drives were fake that's on the record you'll see that in my investigation so yeah as we always say and when I add a new player which you didn't talk about was Mike Zillow the lead investigator yeah yeah joe arpaio the sheriff yes Americo per County he was the lead investigator on the story in question with this guy what does he say yes as a matter of fact he's given me permission now to reveal that he was my source again the new information that I have in the YouTube video and we and I have been in contact he was a direct witness he interviewed Montgomery at length he looked at the information on the 47 hard drives and agreed that it was false he agreed that Dennis Montgomery should not be trusted should not be talked to ever because I would he did not invent a alternate smite platform that's equal to the NSA no because he would take it would take a huge group of people just to run the thing one man can't develop that and one man can't run a system of that magnitude is not possible well what about what about this thing where he's turned it over to the to the FBI DOJ I mean I'm excuse me you've talked about you and Danny and Vinnie and Rebbie and Mary Fanning whoever these players you've talked about this one since 2015 and now you need more investigation did well I can tell what does that mean what I can tell you what that's all about when he when Bill Benny sent me that note I laughed my wife is sitting right there what they're doing it's a strategy we'll turn it over to the DOJ and Bill Benny actually came out and said this therefore we can't talk about it anymore boy this is the oldest trick in the book if you want to cover up information well it's under investigation ci does this all the time it's under investigation we can't really talk about the criminal activity that has occurred here so turning it over to the DOJ and it's interesting that he made Bill Ben he made that email public the people that he doesn't have contact with including Jason Goodman is on there a bunch of people are on there because it's it's I wouldn't call it a threat I'd call it the deception we just want to let you all know that we're not going to talk about the false information that we put out because now it's under investigation so we're not going to try to justify evidence that's flimsy that's what's happening well I mean the whole thing's a hoax I mean that yes it's a hoax yes and and it is a hoax and why go ahead I'll go ahead it but the whole thing's a joke you say it is okay they why the things that they're avoiding that I point out in my video would they will not address any of the evidence I present which is solid I've got documents emails every Montgomery sent me a bunch of stuff not realizing that I was on to him so I've got the same stuff from Montgomery that they have and as I tried to advise Dave janda if there's red flags all over it instead of updating the information he went after me in a well he's still going after me they're still he's still out there saying because I have people viewers that contact me watch chanda's videos he's still accusing me of saying there's no parallel programs and therefore I don't know what I'm talking about I never said and this is in my setting the record straight video I never said there were no parallel programs but that's all he has to try to count the evidence that I put out there for the world to see you did say Dennis Montgomery didn't build eight operation hammer this is it yeah that's a great question and an important clue that's what you said that that this is a hoax this is the thing that they've gone on for four years is a total hoax he didn't do it he couldn't do it it's the evidence says it's a hope my Zullo the lead investigators a hoax that's his name NSA people Thomas Drake even Kirk I think Binney or Kirk Wiebe also said oh yeah that would there's no classified information there's no program there's no special program it all comes back to – abuse of the NSA doesn't it I mean that's the story right that's the story that's the story why is Bill Binney Kirk Wiebe and Dave janda well I think Dave is just trying to placate his viewers and Mary Fanning I think just didn't dig deep enough you know you don't keep pushing a story that's full of holes you fix it but but anyway why are they concealing the fact or not addressing the fact that there were some thumb drives that Mike Zullo the chief investigator had and not on the 47 hard drives those were false but on these thumb drives there was NSA top-secret information in specifically thinthread information that was developed within the CIA and Trailblazer information which was the illegal spying program that Michael Hayden instituted so where's Michael Hayden in all of this where's Michael Hayden is the person behind this because I don't think there's much question that Montgomery was getting data or hacking data from the NSA it appears he was giving it directly by Michael Hayden after Congress told Hayden to shut the whole system down why are they not talking about why are they not talking about these thumb drives I think some of the information they saw was actually thin thread information why are they not talking about that why have they not talked been talking about that since 2015 I think they tried to supersede Sharon Rondo's article which is excellent by the way they're not talking about this and this is the important stuff they push this shallow investigation that was done that's full of holes and instead they attack me for bringing out additional does this does this notes it's evidence it says that that Denis Montgomery's you know propelled a hoax they failed a hoax there's no platform so are they doing this to cover up the NSA abuse is that what's the point of them doing this and propelling this hoax why Oh Greg that's the huge question and I've given this a lot of thought and the only conclusion I reach is is that they are aware of some of this NSA information on these thumb drives and for some reason they don't want to talk about it and they don't want to talk about Michael Hayden what that reason is only