Kellyanne Conway’s IDIOTIC Statement on Dayton Shooter

Kellyanne Conway’s IDIOTIC Statement on Dayton Shooter

>>This Dayton shooter has been confirmed
as having a Twitter feed that was supportive of anti FA, that was supportive of Elizabeth
Warren, Bernie Sanders.>>In an effort to deflect from the fact that
the El Paso shooter was specifically motivated by his Trump-fueled hatred of immigrants,
Kellyanne Conway is deflecting and focusing on the political leanings of the shooter in
Dayton, Ohio. Now let me be clear that the posts that this
person had put up online did indicate that he was supportive of some left leaning ideology. He was supportive of candidates like Elizabeth
Warren. But there is a glaring difference between
the ideology of the El Paso shooter and this individual, in that the El Paso shooter was
motivated by his hatred of immigrants to carry out his act of violence. We don’t know what the motive of the Dayton
Ohio shooter is, but we’ll get back to that in just a second. Let’s take a look at the full video of Kellyanne
Conway making her incredibly stupid and ignorant point.>>Let me tell you something, I’m hopping
mad this morning, because I see very little scant coverage of the fact that this Dayton
shooter has been confirmed as having a Twitter feed, that was supportive of anti FA, that
was supportive of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders. Obviously 9, 10 years ago in high school he
had a kill list for boys, a rape list for girls, and their scant attention being paid
to this, people are allowing nonstop punditry by at least two of the Democratic presidential
hopefuls.>>Yeah, so here’s the thing. The shooter from El Paso, or the shooter in
El Paso, posted a racist manifesto that specifically use language that we hear repeatedly from
Donald Trump. That did not happen with the shooter from
Dayton, Ohio. And more importantly, you can’t point to anyone
on the left who has used inflammatory language toward people in Ohio or, it was a random
act of violence. And it was horrible, and by the way one final
thing about that, the left wants to take guns away from people like that, whereas the right
wants everyone to be armed. Regardless of their mental health condition,
regardless of whether they’re on the terrorist watch list. More guns, more guns, cuz the NRA pays them
to arm as many people as humanly possible.>>So the right wing is not very good with
logic. So let me try to help them.>>Of course they’re not.>>Okay, so they’ll be like, well, one was
the other way, the other one was, it’s even, it’s even. No, okay. So my favorite part was supporter of Bernie
Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. No, it’s true, Elizabeth Warren is always
going around going hey, you know what, those bars that are open at 1 o’clock at night? Somebody ought to do something about it. What? This shooting had nothing to do with any of
their ideology. The guy shot up like, nightlife.>>A bar, yeah.>>A bar at one in the morning in Dayton,
Ohio. What does that have to do with anything? Let’s pick a neutral politician that I neither
agree with or disagree with. Well, I disagree with her, but Claire McCaskill,
who’s a Democrat, right? If the shooter in the Garlic Festival was
a Claire McCaskill fan, that’s not on McCaskill. Unless McCaskill was like, garlic, somebody
ought to do something about garlic, right? Well then okay, then you would connect it. But there’s no logical connection here. Here, I’ll give you another example. The Columbine shooters. And at the time, Bill Clinton was president. Where they pro-Bill Clinton or anti-Bill Clinton? I don’t know, the shooting and never anything
to do with Bill Clinton. So if they were anti-Bill Clinton I wouldn’t
say a-ha, the Columbine shooters hated Democrats. No, that shooting had nothing to do with politics
at all. They were not by any politicians on the right
or the left, right? So what is the motive of the shooting? In this case, the guy shot his sister. He’s obviously mentally unbalanced cuz he
had a hit list all the way in high school, etc. So far the cops have said we don’t know what
his motivation is, as opposed to El Paso where the cops-
>>Yes.>>Said it was domestic terrorism.>>And not only that, they are treating it
as a hate crime.>>Yeah.>>So there’s, and again, these are statements
from the cops. This is not political punditry, these are
just facts, but there are facts that are incredibly inconvenient for a woman who continues to
work for and make excuses for someone who loves white nationalism, white supremacy. And uses, again, incredibly violent and inflammatory
language toward disenfranchised groups of people, a person who has continuously put
migrants seeking asylum in cages. And now we have over two dozen migrants, including
