13 thoughts on “Ken Langone on Philanthropy, Politics, and the Amazon Business Model

  1. This man is so out of touch with reality. This guy lives in a fantasy world and is feeding you all bullshit. He is selling you his dream, and you're all eating it up like fucking sheep.

  2. Love Ken Langone, but stop taking up for the five time bankrupt so called business man in the White House.

  3. Hearing him justify inequality while in the same breath acknowledging the luck that lead him to where he is, is a bit mind boggling lol

  4. I'm currently reading his book, it's very good and I recommend it. This man is very humble and a legend. Respect.

  5. OMG. Thank you for showing the sleaze of this man. The rich of THIS country have eaten from the middle class more than China. I'm sick to my stomach seeing the absolute lack of compassion here.

  6. "I felt like a king!"
    And that just shows that unlimited accumulation creates the attitudes of feudalism. Are we supposed to kneel in gratitude for the "generosity" of our corporate oligarchs?

  7. This is an angry man. That's fine, but he doesn't offer anything insightful. He's like the old guy that yells at the TV in the barber shop.

  8. What a bunch of annoying and tasteless questions from that annoying bow-tie freak of nature. Less Tom Keene and more Scarlet Fu!

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