they know but they're certainly concealing information that they're aware of that was on these thumb drives because some of them actually looked at it on zullo's computer so why are they pushing the hoax or at best a very shallow story and not talking about this I think that's the the big question have you talked to the FBI I mean he says he's turning us over to the FBI used to do counterintelligence that's what you tell me and you work with the FBI have ya also contacted the FBI and if you have what did you tell them yeah I did I did investigations with the FBI as a matter of fact when I was counter it in the counter espionage group my my boss was an FBI sac especially a special advisory us excuse upper Missouri agent in charge it was an FBI sac I will mention his name but I worked for the FBI conducting counterintelligence informations information after agent level they were awesome at the supervisor level they were terrible's close to criminal in some case so what did you tell them about this what's bill Binney says I've turned in a rubber the operation hammer up turning her over today yeah hi Jay what did you tell the FBI well I took I poured it to the FBI to and you see me still talking about it but I reported to the FBI these thumb drives and what potentially was on these thumb drives and the FBI needs to look into that and they also before they talked to Dennis Montgomery which I hope they do they have to realize that he is a brilliant con man before they talked to him he has conned everybody he's conned not just he conned the CIA he conned the FBI he called the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office who now are upset that they let him do that according to Mike Zullo so he's he's a a brilliant con man now he's in my opinion he's conning the media I think he's conning a Mary Fanning I think he's conning some other reporters that have have brought this up and trying to make himself look like legit so he's still manipulating certain sectors of the news but you told the FBI what you told them what you said hey listen bill binney is you know telling you about this you know operation hammer here's what you should look at is that what you call what you tell them no I didn't mention Bill Binney or janda or anyone else in that because you just said what it's just evidentiary I said you need to look into the Dennis Montgomery case and the so-called hammer the 47 hard drives that he claimed was the hammer are fake but you need to look into these thumb drives because it appears that there's thin thread and Trailblazer information on them so we're back to we're right back to NSA abuse which happened with you know variety of people foreign domestic multiple agencies multiple Faithfull the the United Nations and now here yet another example of NSA abuse why build a super-duper system if you could just abuse the super duper system we already have is that what is that what this is yeah which they do and of course the only thing they have is I mentioned earlier to try to attack me with is I don't believe in parallel platforms now they don't mention what parallel platforms are talking about because I proved that Dennis Montgomery's was a sham so Jan is still going and that was the story wait a minute well the story was never parallel platforms that came up you said it was a hose no it was you said that this is is a hoax what Dennis Montgomery did and then then they came up with this parallel platform thing well it all comes down to it's just more cover-up of or potential cover-up of NSA abuse is what you're saying is that right that's correct and why keep harping on this parallel program and not the actual facts and trying to get me first which I never said there was any parallel programs I was the recipient one of those parallel programs when they bugged and tapped me and my family on the base I talked about my book so I'm not saying they don't exist but they keep saying that because that apparently in their minds is the only defense they have against the investigation I did and you're doing a patreon you're doing a roundtable who's gotta be on it what is gonna happen August the first we're gonna do a roundtable it's we don't want to say the exact location yet it's going to be in Virginia Jason Goodman and myself will be there personally and then we'll have Mike Zullo on skype life experience and Sheeran Rondo also which is awesome she's gonna be at that roundtable too and what we're gonna do we're not gonna attack any persons we're gonna all bring out what looks like are the hard facts in this case and we're gonna put it on YouTube so that everybody can see it it's gonna reveal basically more NSA abuse illegal abuse and the possibility a very good possibility that General Michael Hayden after being ordered bike from Congress to shut the by Congress to shut the Trailblazer program down there's indication that Michael Hayden sent some of that information to Dennis Montgomery which is on the thumb drives and and that and you don't hear any mention of General Michael Hayden anymore but some of the stuff on these hard drives excuse me some of the stuff on these thumb drives the ones that they're ignoring the information on these thumb drives indicates that NSA information trail blades are from Michael Hayden's illegal domestic spying program some of it is on these thumb drives which means that General Michael Hayden was in direct contact with Dennis Montgomery trying to feed him information on a program which had been deemed illegal by Congress why would people try to cover that up I don't we don't just come out and say yeah it was hoax sorry yeah we got hardly no I don't know is this more of the culture of corruption let's get back to the bigger picture now this is just more of the culture of corruption spying reckless abandon for anything law rule of law whether it's financial whether it's government whether it's espionage whether it's you know child trafficking is this just more of the breakdown in the rule of law and our society at the highest levels it absolutely is this is corruption at the