children, six children who have died under our watch because of Donald Trump. So go ahead and make your excuses. Donald Trump loves violence, the Republican
Party as it stands today either loves violence or makes excuses for it. And let me just also provide evidence. Something that an idiot like Kellyanne Conway
can’t do, because she has no evidence for any of her arguments. Let’s go to this video of Donald Trump at
a rally in Florida this year, making jokes about someone who suggests we should shoot
immigrants. Take a look.>>But how do you stop these people?>>Shoot them.>>You can’t. There’s no-
>>That’s only in the pan handle you can get away with that state.>>No, apparently it’s also in El Paso.>>Maybe that’s not enough evidence for you,
Kellyanne Conway. Maybe take a look at this next video so you
could understand who you’re working for.>>So if you see somebody getting ready to
throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously.>>Just knock the hell, I promise you I will
pay for the legal fees. I promise, I promise. Get them out of here.>>What do they do? In the old days, which isn’t so long ago,
when we were less politically correct, that kinda stuff wouldn’t have happened. Today we have to be so nice, so nice. We always have to be so nice.>>Did you like the event?>>You bet I liked it.>>Yeah? What’d you like about it?>>Knocking the hell outta that big mouth.>>We don’t know who he is, but we know he’s
not acting like an American.>>So he deserved it?>>Every bit of it.>>What was that?>>Yes, he deserved it. And next time we see him, we might have to
kill.>>All right, maybe that’s not enough evidence
for you. The FBI recently said they’ve released a report,
I want to give you the findings of that report. The FBI has said that more Americans have
died in domestic terrorist attacks than international ones since September 11, and that domestic
terrorism is increasingly motivated by white supremacist ideology. And where do we hear that white supremacist
ideology? From Donald Trump. From the beginning of this campaign till today,
that is what we hear from Donald Trump, that’s what we hear from his administration. And the next time the media decides to give
brownie points to George Conway for putting out an op-ed condemning Donald Trump, let’s
just take a good hard look at his wife. Because he’s married to someone, who again
continuously makes excuses for white supremacy and violence that is stoked by someone like
Donald Trump. Deal with your own house before you write
your offense, George.>>Well look, you know why I’m upset about
that cuz I think that later Kellyanne Conway’s gonna pretend that she agreed with George
Conway. So that’s why I’m frustrated by it. But last thing on this is it’s also not just
the Donald Trump is in general in favor of violence as the clip showed, it’s also that
he specifically targeted this group. If someone had shot up a group of Filipinos,
or Estonians, well, it’s hard to put that on Trump. He’s definitely not against Estonians, and
he likes to tweet a day and has never said anything against Filipinos, right? So, you’d be like, well, okay, the guy is
a lunatic, but that doesn’t seem like that’s on Trump. But in this case, Trump called it a Hispanic
invasion and joked around about killing them, etc, etc. And now the guy goes and kills him, and call
and says in his manifesto, I did it because it’s a Hispanic re-invasion and I like Donald
Trump. Okay, well okay, that’s as clear as it can
be. The only reason why Kellyanne Conway and trolls
online bring up the Dayton shooter in this context is so they can do false equivalency.>>Yep.>>And I love how thin they’re into like this,
that they feel like hey, I made an intellectual point. I’m pretty sure that that’s not what qualifies.>>They’re making excuses for murder in the
country. That’s what they’re doing, and it’s trash.

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    If I create a profile showing that I support the Klan and then go kill a bunch of white people, is anyone really going to believe that I support the Klan? That’s what the “right” is doing. They’re being dumb.

    It’s very clear to me that the Dayton attack was planned years ago, that the white dude who perpetrated it hated white girls because they rejected him — it’s no secret that a lot of white women in Ohio date black men, hence the rape list — and the victims included his sister (who was dating a black guy), and several black club-goers in the Oregon district, which is a known area in which blacks party.

    The Dayton shooter may have covered his tracks, but it is clear to those of us who have brains that his motive was also race, and that it was because he supports Trump.

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