1. Moriah Gracia is the temple of emotion my mother is when I show her a stand up comedy video 😂😂😂

  2. Rachel has that Elizabeth Olsen vibes going on while Moriah got a bit of a Megan Fox look, I understand that they won't react to the jokes the same way so chill tf out ya'll. This is not a competition of who laughs the most.

  3. Yeah I think most Indian need govt. Job because got money and got holiday too…..

    (This is amazing 💓 guy)

  4. kenny sebastian is not the one u shd be doing because let me tell u he is kind of wrong here in these videos and he has faced lot of criticizm ,,

  5. Nice reaction n good stand by kenny
    Btw national anthem in theatre is not a law More of peer pressure situation

  6. He is spot on this particular government's attitude on free of expression, on the hand the ruling party brags about India being a biggest democracy in the world, this is the biggest joke.

  7. Actually its a law that "you dont need to stand during a national anthem." people judge you if you dont stand during national anthem.
    youre rather considered an antinationalist if you dont.

  8. I couldnt watch Moriah's side coz it was less fun 😂.she seems so lost like she didnt get the jokes whole time or she is not just a fan of stand up comedy🤣🤣

  9. pls do the kings dance reaction
    pls do the kings dance reaction

    pls do the kings dance reaction

    pls do the kings dance reaction

  10. There is no rule that if you don't stand up in theatre at the movement of national anthem you throw by police to jail it is totally fake, the only thing they do is the theatre manager put your name in the Blacklist to ban you From that theatre. And this is not king anthem this is our national anthem and we bloody proud in this and if you didn't stand up at the movement of national anthem so why you live in your country if you didn't respect that

  11. Indian didn't ban or do with this movie Padmavat all the things you said is done by the locals the only thing government do is remove the 'I' from the movie named
    Padamavati because of the locals demand

  12. We do Crave for white people's thoughts and acceptance to what we do here in India. One of the very few reasons these reaction videos by white people are becoming popular these days. It's funny how you guys made a living out it, no qualifications needed except for being white of course.

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