highest levels of our government that is manipulating our government and if the corruption is deep it's huge it's like a network a net of connected corrupt companies and people and you get into the military industrial complex and Lockheed and all these multibillion-dollar corporations that are doing the same thing and and our America has declined and it's slid there is so much corruption personally it makes me sick to my stomach is Donald Trump gonna try to knock out a lot of this corruption yes I think he is yeah and confiscates so the the road map is is is start making legal cases and you named your targets for the corruption prosecute them use all the tools necessary including the threat of the death penalty confiscate ashes confiscate assets and try to use those huge confiscated assets to kind of put a pad under the evil that's coming our way is that a good summation I don't know you tell me no I think that's a good summation and I think it's Donald Trump alone only that's doing it not his advisers because they've all cowered to the shadow government deep state up until this point so this is a Donald Trump thing and this is one of the things I'm convinced that he's going to do and probably against the advice of some of his co-opted advisors that are still members of the deep state so this is Donald Trump doing this this is Donald Trump going to do this and this is why I become a supporter because he is directly confronting this corruption corruption corruption rather the deep Satan the shadow government no president has ever had the guts to do that and there's a price in the fact that he is he's under jeopardy and his family physically and financially he's a target so the corruption is huge it's at the top and it's I just want to make stress the point that this is Donald Trump doing this it's not in his advisers it's not the people that surround him from the deep state he's the only one that's pushing this because there's such a huge risk and I think he's doing it but remember you got to do these things methodically and step by step for example using Barr you've got to collect the information so that's strong enough it's pretty easy to indict somebody but it's strong enough both to indict them and then charge them for a crime before you do it and that takes time and also you don't want to do it all at once because then you have a huge financial crisis on your hands so yes I do think Donald Trump is gonna good is going to confront this corruption this corruption is deadly this corruption is evil this corruption is at the top of the elite and that's what Donald Trump is up against if you if he loses does his family die if he loses the election they're going to come after him as long as it takes he and his family if he loses the battle with the corruption so he's got to win the second term yeah I mean this is this election is huge if he loses his family dies I think if he wins he can likely work himself into a position where he can knock out his enemies yes I think that is absolutely true and he knows that that his life is at stake his family's life is at stake and if he loses they're gonna go after him and they're gonna try to eliminate assassinate however whatever term you want to use not just him but the members of his family that they view as enemies to their system Wow and that you wouldn't want another Trump in the White House just like you wouldn't want another Kennedy Jake John John you wouldn't want another Kennedy in the White House now would you well I'll tell you org Robert Kennedy you know he wouldn't have they would have fared well and him in the White House well look what happened to them I've done a couple shows on that there's direct evidence that evidence was concealed the bullet holes were removed in the case of bobby kennedy that blue boxer hunt so yeah yeah but and Robert Kennedy was assassinated by Sirhan but there were bullet holes going the other direction in the door frame at the LAPD who's trained by the CIA by the way and you can actually google that one but the LAPD removed those bullet holes which disproved the lone gunman Theory took him out and burned them so I've said this in many interviews that the CIA and the Mafia without a question we're connected directly to the assassination of JFK and to the assassination of Robert Kennedy and if you look at some of the effects in JFK jr. they wanted these people dead and they succeeded and that's what Donald Trump is facing right now and he knows this he knows this is a death dance he knows it yep dead people in the CIA yeah I mean you still have a lot of contacts in the CIA ain't actually a lot of contacts that are friendly to you no I got a lot of good friends and the CI some of which are saying go man go that's great Gregory do they share your view about how bad how rough this is going to be to get to the other side financially geopolitically and also societal society wise you know how rough it's good to base to share your views and what are your view what are your views and do they share it well the friends that I have in there share my views but in large part at the journeyman level of the population in there is just concerned about their promotion providing for their family getting their next grade so they can get more income that's all they think about and I can tell you having worked there at many levels that's all they think it think about is working to get their next promotion period there is no one in there some people that made some big statements I hope you're good I'm Kevin and then they did nothing they hid away got the retirement disappeared so I have friends in there that yes agree that this is a crisis many of them like Trump although the CIA tends to be liberal overall and it's been virtually destroyed by multicultural diversity which has put people in positions of supervision that have no expertise or background in that whatsoever and it's gotten worse from what I understand it what am i my friends so there's there's good people who had to lower levels of the CIA in the where I worked in the avenues they only care about as I mentioned their next promotion providing for their family and getting up to the GS 14 15 or higher level is all that's on their mind that's all they do and they really don't care about anything else if they were just to stand up against this stuff they destroy their career so they keep their mouth shut so I mean how bad do you think it's gonna get it what my my question is so how bad do you think it's gonna get what well sure what's your Futurecast an area of how bad this is going to get to fix this and get to the other side well to fix this as you and I talked about earlier Donald Trump is going to have to do something about this 22 trillion and climbing deficit he has to he must if he doesn't goodbye America that's the first thing and when this happens when this bubble bursts or god forbid inflation hits Americans are going to be caught with their britches down many of them because they're not ready for this it's going to be a serious financial catastrophe which is going to result without a doubt in violence in the streets that's that's one thing now the corruption which which is sickening he's aware of that he's even especially that executive order that he passed regarding human trafficking he is going after these corrupt entities now with the epstein arrest he's got a big time Avenue to do that with some high players as specifically at the top of that list is William Jefferson Clinton there's no question about that some of these you think they're gonna take out former President Bill Clinton yeah I do the evidence is there he's lied four times he was on the plane 26 times eight times without a Secret Service and he's lied about it four times why would he do that do you think they'll charge him in jail I think so yeah do you think they'll roll over on Hillary wouldn't that be nice it's possible the way they know how to do it you know I was an interrogator they know how to get people to roll over and with Bill Clinton who essentially has no character that's a certain possibility we also you think they might never well let's see they're gonna NAB Clinton either I think there may be a quick list of big-time players that that are in the crosshairs that you see right now in the crosshairs well Alan Dershowitz is in a lot of trouble he's coming out making statements that don't make any sense oh yeah he got a massage but he had his underwear on and one of the biggest ones is a huge block the former Israeli prime minister was photographed going into Epstein's multi-million dollar mansion in New York their house in New York they're just after a bunch of underage girls went in Barack Barack goes in with his head wrapped with a scarf just his eyes showing he goes into Epstein's mansion so we're talking people at that level who else it could go down for not just the epsteen epsteen thing but it's just a whole cornucopia the you know the the failed coup the witch out the they tried to take out of the president the the corruption the human trafficking give me a list of people that you think could all go down well we'll start with John Brennan who I think is clearly going to be indicted for the soft coup against the president he was at the center of that whole thing including disseminating as intelligence the dossier I think he's gonna be one of the first ones secondly clappers gonna be indicted because he was a part of that he leaked to the media he lied about it he lied about the dossier now that dossier was a coup that dossier was an attempt to unseat the President of the United States that's serious extremely serious and then he got James Comey who would be the FBI thug dirty cop in the midst of this who let Hillary Clinton walk when she clearly had violated multiple felonies under Title 18 USC including espionage he let her walk he leaked a memo to his buddy which helped to point his friend Robert Mueller as the special counsel and he's he's been dirty and in the midst of this the entire time then you got the falsify Safa date people got Sally H you got Dana bond T and others who sign up on these fall spices they're all going to be under scrutiny and so you look these people are in top positions in our government and if their indictment this time do you think in trouble uh no I don't I think he's cooperating remember that mysterious plane ride he took with Trump yeah one yeah I think they cut a deal and if you notice Rosen Stein came out after that as a supporter of Trump strongly I think Trump made a deal with him and no I don't think Rosa Steen is going to jail struck page Susan Rice to people like that President Obama struck and Paige yes they're gonna be indicted Susan Rice very possibly and and I think very probably because she made this big spreadsheet of unmet complex spreadsheet of unmasked names so yeah ultimately ultimately this soft qu the 702 spying by the NSA the the planning of covert agents in the Trump campaign the setup of George papadopolis all of those are criminal offences and they all lead to Barack Hussein Obama I was on the seventh floor of the CIA and daily we would take what's called the presidential Daily Brief or the PDB which has all of the high-level sensitive CIA and NSA programs this it's brought I was there witnessed it it's brought to the president every single day for him to read to find out now this was a huge operation involving the CIA and the NSA and supported by Barack Obama who is a behind the abuses of the NSA 702 is an unmasking of Americans this leads all the way to Barack Obama and dog gonnit we as Americans have got to press that we have got to see that man held accountable because ultimately he was overseeing this entire operation my goodness I mean you're talking about the White House his staff yes sirree advisor the yes a the CIA the DIA the Defense Intelligence Agency I'm sorry the clappers the National Intelligence II after Vietnam yeah yeah DNI director next I'll tell you that you're talking about the State Department we're talking about presidents Clinton and Obama who's involved in this whole time seriously are you talking about former secretaries of State John Kerry's implicated yes no we're talking to Iran Hillary Clinton of course with her private server that was unprotected you I mean multiple people's at the Department of Justice at the FBI it's just mind-boggling well in the city we're talking to dozens of people yes in the State Department cause it's the State Department cluding John Kerry had met with Christopher Steele and were aware of and supporting the dossier I know that so he's kind of under the scope too so you've got that this is the shadow government in full view being held accountable something I have dreamed about since 2012 when it wasn't so cool to talk about the deep stake this is Donald Trump directly exposing the shadow government Trump and others exposing the shadow government and these high-level corrupt criminal players that have been there been there for years most of them appointed by Bill Clinton himself and his corrupt Network connected into the criminal Clinton Foundation and on and on it goes these are people in the highest levels of government just like Giuliani said these are gonna be prominent people this is gonna happen and it's gonna shake things up but you know what things have to be shaken up it is about time they're shaken out is it the only way to save the country yes absolutely I mean if we don't do it we lose the country the country is gonna be imploded by the criminality of these weasels then they'll be cutting deals with you know foreign powers just to save their vacant maybe they might get a little a nice little mansion to be in and they could be a little mouthpiece to tell everybody it's okay why they need to you know you you why they need to step in line and let the Chinese or the Russians or whoever take over you'll be better off for it yeah yeah and the only person standing in the way of that right now is not just Donald Trump but it's a 63 million Americans and climbing that voted for people are mad they're upset they're being quiet right now they're not putting stickers on their cars for obvious reasons they don't want their car keyed but in the 2020 elections they're gonna come out in the millions and millions to reelect Donald Trump do you think that Democrats will come out for Donald Trump I hear that that twice the number of of african-americans are gonna vote for twice the number of Hispanics he's gonna get he's gonna get bigger much bigger numbers which is why this constant drumbeat of crisis he's erased list I mean here's a guy with a what I hit TV show order for a dozen years on NBC I didn't know they had a racist working yeah and that's the only term they can use and I think we're all tired of it when in reality it's reverse racism there practicing racism themselves it's a propaganda term and I think Americans need to take that and just push it right back in their faces those racist claims are a power grab their lies they're incorrect and we know many of them are hoaxes we need to stop accepting and politicians especially and Republicans especially need to stop cowering at the threat that they're a racist or they're going to be hit with an EEO suit sexual harassment whatever stop being afraid of these lawsuits and fight back which is starting to happen people are fighting back and they're standing up against these false accusations of racism which have gotten sickening and absolutely ridiculous Kevin chef Keith is the author of this book from the company of shadows a big a best seller on Amazon a couple different times I tells me it's a fabulous book it's everything you want to know you get your money's worth from it's on the front page of is his website for the love of freedom dotnet also Kevin Shipp you've you've paid a lot for this you put up a donation page you have a a patreon page you have a GoFundMe site you have a snail mail address it's right in the middle of the website most of that stuff right in the middle of your website you can't miss it you need to be supported and you also have a this-this-this patreon coming up on August 1st is that it's gonna be a live stream and then put out on on YouTube yes on so that's Kevin underscore ship but we do programs that you're not going to see in anywhere else and we put it on patreon as a firewall against YouTube has been messing with I've got almost 2 million views on some of these videos and they've pulled those figures off and actually deleted some of our thumbnails twitter has deleted some of my tweets so we went to patreon because it's a wall against these these algorithms and the trolls and not only that a patreon basically is important to our family's financial survival because as you know I lost my retirement when I came out and blew the whistle on the CIA and my kids lost their college funds so this stuff is important to me and and I always I get the most wonderful letters from people that are supporting us in standing up against this corruption and that's why we got into patreon yeah well you also got a snail mail address which you know is probably can help you out too some people may not want to use the electronic services they may want to do right covertly anyway uh so uh listen so I'll put up all the links for the love of freedom net also your you have something new on the website that you have ships notes and every day seven days a week you have a little note about Harry here's what's going on this is what happened and every day it's pretty insightful it's pretty pretty interesting very interesting to see your brain on parade yeah laughing it gives people a reason to come back to your website every day so Kevin ship the the author of this book from the company of shadows it's a best-seller still on sale on the website you have your paid to your account I'll put up those links of them for the love of freedom net ships notes you can go there every day Kevin ship I'm sorry we Hank we couldn't do this in your full video regalia but it was a beautiful frozen frozen shot you look fabulous a nice smile on your face Kevin ship thank you for joining us today on USA watch calm great it is always a privilege to be on with you

35 thoughts on “Kevin Shipp – Americans Not Ready for Coming Financial Calamity

  1. Epstein should have been in solitary under heavy guard…so much that happens we just scratch our heads and wonder what are they thinking???? Seems too many people just don't have any common sense. You would think they would insure that Epstein would be protected long enough for trial anyway…On our President Trump, we all need to keep him in our daily prayers for safety (and his family).

  2. The Deep State must be destroyed. They are against anything that represents what the Light is and means. Keep up the wonderful work Greg Hunter!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. I thought those bank accounts would have been seized over a year and half ago. For example, Why HRC would be touring to sell her book and having conferences in India early in 2018?

  4. It’s Robert Maxwell, not John. This Epstein thing goes deeper than what we are being told, as most things involving govt do. Check out the work George Webb is doing on it. Greg Hunter: get George Webb on, he’s brilliant

  5. Body Language Ghost here on YT did a video on this. As she said, he is NOT mentally disabled. She shows how when he came in he was confident, didn't look nervous or confused. He recognized people and spoke without leaning in, etc. He was fine during the opening statements as he knew what was coming but THEN it started and he had no where to run!

  6. Do you want to grow your own food for yourself? To sell? Carports. Sun Porches. Spare rooms. Sheds. Basements. Places where you can grow plants. All plants that die when it goes below 32 are perennial. All plants that survive in winter and bolt in summer are perennial. Grow plants in the temperatures they like and they will live longer. Grow fruits on bushes. Raise birds. Chickens. Ducks. Geese. Quail. Guineas. Grow mushrooms. Raise rabbits. Raise fish. Aquaponics. Don't be afraid. Plan ahead.

  7. SES is a Belief System; they believe they can't be fired for their Belief.

  8. Subset of Mossad there Greg? For a long standing investigative reporter you're idolization of Israel decries that. The STATE of Israel was born out of conspiracy and was a big part in the killing of a hundred million between World Wars I and II to push the first, breakup of the Ottoman Empire, and then create the UN to give Rothschild the land of Palestine to his cause under the guise of a 'Jewish state'. If you do even a modicum of research you would not only realize the evil history of this movement known as Zionism, but also that the bible doesn't justify it all when you read the original Hebrew and Greek. It's all documented scripturally and historically in my book, The Israel Deception.

    Motto of Mossad: In Deception, we shall do war

    Nuff said.

  9. Kevin Shipp tells it like it is! But I'm astonished that Greg still doesn't get that MMS is complicit with the Deep State for indeed they are. But if Mark Taylor is right, then prosperity and abundance will be heaped on the United States once the cabal is "put down!" God Bless President Trump, the Alliance, and the American Patriots!

  10. Check out this this telling article about Cecil Rhodes and his 5—ahem!—travelling companion 'ain't gells'…. It references the Bush regime from hell, as well as much more comparable scumbaggery.

    I suspect we well know what type of sub-human inclinations lurk behind the NWO rich witch pitch! After all, they perpetually seek any means by which to justify—much less satisfy—that chronically nagging low level itch…. ⤵⤵⤵

  11. The fraudulent debt will go to zero when POTUS executes the bankruptcy. It is like ppl who plan to file bankruptcy run up their credit cards and then write them off. Applying the seized assets to the national debt is stupid. Why would you payoff your credit cards before filing bankruptcy?

  12. Before DJT was elected, I felt he was supported by people who knew the economy would crash soon and that he was the only candidate to handle it. Next all the money's that have been stolen from us will be returned once the [DS] are convicted. Any uncollectible moneys that they stole will be wiped out by a jubilee as will the illegal IRS, and no more money being illegally funneled

    aha they just got to this at 43 minutes

  13. Watch this 17 minute TEDx TALKS video—the tail end of which reveals the sinister goo-ghoul tie to Lockheed! ☜💀☞

  14. Fabulous interview that encapsulates a great deal of realpolitikal truth on the depraved nature of shadow governmentals and their MSM shills. These malevolent self-serving corporacratically owned/handled propagandists, perverts, parasites, predators, opportunists, and war-mongering monsters must be exposed, deposed and disposed of commensurate to their high crimes against humanity….


    And what about government's corrupt bid to silence whistleblowing heroes by making it illegal for decent human beings such as Mr. Shipp or Assange to expose the evil that some men and women (HRC, G.M. etc.) do!

  15. Excellent interview of Mr. Shipp, Greg. Man, if he is even half right, and I think he is entirely right, we are in a whole lot of trouble and our president is up against an awful lot of pressure and pushback including a possible assassination, since the coup attempt against President Trump has failed but we know the deep state will not stop.

  16. If the employees of the CIA can't figure out they are part of the Deep State, then the intelligence business is probably not a good fit.

  17. Prepare for the day when your fiat currency buys nothing. When it happens, and it will be soon, will you be fed, sheltered, and secure?

  18. Greg, you should look into whether or not Epstein has anything to do with the odd Bush #1 Funeral?

  19. Hahaha! First take out 3 pawns. Next take out 2 horses; then two bishops. Next the rooks. Three more moves … check mate. Epstein is a Bishop. Clinton is the Queen and Bemba is the king. Classic moves.

  20. I have a question please. Since the HAMR doesn't exist, what computer system was good old Max Waters talking about in that interview. She said Pres. O. Was having a system built that it didn't matter who was elected that ANY Dem Pres. would always be in charge. What is the name of that system?

  21. Federal Reserve notes are illegal because the Act that created them is unconstitutional. They will be deemed no longer legal tender. Replaced 1 for 1 with real money from U.S. Treasury. Chinese took all this into their costing since Nixon closed the gold window. Were about to enter into a time of economic growth like the world has never seen before.

  22. Trump is going to confiscate the stolen assets of the world from the Elite. Think Rothschilds, Rockefellers, The Vatican and the "Royal" Houses of Europe. He's already done the Saudis. All their corporate interests,estates, jets, boats, etc. Plus he'll stiff the Fed and the other Central Bankers on their "notes".

  23. I Stand with Trump as a Patriot against this corruption no matter how ugly it gets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I must admit, I do love Greg Hunters format.
    1 hour 10 minutes of quality
    How to support the guest

    No filler stories, no bull shit.

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